1. Cometh the hour, cometh the uber maniac.

    Last week Tyson was uber loathsome, now I want him to crush the hashtaggers.

  2. Okay, seriously? Love Tyson or hate him, this is turning out to be the BEST EPISODE EVER.

    My favourite part was undoubtedly Tyson saying to Amy, “Let’s kill it!” followed by a kitchen counter covered by brains.

    I WARNED YOU ALL. HE’S GOING TO MURDER THEM ALL, IT’S TOO LATE! The channel 7 editors are clearly having far too much fun, tonight.

    Also, I loved the shots in the car, when the camera cuts back and forth, showing the clear, unmistakable difference between Normal Tyson and Angry Angry Man (who was clearly missing a neck and bulging his eyes. Seriously, it was like comparing Bruce Banner to the Hulk).

    Whatever happens tonight, this is gonna be great.

    • I’m enjoying even though I have to watch it online. Need to use my wifi hotspot because home internet keeps buffering!

      They’re certainly well organised at prep.

  3. Aargh, don’t think I’ll get a recap up tonight. Mr 4 is still not asleep. Starting primary school has thrown his sleep patterns all out of whack. So not reading comments yet but I am really, really hoping they can cook, as only having one good team out the lot would suck. Hashtaggers could redeem themselves in the kitchen but they are #totesannoying

  4. The thing that really annoys me about the hashtaggers is that for the first time ever that I can remember a team openly admits that they are being strategic…..

    but they are so damn ineffectual at being so – they make the most riduculous comments (yes Tzip, ridiculous is a word) and and then give a reasonable score.

    Nett result – zip, zero, nada

      • For social media influencers, they can’t read people. That kind of strategy only works by articulating other peoples’ doubts. Not watching everyone scoff the plate and then try to say the meal was crap.

  5. The presentation for the mains dont deserve a 10. The dishes were good. Not to sure about the scores from the judges.

  6. Well, well, well. Very pleasing outcome, IMO. Loved the “hashtag, where’s the rice?” comment Tyson made in the preview for tomorrows episode.

  7. I’m glad that there’s at least two teams who can cook, but I’m kind of annoyed that Amy and Angry (does that sounds like a sitcom to anybody else?) beat out Tim and the Bearded Man Mountain (and that definitely sounds like an awesome fantasy tale) by two points. That sucked. And I think the judges were swept up in the moment, because I don’t really understand how Pete gave the menu 30 out of 30, but whatevs.

    Oh, and I’m not underselling that moment before, either. When Tyson announced with glee, “Let’s kill it!”, I laughed so hard that I nearly fell off my couch.

    I found Bek and Kyle to be adorable. That looked like a pretty decent kiss, too, so good luck to them. But I’d still love to know what Kyle looks like clean-shaven.

    The sudden-death cook-off tomorrow night is an interesting twist. I do not see Bek and Ash winning. The girls can’t cook. Putting them in the MKR head-quarters is probably not gonna change that much.

    • Bek and Ash nay just have had a really, really bad night, who knows? They jibe they buckled under pressure. The hashtaggers, by contrast, are convinced that they served a good dessert. I would not write off Bek and Ash just yet.

      • No, I much prefer Bek and Ash as human beings (because the hashtaggers just got really petty and trite towards the end, there, and I wouldn’t miss them). Plus, I wanna see where the Bek and Kyle thing goes.

  8. My guess is judges were told to make sure Tyson gets the highest score as this will create more comments on SM.

    • Somehow , the judges turned a celebration of offal entree and a lump of fat main into the Greatest Score In The History Of MKR.

      Too many close ups of the brains and Manu squeezing the dang things for my taste. Worse than any tucker trials I’ve seen this year on IAC.

  9. Disappointing that Wednesday and Angry man came out on top. I agree that the judges were probably told to make sure that happened if their dishes were good. No big twist or shocker with the sudden death cook off.
    Hashtaggers scores do not reflect their comments. Would prefer to see them leave but I don’t think Bek and Ash can cook and I would much prefer to have contestants who can actually cook remain on the show.

    • Yes, I mentioned the Addams Family resemblance with Tyson’s sister to a friend. Creepy..

      Tyson does some great jaw clenches when he’s feeling pressure.

  10. Juz, hope Mr 4 is settling in with school! (Mr 7mo here has a cold and is soo stroppy.)

    Loving the comments. BDD you are on fire as usual and Windsong, you are hilarious.

    I caught some of Scary Siblings last night, was pissed off they did that well. That pork jowl looked desperartely rescued and burnt, and brains taste nasty. Not like chicken nuggets at all. And after the CJD catastrophe I just can’t be doing with them. But chefs love ’em. So do my aging parents.

    I like the Beadies, good cooking and nice boys. I bet we wouldn’t recognise them shaved though. Those look like carefully cultivated beards… producers probably had them in confinement for weeks to get them up to standard.

    • Thanks, Bel. He is loving it – yay. He was very apprehensive about going so we were worried for him. His lack of sleep is wreaking havoc with my TV watching schedule, though 😉 Baby colds are the worst, especially if their ears get blocked and it hurts to lie flat. I hope you are all getting some sleep.

  11. I got a bit tired of everyone at the table snickering and hoping that “angry angry man” would make an appearance. I don’t know if Tyson’s anger problems are indulged by his family because they think it’s cute, or if he has something wrong with him, or it’s all a show for ratings. In any case it is neither amusing nor entertaining. This is meant to be a cooking show, not Dr. Phil.

    The judges’ scores were baffling. Whatever happened to presentation? Every dish that was served last night, just looked like plates of brown stuff to me, not appealing to the eye at all. The Beards did show some presentation skills along with their cooking abilities.

    We didn’t see any preparation of a lot of the elements last night, especially for the dessert. Did a sweets fairy drop by and leave the marshmallow and meringues? And did setting up the restaurant really take only ten minutes? Maybe I missed something or mis-read the clock?

    Tyson and Amy are obviously being presented now as time management champions and great cooks. While it is good that there are at least a few people who can cook this season, fried brains, crispy pig fat, and crumbled microwave cake did not deserve a score of 102. MKR is floundering in its own bullshit.

    • No, you saw it as it was , Tyson and sister set the table etc in ten minutes. I say pig’s arse was before the pig’s jowl.

    • I didn’t get the scores and the ooohs and aaahs over the dishes. The pork definitely looked burned and the cooked brains just two lumps. As for presentation, only the dessert seemed to look appetizing but where did that dessert come from. I agree with you, Von, that the fairies must have dropped it off.

      • Let’s speculate for the moment that Tyson and Amy were the best cooks in the comp, there is no way they can win. The manner is which Amy managed Tyson suggests that his family long ago developed a routine to contain the outbursts. Any variation of routine (or the stupid public facing challenges) mean that Amy is going to struggle to handle him and cook.

        The other contestants will quickly learn that it will not take much to antagonise him and it will not take much to get them eliminated. The IR round is contained and therefore safe but in a challenge situation…then it is game on.

        • I think the angry angry man is over exaggerated by the producers and they were asked to play it up.

          Still cant see them win.

        • Tyson is going to scare a lot of schoolchildren off in that challenge we see most years. Offal isn’t going to fly at school.

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