I’m A Celeb 2017 clues

The 2017 I’m A Celebrity trailer is out and there are some clues to the identities of the contestants.
Who do you think is going into the jungle?
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So it’s a model, singer, AFL player and US sitcom star. I would have said Scott Baio put surely he now had a seat in Trump’s cabinet.



  1. That looks very much like an Australian lizard in the promo, which was probably filmed here ,anyway.

    I have a friend who thinks the entire show is filmed in the Blue Mountains. Pizza and cigarettes for Warnie. Yeah. Yeah.

    A shock jock could be that dickhead on The Project, $teve Price. He’s a baboon for starters and will be in his element.

    Never watch US Shitcoms. Could be anyone.

  2. There is a rumour that it is Charlie Sheen.
    I would hope not. He is a train wreck.
    And there is a moral responsibility that producers should have for the mental well-being of the participants, imho.

  3. Thanks for that Juz. I haven’t got a clue but I’m looking forward to it. Hope it’s as good as last two seasons.

  4. I can’t wait for this, hope its someone good, they always have a sports star and a “comedian ” Maybe its a Modern Family star since its probably a channel ten star.

  5. I don’t think it would be from Modern Family as it is still too high rating. Maybe Frankie Heck??? She might not be doing much else.

    • Yes, it will be something old or on rerun. Someone who doesn’t get much work and doesn’t want to run for president. 😆

  6. Would love to see another female sports star. Unfortunately most of the known ones are committed to their current careers. Maybe a past Olympian like Jane Flemming or Melinda Gainsford.

  7. They gave a few more details about the sitcom star. They’ve done stand up shows & been in 30 movies. David Schwimmer’s been in a few movies, don’t know if he’s been in 30 or if he does stand up. Jerry Seinfeld does stand up, but don’t know if he’s been in any movies.

    • Well, that explains why nobody has yet left by saying the magic words. They just get ignored. I suspect that he was not actually voted out either – it was just decided that it was his turn.

    • I understand what he means about the sports people finding it easier mentally.
      I wonder how much money they all get?
      Very interesting about just doing it for the money.
      Thanks Juz.

  8. International singer; Olivia NJ, Toni Peiron, or the Italian girl from YTT. Brain glitch on her name but there is an M in it.

      • Nah. That’s stretching it, even for Ch 10.

        Young kids didn’t stop Chri$$ie $wan. Who knows what levels fading, would be if they could be celebrities will sink to? Pretending to like Steve Price won’t be easy.

      • Neighbours is a big deal in the UK. That could make her international.
        But I agree, with 2 young kids, I would think it highly unlikely.
        I don’t think she needs the money but she might have a charity to push. Some of these celebrities have a strong connection to a charity and will go a long way – like Sam what’s-his-name whose sister has cancer.

        • I watched Neighbours earlier today. How desperate was I? Looks like Toadie’s ex wife isn’t dead and there’s a surrogacy sub plot. Yawn.

    • I was in love with Izzy. I was standing next to her in a Sanity record store in Adelaide one time. She’s tiny and barely recognizable without heels and hair extensions. Nat B leaned over me to reach a CD. Yeah. Winter’s day, woolen leggings.

  9. I can’t see a “star” or someone at the top of their game going in. Has to be has beens or someone hard up

  10. What about Danni Minogue, Casey Donovan or Delta Goodrem!
    They all started their singing careers when they were teenagers and could be in need of a few dollars.

  11. I think the three times Olympian could be Keiran Perkins now as they said he has made his mark in business, and Keiran went into banking when he retired from swimming.

  12. Nah, too much of a businessman these days. Leisl Jones has done it, otherwise it could be her. I still think Our Dawnie could go in

    • So did Grant Hackett and he’s got a lot of bells and whistles like getting drunk, whacked on sleeping pills and destroying apartments to boot.

  13. I think it’s a good opportunity for any quasi celeb who needs to lose weight or go to rehab. They get to detox while getting paid. No seriously, if I wanted to get off meth, booze or doughnuts and they asked me, I would go. Oh, hang on….no, rehab doesn’t usually have spiders and vomit drinks, so maybe not.

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