Bold and the Beautiful – Dec chat

Over to B&B correspondent Daisy (thanks!):

What a roller coaster November was and now we are into December I can sense Sarah has already been peeling back the corners of her Christmas gifts to see what’s under her tree. At the Forresters’ we have that elusive power shift once again, this time to the evil, now Mighty Quinn. Has she reeeeally changed? Hmmm. Let’s see; she has been manipulating Ivy to manipulate Liam. Probably not changed since kidnapping Liam and attempting to murder Deacon.
Brooke and Bill have gone quiet. What is he up to? I am guessing something to do with the fake wedding conducted by Chaz Bono. It’s kind of time for Bill to step up to interfere in Stephie, Liam and Wyatt’s life again. And it seems like that wedding champagne, and his sex life, has been on ice too long.
As for the Avant offshoot, what will crazy Nicole do? She used to be so excited about being a Forrester model, but now she has become Rick and Maya’s personal incubator. I am thinking little Lizzie’s brother might come asking for another sister. Anyway, now that Sasha looks like being pushed out of Thomas’s arms, she will be able to swoop on Zende again, should Nicole decide hatching more babies for Rick and Maya is a good idea. It kind of has become her new job.
A lot to anticipate for December. How long before Stephie gets the tattoo removed? Will anyone show up at Thanksgiving while Quinn sits at the head of the table? Will Brooke and Bill elope or will she continue to make muffins for Ridge. Will Ridge, Thomas and Rick quit Forrester and start a rival company? Probably not. Will Brooke burn the Christmas turkey, and will Pam make lemon bars for the Christmas party?
Any Christmas wishes for the Forresters? I’ll go; I hope Rick and Maya ask Sasha to have their babies. I hope Stephie’s tattoo removal doesn’t leave too much of a scar. πŸ˜‰



  1. Well done Daisy! I hadn’t noticed pyjama changes! I missed the first half of yesterday’s episode, came in with Ridge trying to explain why/what he’d done. Then there’s Steffi almost having it off with Liam, she’s as bad as Brooke. I reckon Sasha will see some benefits in offering to be a surrogate – prestige, dollars, getting closer to Thomas perhaps. As for RJ, what a little arrogant jerk he is – doesn’t say much for the boarding school if that’s how he’s turning out – but he’s probably been with lots of other kids who are sent away for 15 years! I don’t know, but it’s getting awfully boring, narrow plots and no real action. Hurry up and get better Eric and sort your family out.

  2. Thanks Sarah. It was Dave’s eagle eyes on the pyjamas.
    Now I know that you are a spoiler lover so I have been imagining you are already doing this. 😊😊😊😊

  3. Well we had crashing waves, darkened rooms and very enhanced lips. Won’t be long before Eric is up and about and hopefully puts that obnoxious kid back to school.

  4. How long can Brooke stall Bill for now or will Ridge have his cake and eat it too?
    When he’s not verbally abusing Eric, Ridge is busy indecently assaulting Brooke. Her sister is back in town.

    The marriage is legal now, Eric signed the papers today. Quite a lot happened.

  5. Well, well, well! What a turn up for the books- Son! And Eric was quite compos mentis. What will Steffi say now. Ridge and Brooke, he’ll have her in bed soon, what will Bill do about that. The sister Donna is back – I wasn’t watching when she had a part in the series, but is it possible that she was also married to Eric at one time. I tried looking at the family tree on Google and I’m sure she was there. What about Carter – a gorgeous man, surely there is someone there for him – but not Sacha. I remember when I started watching that he was engaged to Maya, and even he didn’t realise that she had been a man! Oh Lord, can’t wait for the rest of the week.

  6. Maybe Carter used to be a woman. Yes, Sarah. Donna was married to Eric, but B&B wasn’t aired in the SW then.
    I have been on rhe go all day and had the tribe for dinner so I will have to catch up in the morning. Maybe Donna will try and lure Eric back. That old dog has done the rounds. And Dave, will Ridge have his cake and eat it to? Or will that be an early morning crumpet?

    • Eric had impotence issues whilst married to Donna,thanks to dodgy lemon bars.

      That’d be “don’t call me Logan” crumpet that everyone’s had a bite out of,daisy.

  7. Well Wipes just nailed the coffin shut on his marriage; moving in with his mom and new strp father. Eric could have called him “son” when he and Stephie married, but it’s good that he saved it to use as a knife to twist in his family. But did he forget that Wipes didn’t attend the wedding either?
    Anyhow, Quinn has hired a new SWAT team. I hope they are younger and more effective than Charlie or else Ridge will be able to sneak through disguised as Groucho Marx. I wonder if she didn’t really hire an a professional assassination team. She is so rich now she won’t have to commit her own murders.
    Brooke must be thrilled. She is in her favourite position, sandwiched between two men. Ridge is an idiot. Bill is an idiot. Brooke is as deep and complex as a sheet of white paper. So it’s not a tasy sanwhich. Oh and I forgot the bratty son in the mix.
    And now Donna is back and making Bill tellingly her first port of call, and pulling her version of sexy faces, it looks like she will be there to offer tea and sympathy and to catch Bill when he falls, because Brooke will probably decide that Ridge, not Bill is the real love of her life.
    And it looks like Nicole wants to be a baby factory so it will be a happy Christmas for Maya and Rick. Wow, the Forresters must get exhausted.
    By the way, when Quinn was sitting around at “home” in her little black dress and high heel boots, I thought, “Doesn’t anyone wear a track suit?”

  8. I missed it today, will have to remember to watch in the morning. Expecting ructions from Steffi about two faced Wyatt with the prissy mouth.

  9. Good call, Sarah…Prissy mouth. He does actually look like Quinn. Eric forgave Wyatt, I mean Son, easily but not his own family.

    • Won’t be long before a portrait of Wyatt is hanging at the mansion.

      Slept through today’s ep , will see it in the morning.

      • 😁 Quinn has almost all her men in place before we see that she is atill Quinn. She has her own guards, and Ivy as her trained rottweiller, the son has been adopted, Eric can’t get out of bed and no one is allowed in. Where have we seen this before?

  10. Well, I caught up this morning. Ridge has become quite evil with his support team around him, all quite confident they can beat Quinn! And what on earth is Donna doing, looks like a I don’t know what; and why is Brooke in company meetings, she’s not a Forrester, although she has been a few times in the past! Steffi and Liam off making up for lost time, unaware that Wyatt has defected and her beloved grandfather is calling him ‘son’ . Bring it on ..

  11. It was Quinn and “$on” Wyatt v Forresters today. I think Ridge failed. What a dog fight. The Forresters went down.

    Dollar Bill is making me sick. Something is gonna happen to stall this wedding.

    “You’ve got to stop kissing me, Ridge” In other words, keep kissing me, Ridge.

    Watch out for the poison Ivy, Eric. Bedtime stories for Eric. I thought he was a CEO.

    • Yes, I expect Quinn will get plenty of power and opportunity to exercize her villainy.
      I want to scream at the Forresters, “Start your own company. Get your own house”.
      In B&B, supportive embraces are allowed, even sleep overs if you accidentally spend the night together. Only a kiss on the lips is counted as crossing the line….a bit. Or at least a signal that you want to.

      • If today’s chaotic showdown is how the Forresters would run a company, a chook raffle would be beyond them. They behaved like a teenage gang, picking on Q&S. I can’t see much danger for Quinn & $on.

        Feel the “love” emanating from Eric’s chest.

          • Like RJ. He was bad decision, created in an anonymous, soulless annex office somewhere in LA. I hope he gatecrashes the wedding and loses it at the most inappropriate time. Dollar Bill will love that.

  12. Well THERE’S an invitation from Brooke; “What do YOU want, Ridge?” If that isn’t a “Kiss me again” come one, my name’s not daisy.

  13. Something will stop that wedding I’m sure, Brooke taking a rather relaxed approach to it.
    And ffs, Donna was married to Justin the lawyer! Let’s keep it all in the family!

    • Yep, I think that wedding is going to need to involve a shotgun to happen.
      I didn’t know about dippy Fonner and crooked, slimey Justin, either. But I did know about keeping your enemies close and your family closer.

  14. Brooke’s been married so many times, she’s got rice marks on her face. That’s a one liner delivered by Ry Cooder at a concert I went to.

    The way Dollar Bill is talking up this sumptuous wedding , it’s bound to fail. When it gets to “speak now or forever hold your peace”, RJ will throw the mother of all teenage tantrums and maybe that’s where the shotgun daisy is talking about comes into play. RJ will shoot Bill, clearing the way for his parents to get back together.

    I don’t know who Justin is but I’ll figure it out. Dollar Bill has no friends but for that smarmy lawyer, it seems.

    Brooke’s attitude to the wedding sucks. She’s about as excited as if it’s a Tupperware party.

    • Yes, Justin and Alison commit most of Bill’s crimes for him such as throwing Ridge 100 feet from a helicopter, bribing a prison officer to break Deacon out of jail, bugging a doctor’s office to listen in on Hope’s consultation and bribing public officials to change legal documents. Quinn on the other hand has had to commit her own crimes but now that she has Ivy and her own henchmen, she will be able keep her hands clean and stay smelling like a rose.

  15. Well, Justin is Bill’s dodgy lawyer. He made a comment yesterday and Donna said “you said that when we got married” or something like that, and Justin said that it was true, or words to that effectπŸ˜€ Yes, RJ will make an appearance later today. Or perhaps someone we haven’t seen for a while. Deacon perhaps, wasn’t he married to Brooke.

  16. Just googled Donna and Justin, yes I have no life. They were school sweethearts, had a baby who Donna adopted out, then married.

    • Donna had an affair with Eric, too. Thanks. I suspected that was Justin.

      Onya Ridge. I think Brooke is gonna jilt Dollar Bill but we may have to wait until 2017 to be sure. It could fall flatter than Eric’s wedding.

  17. That,s a turn up for the books. Have a feeling that,s it for this year as we were told it will be back next year with a couple of shots of the newest couple (no spoiler for Daisy)

  18. Newest couple? Ooooo, let me guess; Donna and Bill, Sasha and Zende, Rick and Nicole, Ridge and Brooke, Maya and Eric (because she already has the portrait ready.
    Hang on, that can’t be right because couples on B&B always come in threes. Or fours.
    If I was Katy I would bloody well expect Brooke to marry Bill. Imagine how pissed she would be if Brooke went, “Naaah. Changed my mind”.

  19. So Ridge “doesn’t care” about the shares anymore. It must be true love…..or seething hatred for Dollar Bill. Doesn’t take much to sweep Brooke off her feet. The old Ridge, I could understand but this one is too declasse.

    Newest couple….that’ll be Ridge and Brooke….again. But Dollar Bill and Donna will get it on, too. Not spoilers , just guesses.

  20. Yeah, when 4.30 rolls around Ch 10 , I expect the quality that is B&B. Some feeble apology and a still of Ridge and Brooke and a Xmas tree won’t do. Thanks.

    This Jamie Oliver and his fifteen minute meals is just unacceptable. Fail.

    Someone in programming deserves a big bash.

  21. B&B will be back on Mon Jan 2.

    Jamie with his “splodge of tartare” and “wazz it up” ( the act of blending) til then….

    • I didn,t even bother putting tv on, having looked at guide. 2 Jan not too far off, as you say Daisy, it will give Eric more time to recover for Thanksgiving. I’ve stopped looking at US spoilers, so much rubbish happening. At least all the std,s are staying in house 😁

  22. I saw the return today. What an annoying episode. Maya snaps her fingers, Nicole runs and long suffering Zende sighs and outs up with it. Come back Sasha. You might as well have him now.
    Ridge snaps his fingers, but they are getting arthritic so not sure what Brooke will do. Ridge was talking like a drip. And now we have to put up with Arjay’s whining as well. The cast need a change up.

    • Yes, Sarah. A very unromantic wedding, with Brooke putting her foot down to insist it goes ahead. And crazy Nicole agreeing to pump out another kid for Rick and Maya. What a martyr.

  23. Today will be interesting, as Sasha gets ready to leap on Zende when they learn about the surrogacy. Nicole is much too young to be overtaken by her motherly instinct – once was wonderful, twice foolish. And don’t Bill and Brooke look like a besotted couple about to be married – not.

  24. Thanks, I haven’t managed to watch an episode since it’s returned. I may go to catch up and savour the cheesiness of the wedding and RJ telling us once again he’s not a needy teenager playing ruler of hearts when that’s all the little brat is.

    Nicole, who looks all of fourteen years old, does another surrogacy. Crazy.

    • RUN ZENDE! Nicole has had her chance.
      Eric’s acting was touching. Cough. Cough. BTW, has Quinn been wiping his bottom for him? If she really loved him…..

    • What fabulous “support ” he’s providing weaving horror stories to Eric, doing Quinn’s dirty work for him while she maintains the sweeter than honey facade. Time for Eric’s enema, Quinn.

      The great, vibrant CEO Eric looks like an episode of Play School would be a challenge for him. There’s a share in there.

      Not long til Zende turns the jet around. The fool. Get to Hawaii and have some fun. No one will find out.

    • He just has to drop the “f ” word……Forrester. Zende is a Forrester, as far as I know but photographers don’t usually have a jet on call.

  25. C’mon Zende. Saarsha is rocking that blue bikini.
    I did think the same thing, Sarah about the jet. But it’s Quinn and Wyatt they have to ask for permission now.

  26. We haven’t yet mentioned Rick’s tender embraces of gratitude that he gave Nicole this week. Here it comes.

    I love how Rick and Maya were getting ready to gasp at the cheek of Sarrrsha for hurting Nicole while sacrificing her to the Goddess Octomum themselves.

    • Yeah, what parasites Rick and Maya are, worse than those creeps in Rosemary’s Baby. Pig’s ar$e they care about Zende and Nicole’s “relationship”, so long as their breeding machine comes through again.

    • I’m loyal to Days of Our Lives and hope it doesn’t get axed. I watch it on Arena, but I’m probably the only one on here who does. They have a “Days” fan facebook page and they are not happy about this. I watch Bold too, ( off and on ) but the repetitive ‘triangle” storylines get so annoying.

        • Yeah, Bill was Brad Carlton in Young And The Restless, Katy was in it , too.

          I’ve watched all of the above at one time or another. They’re all pretty bad . Couldn’t pick a favourite. I hated Roman/John Black and Bo.and loved $tefano Di Mera.

          • Bo died of brain cancer on Days last year, and Stefano was shot by Hope last year and supposedly died, but now rumours are that he has risen again from the dead. Since its taped six months ahead its possible he will be seen again even though the actor who plays him died in real life a couple of months ago. John Black was injured on set and hasn’t been on for a while, but he is returning.

          • I liked the poor boozy ex wife of Phillip on TY&TR. Jill was the maid’s daughter who swiped the rich hubby. Oh …got it…Mr Chandler. The long suffering, jilted wife.

    • Silly Zende knocking back the ride AND the ride and the passionfruit.
      I love how he thinks Nicole’s baby making is saintliness and not weakness and gullibility.
      Nicole got angry because “Zende runs away when she makes a decision”. Boy, Nicole, it’s not like choosing curtains or whether or not to get that special waxing.

      • Nicole is really captain of her own ship. No career except churning out kids for Maya and Rick. Has she ever heard of, “No womb at the inn”?
        Which makes me think….the writers should give her triplets. And then I want Nicole 2 need a kidney to see if Maya coughs up. No most likely one of the octobabies (Nicole will have 8 because “she is so wonderful”) will require a bone marrow transplant and that will have Nicole once again donating her body to “Forrester Creations”. In fact she could call herself that.

  27. Wyatt said he still wants to stay in Ridge’s good books in case he gets back with Stephie. He had better quit the dibber-dobbing on him then.

    • Wyatt also better get in touch with that mobile tattoo removalist who we know is going to blab to the LA press about it.

    • Rick certainly looked proud at having done his bit, amd he looked like he was settling in for the after party.
      Anyone else thinking that while enjoying mile high deluxe that Zende might produce another Forrester heir? Surely it fits with the whole formula of Nicole changing her mind but too late. Still in Sarsha and Zende’s defense, they will be giving little Lizzie a cousin.

  28. Nearly all of today’s ep was nauseating footage of Liam and Steffi loving it up.


    Sarsha did pounce on Zende but maybe she ran out of time…..woops, Nicole sprung them in the sack. Zende ****ed up, big time.

  29. Just caught up on yesterday’s episode. I mean …..! I think Maya and Rick still believe that Nicole will come good for them after she’s sorted things out with Zende and of course he’s going to agree to it all@! Give Sarsha a go at it.
    I didn’t realise that Liam and Steffi had already been married twice – I thought they weren’t going ‘to do anything’ until the divorce is through. I’s sickly sweet isn’t it, all those flashbacks and music – just as I was having breakfast!

  30. And little Will loves trekking in the Pyrenees does he😁 Hasnt started school yet, so he’s the next one to appear as an obnoxious teenager.

    • Looks like little Will will be going to an exclusive school thanks to old goat Eric pulling a few strings. Katie can get drunk to celebrate.

      Of course, today’s fashion show will be a disaster. Pam is going to sabotage that jewellery pass somehow. Charlie won’t be masterminding it.

      Zende should escape from Nicole as soon as he can. Rick and Maya aren’t helping anyone, either.

  31. Oh yes, please Zende, man up and tell Nicole, “Whatever”. If he hadn’t gone off with Sarsha, Nicole would be pregnant to Rick by now. And SHE whinges about not being able to get an image out of her head.
    Katy almost has a panic attack at not being able to get her boy into the best school in America. She was sooooo relieved. I don’t know what she thought would happen if he could only get into the second poshest school.
    But good choice of outfit to go twist an old coot around your finger. Your sexy gym gear. How long before Katy is helping Eric get is heart rate up?
    Will the fashion show be sabotaged? Cherrrlee couldn’t mastermind replacing a toilet roll, so it will be up to Pam.

    • “We have to have the show stopper”

      $teffi is refusing to wear “the show stopper” because Ridge has chucked a tanty.

      “Who’s wearing my gown?”

      What an episode. LOL.

      Ridge has to eat shit. Great fight with Maya and Sarsha. The show is a triumph.

  32. Ha ha, Sarah and Dave. Do you think there were sparks flying between Ridge and Quinn? That “I hate you”. “I hate you more”. “I hate you to hell and back talk” was like Brangelina in Mr & Mrs Smith (terrible movie on the joys of domestic violence sex). So if anything happens between those two it will most likely involve a good spanking for Ridge.
    And Katy, first visiting old Eric wearing only her leotard, then cosying up the next day wearing her …what was that colour….simmering scarlet….readyfor it red…bright red lippy…that we have never seen on her before. Where is that heading? But Eric is still so besotted with Quinn that his ladar (lady radar) is off. Or is that just because of his brain injury. Anyhow, I look forward to seeing what Katy wears to visit Saint Eric tomorrow to bring him chicken soup. Perhaps she can pop in wearing her bikini. Eventually Eric will reach for the viagra.

  33. Ooooooo. “And who has been drinking from myyyyyyyy glass?”, said Mother Bear.
    Watch out Katy. Be vewy careful crossing roads or walking on bridges.

    I could slap Zende.

  34. Quinn did look nice in the show stopper but she wouldn’t just be allowed to leave it on to drink champagne and eat lemon bars. Ridge should have ripped it off her, and I am sure he will eventually.
    Did Katy DELIBERATELY wear red lippy to leave lipstick stains on the wine glasses? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

      • Yep. Can’t say I wld allow it if I came home & found two coffee cups out & red lippy on one, or Woolif feeding icecream to some blond either.
        I wld say “don’t forget to take his laundry”.

        • Quinn’s going to love having Katie for a next door neighbour. She went all Fatal Attraction when she rang up to burn Katie about schmoozing Eric.

          Now the green eyed monster is in play, that portrait will be getting shakier by the day. Quinn’s turned into a basket case overnight. I never bought that “she’s changed ” routine.

          I thought Eric and Katie were drinking water ‘cos on the bottle it said “Aqua”. As if overnight Katie has learned to handle alcohol. Don’t know if aneuryism plus alcohol plus old goat is a good mix, either.

          Ridge and Brooke have put me off the ice cream in the fridge.

          • Ha ja;”Put me off ice cream”. 😁

            Quinn is looking at her portrait thinking, “It’s staying. I will not be replaced by some lemon tart”.

  35. On Friday on Studio Ten there will be a “major announcement” concerning B&B.

    Here’s one for the time being…

    Hardly anyone on this show can act.

    The Ridge/Brooke scenes are agonizing.

    Poor Stephanie’s gravestone looked awfully cheap for a Forre$ter . Just sayin’. I thought Ridge was going to take Brooke for some lobster.

    Dollar Bill is going to ruin little RJ

    • Yes, bit rough on the gravestone. Tonight required a bit of ffd with the flasbacks.

      It’s good that Bill is adopting Arjay, since Eric has stolen mommy’s boy Wippet. I think Bill will either buy young Arjay his first night with a woman….or enrol him in military college. Arjay certainly is being lured by the heady scent of unscrupulous wealth.
      Do we all agree that Quinn is hoing to buy the house next door?

      • Yeah. Quinn will try to “Trump” Katie’s offer. Spot on about the “naughty red shade of lipstick”

        I watched it all again this morning. I missed Stephanie’s ring being the clincher last night.

        Guns , money and $cotch for Arjay.

  36. Quinn hasn’t changed, she is just biding her time until something she doesn’t agree with comes up, which won’t be far away.

      • Eric knows she’s gone in there, too. Quinn’s wheels are starting to fall off.

        Big showdown at Stephanie’s grave site.

        Arjay’s been bought. That was easy.

  37. Quinn is fighting the demon who shares her body. We just need one more petsonality and we might have the 3 faces of Eve. Eric might want to hang some garlic over his door to ward off evil spirits.
    Katy did a great job of talking Quinn down……or did she?

  38. I’m not enjoying this programme at the moment! Katy looks evil and Eric seems to be getting a bigger part to play – lothario he tries to be, but is not.
    I saw the ad for tomorrow’s big announcement on that Ch10 programme – is anyone going to be able to watch and report? Perhaps they are going to announce that someone from B&B is going into the jungle!!

    • I’ll try to watch tomorrow, if 10 don’t drag it out (they will). Apparently, fans will be “thrilled”. Maybe some new characters that can actually act.

      At first I thought Eric was going to quit. No such luck.

      • Okay, Bold and Beautiful cast are coming to film in Australia in Feb. Tickets~Parramatta Riverside Theatre. Meet the cast Feb 12th.

        That’s the big announcement.

    • Hey, that was the “show stopper”.

      The cast were interviewed about the trip downunder. There was Bill, Liam , Brooke , Eric and Quinn. Bill seems like a nice guy and not the arsehole he is on the show. Quinn said nothing.

      I can see a fist fight with Bill and Ridge on the Harbour Bridge.

      Today is Thanksgiving. Family Feud time. Wyatt will stare at $tefffie’s tattoo scar. Boo hoo.

  39. He might take Arjay drinking and kangaroo shooting as a bonding experience and then to King’s Cross for a…….

  40. Would cost me a lot more than the $25 tickets to fly there from Brisbane, get a train from Sydney to Parramatta, and find accommodation and spending money, so I guess I’m not going. Oh well! I was surprised to hear that Eric had never been to Australia before.

  41. Thanksgiving episodes are usually boring and weird. This one was especially awkward.
    I noted; 1. aprons in the kitchen all happened to co ordinate with what each person was wearing. 2. Charlie let Brooke eat the cheese she was supposed to be guarding. Was that an ad for some cheese? 3. Nicole wasn’t chosen for her part because of her sparkly personality. Could she be any more morose? 4. I thought Nicole had become Maya and Rick’s nanny when she came in behind carrying the baby. 5. Pretty sure filthy rich people have kitchen staff and maids.6. Forrester dinners are really awkward depending on who you have to praise.

    • They probably give the staff the day off for Thanksgiving, after all, its the only day of the whole year we see them in the kitchen actually cooking.
      I was wondering who was minding The two little kids while everyone else was eating. Were they at the kiddies’ table?

  42. I don’t know how much more of this suspense I can take over who Brooke is going to choose. All week it’s hovering between Ridge and Bill.

    I’m saying Ridge.

  43. I have sent the January precap, and Juz is just waiting for the pic. I was going to look for a wax dummy of Nicole, but it any of you have a fav B&B pic for the header, we can go with that. 😊😊😊

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