Survivor – Dec 1 – new timeslot

It’s hard to imagine tonight’s Survivor could top the shenanigans of last week’s double, but we can only hope. Will it be Team David V Team Zeke or will someone break away for a sneak attack?
Here’s a preview of tonight’s challenge:
And, remember, Survivor moves to Go! channel tonight, with a decent timeslot of 7:30-8:30pm. But Nine often uploads it to the website in the afternoon if you are home and wish to stream it.



  1. Another good episode. I was teary during the first challenge – happy with who won that and who they picked. Tribals this season are fun – Hannah’s facial expressions are amazing.

  2. Very satisfying. Did Adam know what he was doing or was is pure guess?

    Still loving Hannah, and glad that my other favourite survived a threat, despite some dumb play.

  3. I hope Adam doesn’t every share his personal situation because I would hate for it to be perceived as a play for votes. It is too serious for that. The others must be wondering why he is so emotional, and it will be hard for them to watch later.

  4. The others must have a rough idea that something big is behind Adam’s displays of emotion. Game aside, they seem like a pretty nice bunch. And perceptive. Well, except Ken certainly lacked perception when Will tried to build trust with him. Poor Will – desperate to play a big game and it’s just not happening for him.

  5. Ken Ken Ken, didn’t you learn from last time? Running & telling them he knows they are voting for him.
    Those challenges where they have to burrow under the sand look horrible. You are going to have sand in all sorts of horrible places & can’t go home & have a shower to wash it all out.
    Next week they are getting rid of 2 people & the following week is the finale.

  6. Oh wow. I watched it tonight. Thank goodness Zeke went. But Peter is it? wasted his idol again because Will voted Zeke. I lost all respect for Ken after his naive and emotion based move of running to Jay. That was stupid. If someone comes to you to tell you they are going to break and switch to your alliance, you don’t tell the ppl he is dropping, especially if it’s your name being thrown in.

    • Yes, Adam (LOL) did waste his idol but he won’t know this time unless Will tells him that he did vote Zeke. As Adam couldn’t rely on Will he probably would still consider it worth the risk.

      • They looked so proud of themselves for using the idol. Whereas Jay has been getting a better feel for things and holding onto his.

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