1. “I need sister time,” is Michelle’s code for ‘I need Sharon to tell me what to do.’

    She is too co-dependent which will make any relationship difficult.

    • Or…”The producers said I have to talk with my sister so they could get some footage”. It’s why Sherlock Holmes always has a Watson. Otherwise we would have to mind read.

  2. I was thinking the same Maz.
    Alene’ s friend is as obnoxious as her. Felt sorry for Simon.
    Interesting that Vanessa’s family thought Andy was not shy and a great guy. Andy can do better than Vanessa. Just my opinion.
    Anthony continues to be a jerk. What, no foxtel !!

  3. Ughh…Michelle needs constant reassurance. FFS Michelle, just leave the experiment. Stop bitching with everyone looking for someone to give you the answer you want to hear.

  4. We are convinced that Hamish was cast for ratings. We will concede that Jonesy dressed like a bogan for someone who is meeting his partner’s parents for the first time.

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