A birthday and general chat

Well, I blinked and missed the first birthday of Talking TV.
The site was launched just over a year ago, just in time for the 2016 starts of MKR and Celeb.
Many thanks to everyone who came along for the ride and to the newcomers who weren’t involved in the old Reality Ravings site.
A special shout out to Daisy, the No. 1 commenter and the person who encouraged so many people to try out TTV.
I’m not posting as much this year (so many shows, so little time) but I love reading all your comments – even the ones by those of you who refuse to become Survivor converts.
Cheers, all



    • You have really done something that wasn’t able to be done on the other site, thank you.
      Congratulations on a job extremely well done!

  1. Happy Birthday to US!!

    Love all the comments, and yes it’s great that we’ve all remained friends over the last year!
    Totally enjoying I’m A Celeb. Miss 10 and Miss 7 are watching every ep with me. Master 5 watches every tucker trial!

  2. I was very happy when this sight started and I could kind of debrief about these shows by reading all your comments. When the other sight all of a sudden stopped doing recaps, was it after big brother? It felt like I was out in the wilderness alone, the recaps and other people’s comments are the best part of these shows! Thanks everyone!

  3. I don’t comment a lot but I do read the comments from others and am pleased that there is a site such as this to do so. Well done.
    I do wonder, whatever happened to Emma Ashton?

  4. Hard to believe it is only a year. It such a part of life now. Congrats Juz on the fantastic job you are doing, and pats on the back to all of the commenters and lurkers.

  5. On a general chat note, is anyone watching This is Us? I watched my recording yesterday, and I think I have discovered that I can’t really take American drama anymore. Lovely performances, an interesting story but the whole thing is just so intense. They really take the drama so seriously. I am used to Aussie dramas where people never, ever stand face-to-face while one person gives a one minute monologue and the other makes eye contact the whole time and never interrupts.
    The other thing that got to me was another unrealistic birth scene, followed by trivialising the episode of grief, resolved miraculously within a day of the tragedy.
    I don’t think I will watch again, although I could watch a whole show of Kate and Toby.

    • It’s being encored as I type. It looks like rubbish and the fake baby being used is as plastic as the rest of it, so far. It’s bumped the IAC encore back by an hour.

      It should be titled “This Is $hit”

      Thanks to Juz and fellow commenters for this place.

    • The fact it has s being hyped as “the best drama ever” makes me think it must be bad. Plus the ads make it look sooo sad. I don’t mind intense as long as there is also black humour, eg Six Feet Under, but it looked too soppy. Based on your take I think I will avoid it. Mr Juz had been enjoying Life In Pieces, the new US comedy starring James Brolin and Dianne Weist (spelling?).

  6. Reality TV is inherently absurd. I really like having a place where I can talk about a show, while gently mocking it and having a laugh, knowing that there’s lots of cool and interesting and smart people who are also having a laugh as well. That’s why I like this site, and I’m really happy Juz puts in the work for it to happen :).

    Thank you guys and gals, you all rock my world.

    • Pfft. I know I should be sympathetic because there is obviously something wrong with him, but all I feel is impatience. Get help and get over it. He has enough money and a couple of really good reasons to do that.

      • He has a drinking problem and he just need to stop drinking. Not even a drop. He is heading in the same direction as Ben Cousin

      • I feel more sympathy for him, and at the rate of revealing too much about myself … you know how people, these says, keep saying that help is easy to find (for when you’re dealing with mental demons, which he obviously is, and has been for a while)?

        It’s not. Help is bloody hard to find. You’d think it was easy, everybody says it is, but it’s not. And the thing about being broken in the head — really, truly broken — is that, you are no longer capable of taking care of yourself. It’s not part of your worldview anymore, you’re just not capable of functioning properly. And you’re certainly not capable of actively seeking help. Someone has to either push you, or do it for you, but carefully so it doesn’t make you worse. If nobody’s prepared to do that, then it’s deja vu, the problem will keep on repeating itself.

        JK Rowling once said something very clever, I thought. She said the truly insidious part of suffering from depression is that the disease robs you of the very things that you need to beat it. And I really think that, in a broader sense, that applies to a lot of mental health issues. In short, you need a functioning brain to beat these demons, but the demons mean that you no longer have a functioning brain. And it’s terrifying stuff when you’re trapped as a passenger in your own body, with a brain that’s no longer under your control.

        Trust me.

        • Windsong my heart goes out to you, I understand in part what you are going through as my husband has been living with it for the best part of the last ten years and now my darling son looks to be following in his footsteps.
          I am going to show them both why you have written as you have done so beautifully.
          I do feel for Grant as he must be in a very bad way for his parents to have to ring the police. When you think of his glory days and how very proud they must have been and now it has come to this, very sad indeed. I hope he is able to be helped and then follow through with his treatment.

        • I appreciate the kind words from everybody, so, thank you for that, my friends.

          I had my first total breakdown at 16 (high school was so much fun, right? πŸ˜‰ ), and I’m now in my early 30s. So these monsters are monsters I’ve spent a long time fighting. Like I said, the worst part is feeling powerless. You’re a passenger in your own body, and you can’t do anything about it. Your own mind is trying to hurt you. It’s no small thing, no. I wish I could be more helpful, or have more words of help or advice, but the thing is, this is an incredibly private, personal thing. People are fragile because of different things, they have different tolerances, different triggers and different breaking points.

          But I read an interview that Grant Hackett’s brother did today, how he said that Grant was there in body but not in mind or spirit anymore, and that’s a really apt way of describing this. When someone breaks inside, it’s tragic and scary, and a very hard place to come back from.

          • Thankyou Windsong. As someone close to me struggles with anxiety, depression and residual drug damage, the insight you shared is most helpful.

  7. I feel really sorry for Grant, the man is obviously not well and I hope he gets some help.
    Not too long ago he was the darling of Australia, an Olympic hero, and now he has sunk really low, the media gets stuck into him.
    I was hoping he would have gone into the jungle to detox, and be in different surroundings away from it all, but with the support of his campmates to help him.

    • I dont think the jungle is a good place to start. He needs professional help as well as support from family and close friends.

      Also he may have broken off with his new girlfriend. There was a story about him having a new girlfriend last year. Sometimes people get really sad and depress follow a breakup

  8. Did anyone see some of The Bold cast on Studio 10 yesterday morning?
    There were Katie, Quinn, Bill, Liam and Ridge. They were really good fun and got on great together. Quinn is quite gorgeous. They all take the mickey out of each other and look like they have a really good working relationship.

    • Yes, I saw them. I just wish they had talked more about the show instead of the hosts, especially Robbo trying to take over. They always feel the need to bring out the usual vegemite, tim tams and fairy bread to make the American visitors taste and watch their reactions. I’m over this and wish they could let their guests speak more about their lives and their show.

  9. Ha ha ha. Mark said he wants Dr Phil to help him in a nice way. Mark, you made another mistake. Dr Phil Show is NOT a safe place to talk about hard things.

    Mark’s total is in excess of $770 000. He could have bought himself a nice Sugar Babe for that and got more for his money. In this case he got Tzippoed.

  10. Has anyone been to see the movie Hidden Figures yet?
    Went to see it today and I give it 5 stars, it was a great movie. The best I have seen for ages.
    A true story really well written for the big screen. A truly fantastic movie.

    • I saw it on Sunday, really enjoyed it, and yesterday went to see “A United Kingdom”, also very good, would recommend them both.

  11. Making this for Woolif’s pills. It will be fired next. I made a bigger one for his ‘cosmetics’. He’s not jubilant. I guess he realizes I have a hidden agenda; a tidy bathroom bench top. 😏

  12. OMG, I just found out it’s Friday. You know I have been a day out all week.
    If someone hadn’t rung me with a delivery, my grand-kids would be would be still at school tomorrow waiting to be picked up.

    • I have been cooking and slothing all week. I am throwing a little arvo tea pool party for the 3Ciana girls and their families where we did our pop up shop. They were such a great bunch of people. Hippies, all of them. But hard working hippies.
      Cooking Thai pork balls, Malaysian murtabak, pork sausage rolls with Chinese flavours, asparagus quiche, zucchinni and spinache slice, carrot cake, mulberry shortbread slice with a biscuit crumble topping (mulberries from our tree) and lime cheesecake.
      I will probably have left overs.

    • Oh cute Bob. What’s baby’s name?

      The pool party was fun. Great company. Love those people and guess what
      1. They are IAC fans and
      2. The woman who was killed by a guy who drove 20km from Busselton trying to crash head on…they had just been doing business with her right before she left to drive douth. That was so devastating.

      • Theoretically Cherokee. But I am thinking of renaming him. Three syllables is not working for me. Cherry is the obvious but Fang is up there with the favourites.

      • And how sad. I can’t imagine anything worse than just going about your business and then it’s all taken away. I hope the nutter is locked away for ever.

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