Daisy’s MAFS recap

And it’s over to Married at First Sight correspondent Daisy for her weekly MAFS ramble (thank you, Daisy):
Well the week didn’t start of with a bang. In fact I get the impression there is no banging at all, as it all seems very platonic. Perhaps Susan and Sean might have consummated the marriage….before they became “just friends”. Yup. Sean has now been friend zoned.

Friend zoned - ouch!

Friend zoned – ouch!

Last night was another recommitment ceremony, where spouses opt to stay or leave. And as before, the phoney sexperts psychobabbled on while producers contrived with ‘cast’ to have us in suspense, thinking some were going to leave. But no, all opted to stay. Am I the only one now thinking that everyone of these people (perhaps with the exception of Susan and Sean) are only on this to grab an opportunity to be on telly.
20170227_100259 (1)
There is no way Nadia, for instance, likes Anthony. She acts like he has herpes. He’s clearly a controlling bastard, who says, “I’ll answer that for her”, and is rude to people, but she is staying. Since she is a “model” (probably Woolies catalogue because isn’t Top Model type), I think she is wanting to move into the TV celebrity arena. But then again, since Anthony wants to be the provider, and she likes that proposal, that might make them work. I doubt it really though because he already said, her lacking direction in her life might be a problem.
Sharon likes Nick, but that seems platonic, although Nick is mustard keen. My prediction is Sharon won’t tolerate any childish bad boy behaviour, so if he can keep his inner Beevis and Butthead under control, Nick might be able to hang on to Sharon for a little while. Michelle on the other hand, hardly seems to be able to refrain from curling up her top lip or crinkling her nose at Jesse, like he is some sort of stinky piece of rotting meat. Does that guy not have any radar? She not only isn’t in to you Jesse, she looks like she would have to ask someone else clean you off her shoe.
Nagging Alene and reticent Simon are blazing along nicely. I’m not sure if Simon is just joking with all of his “Yes Dear” jokes, or if he truly finds the bossy mothering and the pestering appealing. Alene reminds me of bossy Turkan from an early Big Brother series. It might be a Lebanese culture thing. “I will marry you and become your mother”. But knowing how much Simon hates being pressured and backed into a corner, everyone; Alene, sexperts, Simon’s best friend, is making sure Simon feels like a trapped rabbit. A shorn, trapped rabbit. I am quite liking Simon, who clearly wants to say, “Piss off and stop pestering”. And kind of did last night. “I’m not saying I love her and you can’t make me. So there”.


By now I think all the couples, especially Anthony can say, “I told you so”, about Cheryl and Andrew. What’s all the, “I definitely feel an attraction, but I can’t kiss him” BS? Am I the only one who has enjoyed some serious first date snog out? Maybe even at the back of the church after Friday night youth group with a two-year older 16-year-old boy who looked like tall Mike from the Monkees and was my first kiss? I think he had learned it in France.
Anyhow, Cheryl has obvious disdain for Jonesy, but is willing to bullsh*t on for another couple of weeks at least. Ah, the sacrifices you must make for fame. Not sure what we aren’t seeing off camera because Jonesy decided to stay and play that awful dance partner Cheryl must tolerate for the ballroom dancing comp because she can’t find anyone else and judges won’t allow her to dance with a mop.
And that leaves our quiet achievers Vanessa and Andy. They are plodding along like a couple of librarians. Well maybe Vanessa would talk too much to be a librarian, but there are no fireworks happening between these two. Although producers hint at an explosion for tonight. Or is that implosion in Andy’s case, since he is an introvert. Clearly there hasn’t been too much drama between these two, as they have been receiving the least air time, but producers managed to incite or provoke a fight for our viewing pleasure tonight.
I will conclude my ramble by saying, the sexperts look like real dicks and surely would never get any real work after this. They make the most inane statements; like Lisa Curry telling Nat to name rocks and throw them in the river. But that’s another show. 😚
Au revoir, bridesmaids. I learned that from the French kisser. 😉



  1. Not even Woolworths. It looks like she models on “Insta” for a tiny boutique.

    Anthony is appalled by Nadia’s multiple jobs.

  2. Given that sexpert John gets most of the airtime, we wonder if they are priming him to have a Dr John Show. The other two just nod with the token pre-approved questions.

  3. Sounds like the same stuff was happening at my Church youth group ,daisy. Just a juke box to get the action happening. Enjoyed your rant.

  4. Why does Anthony care if Nadia is an odd jobs girl? If he wants to be the provider, Nadia doesn’t need to have some big career if he plans on being the msin bread winner. There is an inconsistency in what he is saying.

  5. Aaah, Jessie and Michelle walked along the beachfront at Floreat. I had a little lay down on that same grass a few weeks ago. I am loving the snippets of Perth footage.

  6. How annoying is Alene!
    If someone was poking me in the face and chest to get up in the morning, they wouldn’t last long.
    Poor Simon having to put up with bossy britches.

    Michelle and Cheryl are so fake.
    Not to mention all the fake hair extensions!

    • Yes, Alene’s seduction technique is to badger, and torment. A bit like that girl a season or so ago who kept taunting her hubby. It might work on Simon.
      Did you mean Michelle and Sharon, Lola? I got a surprise to see Michelle remove her hair. Is that what girls do now? I do agree that those twins aren’t very nice. What’s the deal with them and Jonesy. He must have given one of them a kidney.

  7. Andrew announces that he moved out the apartment and the first thing out of Michelle’s mouth is “Come move in with us!”

    Jesse still doesn’t get he has no chance.

      • The “Jonesy, Jonesy. Come and stay with us” adoration is so annoying. The knives are out for Cheryl again, and although she’s not my cup of tea, the jugge and jury finger pointing around the table is worse.

  8. We think it is a bit hypocritical for the the sexperts to moan about Andrew’s betrayal of Cheryl when they force couples to disclose issues in their ‘marriages’ in the weekly commitment ceremony in front everyone.

  9. The twins shot Susan down for suggesting they were bullying Cheryl; “Iam not a bully”. Well, you’re scaring me and I’m just watching it from my lounge. Kapow. Susan will have to leave with her tail between her legs because she’s been told.

  10. Well maybe a bit. Susan was right that she probably should have minded her own beeswax and kept her thoughts to herself. But maybe that’s something they all should be doing.

  11. Yes Daisy , I meant Shazza (the non bully according to her) Not.
    Although Cheryl does have fake boobs and nails and a lot of fillers and Botox in her face. She is only 25 and her self esteem must be so low that she feels she needs to do all that to her body. At least she didn’t blab about Andrew at the dinner unlike Jonesy’s loose lips.
    Those dinners and commitment interviews are starting to get on the nose. I thought there was only one of those in the whole series. This is the first time I have watched this show.
    The only guy I like is Andy. None of the girls are appealing.

  12. The twins are powerful passive aggressives, playing the bullying by just being the in crowd types. Subtle mean girls I think.

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