I’m a Celeb – a new week begins

What are we – week 4 already? How many tanties will Keira have tonight? And who is the world famous “camp” star going into the jungle?

Here’s a recap of Keira’s best whinges and blonde moments. “What are hedgehogs,” she asks !!

Looks like some big storms are hitting Africa but there must be a big tarp over the camp because the celebs weren’t getting wet – they just had leaves falling on them.
The contestants are strapped to a giant wheel where they will have various creatures dropped on them. Each pair has to do a puzzle while being pelted with snakes, scorpions etc.

Poor Casey has a massive panic attack and utters the “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” I also would not snakes dropped all over me.
Jay lets Nat win and Keira also does the “I’m a Celeb” call – she claims so Ash can win their match up and eat.
Winners get to eat pie and sauce. Is there a trick? Is it going to be a maggot pie or something?

Afterwards, Jay pulls Keira aside to tell her she needs to grow up and participate in the game because she’s 30 years old. It’s a right dressing down. Ouch! Tzip sticks up for Keira. Good on you, Tzip. Yeah, she’s annoying but just tone it down, Jay. She’s not one of your eight kids.
The pie looks rather tasty and they wash it down with what looks like Fanta and Coke.
Keira gets to cook for the losers but Ash and Kris aren’t impressed with the result.
Steve barks at Keira to do the dishes and it escalates into a “you don’t own me” argument that goes on and on. Each wants to have the last word. Keira eventually starts sobbing on the bed and Tzip tries to comfort her.

The celebrity going in tomorrow night is revealed and, yes, it IS Carson Kressley. I used to love Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. He and Keira can compare notes about facial treatments. He’s never been camping, though. This will be interesting. He has to be more fun than Tom Arnold. I bet Ash and Nat will know who he is. Dane won’t have a clue.

At camp Keira reveals to Lisa the story most of us already know from her interview post-Bachelor, about growing up in a cult, of which her father was the leader. She didn’t know which of the wives was her mother until she was six. Lisa is definitely the camp mum, mentoring all the young ‘uns.

Umm, what else happens? Not much, really. Casey sings beautifully about random stuff, Ash and Keira have a tiff because Keira is surprised anyone can tell she has botoxed lips.
So let’s get straight to the evicted celebrity is … Jay! Does that mean Pricey will now be camp leader?

In Jay’s exit interview he doesn’t speak too highly of Ash, is a bit less dispariging of Keira and gives Naz a big thumbs up. We learn he lost 13 kilos in three weeks (along with, he quips, “the will to live”). He says he’s delighted to have lost some weight and chokes up a bit when he talks about being a healthy role model for his children.



  1. Bahahaha, bahahaha, Jay thinks Keira doesn’t know when to end a sentence, bahahaha. He and Steve Price are vile old white… oh wait, I mean, vile old chauvinistic pigs. He referred to Ash as a young ”maverick’ who has her own opinion. Guy is a douche. I’m 50 yrs old and dumb f*ck chauvinists my age used to say ‘your opinionated’ when was I younger. Noooo, we are female humans who have valid opinions and we speak. Just like male humans. Dickheads.

  2. I don’t watch the Bachelor so didn’t know about Keira growing up in a cult. I was surprised to hear she is 30, I had thought she was in her 20’s by her childish behaviour.
    Her fight with Steve was quite funny. They are all adults. You don’t order someone to do chores. You ask them nicely.
    That pie looked so yummy.
    Can’t wait to see their reactions when Carson Kressley walks in. They should have had him on Josh’s season. They may have hit it off.

    • I don’t know Carole. They might have clashed Γ  la Little Britain. “Aaa am the only gay in the village”.
      It was funny when Lisa said Keira would only have opened up about her life if she felt safe and if she trusted the person. Has Lisa forgotten all of Australia is listening? And anyway Keira has already sold that story.

  3. Tzip has now become my least favourite in the camp. Such mollycoddling of the babyish Keira. The tears certainly worked on her, and she couldn’t help seeing the whole incident through a filter of feminism, when all it was really about was someone not coping with genuine criticism.
    Loved the hippo song, and the vision of the hippo wearing the boot had us all ROFL.

  4. I haven’t watched this episode yet but I am automatically against Jay ordering people about. He is seems a little autocratic and appears to believe woman have a place in the kitchen (allegedly). He has been open about his views on Kiera and Ash but says nothing about Naz and Dane who both look like they are as lazy as f***k.
    Glad he’s gone home.
    And looking forward to fast forwarding through this lot.

  5. Lucky there were no walls around for Jay to punch holes in. He can go home and kick his family around now.

    Good riddance to his “pukelele”, too.

  6. I don’t know what to make of the dish war. It’s hard not to be biased because I don’t like Keira, but I also think Steve was playing bossy, grumpy dad. I query Keira’s reason for not being able to do dishes being because she had a shower. Huh? Anyone ever showered then done dishes? It can be done.
    My process would be eat, dishes, shower. I don’t know why they still haven’t worked out a system. Ash is being naughty but deliciously so. But there is a risk now of it becoming a gang up. Even Dane is now finally moving his lips. I think that’s when Lisa would step up, although Tzip may have beat her to it.
    It’s probably hard though because Keira seems to have arrived wanting everyone to dance around in her radiance. And now she needs to back pedal and try to just be one of them. She was the anti Star of Bach and thought being the diva would work in the jungle. She could intimidate young girls in a Bachelor pad, but travel worn celebs are a tougher crew.

  7. I kinda agreed with what Jay was trying to tell Keira right after the challenge – he had a terrible way of getting his point across but he did have a valid point – the show will be very boring if she is going to pull out everytime she doesn’t want to do something. I hope she sticks to her word and only does it for individual challenges – i would hope in a group situation she would give it her best.
    Glad Jay is gone thou – if he talks like that all the time in camp, i can see why he was getting on all their nerves!

    • I am up to that bit, and good on Jay for calling Kiera on her self-promotion. And I am with him on the grow-up. I didn’t realise she was 30. She acts like a 13 year old.
      And Tzipp is a seething mass of hostility. Good on her for standing up for the 30 year old but she does tend to over-react. I predict a massive explosion looming over the horizon.

      • Sometimes, and not necessarliy on this occasions, but sometimes tears are manipulation and they can work if you don’t seoarate yourself from the emotion and look clear headely at the facts. Orherwise cryers will always get their own way in life and get away with things while those who are raised to be tough have to suck it up. But I am speaking generally. When I am teaching I have to divorce myself from the tears of a situation to make a fair call.

        • She was so xall crying but I dont think there were tears. Just like kids trying to manipulate their parents with their crocodile tears

  8. I think Steve was out of order, ordering Keira to get up and do the dishes. That was really the first time I got my back up with him. Even Jay admitted that Keira had been working in the morning while he was asleep.
    If she had done the dishes the night before, then someone else who didn’t can do them tonight, easy.
    I’m sure tonight they will be organising a new captain and Lisa will be hoping for the job. Once the captain is in place chores will be taken care of.
    No doubt Keira will want to be captain.
    Sorry but I thought Ash’s comment to Keira was rude about her lips. No need for it but Ash is very much like Keira and doesn’t care what she says.
    Kris was also very nasty to Keira and Dane playing that trick in the unanimous questions, he achieved what he set out to.
    Keira must be really hard going for them all.

  9. Yes, Ash was rude. And I am just catching a snippet of Jay’s speech to Keira. I think he meant well, but I doubt if Keira thought she would have so many dads in there. Hard to feel sorry for Keira though.

  10. I was happy to see Jay go, he’s better off at home with his family. Too bossy and too irritating with that ukelele.
    Can’t wait to see Carson, he will be good entertainment. I read in the paper today that even though he hasn’t been camping before, he grew up on a farm in Pennysylvania, so lets hope it all comes back to him!
    Will there be a different camp leader? One of the quieter ones like Teagan or Dane should do it.

    • Carson is a hoot and it will be funny to see him in the camp. He was good in the latest U.S. Celebrity Apprentice.
      Yes I bet the late sleepers were especially happy to see Jay leave.
      Very stern sort of man. I can imagine he runs his family like a very tight ship.
      I hope they vote for new leaders.

  11. I think if Steve’s approach was a better, Keira might have actually done the dishes, but I think she just said no because he was so demanding.
    I think unfortunately for Kris, Keira is trying to make out like they are BFFs which they are clearly not, makes it hard for him to live with her.
    If nothing else, the real lesson the celebs need to learn here, is its all in the delivery… say it nicely and you might get a better reaction. Of course, i’m saying that, sitting a nice airconned office, full belly and full nights sleep!
    I just saw a vid of Carson entering camp, looks like he will be fun!

  12. I think that there is a big difference between Ash and Kiera. Ash is socially inept while Kiera is self-absorbed. For me that means Ash is a little too direct and Kiera is too look-at-me.
    I don’t think that either of them are vulgar and neither of them are out to hurt anyone’s feelings.
    Or maybe that’s Kiera a little if things don’t go her way. I have a 4 year old grand-daughter like that.

  13. They used to have a chore chart, which they all thought was a pain. But a chart is exactly the solution to Keira types. It is when people aren’t cooperative that you have to put rules in place, not when everyone is working nicely together.

    Really sorry to see Jay go. I just wished he had the ability to express himself better when he rightly tried to set Keira straight.

    • That’s what I can’t understand why they haven’t got the chores chart, they definitely need one.
      Maybe with the new captain they will organise one.
      I still don’t see the need for outright nastiness with Keira, it’s reminded me a bit of what happened with Laurina last year.

    • True Fijane, when people just work without fighting or reluctance, and everyone does their share, you don’t need the roster, but let’s face it, there is always goinb to be at least one bossy type and one lazy lump.

  14. I’ve just tuned in to watch Carson doing the tucker trial. He’s done really well and I love that he was quoting Muriel’s Wedding while doing it

  15. I have just tuned in to Carson. He seems like a lovely, genuine chap. So we are back to the “nice” theme. Hopefully that will put everything back to an even keel and calm things down.

    • Loving Naz even more now too. His story was great and very thought provoking maybe for some people.
      I wouldn’t mind seeing Naz take it all the way to the end.

  16. I think Carson’s going to be a great addition to the camp. He is hilarious & a real trooper doing that trial.
    Nazeem’s jungle radio was very moving.

    • Haven’t been watching so didn’t know that Carson has entered the jungle. Might have to start watching again. He was very good in Celebrity Apprentice, the Schwarzenegger addition.

  17. Pretty slow ep last night, i thought. Carsons entry was nice, and I think he will bring the fun vibe that the camp needs.

  18. Carson got bombarded by Keira and Ash quickly moving in to get him on side. When he told Keira he was good at smiling and nodding I thought that he wasn’t only talking about Steve, but that while saying that he was smiling a nodding at Keira. I thought he was being witty and she missed it.
    It will be interesting to see how he handles conflict in the camp now that both expect him to pick a side. My guess he will run and hide under his 3000 count sheet. And I wouldn’t blame him.

  19. My take on the Keira dish-gate is that Keira wants to do what Keira wants to do WHEN Keira wants to do it. When she first arrived at camp she was saying to Lisa she could do dishes, collect firewood, cook – which were all better than emptying the dunny. Then when it doesn’t suit her to do the dishes (because she’s just showered), she puts up maximum resistance.

    I hope Carson isn’t led astray by Keira’s minimum-effort attitude (he already showed a touch of that last night in refusing to go into the last tank). It makes me appreciate Marcia Brady all the more – she was talkative (Tom Arnold seemed more of an introvert) AND she gave the challenges a red hot go (eg diving in the tank of elephant poo when Miss Universe-Australia-Galaxy-Pageanty-Whatsit turned her nose up at the whole task).

    I know he has a deep interest in horses, so poop shouldn’t faze him – just think of it as mucking out the stables.

    • Yes, AliO. I didn’t hear Carson tell the campers he wouldn’t do the last leg of the challenge. Keira made her attitude to sharing the ‘load’ literally, clear when she shared her load avoidance strategies with Carson. I had a cousin who always needed the dunny when dishes were ready to be done. I was the good little Cinderella in my Auntie’s eyes because that caper would never have washed at my house.
      I’m a worker bee. Just wonder who are the worker bees and who are the Lucy Load Avoiders. Worker bee has a down side. They growl when others don’t pitch in.

      • Carson told the camp that he couldn’t do the last challenge because of snakes. I think that was accepted because a number of them are in the same boat.
        I have never understood fear of snakes when there are so many more terrifying scary things right behind them. .

      • I was actually thinking when Carson was doing the challenge, if it was something he didn’t want to do he could have gotten away with not doing it since they didn’t know he was coming & wouldn’t be expecting him to have earnt stars.
        I’m very lazy so I would probably do the least I could get away with like Keira. And I would definitely NOT empty the dunny. I don’t blame Keira for not wanting to do that.

        • You would be needing to blitz those tucker challenges then Carole. And keep the camp entertained with amusing anecdotes. πŸ˜‰

  20. I loved the shots the cameras took of the guys just staring in amazement at Carson when he first arrived in the camp.
    You could just hear their minds ticking over “Is this guy for real?”
    Love it when Julia glazes over with the bored look when Chris starts reeling off about animal facts. Have to say I lol last night when he started talking about animal tattooing, she had the look down pat.

  21. Wow the rain’s been so bad over there. Doesn’t look like it’s stopped for days. How miserable to be out there in it. I can’t remember rain that bad in the other seasons.
    So funny that the challenge area was flooded.
    Loved the way they just kept talking among themselves when Chris was describing the ‘food’. They just didn’t want to know what they were eating. So glad Naz didn’t do that one, don’t think I could have stood his dry retching again.
    There is no way Keira will do that challenge tomorrow. Not that I’d blame her, I wouldn’t do it either.

  22. I would prefer the height challenges.

    Carson is so funny. I am finding Nat really nice, in spite of the screaming. Teagen is nice too. I thought Keira had a bit of a cheek whinging about wanting a big portion of meat after saying at the challenge, “9 stars will do”. Even if Steve was unfair. I wonder if a little birdie told him what she said at the challenge and he was taking revenge.
    Not liking Keira saying, “I want the leopard” like a five year old brat.

    • I wouldn’t, I’m petrified of heights. I wouldn’t eat the gross stuff, I don’t like snakes, spiders or bugs. I don’t like icky stuff, so wouldn’t like those challenges. In fact, I wouldn’t like ANY of them. So if I was a celebrity I wouldn’t be going on this show. Plus I have severe arthritis in my hip & can barely walk so don’t think I’d be very good at anything.

    • ‘Not liking Keira saying, β€œI want the leopard” like a five year old brat’.

      She is a five year old brat

  23. Keirra will be doing every tucker trail since it is voted by viewers.

    If she want to complain about the portion size, the portion size should be in accordance to their weight. Heavier contestants need more substance.

  24. I am officially over Kiera. She is loud and her passive-aggressive ‘tude is now just rude. I would like her to grow up and shut up.
    I will absolutely be voting for her to do every challenge between now and the end. Seriously, what did she think was going to happen if she behaved like a child.

  25. By doing every challenge, Keira is taking airtime away from others, which i don’t like, i would much prefer to see some others doing a trial for a change. And everyone voting her in is giving her what she wants, attention and airtime πŸ™
    The attitude last night to give up because 9 stars was enough was terrible. I was actually shocked Carson was feeling the same. Glad Tegan wanted to at least give it a go – even if they couldn’t finish it.

    • Well Carson said, “9 stars will do” in his previous challenge. But maybe he didn’t have a good idea of how important each star is.
      But if a contestant says “x number of stars will suffice”, then they should say, ” this portion of meat will suffice”, not whinge for more. If others had been chosen for the trial they would have done it but Keira thinks bringing back stars = bragging rights.

      • I agree with everything you are saying about Keira and her meat and leaving the stars at 9 but did you hear Lisa agreeing with her and having a go at Steve and Ash but wouldn’t say it loud enough to be heard by others.
        I would have preferred Lisa if she would would have stood up to be counted there. So far she has been and my whole perception of Lisa Curry has changed since her jungle stint. I hope she does continue to let the other campers know when she is not happy with some of their antics.
        Just funny how she didn’t want to be seen to be agreeing with Keira.

        Also really liking Nat now, I think the scream isn’t as loud and Tegan is also a nice girl.
        I’m still voting for Naz to stay.

        • No I didn’t hear that but I did notice Lisa being friendly with Keira, which really is the best way to go. If they turn on Keira, aside from being childish and nasty, it would only evoke public sympathy for her. Laurina in IAC and Estelle on BB didn’t get their votes for being amazing but because the jackals going after them had pi**ed off the viewers.

      • Yes. I would like to see Natalie have a go. And Steve because he complains about the efforts of others. I am so surprised that I like Natalie.

        • But it’s no fun to watch Steve do a challenge. He is up for everything without a complaint or a whinge.
          I don’t have to agree with his views but I absolutely respect the guy from here on.

    • I saw that, its not uncommon for reality shows to mash together clips / scenes from other days to be able to tell the full story (or allow them to re-write it to make it their own!)….
      Big Brother did it all the time, and since they have the same producer, I’m not really surprised.

    • I think the fight with Kris would not have made sense without the clip with Jay in it. It gave it context. Otherwise it would have just looked like both Kris and Tzipp were losing it.
      I forgive.

  26. Watching Carson scoff that scorpion, I suddenly realised why the Americans are so good at Tucker Chewsday: they hail from the country that invented spray cheese in a can

    I suspect that was Tzip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah’s attempt at flirting with Kris.

    When you’re young and travelling you want to experience life and have adventures. I’m not surprised Tegan was willing to give them a go and others in the camp would’ve as well.

    • Ha ha, yes, AliO. Like boys in year 3 flirt with a girl they like by biting her, pulling her hair or pushing her into the bin. Tzipp probably was flirting. At least she didn’t give him her life savings.
      Poor Tzipp. I think we all know one.

  27. That challenge climbing the crane thingy was scary. Keira actually did really well in the end. Although Naz was scared I think he was just relieved not to have a gross food challenge

  28. Wow, much respect for Keira after that. No way would I have done that. It wasn’t even a proper ladder, it was all criss crossing. That would have been hard to climb, plus it was so narrow.
    That sock gate was hilarious. Surely Tegan would have noticed some spare socks were on her bed. That would be annoying. You don’t have much out there so for any item to disappear, even something as minor as socks, would be annoying. Especially since it looks miserable & cold there judging by the jackets they are all wearing.

  29. Now we all know Steve’s next tucker trial. Leave him in a cave with Keira. He is sure to cry, “I’m a Celebrity, get me outa here”.
    Carole, that climbing one would be the one I would pretend to hate so I would get it. I’m not scared of heigts, in fact I quite like them. I would zone out my surroundings and focus on the climb and flags. I would also take my shoes off if they would let me because I think the climb would have been easier barefooted. It doesn’t really matter if it’s 600 metres or 50m because you have a harness.

    • I was thinking the same thing Daisy about taking those big, heavy boots off and doing bare footed, I think it would have been far easier.
      Also was thinking would have felt fairly safe with the harness and I would have preferred it much more than the eating trials.

  30. Now the viewers will vote for Steve to do a tucker trail with Keira. They need to have the medical team on stand by because Steve might get burst blood vessels from increased blood pressure.

  31. Unlike last year, where it didn’t matter what Laurina did, the campers wouldn’t give her a break (but didn’t feel bad using her chair all the time), these campers seem willing to give Keira a chance and they accept her when she behaves herself.

    Next Tucker trial; Kris and Tzip. 😨 Maybe it can be sock sorting.

    • I noticed that Lisa does a lot of sitting with Tzipp (on Kiera’s bed). Do you think she’s trying to stop things from escalating? Or is that deteriorating.
      Kiera gets a lot of attention from the producers but I suspect the situation with Tzipp is much more fragile.

      • You might be on the money, Bob. Lisa is a team player. It’s too bad all the camera time is going on Keira. There is a lot of interesting information in the more subtle behaviours.

    • Daisy: “Next Tucker trial; Kris and Tzip. Maybe it can be sock sorting.”

      That would be a fantastic combination. They can use the socks as sock puppets to express their feelings towards each other in a safe environment. Maybe with the “experts” from Married at First Sight. That should go well.

  32. At the end when Julia and Chris were telling the contestants who was doing the next tucker trial, Tzipp just sat there and never smiled once. She looked really miserable and unhappy. She always puts on lip balm or something in a white tube when her name is mentioned in the “It could be you” part.
    Keira did a pretty good job, but I would like to see someone else such as Casey or Lisa do some trials.

    • Tzip did look miserable last night. I think the lipbalm is a message – like Lisa always points to her ring, Steve, pulls on his ear.
      I am really sick of seeing Keira in trials, i would much prefer to see someone else. But as long as people keep talking about her on FB and twitter the more trials she will do. At least this season, apart from Carsons trial, all the trials have been at least 2 people.

    • Interesting how he said he could relax but the Aussies had to put on a show as they were relying on the show for getting more work. Somehow I don’t think that applies to Steve Price.
      No wonder he has been through three or four wives, miserable old gig.

    • She may stay close to the end but I think the voting will eventually convalesce around ‘nice’. And we have plenty of those. There’s a lot of love for Naz and Casey. And of course Carson is turning into everyone’s hunnybunny.
      I think she will outlast tedium but she has a use-by-date bullseye on her back.

  33. You know, the more air time they give Pricey, the more I like him. It’s not easy to go up to someone who irritates the shit out of you and say, let’s put our differences aside and do this.

  34. 2 more weeks to go. So we still left with 10 celebrities in the last week. How silly. Just money grabbing with the money they get from the voting

  35. I want Casey and Steve next. Pricey’s face will be priceless and Casey will have to cross her legs to stop laughing at him. You can tell by now I like all the grumpy bums. I just like people who are real. But I also like the cuddle bunnies who laugh a lot, and the nice people like Teagan and Nat. Photo: Casey laughing at Steve Price.

      • I would rather Carson doesn’t win because he hasn’t been in long enough. II would rather final 3 go to one of the ones who have been there from the beginning, and I include Tzipp & Kris in that.

    • Jay said when he left that Steve Price had the whole 2GB empire behind him, meaning that, I think, when it comes to power votes they are the ones to beat.

    • She is so on the edge it is painful to watch. But I am liking how she is starting to talk about it a little (isn’t Naz a sweetheart). I know it’s difficult but if she talked about it even more, I am sure that the camp mates would be kinder and more understanding. Even self-obsessed Kiera can see that there is something really breakable here.

      • Yes, they are, for the most part, a really great bunch. I can’t dislike any of them except Keira. I love the way they work together. What great characters.

  36. I kind of got where Keira was coming from. She had done the challenge, she has done every one since she went in. If she’d not done it & brought no stars they would have got pissed off at her. But no, they couldn’t leave them there, especially Ash, she’d been there before. That would have been mean. I was hoping they’d let them have the food anyway, which they did.
    That story Casey told about her father, I remember reading that at the time.

    • Casey and Ash would have told the others how bad it was staying in the cave. I loved that almost all wanted to save their buddies. It was probably the shining moment of the season, especially as they fought hard for it when Keira said, “No”. Tzipp’s reaction was interesting and I wish we saw a bit more of that. She wavered between leaving them to suffer and not going against the crowd. Was it Naz who said to her, “We are not like that?” I might rewatch that. I think it was Naz who got to her.

  37. Not sure if Tzipp is strong but loopy, or mentally and emotionally fragile. One thing is for sure, there are plenty like her who have strange thought patterns and I think it brings up some important issues. I know people like her who aren’t certifiable but can’t read social cues or adapt to social expectations of different groups. Sometimes people like that can have a persecution complex, sometimes they are resilient because they lack the insight to comprehend they have an issue.
    Camera man; off spoilt brat Keira and show how the others learn to deal with loose canon Tzip.

    • It must be a terrible dilemma for the producers. If she is fragile, you would want to protect her. Social media can be cruel. But if she is working through it, you would want to highlight the positives.
      But then Kiera is getting press and she always seems to know where the camera is.

    • Now the producers have a dilemma. Tzip is not of sound mind. Is it better to keep her on the show with monitoring or to let her go ? She may then blame everyone for being nasty to her and she wasnt treated well in the jungle. Hmmm……. Hard decision.

  38. It is a reality show. They should be acting out and leaving people in caves. Bring the drama, not kumbaya. They are behaving like goodie goodie school kids. What silly talk about being a team. They are competing for TV time. This show can’t survive with the same type of background stories wrung out of the contestants year after year. And show it at adult viewing time to make it more real and interesting.

    • Here, here, Cold Rain, it’s been boring this year. Yes nice people, a couple of incidents thrown in but nice 7pm viewing. No adult conversations.
      I’m not even sure if there would be anything to listen to in an up late edition. I think they are all trying too hard to come across as ‘nice’ people. A few people have definitely let themselves down in that department and they would hate it that anyone thought they were anything other than ‘nice’ the people or person I am referring to.
      A couple of nasties just can’t help themselves, they were just born that way.
      I am getting to the point where I am enjoying Chris and Julia more than the camp mates and I never thought that would happen in a million years.

  39. I don’t need it to get nasty. I quite enjoy a bit of koombayar. I find the subtlety more interesting, than the wailing banshee, Keira. I like reading their expressions and looking at how the dynamics between them change. I don’t need sideshow alley and the fat lady with the beard to get into it. But that’s just me. I must be a girl scout. πŸ˜‡ Koombayar my Lord, Koomayar. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† I don’t object if others like the bitchin’ and brawlin’.

    • I am with you, Daisy. I am loving this season. I don’t need to see television people desperately seeking their 15 minutes of extra fame; but it is interesting to watch a group of diverse people thrown together and trying to make the best of a bad situation for a charity. Almost like my workplace.
      Kiera is a little bit of fun because of the camper’s reaction to her, not because she is self-absorbed and self-obsessed.

      • Ditto Bob, it is the campers’ reaction to Keira that is more interesting than that shrieking wannabe. They aren’t getting bitchy, well maybe Ash is, but R handling her like you would a foolish child. I don’t think we need Keira. I want to see the others.

        • I’m not saying I want to see bitching and fighting, I just think that people are not being themselves. Something doesn’t ring true about it all to me. It’s too Koombayar.
          It’s the same people that speak up and the same ones that say nothing.
          Anyway that’s my opinion for what it’s worth, which probably isn’t a whole lot.

  40. I just saw an article on line somewhere where some radio station interviewed Tzipp and they said she was so rude and condescending to them that they won’t be inviting her to speak to them again. I’m glad to see her go so the others don’t need to walk on eggshells with her.
    I want them all to be themselves and not worry about how they are being perceived by the viewers at home. Tzipp definitely did that! Maybe because of the bullying last year they are being super nice. Dane may as well not be there, he’s so quiet, and I’m sick of seeing Keira doing everything in the challenges. Carson is great and entertaining, and being himself as only he can be.
    My favourite season was still the first one with Maureen McCormack.

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