Survivor – the end is nigh

We get an extra-long final ep this Thursday, then the reunion so don’t forget to set your recorders longer, if that’s how you are watching.
Thumbs up to Nine for finally getting the programming right. They are fast tracking the show, starting at midday on Go at noon, followed by the hour-long winner reveal reunion at 2pm.
It’s repeated from 7.30-9.30pm, followed by the reunion.
I was dubious about the whole Gen X V Millennial theme but here we are at the end, with three people from each “side” and they are all fairly interesting people. Well, maybe not Bret. You’d think a gay cop from Boston would have made the edit more.
Who do you think will win? And who’s no chance (I’d say Ken, Bret and Hannah, unless she does a Kristie Bennett and kills it in the final challenge and with her jury speech).



  1. I feel a little conflicted about the Finale. Adam was right “this is my life, and not just a great story”, but I feel a little like we (the audience) were intruding on something way too private. And yet, he put it out there.

    I was really hoping that it wouldn’t come out before the vote. When it did, it made the result inevitable. It really muddied the waters of the game, because suddenly any discussion about tactics and big moves became irrelevant. You could see on Ken and Hannah’s faces that they knew straight away that their chances were gone. It would be easy to say that Adam only won because of his story, but that would also be doing him an injustice because he did play well and deserved at least a portion of the votes. But nobody would dare not vote for him, for fear of being seen as heartless.

    One of the best things I have seen on Survivor was David’s shafting of Jay. There have been lots of fake idols made before, but I’ve never seen one put out there for someone else to find. Congrats to David for the smart move, which hit its target beautifully. Of course that target needed to be quite dumb (and was).

    Loved, loved, loved Ken and Hannah at the reunion. They hedged about whether a relationship is happening, but there was a lot of touchy-feely happening (by both of them) which would be a bit strange if they weren’t together. So much more beautiful to watch than “Figtails” juvenile fling, which destroyed both of their games.

    Jeff’s “defining moment” didn’t even rate a mention when we were speculating during the previous ad about what it might be. So many good moments in this series, and we all expected it to be Michaela’s reaction to being voted out, or maybe the talk between the boys on the hammock.

    Interesting that the contestants thought Bret would win in final three because “everybody loved him”. Surprising, as it seems that he wasn’t popular with the viewers. We obviously didn’t see any of the nice stuff.

    So, another second chance season coming. Most of the people they introduced are strangers to me, but I will love to see Michaela again. Not sure if I can take another season of Tai, though. Surely he will not be underestimated like he was in his own season.

  2. I really wanted David to win – I found him interesting to watch and listen to. Ken lost it for me when he blabbed about WIll to “test him”.

    I am looking forward to the next season (I’ve never seen Sandra in action, could she possibly win a third with her “As long as it’s not me Jeff” strategy?
    Agree re Tai – once was enough.

  3. You pretty much said it for me Bolders. I wanted David to win. And I agree with Fijane too; Adam was always going to use that back story, and so would have Jay., but it seems kind of off. And yeah, why bother with the great play when it’s going to go to the backstory. Almost like “Hang on I will see you one dying mother and raise you a sister with bone disease”.
    Anyhow, last night felt like an anticlimax and a let down but I think some of that was due to production. It felt like I watched and enjoyed for weeks just to have it end with a “Let’s hurry up and close guys, we have to be somewhere else).
    They talk about the evolution of Survivor. I think it evolved into a different animal last night where contestants are going to all make sure they have the most tragic backstory. None of that is to make light of cancer but reducing it to an opportunity to milk it for a tv opportunity or a Survivor ace card is a bit …off.

  4. I agree I said to Desi that Adam should have spoken first not last when Dave asked them their questions because last answer nullifies previous ones. In my eyes Hannah should have one she really did OUTWIT OUTPLAY and OUTLAST all of them. Anyhoo HAPPY HANUKKAH to everybody stay safe over the holidays and remember to enjoy yourselves. 💕💕🎆🎇🎉🎊🎁🎀👍

    • Agree, TH. Out of that lot, definitely Hannah. I like the way she played “underestimate me while I pull the strings”.

  5. I missed a few episodes due to 9 changing the programming to suit themselves, but I did watch the finale and I agree that it seemed a bit rushed.
    I thought Hannah should have won as well, but as soon as Adam’s story was told I knew the other two had no chance.
    It was a very sad tale he told about his mother dying an hour after he got home, I felt very sorry for him.

  6. I agree Daisy but playing the dying mother card was a bit OTT in my opinion. He really didn’t do anything spectacular or memorable. David making that fake immunity idol with the letter that goes with it was AMAAAZING brilliant, and well done Ken to flip and vote him off. A season of twists and turns all the way through. My choice out of the last 3 standing should have been Hannah, out of the last 4 it should have been David. I would love to see both of them come back and play again.

  7. I read that Zeke said previously a lot of the jury members were cranky at Hannah, presumably because she was playing both sides and didn’t take out people like David and Jay earlier. While that made have made sense to Hannah, the jury saw it as weakness. Adam they saw as someone who was always hustling to win the game. How the whole reward steal panned out would have boosted their regard for him. We know Jay respected him even before the mum reveal. I wish the question had been asked: “Did your vote change once Adam spoke about his mum?” But I really think it didn’t. And they all knew Ken wasn’t in the running.
    Next season will be interesting – a couple of dubious choices as “game changers”. I reckon Sandra will keep slipping through yet again. She’s good for some blunt one-liners.

  8. Hannah needed to go full Kristie Bennett on the jury to convince them of her under the radar gameplay. She made some good points but was nowhere near as clear and emphatic.

    • It might have been the stunned mullet effect of hearing Adam’s backstory.
      I think Hannah seemed to play well. She was a quiet achiever.

  9. I’ve read fair bit online about the result, and it has reminded me just how many blunders Adam actually made. He was often on the wrong side of the vote, and spent many next mornings trying to find out what had happened because he was left out of the decisions. There was also a strong view that way back, to suit his own purposes (gain the rock draw) Zeke deliberately convinced people that Hannah was a flipper, and she was never able to shake that off.

    Quite a lot of discussion about sexism, also. Examples cited – Hannah’s edited showing all her insecurites (and armpit hair) instead of the gameplay showed for the boys, no discussion with Hannah at reunion about gameplay just her crush on Ken, Sunday’s question about “mom’s” being able to play. I don’t usually agree with sexism complaints, but I can see their point after thinking about it. Hannah also mentioned that men who make big moves are seen as playing the game, whereas women doing the same are labelled as flippers, or unstable. I think she might be right.

  10. Yeah I was hoping David would win too & was disappointed when he just missed out on being in the final 3.
    That fake idol was hilarious. But I was hoping he wouldn’t use it or get voted off. I wanted to see him not even trying in the immunity challenge the next day thinking he was safe then find out it was a fake. But I thought they usually have that piece of paper saying it is an immunity idol so that should have been the give away.
    I find it so boring when one person gets all the votes, there is no suspense. Can’t they mix it up a bit & all of them get some votes. Do they all discuss it at Ponderosa & decide who to vote for? I would like to ask the jurors if they were always going to vote for Adam or if his revelation about his mother influenced them. Glad he got home in time to say goodbye to her.
    So I hope the people next season don’t expect to eat any chickens they get with Tai playing again. Be interesting to see if they’re as understanding as his last tribe were.

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