General chat – February 2017

It still feels rather strange to be typing “2017”. Seems like just the other day we ere excited for the new millennium. What a fizzer the Y2K bug turned out to be.
Anyhoo, this is the place for general chat. Births, deaths, celeb goss and, of course, photos of any baking you’ve done.



  1. Just a random question, has anyone tried the new show on Netflix starring the lovely Drew Barrymore? If so, is it very scary? 😀 I do have some… problems with zombie shows (just like the Borg from Star Trek – yes, you can laugh about those facts!).

    • I have seen the first two eps. Not scary at all. BUT there is a lot of blood – used only in a comedic manner. It’s not bad. And I always like Timothy Olyphant.

  2. This is also in my list. I had heard it was a comedy, but who can tell what that means with the Americans.
    I have been having a crappy week, so I would look forward to a lot of revenge killing by “Borgs”.

  3. Did anyone watch the new show Married and Prejudice? I think that’s the name, it was on after I’m a celeb. last night.
    It was about people introducing their fiancées to their parents and how they react, the good, bad and ugly side of it.
    I enjoyed it. Just ordinary people.

    • It’s Bride and Prejudice. I got sucked in to watching some of it. I don’t know how some bigoted parents can treat their children so cruelly, or not see that they are hurting them. I was glad the Russian girl at least had her Dad on her side.

      • I know they were shockers weren’t they. That Russian mother how she could say those things sitting with all the Indians at the dinner table.
        And as for the mum who “owns” her son and is not going to let the fiancée think she can own him. What is wrong with these people. Although I did agree they were too young.
        I thought I had the name wrong, sorry 😒

    • Seems this show is just an excuse to heap condemnation on the parents. They are entitled to their feelings and fears, just like the younger people. Even if those views seem strange to others, it is not fair to personally attack them. As we know, these shows never show a balanced view, or the whole story, and it suits their purposes to make the parents the villians. I’d like to see how many of these marriages are successful – maybe the parents see something that the producers won’t show. And it is the parents who have to pick up the pieces when their child is devastated by a bad relationship.
      That said, I don’t think putting all this stuff on national TV will be conducive to harmony in the families in the future.

      • I agree that no-one ever solved their relationship problems by going on reality TV. But some people are just plain homophobic and racist. It’s not the 1960s any more. People can voice their opinions but, unless they are bringing home an ice dealer, I can’t imagine why I’d ever refuse to meet the partner of my child – gay, straight or whatever they may be. Let alone to speak disparagingly in front of my child about what colour prospective grandchildren would be.

        • Exactly Juz, I really cannot think of any excuses those two women could hold up. They both sat there and gave the reasons for and behind their feelings.
          I happened to agree with the mother who “owned” or thought she did anyway, her son that they were far too young and had such a bad history, that they should wait a while.
          I was surprised at the girls mum being all for her daughter getting married so young.

          • There is no earthly reason these days to get married so young (if at all). I didn’t see the whole thing but I was mesmerised by the makeup and nails of the young woman.

          • Yeah, in terms of the youngest couple, I feel like it’s not really an issue that the mother thinks her son is too young to get married (because he probably is, but we don’t know either of the kids, and sometimes young marriages work out. I have two friends who got married right out of high school, and they’re perfectly happy with 3 kids).

            But it’s the part where she acts like she owns him, and she’s not gonna let anyone else take him away from her … that’s the part that makes me go, “no”. That’s the more worrying part.

            The whole concept seems odd to me, though. Having a not-great relationship with my parents *anyway*, I don’t see why I would need their acceptance or approval of anything. If I was, as a hypothetical, getting married, and they refused to attend? I genuinely think my response would be, “Fine then”, and then I’d walk away and not care in the slightest. Is family really that important to people? I don’t get that.

      • I didn’t feel strongly about the views of the parents of any of the couples except the gay couple.
        Disagreeing is allowed but to disown your child because of his sexual orientation is extreme. Who was it who said “If I was God I would ban religion”?
        The contrast between the two sets of parents was interesting.

  4. Is anybody watching this season of Hunted? A great example of how the Brits do reality so much better than we do.

    • I hear it’s good and I think the US is doing a version. Is it a new escapee every episode? Has anyone evaded capture?

      • This series they changed it a bit and released them all together from a central location. So they are following them all, but some teams get longer, more detailed segments. There was nearly one capture, and another has been left as a cliffhanger.
        Last season four people reached the end, but they were not the ones you woukd have predicted at all. I won’t say any more in case anyone wants to go back and watch the first series.
        Second ep is on tonight.

    • I’ve been watching the US version of Hunted (having not watched any of the UK seasons), I didn’t realize there was a current UK version running at the moment too. I will have to check that out. I’m finding the US version very fake.

  5. Hmmm. You have tempted me. I will add it to the list. Woolif and I have been watching the Breaking Bad series. Wow. That show is good.

  6. Found a US sci-fi show on the ‘net, “Timeless”. It’s a bit convoluted but I like time travel shows and I enjoy the semi-historical aspects, costumes and settings. This is the first season for the series. Don’t know if it has been renewed.

    • I will check that out Smythe, sounds interesting. I watched the first series of “The Crown” on Netflix and really enjoyed it.

      • I am going to check out “The Crown”. Always looking for something good to watch and I usually enjoy period pieces.

        • Haven’t watched either of those. Found an interesting show from the UK, “Unforgotten”. “Police start to investigate when the bones of a young man are found under the footings of a demolished house 39 years after his murder.” Just started on season 1 and there are 2 seasons.

  7. Nothing important but I seem to catch a few minutes of Good Chef Bad Chef before B&B and wonder why Zoe always eats with her mouth open.

    • I am not that fond of her as a presenter and have tuned out of the show. And I think the show has forgotten why it was invented. I really miss Janelle (?). I think she was shafted.
      I never noticed eating with an open mouth, but it is right up there with coughing w/o covering your mouth for me.

  8. No rain at all here in Qld since before Christmas. All the gardens dead or dying, the grass crackles under your feet. Going to be around 39% this weekend. I put water out for the birds because I feel sorry for them, then I hibernate in front of the air conditioner and worry about the bill!

  9. Looks like Matty J will be the next Bachelor. Why cant they have an unknown for the role? More fun to try to know the Bachelor and the Bachelorettes.

    Nothing againat Matty J. He is gorgeous and to say he cant find a girlfriend is a BIG FAT LIE. Also might as well get the sis in as his chaperone since the sis need to have the last say.

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