• Tyson and Amy also did not wash their raspberries. They put them from the plastic box directly into the mixer. -.-
        Is it really so difficult to wash the stuff? Just because it is in plastic, does not mean it is really clean. Packaged salad for example is proven to be a carrier for salmonella.

        Gosh, I even wash my hands when handling raw eggs for my eggs. I wash them before breaking them apart, I even wash my hands between cracking every egg. I do not plan to make anyone sick.

        And just as I was typing away I saw Mrs. Cocky sticking her finger into the dessert cream. USE A F*CKING SPOON WOMAN!

  1. It’s 530 here, and just from these six comments I think I’ll go wash my hair or something when MKR comes on.

    You guys are doing better than I; I don’t know anyone’s name from this round. When I was younger, we called those dopey little knots of hair on top of a woman’s or man’s head a “handle”.

    • Unless you like chicken necks and black pudding……..

      Captions have “aircraft” for “egg raft”

      Quality show tonight.

    • Yeah, I just don’t care enough about any of the contestants to refer to them beyond, “Cousins”, “Uni girls” or “Old ducks”. We all know who we’re talking about.

  2. I just watched the scoring. Dessert fail. I really hope someone in this group can score above 70. Mum and daughter look promising. If they are a hit I may learn their names

  3. I had been thinking that i had seen more fruit and veg washing this season. Not the tomatoes though.
    Is a noona a Nonna? Everybody loves to be of Italian heritage. I’mjust a boring 10 pound Pom descendent

    • I’m a ten pound pom, nothing wrong with that. Mind you, I can’t make Yorkshire puddings the way my mother did.
      I tape MKR and watch later, so I’m usually way behind, but this instant restaurant thing seems to have gone on for ever.

  4. Well at least they dished up one good meal to save face.
    That consommé looked like dish water, then what was with dicing the buffalo cheese? Truly how did he expect the the prosciutto to stay crispy if he is going to drop it in a bowl of soup? Big fail. I think a five from the judges was very generous.
    I won’t even comment on the dessert.
    Looking forward to mum and daughter, I think they will be the ones to beat.
    Can’t wait for snotty nosed, middle aged, if they smiled their faces would crack to cook but wouldn’t have a clue how they will go.

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