I’m a Celeb – week 3 – Bachie contestant to enter

Well, this is exciting news:

Osher has to bringing a Bachie contestant, which makes me think Keira will be going in. She would certainly give Tom a talking to – if he’s still there. It’s a vote to save, so could be him or Tegan. Voting closes Sunday halfway through the show. Who do you think will go?

UPDATE: Yes, Ten confirmed today it IS Keira. She is going to ruffle some feathers because she knows she has been brought in to play the villain – a role she relishes. Her confessionals will be gold. Steve is going to detest her and there will be much flirting with Kris.



  1. After suffering through three days of temperatures over 41 degrees, and babysitting two children and a dog (who all decided at 3 am to climb into my bed), I am now sympathetic to Tzipp’s mood swings.
    I have found that edge that she is teetering on?

    • I hear you, Bob. Out aircon broke on one of the 42 degree days. Mr 4 climbed into my bed at 3am and said “let’s snuggle”. Chance of sleep was zero.

  2. Was disappointed Tom was the first to go. Was hoping he would stick around a bit more. Hope he releases those tapes on Trump he has one day.
    That celebrity has no talent show was hilarious. Steve missed his star so I don’t want to ever hear him complain about anyone missing a star.
    Plums seem to be a cause of conflict on this show. That’s the second time they’ve caused a big fight.
    Don’t watch the Batchelor so have no clue who Kiera is. Would have rathered a Survivor contestant go in.

    • I enjoyed the talent show too. It showed a purpose to eating/being covered in yucky stuff. Those biteys things on the piano must have been terrible, drawing blood.

      Also no idea of who Keira is. Why do they need to bring another person in at all? Is it an emergency action because everyone else is so harmonious? It is beginning to feel like the show will go on for much longer than usual.

    • I expected Tom to get lots of votes because viewers would see him as good tv. Have to wonder if the votes were jigged (as usual) to let him go early.

      Very, very surprised that Tegan wasn’t even in the final three.

  3. I am sorry it was Tom to go. I was just starting to warm to him whereas I still have no clue about the footballer or the pretty girl. And Jai is just irritating. Do you think the voting was for real?
    I got the feeling from the exit interview that there were many interesting conversations with Tom that didn’t make it to air. Or did I tune out for those episodes?

    • I felt Lisa was unnecessarily butting her head in when it was none of her business. Tom and Naz were having a man to man conversation about the comedy business which they are both in and fair dues to Tom he has been around a long time and would have a few tips for Naz and Lisa was so rude to him. Totally uncalled for I thought and I think Tom handled it well and even apologised to her.

    • I don’t know Bob but last night the campers said something that made me think it was a foregone conclususion. It was strange for someone who was funny and entertaining to watch was sent out. Maybe he wasn’t funny enough. Maybe the others have Aussie fan bases.

  4. I think people are sick of the drama and the sh!t stirring – i know some people love that stuff but I like the show to find out more about the celebs lives and behind the scenes tidbits and all that. If I wanted to watch people sniping at each other i would watch MKR!
    Also the version of Tom we saw didn’t appear to make any effort to get to know the others or Australian culture or anything.
    Not to mention the people that actually pay to vote probably don’t know who he is, same would be for Tzip.
    The talent show trial was hilarious!! Steves face when they said he had to sing, had me in hysterics! Not to mention how unAustralian it is not to know the words to You’re the Voice!!

  5. I had a quick look and I don’t think it’s possible to bet on this show.

    This has always been a good guide for me as to the possibility of the votes being rigged on a show.

    On similar shows like Big Brother in the past there has been no requirement for the network to disclose the voting results. It’s always “down to the wire”

  6. I didn’t mind grumpy Tom because he had some good one liners and wasn’t trying to be liked. Dane would have been a better offering. It is odd that Tom got the boot before Dane, Jay or Tegan. It makes me wonder if Tom had a two week contract.

  7. I was also disappointed Tom left. I think those outbursts of his were great because they were never personal, just about his circumstances and the conditions. Even his rant to Nazeem seemed okay since Nazeem was arguing back and forth with him and seemed interested in what Tom had to say. Until LIsa got involved and called it bullying. I agreed with Tom, she should not have interfered with the conversation – I liked where it was going before Lisa intervened.

    I like Casey but wohwah – that angry outburst telling everyone to shut up was a bit of an overload.

    After the all in tucker trial yesterday, I am starting to feel like there is a heavy dose of humiliation as entertainment by the producers which makes me feel uneasy – I dont see celebrities on this show just people who have shit poured on them and rancid guts and blood. THat’s not the part of the show I enjoy or find entertaining and lately it’s become more uncomfortable to watch.

    • Boulders I totally agree about Tom and Naz and said much the same above. Lisa had no right to interfere, they were two adults discussing their trade together and Tom could probably pass some things on to Naz and I’m sure Naz is not too up himself to realise this. Tom could be a great contact for Naz in the U.S. and Lisa steamrolls in playing the martyr.
      Yes Casey came out of nowhere!
      I also think Ash was over the top about the plums with Steve. Why do people have to make big deals about every little thing?

  8. I hate to say it , but, Shane Warne & Brendan Fevola provided better viewing. We got to know about their livez, who they are, how they got to where they are. Even if you don’t like them. Butting in on conversations and declaring how someone should act or not is bullying Lisa Curry.

    • Lisa is an alfa, so it would be difficult for her not yo butt in, and run exercise classes. She is interesting to watch.

    • You put it in a nutshell PollyB, everything you said there, right down to Lisa butting in.
      I’m so pleased that annoyed other people as well. I thought it may have been only me that was peed off with her for doing that.
      They all told some good, funny stories last year. This lot are starting to bore me.

  9. I think Lisa went in to stop any bullying going on after what happened with Laurina last year where no one stepped in to help her. Maybe Lisa was told to play that role.
    Tom was acting in my opinion, I reckon his contract was only for two weeks as they probably couldn’t afford to pay him for any longer. It will be boring now, Casey with her singing, and Jay strumming “what’s in the bag” on his guitar like he’s back in Play School!
    The boring ones can go next like Dane and Tegan. We need more in depth conversations to keep us interested. I’d love Lisa to talk about her new love, the Elvis impersonator, now that would be good!

  10. Ha! I thought exactly the same thing re Lisa and Laurina. Lisa is naturally bossy so she was playing teacher. Mind you, I would prefer to hang out with the “bad boys” than Lisa and Jay. If they let some fruit ferment, they could make some whiskey. πŸ˜† But if I was in there and a bug was getting eaten by an ant colony, I would save the bug, even if it was a nasty bug.
    It was funny when Tzip said, “Well if no one tells you” re the contraband. Tzip, you are wearing microphones.

  11. News.com spoiled it for me about a week ago with a Keira in the jungle interview that followed a Steve Price clip. Boo. At least she will not be boring. Id much rather see the likes of Keiras antics on TV that Jay and his daggy dad g-tar playing/singing or Dane Swans blank expression. πŸ˜€

    Agree with whoever said Tom was more likeable in the exit interview. He seems a lot more witty and eager to have a conversation when hes not a less than desirable position ie. camp. I was all for Tom having a crack at Lisa, shes far too bitey. And even afterwards when he apologised for the sixteenth time she still wanted to have a go. People like that shit me to tears.

    When they read out the -it might be you- people, are the three at the end always the people with the lowest votes? For some reason I always assumed the other two were just patsys put there to throw people off? There is no way in hell Tegan got more votes than either Kris or Tziporah.

  12. I’m in camp Lisa. Don’t forget she’s been in charge since she was at 20 at the Commonwealth games and she was Chair of the Australia Day Council. She’s no lightweight.
    And I would bet that she’s used to having to stand up pushy men. I’ve been on a lot of committees and I can tell you that it’s hard. It’s often better to go in fighting than wait for the crap to come in your direction.
    And don’t get me started on the drama that can come from some women. On second thoughts, some women can be worse. At least men come from the front. I don’t have fond memories.

    • I’m not in anyone’s camp yet. At the moment I am just enjoying watching the carryon and dramas, knowing I probably wouldn’t cope with any of it. I don’t mind any of them getting cranky or bossy or kerazy. That might all change, especially when Keira goes in.

    • Thanks for that, Bob. After last year’s stoush over Laurina, I wasn’t brave enough to comment about Lisa until now. I’m enjoying seeing her interactions in the group. I understand how she might rub some up the wrong way, but what I like is that she is not letting anything stew in the background – every incident is brought into the open before it is allowed to fester.

      • Fijane, firstly I am surprised. You seem brave to me. Secondly, I hope that we are all allowed to disagree and like or dislike different people. The world won’t blow up just because we like/ dislike different people. And sometimes you might like someone and others might change their mind and come over to your point of view after seeing a bit more. I hope no one here is afraid to go it alone and that everyone feels resoected, even if we disagree.
        Saying that, I don’t mind Lisa either, although I might find her ‘leadership’ annoying if I was the brunt of it.

        • On second thoughts, I’m not Lisa and I should only speak for myself. You can all disagree with me. In fact you probably have many times. πŸ˜†

        • Daisy, one of the reasons I love being here is that the culture is so respectful generally. However, I did cop a bit last season because I didn’t see the Laurina situation as most people seemed to. It has made me a little wary especially when the conversation turns to issues of bullying.
          Great to know that wase can still have fun chatting here

  13. I am fairly confident that if I was in camp that my tolerance for Kiera would be low to zero.
    I am also fairly confident that Kiera is looking ahead to her next paid TV outing. Did anyone really believe she was looking for love *ffftt*

  14. Is Keira doing this…. On the Bach she kept licking her teeth like a cat ready to eat a really pretty, helpless bird.

    • Naz jumps around like a cuddle bunny or puppy which probably makes him adorable to some and annoying to those who don’t like human puppies in their face and like their space. I am liking him.

  15. Oh my god that challenge tonight was so scary. Lisa was very good at guiding Nat. She was very patient & calming. Imagine if it had been Pricey. Screaming & yelling at her & getting impatient.

    • I agree, I thought they made a fantastic team. Anybody else, and they wouldn’t have even reached the stars.
      When the rest of the camp view that later they will be a little sheepish about how ungrateful they were.

  16. The challenge would have been hard enough without the blind fold, the girls did a great job. Clever of Lisa to suggest they had actually got the first star to give Nat some encouragement / keep spirits up.
    Couldn’t believe Jay and his patronising way of telling Ash to help with the dishes when she cooks all the meals!!
    Jungle radio was good. Lisa’s story of domestic violence was a bit sad… but nice to hear she had some where to go to get away from it.
    I hope Kris with a K doesn’t say the magic words but i can understand how the boredom must get to them all.
    I fear Keiras entry tonight. However I am looking out for the people who don’t know who she is. I’d almost rather have Laurina back!
    Did anyone else see Tzip greet Osher when came out of the box? It wasn’t in English (Israeli, maybe? Is that a language?) anyways Osher looked like he wanted to distance himself from her / whatever she was saying…

  17. Hebrew, Erin. But I didn’t hear it.

    I think those who need less food should volunteer to take smaller portions because their eating needs are proportional. The blokes all probably need more especially the young ones.

    • Hebrew, thats it, thanks Daisy πŸ™‚
      Yes, I forgot to mention the food situation and portions, i agree they should portion about according to eating needs but i guess thats hard when they have so little and they are all starving, they want as much as they can get.

  18. I think that challenge was extremely hard and silly. The blindfold wasn’t necessary as it was difficult enough without that added. The two portions won were too small and unfair. I agree why should Ash have to wash up when she does all the cooking? Not liking Jay much any more.
    Now that Keira is coming in and there’s only 4 weeks to go they must be having a few double eliminations.

  19. There is no one I really want to win this year, and no one I really want out. Keira might change that but I will give her a chance.

  20. Ewww, that Valentine’s dinner was revolting. Worst Valentine dinner EVER!!! And being blindfolded & the other person feeding you would be even worse. At least half of Casey’s went on her shirt & down her chin. But she threw it up so she drank it for nothing.
    Steve Price cried. Who would have thought. The letters from home were sweet.
    So Keira’s finally arrived. Interesting to see who she gets on with & buts heads with.

    • I suspect that the ones she will but heads with, will be the ones who have worked so hard to create a harmonious atmosphere. I can’t see Lisa or Jay tolerating someone whose aim is to cause trouble, nor Nat, Casey,Naz or Steve.

      • Yes, a few of them have recently been describing what a lovely atmosphere there is now with the eleven people remaining.

        It was priceless seeing Pricie’s face along with Lisa and Jay and others when she walked in. It was a sort of silent horror. They didn’t even try to hide their disappointment and dismay at what was about to unfold. I think they were waiting for the ‘gotcha!’ from Chris and Julia but it never came. Lisa looked like she was thinking, ‘is this some kind of sick joke?’ She might soon be wishing Tom was there instead.

  21. Ash wont tolerate her as well. Keira think she is soo good looking and I hope there will be some challenges where she gets shit pour over her.

    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Chris Brown didn’t help by repeating how beautiful she was, and as she flicked her leg behind her before going into camp said, ‘nice touch…you look great!’ Vom…or eeeeuugh (the sound of Casey and Naz dry wretching).

  22. I feel sorry for Kris’ GF who the media are now going to hound about their relationship.
    After Osher came in, I laughed when Casey was confused about that Andrew G is now Osher!!
    The tucker trial was ridiculous… the blindfold wasn’t needed but i almost think not being able to see what you were eating might be better when eating that gross stuff. The drink Casey had looked bout twice the size of Kris’s which seemed unfair.
    Osher and Chris’s drinking was funny thou!
    The Valentines Day cards were sweet. I hope Steve’s daughter surprises him by delaying her trip or something, that would be nice to see.
    Lisa, Jays and Steves faces were hilarious when Keira walked in. I wasn’t sure if it was ‘i don’t know who you are’, or ‘i know who you are and i am afraid!’
    Poor Dane having to do the trial with her!

    • Casey is hilarious. I laughed at her Osher comment too. I’m still getting used to his new name-I saw too much of Idol with Andrew G.

      I guess Kris came to the conclusion that the media was the lesser of two evils (the other being the women in camp slobbering all over him and relentlessly pursuing him). Maybe he heard a whisper of Keira’s upcoming arrival and made his decision.

      Regarding the drinks, it just goes to show how disgusting the food trials are and how hungry they are when the hosts are given a VERY modified version (essentially a health shake), take one sip and spit it out and STILL get a star!

      • Or does he have a girlfriend????? A pretend one will do the trick too. If I was Kris I wld feel awkward. In the camp he has Ash ogling, then Julia comes in and can’t contain herself. Double standards because if Dr Chris and one of the men in camp were dribbling and drooling over Tegan, there would be a unanimous “Eeeew” on sm.
        But I might be wrong. Maybe Chris enjoys all the female saliva.

        • Lol Daisy, you’re reminding me of something Jooliahh might say, ‘or DOES he dohktaaar?….yes mmm, his ‘girl-friend’ was last seen crossing the high country in New Zealand on a unicorn ‘..nods towards audience with sarcasm.

          It’s a good theory though, ‘yeehhsss…not baaad at awwl dohktar.’

        • Yes, I thought this too Daisy but then he talked about getting back together with an ex, and i think if you were going to make up that you had a girlfriend, it would be easier to pretend she was someone new. Because now the media are going to go after all of his recent ex’s…

  23. I skipped that whole disgusting dinner date thing – I hate those sessions. Just get them to climb and jump stuff. The eating of shite is stomach churning.

  24. I just watched the preview for tonight’s episode.
    I know that Julia is not everyone’s favourite person but tonight’s episode will be worth watching just for Julia’s face. Priceless.

        • SPOILER ALERT. You’ve been warned. Stop now or find out who has the mega meltdown.

          It’s Keira. She’s bawling her eyes out.

          • Ha ha ha. Didn’t take long for that to happen. She is such a precious little thing. I am just waiting for some shit or slimmy things pour over her. Oh wait! Maybe cant do that because some parts of her face may fall off. All the cosmetic surgeries may react badly to obnoxious staff

  25. It’d be good if they got someone like Rebel Wilson in there… or maybe some of the Housos characters in full-character.. Vanessa or Shazza !

  26. I know I shouldn’t laugh but I did. This has to be my favourite episode. Good job, producers. I think that Kiera will be the gift that keeps on giving.

    • She will be great hilarious trial viewing but once she starts shit stirring the others she will go down hill real fast!

  27. Keira you’re driving me bonkers… yet I love watching you squirm. How many ‘but this is on national tv, and people will like see me!!’ crap do we have to hear! And her ‘I’m in pain and none of you care!’. Go home already.

  28. She did still get the stars though, I thought she would refuse to even try.
    I guess the chillies would have been burning her and she panicked. Dane had ant bites all over his face and neck!
    Can’t imagine she will stay for long, she was obviously paid to be the trouble maker of the group.

  29. I have just started watching the bit with the rats. I wouldn’t be able to do that – ick. Eating gross fed, yes; having rodents crawl on you, no. Love how hopeless Dane was at comforting her.

  30. Hey Pandy! Yes I’m surprised she did well in the challenge too. Seems like some of it was over the top drama, just like in The Bach. I think she’s just still annoying me since then. Are you watching the Nick US Bachelor?

    I really laughed at the teeth song.
    But my fave laughing moment of the series so far was definitely the pass the food by the mouth game- the century egg pass was totally hilarious!

  31. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ If I never loved Julia before I loved her tonight. What marvellous restraint she showed during Keira’s tucker trial. I was wetting myself, nearly literally.

    • Was so funny when she asked if it’s going to be like this the whole time & Julie answered yes it was. She said she watched it before going in. She would have seen the other challenges, which were far worse. So she should have had an inkling.

    • Julia’s response was the only funny part of this trial for me. I would like her, please, transported from my tv screen to a show that I don’t watch. Something that reqiures overacting.

      Imagine if straight shooting Tom had’ve been paired with her. That would’ve been worth seeing.

    • After she smeared chilli sauce on her face and she was wailing that, ‘no you don’t understaaaaaand’ I thought,’ no you’re right. We don’t.’
      And we still do not fully understand the effects of chilli when it meets high volumes of foreign substances like botox and lip filler and bee serum.

      • I know when I’m chopping chillis & forget & rub my eye or something it really stings. And I only ever use very mild chillis so I can imagine that would have been far worse. But like Chris said it will go away in time.

  32. Oh my God that was hilarious. Her reaction was priceless. Those ‘paintings’ seemed really hard to break. She spent most of her time trying to break them. Those chillis must have been really hot. Her whole face was so red. She thought that was bad, wait till she has some elephant dung or offal poured over her. That was pretty tame compared to some other challenges. At the end when Chris said goodbye when they headed back to camp, the look she gave him was hilarious. She was not impressed with them at all.
    Ash was hilarious lying on her bed when she said no one is allowed to sit on it. Didn’t someone last year lose it when people sat on their bed?

    • I was in hysterics the whole time! I do think she was part putting on an act – part actually scared.
      I don’t think those ‘paintings’ were that hard to break – she was too scared about what she might find inside.
      Barry Hall lost it at Freddie Flintoff in Season 1 when his bed became the couch.

      • Oh that’s right. I couldn’t remember who it was. He kept sitting on it to shit stir & after doing it over & over again Barry lost it at him.

  33. But I loved Casy and Ash’s radio show when Ash reported that Keira was welcomed with “semi-opened arms”. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜

  34. The public will keep voting Keira to do all the challenges.

    Cant see her get along with anyone. Just like The Bachelor.

    • Relentless public voting of someone for trials is Australia’s answer to abating princess behaviour or any obnoxiousness. Case in point Laurina. Works a treat.

      • She makes Laurina look like she was made of tough stuff. Imagine if she’d been in last year with Val. They would have thought Laurina wasn’t so bad after all.

      • But I remember Laurina was game and up for everything. She may have been a princess but she was no drama queen (or was it the other way around).
        I ended up having a lot of respect for Laurina.

        • Yeah, there was one challenge early on, a gross food one & she refused to eat something & everyone was really pissed off with her. But after that she was pretty good.

        • There was another one where they had to read their wikipedia profiles, and she would have had like 30 secs to go and she pulled out, losing all 3 stars…
          She actually did alot better in the trials when she was by herself… she seemed to have an issue with the peer pressure in group trials.

    • She seems to be Tzip’s new best friend, wonder how long that will last?
      Did you hear Tzip say she doesn’t talk to anyone anymore? If she has taken the vow of silence, that will make the camp calmer but then not now that Keira is there.
      I wonder if Tzip will be able to keep it zipped with Keira for very long?
      Also I am wondering if the campers with young children, Kris, Jay, Lisa and Nat are on their best behaviour because they don’t want to do or say anything that will bring them undone in front of their children? So hence keeping naughty stories that may have come out, tightly locked in the vault?

  35. Oh that was one of the funniest episodes to date!
    Firstly their reactions to her entering! And attitude towards maybe not getting stars and they are all telling her – no stars and we don’t eat and then you’ll find out real quick, you need to get stars!!
    Then the trial – how Julia and Chris got it together i do not know, and i don’t know how Chris can go up to them when they are freaking out and calmly tell them its going to be ok, without wanting to slap them in the face and tell them to suck it up buttercup!
    I do think she was part scared but also part putting on – she was too calm in between each of her turns…
    Danes cheeky teasing of Kris when they were chatting about Keira living near him in Sydney was funny too “I’ll ruin you life”, hahaha!
    And while Keira is hilarious trial viewing – if she starts sh!t stirring, i think viewers will turn off real fast. Looking forward to seeing her in the trial tonight. Jay won’t take no for an answer!

  36. I think Keira has a collagen pumped top lop, like Cheryl in MAFS, because it doesn’t seem to fit properly under her nose. Maybe that is why she often licks her teeth.

  37. Rewatching the episode now, whats a great start to Keira in the jungle! That challenge was hilarious, Julias reactions especially πŸ˜€ Fantastic.

    My fave part of the episode tho was Reow with Ash and Casey. Both of them had excellent late night radio voices. Im loving them both, I didnt realise how comedic they both are. And together they are dynamite.

  38. Why are they keep having intruders? We are into Wk 4 and we still have 12 contestants. I thought this show only run for 6 weeks

  39. I really hope Keira stays in for a long time, she’s hilarious. She freaked out over cute little hedgehogs.
    Gee, you can’t half tell Big Brother is in charge now. Making them separate those things. He used to make them do that on Big Brother too when they misbehaved.

  40. I don’t know what’s got into me. I am enjoying Julia t onight. I think it’s the Keira syndrome. She makes everyone else look better.

    • Could be Daisy. No time for dramatics or even hitting on Krisss with a Kaaay. She has her hands full with Keira debriefings.

      It happened to me too with Jay last night Daisy- I began to have respect for him on the trial. He was on fire shutting Keira down one tantrum at a time. Having eight kids has really prepared him well. Bar Steve maybe I don’t think anyone else would have been as effective.

      Also, when we got close up shots of Jay (and you couldn’t see what was attached to the crane or even that he was operating one), it almost looked as if he was operating heavy artilery in the middle of a battle zone, blind, and was taking no prisoners. It was the perfect prop to his no bullshit attitude.

    • I think its because she isn’t trying to hide the fact that she doesn’t like Keira. Its good when the hosts share the opinion of the general public.

      • That’s probably true Erin about the hosts sharing the publics opinion but I always thought a good host or whatever had to remain entirely impartial and not take sides or give their thoughts on whatever or whomever they were reporting on.
        Big fail Chris and Julia but who can blame you when someone like Keira is involved!

    • I think Julia is better when she is ad-libbing. She is quick witted. And Chris isn’t holding back. Nice is out the window.

      • Yes, less schtick and more off the cuff stuff is her forte. Keira would drive me nuts but she did at least have a go and did quite well. If something I couldn’t see bit me hard enough to make me bleed I’d be pulling out. She’s such a damn drama queen, though

  41. It’s difficult to tell how much Keira is playing it up for the cameras, which she obviously is doing to some extent. Lisa said, “She is OK when she is normal”.
    It isn’t Keira herself that is good viewing as much as everyone else’s reactions to her.
    Having said that, I would be pretty terrible at most of these trials, but then I wouldn’t sign up for it either. If I had to choose it would be the high altitude challenges. Eating disgusting things and putting my hands in scorpions and spiders last.

  42. I would be terrible at the trials too, but knowing that, i would never sign up for the show in the first place. No matter how badly i wanted to resurge my career (however I’m not gonna lie, money talks!)
    Did anyone hear Keira say, we got 4, thats ok isn’t it? I almost think they need a challenge with only a few stars won, for her to really see how little food they get. I did like Jays comment, ‘cry tomorrow, play now’! And ‘you’ve got 9 more fingers’!!
    Also, i’m surprised you didn’t all hear me gasp, when Tzip said she gave the rabbi $2mil to invest.
    I had noticed that she had become very quiet but the problem with Tzip is that every time the others said something to her, she snapped back as though she was being attacked – the others got sick of fights being made out of nothing so they stopped talking to her. Once she figures out how to have a normal conversation with people she’ll be fine.
    In terms of the cooking – i guess they have so few things to look forward to in the day (especially if you’ve been stuck at camp all day), and they know Ash can cook a great meal, that its difficult to let someone new take over, incase it all turns out crap. Also Ash having a whinge that the rice wasn’t on because no one told or or took the initiative to put it on, but then last week, she was having a go at anyone who tried to tell her what to do with the food! Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!

  43. I am wondering why they can’t just let Keira have one shot at the cooking?
    One night if the meal doesn’t turn out crash hot isn’t going to kill them. After all she did win 9 stars.
    How come Jay and Lisa think Ash should be doing more chores other than cook the evening meal? I think Ash is holding fast to that role because she loves to cook and it comes easy to her and also she thinks it excuses her from other jobs.
    Why doesn’t Jay just tell her, “Even though you cook, you still have to do……..”
    He keeps talking about her being lazy but we haven’t seen the outcome of her telling her to do something and her actually doing it.
    Tzip, no wonder she has a dirty big chip on her shoulder, I would too if I had got taken in by a Rabbi, who unbeknownst to me was married with kids and I foolishly in the name of love handed him over 2 million dollars, probably part of her settlement from Packer, leaving her broke.
    Does anyone know if that happened in the U.S. or Australia? I didn’t catch that bit, I was still in a state of shock.
    I like how Naz and Steve get on.

    • I think Tzip would have poor social skills no matter what. I mean would a rational person give $2 million away to anyone thinking they would get it back? Especially if ot was all the money you had.
      As for the cooking, it seems that when you are stuck together in a jungle camp on starvation rations, you can get pretty cranky and possessive about food. They have adopted the motto that you earn your right to cook, but I don’t know why bringing back stars doesn’t give you some leverage. I guess it’s probably not even about the cooking but a power struggle. They are probably aware that Keira wants to go straight to the top of the power ladder.

      • I agree with everything Daisy, definitely about Tzip having poor social skills.
        She has basically been on her own since she won the Dolly contest and went to the U.S., or that’s what I am led to believe from her stories.
        She was probably trying to buy love more than looking for a good investment.
        I know that you have to deserve your right to cook and they all do look forward to that meal but agree with you, she has been bringing those stars home. Let her cook once and shut her up, hopefully.
        Keira definitely wants to go to the top of the pile.
        Love how she keeps talking to Kris like besties.

  44. Was I correct in thinking that Tzip was in a relationship with the “rabbi”? I thought she said that the guy who was her boyfriend introduced her to the Rabbi, but later she implied that they were one person.

    • SMH has an article on Tzip revealing this on the show, including extensive quotes of what she actually said. And having read that, I still can’t tell if there are two guys or one.
      I did learn, though, that she is the daughter of Pru Goward. Never picked that.

      • Fijane, I knew her mum was Prue Goward, and she mentioned on an earlier show that her mum was a politician and they are not close. I wonder what happened in her past to cause this rift, its quite sad that they don’t speak.

      • I got the impression that something else was not kosher about her friendship with the married-with-children rabbi. Other than him asking her for all of her money. Some non kosher hanky panky that is probably disallowed somewhere in Leviticus. Or the Ten Commandments. 😐😐😐

  45. If you go on TenPlay they have the full “Jungle Radio” interview clip on there – its about 8mins – i haven’t had a chance to watch it yet.

  46. I thought the the boyfriend introduced her to the rabbi and then the rabbi became the boyfriend, I think.
    I’ve always known she was the daughter of Pru Goward since her Kate Fisher days. Pru didn’t seem to mind being her mum back then, seems to be a different story these days.
    I think I will go and listen to the interview again now, thanks Erin.

    How do you get to just the interview, or do you have to keep searching for it, does anyone know thanks?

  47. I love Naz and Steve together. I am loving Steve more and more – he will come out of this show with a better public profile. I love Ash – and I think who ever cooks should be excused from everything else. It’s the most important job in the camp and shouldn’t be mucked up.
    I love Lisa – she’s a straight shooter and I think the real natural leader of the group. Casey is lovely and natural and quirky and really talented and I lov watching her.
    The rest can go home. Kris (with a K) is just a nice nice guy and Dane is just a bemused old footballer – they are both out of their depth. Tzip is a psychological mess and I still can’t remember the pretty girl with all the teeth (was that song about her?)
    Kiera is very funny for a short time but any second now, this is going to turn into bullying.
    6 weeks to go. I think this might be a long 6 weeks.

  48. I listened to the interview again and she was seeing a guy who introduced her to the rabbi and then she started seeing the rabbi, from what I can make out.
    Apparently he was a multi-millionaire. This all happened in the U.S.
    When she only had a few grand left she came home to Australia because it is easier being poor and homeless here than it is in the U.S.

    Looking forward to hearing what has happened over the weekend, any blowups or disagreements.

    Have to say this year is the first year I have been able to take to Julia in small doses, very small but I have just watched a couple of episodes of House Husbands and I have to tell you an actress she is definitely not!

    • Perhaps we have learned to zone Jjlia out. I know I have. I also ff the Julia and Chris bits. I’m a bit, “Yeah, whatever”.

    • Funny, it is on House Husbands that I first really loved Julia. Because I know what she can do seriously, I tolerate the overscripted banter on IAC. I can see it as tongue-in-cheek for her.

      • I liked Julia on Celebrity Apprentice so I have seen that she is very likeable and probably is funnier when she doesn’t have to be.

        • Agree. I was a fan of Julia but on IAC, I just couldn’t watch. She was over the top with everything that it becamw ao fake and so rehearse.

      • I like the over-the-top (scripted) Julia and Chris.
        It’s a bit like Dad jokes and Christmas cracker jokes. And the worse they are, the better I like them.
        I don’t love it if there is too much sexual innuendo and it goes on too long, but I am all in favour of a series of bad jokes.
        Much as I like IMACGMOOH, it can be a little same-ish and repetitive and so lends itself to OTT.
        But I still prefer ad lib best. Julia’s face tells no lies.

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