Christmassy chat

Merry almost Christmas/Festivus to everyone. Hope you are all managing to stay cool as most of Australia swelters.
I am now hooked on The Crown, having watched three eps in a row last night (it’s on Netflix). Jared Harris (Lane Pryce from Mad Men) is amazing as Elizabeth’s father. It’s still a bit weird to see Matt Smith (Doctor Who) as the Duke of Edinburgh, though.
Anyone been watching Christmas movies? Mr Juz tried to get me to watch Love Actually yet again the other night but I declined. I’m hoping they repeat Die Hard.



  1. Not very Christmassy but Carrie Fisher went into cardiac arrest on a flight from London to LA. She is currently hospitalized at UCLA medical center and is in stable condition according to her brother. Some reports state she is in critical condition and on a ventilator.

    • Poor Carrie – she’s had a turbulent life. Did anyone watch the latest Project Runway? Zhee – are you lurking? The end was disappointing.

      • Are you referring to the finale? If that is the case I did not agree with the judge’s decision. Last year’s winning collection was terrible and this year’s belonged in the circus on a bunch of clowns.

        • Yes – totally agree. What was with Rik’s gay biker collection? I was so disappointed Lawrence just did not do killer jackets. Roberi had the best collection of the four (and he seemed so lovely). I know they are on a tight schedule but rushing the final collection results in some rubbish looks. And what was with Heidi’s thigh high gold boots! Ick

          • I didn’t mind Rik’s collection that much although really did not think there was any cohesion. Also don’t understand why Laurence did not stay true to herself. I understood the reasoning behind her collection but there was no wow.Agree that Roberi had the best of the 4. It was creative and cohesive and I could see people buying those. I don’t understand these judges and why they would choose a collection that belongs in a circus or a costume party. BTW, did you notice where one of the bananas was placed on that banana outfit? I’m surprised none of the judges commented about that.
   Scroll down to check it out.
            AND why was Zendaya one of the judges for the finale? How about someone who actually has experience with fashion and is really in the business?
            I haven’t watched every season of Project Runway so I wonder how many times the judges get it right and actually choose the best collection.

  2. Juz, Die Hard was on the other night. Die Hard 2 is on tomorrow night I think.

    My champagne is in the fridge, turkey breast will go into the oven as soon as I feel like cooking, and salads will get made tomorrow morning.

    Merry Christmas (or Happy Whatever-Your-Celebration-Is) to everyone.

  3. To ‘ken hot to be cooking here, I’m gonna go out and buy one of Curtis’s RSPCA approved dead as a door nail chickens for $8 from Coles, where a Ma$terchef shops. Best wishes from bdd and Iggy to all.

    I gave up drinking three and a half years ago. I’ll be as dry as a…nevermind. I’ll be having a joint and I don’t mean a roast.

    • I’m so glad we are in Sydney for 2 days and miss the SA 40C Christmas. Hang in there BDD and others. My sister in law just made us the most fabulous dinner with three flavours of homemade ice cream and sorbet. We are all tired but happy. (Side note: there was a non-chatty couple in the lift with us at the serviced apartment we’re staying out. Mr Juz later told me the girl was obviously a hooker! I am far too innocent to notice such things)

  4. Have a Merry Christmas everyone, I just bought two Coles chickens as well, and it will be cold ham, turkey roll and salads, followed by trifle and plum pudding .
    I just want all my family to get on together and enjoy the day with no tension or stress for me!

  5. Happy Chrissie everyone. Pop up shop finishes this week so I will be back to just teaching, pottery, swimming and kids. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and an even better 2017.
    Not sure what I will watch over summer. Aside from Dr Phil, Judge Judy & IAC, I might watch Outlander and Luther. I have been enjoying Endeavour , George Gently and Lewis. As for the heat…I love it.
    Dave, I haven’t had a joint for 30 years but I think I am old enough to qualify for medical mj. 😁

  6. Merry Christmas everyone. Try to stay cool, BDD. We had Christmas eve dinner last night. Nothing fancy. A Jerk Pork Belly and a Sour Cherries Tart.

    Today I am trying to make Roti Canai and taking it easy.

  7. LP, that all sounds divine. Mr 4 had a brilliant time flying his new kite and the rellies did whole snapper on the barbecue and a gorgeous blueberry lemon tart

  8. Merry Xmas all!
    Greetings from 41.7 degree Adelaide! Lucky all of my 3 destinations yesterday were air conditioned! The kids had a fun xmas, my in laws fought and my dad complained of the noise from the 9 grandkids that are all under 10.
    Now it’s raining. Beauty.
    We just watched Season 1 of Stranger Things, currently watching S4 of Orphan Black, and season 1 of Africa’s Next Top Model!
    Happy Boxing Day all!

    • Love Stranger Things! Top Model sounds fascinating. I just watched some of the Aus one on the plane today. All the screeching of the 16yo girls hurts me ears

    • Who’d have ever thought that a couple who met thanks to contrived circumstances on a reality TV show wouldn’t go the distance, eh?

      At least Sam and Snez are still going strong.

      Odds are Alex and Richie will be the next couple of break up (when Richie finishes carving a bar of soap into a key to escape, I mean).

    • Not unexpected. Too much details about their relationship on her radio show.

      I used to like Sam but not anymore. Hope she can take another public breakup and move on with life.

      • I always around Sam Frost so incredibly boring. I mean, you watch the first Bachelorette and you get zero sense of who she was as a person (and I gave up after a few episodes. At least Georgia Love was really interesting as a person and could actually carry a TV show. Sam was about as interesting as wet cardboard).

      • I like Sam. Just normal.
        But I don’t understand why these shows think that long distance relationships will work. It’s almost never. And no amount of wishful thinking makes it otherwise.
        Too many people growing up on stories of Cinderella and a one true love.

      • I hate to quibble but we have way surpassed three.
        2016 has been a bitch. Surely with 4 days left we can’t lose anymore. Surely.

        • This year has just been a bastard. Are there any celebrities left? And she was only 60 or thereabouts, I mean, that’s far too young (same with George Michael. He was like 53). What a terrible, stupid year.

    • My princess. 🙁 I remember seeing Star Wars with my dad the first time when I was little and wow, was I impressed by princess Leia. She was amazing. Strong and had her own mind. While most girls were into Cinderella, I wanted to shoot blasters like Leia. 😉

      I actually also own Carrie Fisher’s books (yup, a little fangirl here) and they are a good read. She was very open about her substance abuses and mental illness, which I think was very impressive. She didn’t pretend like all is great and Hollywood is a dream factory.

  9. Sounds like everyone one had a happy Christmas, that’s great.
    Had too much food as usual.
    So sad about George Michael and Carrie Fisher. Too young.
    I’m not liking the new SBS on Demand, not nearly near as many shows to tap in to.
    Looking forward to MKR and a whole load of new shows in 2017.

  10. Killed by Death~ Motorhead

    Shut up!
    If you squeeze my lizard
    I’ll put my snake on you
    I’m a romantic adventure
    And I’m a reptile too
    But it don’t make no difference
    Cause I ain’t gonna be, easy, easy
    The only time I’m gonna be easy’s when I’m
    Killed by death, killed by death
    Killed by death, shut up!

    I’m a lone wolf ligger
    But I ain’t no pretty boy
    I’m a backbone shiver
    And I’m a bundle of joy
    But it don’t make no difference
    Cause I ain’t gonna be, easy, easy
    The only time I’m easy’s when I’m
    Killed by death, killed by death
    Killed by death, shut up!
    Killed by…

    It’s shame Lemmy, the author of above, missed out on 2016 by a couple of days.

  11. Debbie Reynolds, too? For goodness sake, powers-that-be, ease up.

    Rest in peace, Carrie and Debbie. What an awful week for Todd and family.

          • You’re right, Smythe . Misread the tabloid website I was ghoulishly wallowing in.

            I might as well be dead myself.

            Cheers to Clint Eastwood. I hope he’s feeling well. That’d shatter this little back duck. It wouldn’t …make my day. It would hit me with magnum force.

    • Do not say that Dave. You would be missed.

      I was looking at the long list of who has passed this year and that was not a good thing to do, although Carrie Fisher’s passing hit the hardest. Feel like she’s always been in my life and I’ve grown up with her so to speak.

    • Way? Our Quinn? She shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a bridge. Although, now she is married to a pop she could take up bridge.

  12. Pop up shop is now popped down. It was a great time with the girls and not quite girl yet, Crystal Chandelier but now I have my shelves and life back.
    Since boxing day I have been letting my ocd loose on all the cupboards and shelves at home.

  13. I’m really passionate about having some resolutions. If I don’t achieve them , I could be going home tonight and my nonna will be ashamed.. I need a peanut gallery of buffoons yelling “C’mon…you can do it!” to make it all a reality.

      • I know that my twice baked kale parfait w/quail jus will blow the judges away. Just because Marco Pierre White says to keep it simple, I know better and will do it by feel. Recipes are for losers. Can’t be different to driving a forklift.

  14. William Christopher, who played Father Mulcahy on tv’s MASH, died on Saturday. He was 84 and had cancer, so his death not unexpected, but it’s still very sad.

    Good riddance 2016, you rotten, rotten year.

    Wishing us all, our relatives and friends, and the whole damned world, a healthy and more peaceful 2017.

    • Sad. Wayne Rogers also died on 12/31 but last year. He played Capt. John McIntyre.
      So glad 2016 has finally ended. Just hoping that 2017 will be a better for everyone!

  15. So I went to see Rogue One, based on recommendations.
    All the criticisms were true. But I still enjoyed it enormously. Rollicking. And way better than the first three (as in the timeline – not as in made. They have made this so confusing to talk about).

  16. We have been watching Luther from the start and Black Mirror series 2.

    Tomorrow we are joining family for a houseboat ride on the estruary and river at Mandurah.

    • Daisy I have watched all 4 series of Luther and I think it’s fabulous. I love It, can’t wait for series 5.

    • YBMH ~ You’re breakin’ my heart.

      I thought waiting in a car park for five hours would be okay. You wanted to be famous, right? It’s a small price to pay for these desperate and deluded people. Dig deep. No pain , no gain. It’s all about the journey. Harden up. You can do it!

      Thanks Maz.

  17. Hope everyone in SA is battening down the hatches for the looming “one in 10-year storm”. Let’s hope we don’t black out the whole state again. I hope those of you in the eastern states can keep your cool tomorrow in the heatwave.

    • Got a torch, one candle. Run out of Iggy’s Xanax . Send lawyers, guns and money…the shit has hit the fan.

  18. What? Another storm. Sheesh this year’s weather has been weird. It’s boiling hot one dat the cold the next three here.

  19. Must be the end of days … we’d better hope that power cable from Vic to SA doesn’t snap again. At least we don’t live in Port Augusta, where residents have been breathing fly ash from the mine for weeks.

  20. I hope everyone in South Australia is coping with the weather, rain etc., no flooding or damage to your properties.
    Just caught a clip on the news and it’s belting down and flooding.

    If none interested The NEW Celebrity Apprentice with Arnold Schwarzenegger can be watched on YouTube.
    They are up to episode 4.
    I’m not minding Governor Arnie, he’s a bit of a softie.

    • Thank you, I will check it out. Stinking hot where I am, no rain for ages, garden and grass dead, I’m over it!

        • I enjoyed Celebrity Apprentice, will look out for the next episodes. Boy George was good. Didn’t know some of them.

          • i enjoyed it too. I liked Boy George and I have to agree I didn’t know most of them.
            What did you think of Arnold, I think he is ok, he quite easy on them isn’t he?

  21. Hasn’t been much of a storm in this suburb so far , in fact President~Erect Trump ™ would have got more showers in that hotel room in Moscow. Oh yeh, “allegedly”

    Joke after joke about Trumpy on Dave Colbert last night. Hilarious and merciless.

    • It’s an interesting article yet I can’t help recalling no hopers who auditioned for Amazing Race and end cherry picked for MKR, contestants poached from cooking schools for Ma$terchef and others straight from modelling academies,casting agencies ,radio stations etc.

      The writer of the article says the selection isn’t rigged. Yeah. From my lounge, it’s skewed toward better looking, white young people who are desperate. Well, of course, the shows aren’t rigged, either….in this here concrete jungle.

    • Wow. Noll$y found a way to get on tv again without being in a Radio Rentals ad. He’s gotta lift. At least it wasn’t DUI this time.

      I know you’re hurting
      Feels like you’re learning
      ‘Bout life the hard way
      And it ain’t working
      Seems like forever
      That you’ve been falling
      It’s time to move on
      You’re life is calling, yeah
      This was never meant to be the end
      Close the book and start again

      ‘Cause I know how hard it can get
      But you gotta lift
      You gotta lift
      And sometimes that’s how it is
      But I know you’re stronger
      Stronger than this
      You gotta lift
      You gotta lift

      When you can feel your
      Whole body’s aching
      What’s left of your heart
      It won’t stop breaking
      You gotta let go
      You took a hit
      Time to pick up now
      Move on from this
      This was never meant to be the end
      Close the book and start again

      ‘Cause I know how hard it can get
      But you gotta lift
      You gotta lift
      And sometimes that’s how it is
      But I…

  22. And Michael Clark has hired a bodyguard to keep women away from him😲 Who are these women, he’s pretty ordinary.

  23. Celebrity – wonder who the troublesome reality star is! Thinking the fellow with the long red hair (my memory has gone) from big brother. I read that a couple of ‘stars’ from B&B are now off contract, perhaps they could be coming our way – what about Deacon or Thomas. Saw Brooke on channel 10 the other night, 30 years in B&B, what a waste!

  24. I am starting to not care. They are really flogging the ads. Has it always been this bad?
    I am feeling a little sad because I enjoy this Reality.

  25. What a horrible little girl on Dr. Phil today. I’d pay good money to see her go into the jungle on Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

    Steve Price denied going into the jungle again last night on The Project. Don’t believe it.

    • A show I watched on ABC last week reckoned that the vegan lifestyle is the one for the longest lifespan. There was a 106 year old vegan surgeon who said he was still confident to perform almost any operation he did during his professional life.

      There ain’t gonna be any 106 yr old Jowl$ian birthday bash, you can bet next week’s rent on that. Gary will be pushing up daisies and George, well….

      Verily I’ve seen what can happen to vegetarian contestants on Ma$terchef. ie impale this pig or be aliminated.

      I saw shameful practices on day old male chicks the other day on ABC 24 and heaps of eggs are used on Ma$terchef in addition to the animals we see crudely butchered and hacked at by deluded, incompetent amatas every year.

      Ma$terchef should be condemned for promoting the consumption of squabs, I do it every couple of years… however I’m not sure if disrupting the filming of Ma$terchef achieves a great deal.

        • We don’t know what they were trying to achieve apart from “look at me and my social conscious” snaps for their instagram account.

          This demonstration has done little to aid their cause. It has reinforced the perception of vegans’ intolerance of anyone who does not agree with their point of view (or should that be dietary choices).

          Did they expect a vegan contestant to be given a special dispensation from cooking ‘protein’? Would other contestants be granted to be excused from cooking with ingredients that they don’t like to make the competition ‘fair’?

          This is not to say, that there is no acknowledgment of the need to reduce the consumption of red meat. Masterchef could easily do a vegetarian week.

          If the demonstrators wanted a platform for vegan food then MKR would have been the better vehicle. You can sustain the one note just a little while longer on that show and get your message out.

  26. We are not going to see Donald and Melania Trump on Dancing With The Stars anytime soon. That cringefest at an inauguration ball would have to be the dictionary definition of “uncomfortable”.

      • I just realised they were “dancing” to a schmaltzy version of “My Way” as earlier today I had it muted. I don’t think dancing will ever be great again after that. Watching it was like being nuked with a mediocrity bomb. Make ISIS watch it on rotation, they’ll surrender.

  27. Did anyone watch the Dr Thorn series? I loved it. It was a four part, but condensed to three on ABC. Period drama but a bit of fun.

  28. Happy Australia Day guys.
    And I don’t want to buy into the whole, should it be today or not. I am just going to have a good day and celebrate with family.
    And when I have had enough to drink I am going to whisper mild curses at any B-grade actress that thinks she is so significant that I should care what she thinks about the day. Like, when are “celebrities” going to get over themselves?*exasperated sigh*.

    • I see Jimmy Barnes received some kind of award today.

      I went to school with a bloke who knocked him out with one punch after the singer threw an empty bottle into a crowd at a Cold Chisel gig and hit his girlfriend.

      You won’t find that in his recent “autobiography”

      • I gather that there’s a bunch that he simply doesn’t remember (drugs, drink). Not that that makes it anymore forgivable.

  29. When are “celebrities” going to get over themselves? Probably never unless people stop fawning over them and they stop being overpaid.

  30. Oooh. MTM died. She cld have played Robyn in Dr Phil; living the American Dream.
    Or Dr Phil; no matter how flat you make it, a pancake has two sides.

    • Oh, no.
      He was one of my favourites. I remember that he could show emotion with the slightest change of the expression on his face. American actors could learn a lot from (assuming no Botox)

  31. I hate to add to this but Barbara Hale – “Della” from Perry Mason died.
    She was 94. A better way of looking at this is that they are living way beyond the average.
    Still, this is my childhood disappearing.

  32. Just started the Breaking Bad series. Pretty good. Most of you have probably seen it already. It’s whacky like Fargo.

    • Oh no. Does that mean sitting through Grant? I bet there are some jokes and confusion over who is on whose team. Will Ridge play against Bill? Who will Brooke stand beside? It will be more awkward than the thanksgiving dinner table. And will any of the kids be there or will they all be at boarding school?

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