I’m a Celeb – who will go tonight?

Who will go tonight on I’m a Celeb? I used to think Tegan but she actually seems pretty cool. Will people vote for her, though?
Maybe Kris? Tzip?
Here’s a link to an interesting behind-the-scenes-look at how the filming on the show works.



  1. Can’t say I was too upset to see Tzip go.
    That challenge was hilarious. Guess it was a movie theme due to the Oscars tomorrow. Poor Lisa, that’s the first time she’s been freaked out.
    Poor Ash, that cake sounded horrible with all the vegemite in it.

  2. Were they the bottom 3? I hope so. Keira would be thinking that she is more popular.
    I wasn’t a fan of Lisa rock talk, “This rock is…..” ” Breathe out the bullsh*t”. Yep.
    I hope Tzip stays off social media. Her medley just shows she is a hexagonal peg with no hexagonal holes.
    To her credit, she banned the word “journey”. She does do scary eye.

  3. Can’t say I am too devo to see Tzip go either!
    Her exit interview made it sound like she was constantly wanting to have too many “serious” convos in camp that alienated the others and also they know those sorts of topics aren’t going to make for great tv.
    The tucker trial was funny but also looked pretty easy. I felt for Lisa and i hope Keira took notes as thats what real fear looks like.

    • I’ve always thought Matty Johns was a jerk so my sympathy is with Tzipp. My guess is that IMC would have set up the interviews as part of the deal and she wouldn’t have much choice.
      Good on her for taking no shit.
      And I love her comment about ‘no offence’. Too true. The list of excuses that people use for being rude is just endless: ‘but that’s just me’, ‘ that’s just my opinion’, ‘boys will be boys’, ‘it’s my job to ask these questions’ .. or turn up to the door of a grieving family to ask how they feel’.
      Being engaged to James Packer for 5 minutes was one of the least interesting things about her life. I am a little bit over morning radio jocks making it all about themselves.
      Or maybe I’m feeling a little bit protective of someone whose is fragile. I wonder if James has been watching?

  4. I listened to that radio interview from MMM. All they wanted was to get a rise out of Tziporah.
    Good on her for calling them out on being jerks.
    So what if she is a bit different and an individual. She is more interesting than those overpaid talking heads. God I hate the media.
    Her charity for homeless women will get a bit of money. That’s why she put herself out there.
    Good luck Tziphora. Life is hard. Stay strong girl.

    • I saw a bit of an interview with Tzipp on the The Studio and she said she wasn’t interested in bringing back or rehashing 21 year old Kate Fisher and they countered, “But we are”. It seemed dispectful like, “Too bad what you want”. But then, it WAS the studio.

    • Tzip publicist is Max Markson. Now you questioned whether when she was ousted by the paparazzi was a set up by her agent. MAX do anything to get his commission. He even say there is a deal with the goss mag about her weight loss in the jungle.

  5. What did you think about Ash giving herself the extra meat? Once again people were agreeing with Keira but not game enough to bring it up in the camp.
    I wonder if Keira had voiced it loud enough for all to hear if they would have defended her?

    • If she did give herself extra, then I would wonder how she would have the cheek. It’s not as if all the campers wouldn’t be watching like hawks. And Keira has already shown she is the portion watchdog.
      In a catasprophe; say they are shipwrecked on an island for months, who would tney eat who first? I think they would eat Casey, make crackling, Ash would do the cooking and get the prime belly. They would eat Keira next because she’s a pain and Steve last because he would be too tough and sinewy. They could make a nice Sr Lankan curry out of Naz. Ash would be safe because “she’s been on MKR.

      • Didn’t Ash say she was using some of it to flavour the rice? Maybe Kiera misunderstood. 3 pieces of meat seems like a lot to purloin.

  6. Speaking of extra meat, there’s something on The Project tonight about Tzip complaining about Steve Price perving on her in the shower. Already seeing plenty of that on Bold And The Beautiful lately.

    • She back tracked on that tonight after channel ten corrected her earlier statement and said it couldn’t have been done. Very meek and mild this evening after all of her morning interviews, thankfully tonight no one attacked her.

  7. Tzip complaining about Steve Price perving on her in the shower.

    Yes. There is a lot to perve compared to Tegan, Ash or Nat

  8. Will be watching Married at first sight tonight.
    I can’t stand the letters from home bullshit.
    FFS, they haven’t been to war for a year.
    They chose to be on a reality shame for extra self promotion and some charity money raising. Their choice, who cares if they have left children or a partner/parent at home.

    • Steve Price has been married four times. The others could get jealous of how many letters he gets…

      Yep, cry me a river about the children the celebs trashed to be on this. Your charity begins at home.

    • I would cry. I left my kids once for 2 weeks (cruise) when they were younger and every day was harder than the day before. And they are probably dwelling (in those moments when they are not occupied, like all the time). I am a dweller.

      • Same Bob. I left my kids when they were grown up and thought about them every night. But I have gotten better at it.

    • Couldn’t agree more, it was their choice and many families live far apart and don’t get to see each other for weeks or months on end.

  9. I am liking this challenge. It’s funny, difficult, achievable and doesn’t consist of someone having to gag own some vile concoction that doesn’t meet OH&S standards. I am a little bit over them.

    • They should have given them gloves. Having to pick up all that vile rotting food with your bare hands. Yuk I wondered if it would have been easier to pick up the whole container & tip it into the thing..

  10. Oh my that Casey Donovan has an awesome voice.
    She needs a recording contract and I would buy her album, unplugged.
    Those lucky other campers getting to hear her and I love how they all embrace her music and talent. It was no mistake, her winning Australian Idol , just stupid record producers who couldn’t develop her unique talent.

    • I am waiting for the release of “Spider on my Shoe”. I would buy a whole album like that. No really. I sing songs like that when I am teaching.

    • Burn for You was amazing. She would be great for Day on the Green type outdoor concerts at wineries. I hope she does well after the show.

  11. That was weird; Julia talking about getting little pills from the chemist to take away her feelings, Very weird talking about illicit use of pharmeceuticals in a G time slot. Wonder why she said that. It was strange.

    • I just watched that . Julia called them “lollies”. Anti~ depressants, perhaps? That opening segment was pretty shaky.

      • Given the time slot and that when I go teaching and mention the snakes etc on IAC, all the kids get excited. They all watch. Now parents might have to explain the “lollies” they buy from the chemist.
        Maybe Julia should stick to groping Chris and ogling Kris and leave the drug selling to the dealers. At least when the kiddies are watching.
        But I bet she has already had a bit of a flogging over that blooper, so I will cut her a line….I mean break.
        There goes her offer of a contract from Playschool.

  12. Nat was really sweet to Lisa. Who knew Nat B was such a nice person.
    I wonder who Lisa was referring to; celebs who can do nothing and are only famous for stints on RTV. Keira comes to mind, Ash, Carson?

  13. Why didn’t Lisa just name a couple of rocks homesick and depressed and throw them in the river. Then breathe out the “bullsh*t” like she got Nat to do.

    • There ought to have been a rock called ” Calling my son “Hendrix” ”

      I wonder if he burns and smashes up his little toy ukeleles for fun.

      There must be kids called Vicious and Rotten out there, surely. “Presley” sounds like a good name.

  14. Ew they all looked revolting. I thought the tofu wouldn’t have been as bad as the rest, till they said it was covered in fermented fish juice.
    I’ve seen that fermented before on Amazing Race & Hamish & Andy. It sounds absolutely disgusting.
    Poor Keira got 3 both times. Couldn’t blame her for not wanting to eat the last thing.
    That weird dance Naz & Casey did was hilarious.
    Carson imitating Ash & Keira was hilarious.
    Tomorrow’s challenge looks absolutely ridiculous. Riding that bike up there.

  15. Carson is a hoot. Laughed out loud at his imitations. Thank God they cast him in this.
    Like Casey Donovan as well.
    Lisa’s crying is starting to get maudlin.
    Nat B , the comedian and Dane – they can be voted out.
    Tegan is a sweet girl and a team player.
    Ash, the pot stirrer and meat stealer. She is amusing to watch.
    Who doesn’t like a grumpy cat, Go Steve!
    Kiera, I just block out.

  16. If I am not wrong, next week is the final week of IAC. Still 11 celebrities left. What happened to the eliminations?

    • Chris and Julia did do a very small funny segment on the lack of eliminations. I think they thought it was a bit odd, too.
      I wonder if they are worried that with such a quiet bunch it would turn into not much of a show.
      I predict that Kiera’s on the short list and then the only thing you will hear is Lisa quietly sobbing in the bushes to the soft twangs of Casey’s guitar.

  17. Dane must have an iron stomach! I’ve seen that fermented fish stuff on Hamish and Andy and Amazing Race too.. most of them were violently ill!! Can’t believe he said the tarantula tasted like cheese! haha!
    I really wish they would rig it so Keira wasn’t doing all the challenges!! I don’t think people realise, just mentioning her using the hashtag counts as a vote.
    LP – they said one person will go home each night from Thursday. But assume it all finishes next Sunday (12th March) that would still leave 4 or 5 at the end (which wouldn’t be a bad thing as the days get boring with less and less people but i wouldn’t think they would want to have to bring that many peoples loved ones in for the family visit.)

    • Julia even said last night not to vote for Keira again. Some haven’t done any other challenges except the ones they all do. Lisa’s fiancee said in a magazine she would probably prefer to be doing some more challenges.

      • Surely they could have just rigged it, and only had her doing every 2nd one or something…
        I wonder how hashtag mentions on twitter and FB are counted and if it is easily done? Or if you need special software (only asking if they would be able to get away with rigging it?!) luckily after Thursday the eliminated celeb gets to choose and hopefully they won’t pick Keira since she has done so many!

  18. Actually, just looking at the tv guide – it looks like it might not finish until the 13th or 14th of March (i think MAFS finishes that week too…)

  19. I’m sick of Keira doing everything. You could tell last night that Kris was really disappointed he wasn’t doing the bike challenge. Would have been great to see him and maybe Dane do it.
    Lisa needs to take her own advice she gives to Nat when it comes to missing family and wanting to leave.
    Carson is a ray of sunshine, gets on with everyone and never complains.

    • Carson is a true professional. He is fantastic. How could you not like him? Even the guys, whom at the beginning were thinking what in the hell have we got here, you can see they are really quite fond of him now, not sure about Steve but the others are enjoying him I’m sure.

  20. Yes, I would have loved to see Kris and Dane – when it got to the final 3, i was screaming for it to Kris and Lisa (only so it wasn’t Keira!)
    Yes, Carson is great – his impersonations of Ash, Dane and Keira were so funny!

  21. I’m turning off those gross eating challenges. Is this show aimed out teenage boys?

    Does anyone think that Tzipporah is on medication, performing an act, just a little bit nutty (usually or given the environment) or failing at flirting? I’m trying to figure her out but her little performance with Kris was odd.

  22. Don’t like the idea if the show is ending next week and they are going to rush through eliminations. It hasn’t been done like that before has it?
    Loved Dane’s honest story about his trouble with the law and if he hadn’t been a no hoper and been in so much trouble he never would have turned his life around. He would have just kept fooling around until he was kicked out.
    Good on him.
    Go the Pies!

    • I hate the rushed ending too. Volders, I think Tzipp’s brain is wired oddly. Not sure about the meds but she doesn’t read social cues or get social norms. So when she tries to be funny, it’s just really awkward.

    • I think she has spent too much time by herself for such a long time. That would make her not normal for starters.
      And I bet she has trust issues – and rightly so.

  23. PVR shat itself so had to record the daily replay. Why aren’t they making Nat Bassing do the scary/eating challenges? surely she’d whimp out and they’d never get all the stars, which would make it more interesting viewing

    • Nat’s been pretty good with all the challenges so far so I think she’d be alright. Not as good as Dane who seems to have no emotions and so sense of taste, but okay. And that’s why there’s been few votes for the challenges – no entertainment value.

      • I think she has an okay voice (no criticism intended) but Casey’s voice is magical. She might be a little intimidated. Or respectful.

        • I think Nat does a lot of studio work with instruments and screaming around where as Casey is more of an unplugged kind of girl and I don’t think Nat could compete with that. I could be wrong.
          It would be nice to hear them doing a duet together.

  24. See now, I enjoy the casual challenges much more. The elephant, and the personal space challenge, and particularly the reactions to Naz, were a bit of a hoot.

  25. Finally for the first time Keira’s not doing the challenge tomorrow.
    Good on Lisa & Keira, that stupid bike looked impossible plus the walking out to it.
    Naz doing the personal space challenge was hilarious, especially trying to shave Pricey. He wasn’t having a bar of it.
    Washing the elephant looked so fun. Trying to throw the buckets of water over him & missing was hilarious.
    Peanut butter & crackers. Not the best reward they’ve had. I don’t think I would have cared if we got that one wrong.

      • I was thinking the same Daisy. I did wonder if perhaps I was forgetting but I think you’re right.

        They’re losing a lot of weight and bigger guys like Kris have said how much they’re struggling with energy levels. Coupled with some bad tucker trial results I couldn’t help wonder if they’re adding all these secret missions (i.e. crisps given to Kris) with treats to supplement their calorie intake. I’m not sure if gorging on overly salty and sugary foods that the body has just detoxed from is the answer (i.e. Ash eating an entire chocolate mud tier cake filled with vegemite, eating a snake lolly big enough to turn anyone diabetic and slip into a sugar coma or eating two large packets of very salty fatty chips in a very short space of time. All in the name of t.v. As gross as it is they’re better off eating extra bugs, liver and chicken hearts in the trials.

      • Nat, Ash and Keira seem to sit with their legs apart quite often. I know they’re wearing shorts……does that count as a treat?

    • I’m surprised you didn’t all hear me cheer from my living room! Finally no Keira in a trial!
      Not sure if it was a celeb or on twitter someone commented that they didn’t expect much of Lisa as her trial star record wasn’t good, but pretty hard with the challenges she has been given. The bike look impossible – trying to get the balance right would have been hard.
      Yeah the elephant washing looked great fun and again a reminder of how great Carson is.
      I’m not a fan of peanut butter so it wouldn’t have been much fun for me but glad they finally won a chest box thingyo. And finally they had some logic to their thinking!
      Have to say have found this season very underwhelming…
      With 2 to go tonight and then 1 every day next week, looks like the show will finish a day later this year on Monday the 13th of March. i look forward to the family visit next weekend thats always fun πŸ™‚

      • Erin Im pleased to hear someone else has found it a bit underwhelming this year. Goodness knows how it would be if it wasn’t for Carson.
        Love Naz and Casey, hope they don’t go.
        I was pleased others were noticing Kris’ up himself streak.

  26. Not sure where to post this. So Matty J who was so heartbroken is tne next Bachelor.

    So now he is going to break someone’s heart. Well, you cant refuse $200,000 paycheck.

  27. I liked Matty’s personality. The looks followed. Like when someone personality can make them attractive or ugly.

  28. I have to admit I’m with Steve Price, I would have hated to sing everything I said. I would keep forgetting. I only sing if I’m singing along to a CD. But it was funny to watch, they all knew it would piss him off. It was funny when he sang fuck you.
    That shooting star thing looked so hard to throw that ball. It did not look fun at all.

  29. I am surprised it was K&K. I would have expected Lisa to go next. The rock throwing in the river must have been popular.

    • I think at Lisa is polarising. Strong women are not liked in Australia. And I don’t mean strong like Kiera (who is rude and a little bit ignorant) but strong and self-confident and used to having her opinion heard and respected. So there are a bunch of people saying shut up and a bunch saying yay, go for it.
      I agree that if there are 2 eliminations per night, she will go soon. But I don’t understand how Tegan is higher on the pecking order than Naz. Seriously, who is voting for that girl.

      • Bob, interesting thoughts and probably true re strong women, but I don’t see Lisa as strong but fairly fragile. Yes, she is physically strong. Yes she has a mind set of discipline and ethical behaviour. But in this and in Celeb Apprentice I have seen a woman who is a bit fragile. She has little strategies in place to keep herself from crumbling but there is a reason she has learned them.
        I actually see Tegan and Nat as stronger than Lisa because they have more ability to laugh. I see Ash as a tough cookie. But I see Lisa as too serious and a tad flakey. Just a tad.

  30. I didn’t mind Kris and I was surprised he is gone already.
    Keira took that drink from Chris without saying thankyou; the symptom of an entitled person. Also she seemed caught up in looking at herself in the monitor and rearranging her hat and hair. But it seems by the attitude of most of the campers ( unless they were just trying to make themselves look good by saing nice things) that Keira wasn’t that bad. I think Ash, Steve, Chris and Dane didn’t like her but others did. Anyway, I am still glad I don’t have to watch any more of her self absorbtion.
    She certainly isn’t my least favourite camper ever. I think that honour goes between Chrissie Swan, Joel Creasy and Anthony What’s-his-face.

    • I am not sure she became well liked. I think it was more that they got used to her. Did you see how awkward those good-bye hugs were? Whereas everything was very genuine with Kris and there were a few tears.

      • Maybe some of them were making sure not to be portrayed as nasty, so were being nice to Keira. Obviously that doesn’t apply to Steve, but the rest probably braced themselves to not provide producers with awful footage. Ash said she had wanted to stop herself whinging but she was caught out eye rolling a few times.

  31. And I did love the challenge. I loved how Kris missed, I love how Carson got both in, and I loved how Casey gave it a go and Chris gave her an extra.
    And I particularly loved how excited they got over the KFC. I think the producers may be worried about how the lack of food is impacting their moods. Good on them. Its no fun watching people starve.

    • I can’t believe producers gave them that jelly snake to eat. I did the maths and knew straight away that they couldn’t eat it because it was bigger than them. It would never have physically fit. But the sugar overload would have been toxic. I wonder if producers snuck in a few vitamins.
      I hate jelly lollies so that looked disgusting to me.

      • I laughed when they said we have to eat a lolly snake, how easy it will be. As we know, there is always a catch, nothing is ever easy on this show. That snake was HUGE.

  32. Another night of cheering at my place – more so that Keira is gone, was surprised Kris went so early.
    The Challenge looked great. Thou i did wonder if something was up when they each only had an opportunity to get 3 stars so a total of 9… but there were still 11 celebs left…
    agree Bobi, its no fun watching people starve… Plus if they have no energy they won’t give good tv…

  33. Bad news. Just getting ready to watch the encore of IAC and it’s been trashed by Ch 10. No Dr.Phil, Judge Judy today. Just the petrol head love in.

    **** ***, Ch Ten!!. ( throws Keira tantrum)

    Only good news is that Bold and Beautiful will be on at the usual time.

      • Bloody Stephie falling in line with Queric. I hope Ridge gets Quinn a beauty. But he too might fall under her spell. They are all switching partners faster than you can say, “Do se do”.

  34. my pvr shat itself AGAIN! (i even edited it so that it would record 10 mins of overtime) and theres no friday catchup on ten because of some ‘bathurst’ thing which i think is an automobile. Interesting to see who got the good edits this season.

  35. I was happy to see Keira go, but not Kris. Would have preferred Dane, Tegan or Ash to go before him. Loved that shooting stars challenge. Casey surprised me how willing she was to give it a go, and Carson was just brilliant, he’s friendly and really entertaining . I would like to see him win.

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