I’m a Celeb – Sun, Feb 5

I’m a Celeb screens on Ten from 7-8.30pm (the same time as MKR and MAFS). I seem to recall last year that Sunday Celeb started at 6.30pm – am I wrong?
And it looks like Tom finally does something other than lie on the bed, wondering what the people around him are saying.



  1. Oh, no fucking way would I have done that. I wouldn’t even have gone on the platform thing. I agree with Pricey, bungee jumping is the stupidest invention EVER!!!!
    The others that had to catch the fish had the better deal. It wasn’t easy, since they only caught 2, but it wasn’t scary.
    So Tom finally spoke & did he go off!!!! Good on Lisa for telling him off.
    They had to be having a lend of Casey & Ash telling them to bang on things & make a noise. there would be rangers near by if any animals went near them. They were hilarious.

  2. Tom is a lazy bum but he doesn’t welch on the tucker trials and so far has brought back lots of stars for food. Kudos to all of the bungy jumpers. I would hate that.

  3. Missed last nights episode. Will be watching the replay on this afternoon.
    Daisy – Good post of the monkeys and Tom

  4. Agree, no way would i have bunged, and all those people except, Steve had skydived. Rough time for them. Thought it was pretty unfair for 6 of them to bungy jump, but still only end up with 4 stars… Great job to all the jumpers, no way would i do that!
    I can see Toms point about not getting food, therefore no energy, therefore just wanting to lie around all day… but its pretty clear he didn’t read the contract properly so i have no sympathy really!
    The skull cave was funny!! The cave was man made with an a clever ‘legend’ story and strategically placed speakers, wasn’t it?!

      • 2 minutes of googling would have given him some fairly correct answers. And what did he think was expected of him for that sort of money. Either he’s incredibly egotistical or not very bright. I have a foot in either camp.

        • Me too Bob. I don’t care that he Tom is grumbling, especially when it’s funny but I do wonder if he is just joking or really pi*sed off for being trapped in the jungle. Marcia Brady did a better job of getting along in the jungle. Maybe Tom has piles.
          Meanwhile, Roseanne Barr sends her “Na na, na na na”. 😜

  5. The fight wasn’t as bad as I expected, Tom had a point I suppose, his language wasn’t too good . Lisa and Steve tried to calm him down.
    I wouldn’t have done the bungee jump either so good on them for all doing it. I wonder if they chose the ones they knew would do it because I can’t imagine Casey and Tzipp doing it.
    Speaking of Tzipp, how bad did her sunburn look? Why wasn’t she told to use sunscreen?
    The skull cave was ridiculous, of course they would have been guarded, cameras around them, they were in no danger at all. Getting a bit sick of Casey breaking out singing all the time.

  6. Logic says that I should know that I was in no danger but when it’s night time and dark, I am afraid of breathing. They have all my sympathy.
    Except for the singing – I am so over the singing. But I blame Jai. That ukulele and his boring songs and his voice is not all that good. Yep, I have talked myself into hoping that Jai goes home.

  7. I think Jai and Dane are the most expendable at this stage. Although campers will prefer the ones who bring back stars to stay, the voters will keep the interesting ones.

    • I would bet my last dollar they are Lola. Nat’s don’t look too different.
      Australian celebrity teeth are starting to look very similar to the American celebrity’s mouthful.

  8. Didn’t they all have pillows in the first 2 seasons? A lot of things are different this year.
    Those stupid elastic bands kept breaking. I hate elastic bands breaking or balloons bursting. They bloody hurt.
    All that contraband they collected, they did that last year too. But in the 1st season Julie Goodwin kept some pink salt & used it in the cooking & they didn’t say anything. They seem to get meaner each year.

    • I don’t think any of them had pillows in the first 2 seasons – i think they just had sacks and put clothes in them to create a pillow.
      The contraband wasn’t much really, I was trying to work out wear they got it all from and how they managed to get it into camp, weren’t their bags searched before they went in.

  9. I like them sneaking contraband. It reminds me of when we used to take extra biscuits at Legacy camps and hide them under our pillow. They got so serious about contraband last year. It was ridiculous. But hey is that a word?
    Speaking of ridiculous, what the hell is Tzip on? Has she been stealing Tom’s cranky pants pills? Talk about touchy. Now I know what’s making her cheeks red; PRICKLY heat. I have to wonder if Tzip didn’t fluke the pre show psych test.

    • Yeah I was wondering that too. We didn’t actually see people ganging up on her. Unlike last year with Laurina. I couldn’t really understand her blow up.

        • I think what set Tzipporah off is Nat coming bback at her with “what’s wrong with you” – that would have anyone going from 0 to 100 in 5 seconds.

          And Steve was a little sensitive with having his golden toe in a bucket wasnt he – all TZipporah said was that he had his foot in the bucket. A good response from Steve would have been ” Yes my foot was in the bucket and I’ll wash it now” he would have come out a champion after that.

          But I’m typing this after my large skim cap and ham and cheese croissant so maybe my serenity comes from food coma.

          • I don’t think it was Steve’s idea to put his foot on the bucket. Oh dear God I’m defending Steve Price. Shoot me now!!! The other guy who had experience with foot injuries suggested it. A similar thing happened on Survivor. Someone injured their foot & a contestant who was a nurse treated them & put it in a pan of some sort & everyone went off on them. It wasn’t their idea to put it in the pan/bucket. They are just doing what someone else has advised them to do. All they need to do is boil some water in it & it will sterilise it. Not a big deal.

          • Ha ha, yes Bolders. I had a guilty crumpet last night while they were handing in their little scraps of contraband. Perhaps they were just hangry.

  10. Tzip was in a bad mood last night. I had a feeling at the start when she was all sweetness and light that things could change fairly fast with her and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m sure there are going to be plenty more showdowns with her involved, to come.
    Although Jay bores me I think he was best choice for camp leader but if it had been the likes of Nat or Steve I’m sure it would have got under the skin of some members.
    Still don’t think the challenge was up to much. The next one looks a bit mor gruesome with the eating but if it was me I would be choosing pour it over me.
    I figured out why Nat screams all the time, she was in a rock band and that’s what they do on stage, scream! I still hate it though.

    • Same here, I would prefer to have gross stuff poured on me than eat gross stuff.
      In defence of Nat, I would have been screaming too.

  11. I got the feel from Jays facial expressions he didn’t want to be camp leader… but then he didn’t have to give out chores so i don’t know what the big deal was.
    I’m also thinking the big shouting match the night before must have been bigger than what we saw on screen because many of them made comments about it.
    Nats reactions to the challenge were funny but yes her screaming is starting to get old!
    Def would prefer to wear it, rather than eat it, for tonights challenge.
    I didn’t get the big deal about the bucket either…
    I liked Steve Price’s “radio show / interview” with Tom, would be good to see him interview a few of the others.

  12. Yes, I thought, “What big fight?” I got the impression I missed something.
    I am wondering if Jay isn’t ticking the boxes to win because he is reminding me of Chief from last year; a mellow peace-maker, who doesn’t say much.

  13. I’m afraid I cant stand Julia! Maybe because I’m a Pom but I don’t think she,s at all funny, like a lot of Australian comics aren’t. SORRY😩

  14. I think Nat likes to be the popular well liked girl in camp. Her re- telling of the plum story to the other people in camp was so petty.
    Tzipphora is just hungry and I agree with Tom.
    Tom, Steve and Tzip are easy targets because they have different opinions on several matters. I still like all three of them and they are a helluva lot more interesting than Dane or Nat or Tegan or the comic.

  15. So far the comedians have failed to give me too much of a laugh, still waiting for it. Not sure if you other viewers have found them very entertaining, would love to know what you think. It’s probably me, and I have no sense of humour πŸ˜’

  16. I would have thought they would have had a hose or something at that challenge so Naz could at least rinse himself off & not have to walk back to camp with all that shit on him. I would have had a shower before going back to camp. I just would have wanted it off as soon as could.
    Tom was a trooper eating all that stuff.
    Finally Tzip talked about Packer. I was hoping she would.
    Poor Pricey will have to wait till he gets home to find out Bernardi left the Libs. He won’t be happy.
    That Aussie test was funny.

  17. I feel like we are not seeing enough camper conversations. Julia and Chris’s rehearsed lines and Julia’s antics don’t cut the comedy mustard and I would rather more air time be given to real conversations.
    Good team work from Tom and Naz, especially Tom for being able to eat that horrible stuff. Tonight’s show was a bit bland as the beans and rice they have to eat.

    • And all the camper convos we are seeing are boring! I’m starting to wonder if the reason for so much Chris and Julia is because there isn’t enough good stuff from camp?
      Has anyone watched the UK version? Do the hosts have as much airtime as Chris and Julia?
      I was still eating dinner when Naz and Tom’s trial was on so i had to switch off until the trial was over, will try to watch it later on when i am not eating!

      • That’s why I used to like watching the after show that they aired the previous two seasons as a lot of it was live so we could hear the general conversations. We found out a lot about the celebs that way.

  18. I am sure eating raw meat would be an OH&S issue. Raw brain, raw heart. It can’t be right.
    But I am starting to think that Tom is a champion. He is a slow burn.

  19. I thought Tom and Naz did really well in that challenge, especially Tom with eating all that disgusting stuff. Tom seems to be settling down a bit now and not quite as obnoxious.
    I would have told Steve where to shove it when I was cooking dinner and he kept on saying ‘we’ kept butting in, he meant ‘I’, damn pain in the neck he was. He is so used to being boss man.
    I thought Naz was nice apologising to Tzip after their heated conversation but I really didn’t think there was any need to.
    I didn’t agree with what she had to say and I don’t think she likes it when she is outnumbered and can’t get the upper hand in a conversation.
    Also she was very rude to Ash when it came to the cooking of her meal.
    Still not a lot going on, maybe with the new rules and jobs things might start to move and shake a bit.

    • Gabby, did you mean Nat or Nazeem apologising? I’m not liking Tzipp very much , she seems to have a chip on her shoulder and believe people are attacking her. None of them mention her weight, its more her personality that rubs them up the wrong way.
      Good on them all for doing that mouth to mouth challenge, the raw stuff was disgusting, made me feel sick, and as for all the snakes in the Viper room, no way would I do that, I would have nightmares for life about being buried alive with snakes strangling me!
      Lisa, Kris and Dane are hardly shown and are too quiet.

  20. I haven’t watched yet. Too tired. But good on Ash and Casey. I think the more terrified you are to do something, the more kudos you deserve for doing it.

  21. That mouth to mouth was absolutely hilarious. Glad to see they finally won a treat.
    Ash & Tzip were very brave. That snake around her neck was huge. It looked like it was choking her. I would have freaked out.
    The stupid chores list with it’s rules & regulations is bloody stupid. Things were so much easier before when they could do whatever & help out or make suggestions.

  22. I’ve tried to watch but have given up. If they got rid of Julia and Chris I would probably have enjoyed it more.

  23. Yep, getting sick of Julia and Chris. They are getting too much air time.
    Ash and Tzip did awesome in that trial, I would have reacted the same way Ash did, so it was a great effort. How awks was Chris attempting to hug Tzip after the challenge!!
    The chores list is there to create conflict and drama and it has done its job, however if i wanted to watch conflict and drama, i would watch MKR… I’m a Celeb now has the same producer as Big Brother in the later years so it shouldn’t be a surprise.
    I miss the natural convos and interactions at camp and feel like two weeks, i really don’t know any more about the celebs than i did when they first walked in!

  24. Sorry but I am not liking Tzip and for her to say she has had a much harder life than anyone else, well so what? She doesn’t know what kind of lives these people have had and anyway what does that have to do with coming on the show.
    You are right Pandy, come across with a big chip on her shoulder. She thinks she is worse off, more intelligent, blah, blah, blah……sorry but I am starting to see what Steve meant at the start.
    Everyone is trying so hard with her, except Lisa, good one Lisa. I never thought I would say that.
    The girls did so well with snakes. Well done.
    Good on Jay for his speech to the bunch of children, I hope it put some of them in their place. As if he would sit in the chair, imagine how they would make him feel if he did?

  25. I thought the producers told them to appoint a camp leader. I didn’t think it was up to them to step down.
    I was waiting for Steve’s big blow up & it didn’t happen. He was certainly in a bad mood.

  26. Had to laugh tonight when Tom was explaining to Dane who Maureen and The Brady Bunch were. Doesn’t Dane know anything? And doesn’t Tom know that Maureen was on Celeb two years ago? Amazing if he didn’t do any research before he went into the jungle.

  27. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I love Tom. He is a funny bastard. Does that make me evil? He cracks me up, and his conversation with Tzip was hilarious. She goes off when someone says she has a plum, but then it’s water off a duck’s back when Tom calls her odd, or “built like a factory”.
    I still don’t really mind any of them. Dane probably is least interesting.

  28. I changed my mind. I am watching last night’s episode and yikes, I would be giving Zipporah a wide berth. Way too touchy and a bit paranoid.

  29. Forget spelling variations from sms voting, I am loving Lisa’s unique interpretations of people’s names in camp.
    TzaFOURah and NaYzeem.

    She is true blue through n’ through.

  30. I don’t want to be camp leader anymore but if no one else wants to do it, i’ll still be camp leader
    I don’t want to be deputy anymore but I’ll still be Jays “right hand man”.
    What do they even need a camp leader for anyways?! Apart from the lazy ppl they seemed to be doing ok with everything getting done and as i said further up, the people who are happy to do the chores are probably just happy to do them for something to do!
    Crappy challenge tonight and looked like no love lost between Kris and Tzip!! haha! They both looked like they wanted to pretend the other wasn’t there! haha!
    Naz and Nat were funny in the chest challenge. Interesting their perceptions of the ranking of the celebs from most well known to least well known. Probably not the way i would have ordered them but i suppose everyones perception is different.
    I did laugh how quickly Tom jumped up out of his bed when the treats after the twitter game came out. And i noticed Ash has given him her mattress.
    Who do people think will be booted off on Sunday.
    I think Tegan and Tom are at risk.

    • I think Dane, Erin. Unless he has a huge existing following. He doesn’t bring much to the conversations, and gets little airtime. After him, possibly Tegan. As defensive and keraaazy as she is, Tzip is providing drama. Again, did she pass the psych test for the show?
      So far I am not minding Nat, although I never liked her on idol. If she wants to stay in the jungle, she will need to provide drama.

      • He indeed does have a huge following as a Captain of Collingwood…..

        but many will despise him for the same reason.

      • I have considered Dane for all the reasons you mentioned Daisy but, i think he has enough existing following to at least get him through the first week. Having said that, i would never have guessed Leisel Jones going first the in the first season for the same reason (enough existing following), so i could be wrong. Also because its a vote to save rather than vote to evict that changes things a bit too…

  31. Yes, vote to evict certainly changes things. It sees the big personalities gone. I don’t want to see any more contrived political debates set up by producers, but I do want to see all the pot stirrers stay.

  32. I think that everyone has watched enough of this show to acknowledge that the quiet ones, no matter how likeable, have to go home. There can’t be night after night of agreement. *head down: snorezzz*

  33. Depends how many people will bother to vote. Last year you could vote on facebook for free.
    Hope its Dane to go, or Naz , Jay or Tegan.
    Keep Tom for a while to make him suffer as he said last night he wanted to go.

  34. Sad to report that it appears an inflatable pink flamingo exactly like the one on IAC was involved in a drowning off the SA coast last night.

  35. As an ex bulimic( not model) I have always had a certain revere for tziporah. Not anymore. I try to restrain myself every time she speaks from rolling my eyes. It’s not parliament. Doesn’t she have the ability to ever censor what she says? While I was laughing she didn’t hug dr Chris I thought she could have pretended for a minute to be agreeable.
    That said, I am not in her state but I do have a similar problem with permenant sunburn. At 37 it is fairly prominent year round. Only lasers can correct it but possibly not.

    • She obviously has some complicated health issues. She is damn good at the scary challenges, so I hope she finds those experiences empowering. It’s the interactions with people that could leave her in a more fragile state mentally. She would be hard work indeed to live with in such a confined, strange environment. The others have been pretty patient with her.She is fascinating TV but I don’t know if it was the right call ethically to put her on there. Makes me think too much of the show UnREAL.

      • You are right Juz, they probably shouldn’t have put her in there.
        Maybe she bluffed her way through the psych tests, she is very intelligent it could have been done.
        Who knows but her behaviour is definitely very trying for them all.

      • Yep, Juz. Unethical to put someone unstable in there. If she is like that after a week or so, what will she be like after a month or so? But I bet she is accustomed to social conflict. On the upside, seeing herself on tv might help her temper her temper when she is working as a nurse.

    • Jazzman, I’m sure Tzip has the ability but she sadly lacks social graces and good and common senses to sensor anything she ever says.
      She does not care what she says or whom she says it too.
      She thinks because of her god awful past, that no one else’s can come close to being as bad as she has the right to talk to all and sundry in anyway she wants and her word is final.
      Her life wasn’t so bad when for all those years she was on the Sydney A list was it?

  36. Tzip has a victim mentality, and that’s a problem when trying to get along with others. She also has an over inflated sense of herself; “Nat isn’t as intelligent as I am”. Waaah? Who says that? But Tzip sure is good tv.

    • She said in one of the magazines that she reached out to her mother, who she hadn’t spoken to for years, to tell her she was going on the show & her mum said to not talk about her.

  37. I am actually liking Lisa, she is very fair. Tom, Steve, I actually am enjoying and admiring steves restraint. Ash and tziporah were great in that snake challenge. I’m glad ash got a reassuring hug but I can imagine tziporah had been through something In her past which made her freeze, and ride out the offense, which would be why it took her a while to unfreeze. Poor tziporah, but, that doesn’t mean the others haven’t seen trying times too .

  38. Quiet boring celebrities are the ones to go first.
    Love her or hate her, Tziphora is great for the show. It’s called DRAMA . .
    I think it will be either Jay, Dane or Tegan to go.

    I am being sexist here but keep Kris in for some eye candy for the ladies.

  39. Please please please get rid of Jay. The guy just loves the sound of his own voice. He says he prefers to be in the background, or helping from the side, so why doesn’t he just given up being ‘leader’. They got rid of the roster, no need for king of the kids to be in control. There’s something about this guy that doesn’t sit with me. And Zippy has had a hard life… omg is she for real? Everyone has had some kind of crap to deal with. Talk about alienating the audience. She is so physically and emotionally unhealthy I don’t know how she can be a nurse.
    Rant over. Thanks 😊

    • Tzippy’s life has been so ‘ken hard , she’s been forced to allow Max Markson help her make it all feel better.

  40. I think the mindless uke strumming, ‘what’s in the bag/everything’s gonna be okay’ Jay was far less annoying than the temporary camp task elected then self crowned tirading leader Jay (wait not leader…whats the word I’m looking for. ..when someone barks orders at a group of people regarding what they will do and how and when they will do it and what they will not do…..the word just escapes me).

    Anywho if I have to hear once more about mein kampf and ‘heavy lies the head that wears the crown’ preceding another ‘open discussion’ on another leader coming forward if you can do better (just try it😠-but im cool either way…really) I’m gonna be barfing along with dry wretcher Nazeem.

    • Calorie, I believe one of the Russian Tzars also was overwhelmed at having to rule but accepted the post because it was God’s calling for him. Like Jay. πŸ˜„
      Love the “heavy lies the head…”.
      It is fun to see how they handle leadership. The ones to give a go would be the most rebellious.

      • Accepted all too willingly by the tzar I bet.

        Agreed, watching a different side to someone emerge as their role changes (even if it is self appointed) is interesting. It’d be great if they kept rotating leaders but that crown sits so heavily on Jays head, no one can prize it off.

  41. And what ever happened to the great rapport we saw between Kris and Tziporah on their first adventure leading into camp. It was like they wiped each other off their shoes like unwanted dog turd the minute they stepped into camp and went their separate ways (even before any camp drama began). Or at least if they are still getting along well we’re not seeing it.

  42. I seem to have missed something. Tzipp is a nurse? Really?
    She looked so happy in those photos of her when she was younger and she looks so miserable now. I expected her to be more zen-like.
    I vaguely remember her mother from the day (she is much quieter now) and not being terribly impressed. She is a bit right wing for me. And I can imagine her tolerance for someone with problems would be low. Mind you, families are difficult and I really shouldn’t comment.

      • She got eyes for Kris but I am sure Kris has better taste.

        Since finishing The Bachelor, many of the Bachelorettes have done nothing except posting on instagram their bikini bodies. Do they work?? Maybe not. Must be on Centrelink.

        Also Keira has admitted to cosmetic surgeries. Money must have drop from the sky

    • Exactly. To me she’s just that sour faced bitch on The Bachelor who was punted faster than a cheetah on steroids.

      Fail. Keira’s there to whine and howl like a hyena.

    • I agree. She is there to stir up antagonism.
      Why can’t they let it roll on. As people relax and unfold, we can get to know them properly and enjoy their company. Or not. As it may be.

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