Married at First Sight – week 3

MAFS screens at 7pm Sunday on Nine.

If you have missed it thus far, like me, due to the reality TV overload, you can catch up online. Channel 9 has five-minute recaps of each ep, so you can sort your strippers from your bogans. Watch here.



  1. Sharon is embarrassed that Nick got plastered. He compounded the situation by vomiting three times and the next morning tells Sharon he did not drink that match. Delusion.

  2. Channel Nine not wanting the show to end early, states that both partners in the relationship must nominate to leave to terminate the experiment, if not they have to stay resenting the other.

    Deb is still rabbiting on about wanting a Polynesian.

    • Starting to sound like Guantanamo Bay. If the sexperts were experts, they producers wouldn’t need to force partners to stay.
      Till end of season do you depart.

  3. Vanessa thinks the world revolves around her.

    This show is reinforcing the perception that introverted people have no feelings and are disposal. Mere whims to be occasionally indulged in by the extroverted but otherwise they are freaks.

  4. Nick/Sharon=Stay/Stay
    Anthony/Nadia=Stay/Stay. Anthony states “She is mine”….no, just run.

  5. Alene/Simon=stay/stay
    Susan /Sean=stayโคโค/stay (though she is hinting that the distance could be a deal breaker)
    Andrew/Vanessa=stay/stay (Vanessa has said he is tiring to be with)

  6. Michael wants someone to build an empire with. Hahahahahaha.

    Scarlet/Michael=leave/leave No surprises there. Michael will need to find a girl who has never seen MFAS and non-animated. Wait, think there is a website that services those needs.

    • It may be time to find some new ‘experts’ that major in blocking producers from intefering in the selection process…
      but not before Michael is returned to the set of Orange Is The New Black.

      • Yeah, orange is really cool…..when you’re ten or eleven. I guess Michael’s so used to not wearing clothes, sensible choices are tough for him.

  7. And Cheryl charms us by continually saying she feels like shit which for visual listeners means we keep seeing her as a blob of poo.

    • Daisy I caught a bit last night and it was really difficult to listen to this girl: describing herself as a piece of shit is bad enough, but that ledge of an upper lip (which I assume is the result of fillers) was also distracting Isnt she the one that was giving everyone advice at the dinner?
      I don’t doubt that the experience for her has not been great and maybe even humiliating but she could learn a lot by watching herself and listening to herself.
      I hate to use it but here goes: class. It’s not just a room at school.

      • Yes, Bolders, she was dishing out the advice to Deb at dinner. In the 1st ep we saw Cheryl was a crying princess. The result of being too much of a daddy’s girl I think. So it will be a shock to her to be dumped, more or less, by a guy who “wasn’t even attractive”.
        I must be old fashioned because I start seeing girls in bride dresses, or any clothes, who keep saying “shit” as a bit unattractive. It must be the result of all my Sunday school when I was young.

  8. Last night was pretty boring….until Michael faced the experts and wanted to know why he got such a useless match. It was funny watching the sexperts say “babble, babble, psychobabble”.

  9. I would love a follow up of this show after the “couples” have seen themselves in action. Or their reaction to the feedback on Gogglebox.
    These people are so lacking in self-awareness. I wonder if that’s why the producers chose them?

  10. Episode so far:

    John leaves and Deb is still moaning about her Polynesian.

    Anthony reveals himself to be a control freak. Telling Nadia she lacks direction and needs to sort her career out. Nadia, just leave now.

    • Why can’t the experts just give them what they want. Deb could have her Polynesian, John could have a woman who doesn’t hate everything about him, Michael could have a stripper with her own thriving brothel, Scarlett could marry a publisher who will publish one of her “books”, and Vanessa could have a guy she doesn’t have to train to speak. She could get a parrot if she wanted that.

    • One twin(Michelle) is way too co-dependent on the other. Think they would be better marrying identical twins or marrying the same guy.

    • Lol – I read about the poo incident. He works at the Central Markets here in Adelaide. I don’t think I can go to his fruit shop ever again

  11. Ha ha ha. The experts saw a connection between Cheryl and Andrew at the dinner party. I just saw them hitting on each other.

    • Hahaha…as though having the couples living in the ‘same apartment block’ they were not being primed to “cheat”.

  12. I would be a bit , no a lot wary of Anthony after her took the high road approach to telling Nadia what was “good for her”, in a Sleeping with the Enemy” way. A red flag.

  13. Haha..’.you know when someone is attracted to you as they will stare into eyes.’ intones John. Is the prescribed text for relationship counselling Mills and Boon?

  14. I wonder why, if it’s so annoying, do women grow their hair long. I’m sick to death of the flicking when the hair gets in the way๐Ÿ˜ 

  15. Can’t stand the one who seems to have taken the lead. Can’t recall his name, ‘race caller’ – obnoxious smart arse. You know who I mean ….

      • He did the douchebag excuse “If I was out of line, I apologise”. (Translation: I was right but I can see it’s caused a kerfuffle so here’s my token attempt at smoothing things over). His “wife” needs to run away, too.

  16. Aaaah Anthony. Red flag, red flag, red flag. He calls other people’s unions like he thinks he is race calling. It makes me think Nadia might be there for her “modelling ” career because she has had a few reasons to leave. I will say it again, he is a Sleeping with the Enemy type. Abuse by control and you have to be perfect according to him. Cheryl and Andrew should have told him to mind his own business. And why didn’t the quiet ones say?”That’s enough”.
    They may have seen more of Cheryl that made them suspicious but they sure went to town in her.

  17. I am reading the recaps rather than watching the show. Hilarious.
    I am finding these people unbearable. If there was a list of people you should not date under any circumstances, ever, ever, they are on this show. That can’t be an accident.

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