• The named their instant restaurant, “Pro Creations”.

      Any shred of dignity the episode hoped for just went into the same place as Pete’s sanity.

      • Pete and Manu knocked their gnocchi.

        An illegitimate evening with a lot of bastards sitting around a table.

        I love “punkin”

  1. The fawning over Pete and Manu was genuinely unsettling, tonight. “I got a double kiss from Pete!” Seriously, if a male contestant was acting this way around, say, Rachel Khoo, someone would’ve called the police.

    • Exactly. Why do women behave like this? I really really hate the hand fanning thing. So embarassing. And then the women will jump up and down and complain if men eye them all over. One reason I dont watch I am a celebrity. I just cant stomach the way Julia Morris fawn over Chris

      • I don’t think you’re missing much. This year sounds like, “Twenty years ago I was vaguely famous, and who the hell are you? Get me out of here!”

  2. I’m sad that Dave and Betty are trying to be strategic now. I really liked them. It’s better to lose but still be decent

  3. Poor Dave and Betty they were becoming more and more solemn as the evening continued and then the ridiculous comment during dessert that it tasted like roast lamb, not just from Dave but Betty as well.

    Do you not realise how absolutely sour eggs and ridiculous you both sounded.
    They did score fairly though.
    Tyson thinks he has fooled everyone with his turnaround critique but he ain’t fooled no one, the silly boy.
    Shame their parents never taught them any manners or how to socialise, the simple things in life.

    • The lamb comment amused me. Surprised, nobody has thought of it before, add a weird ingredient to the bottom contenders’s serve (cutlery) and have everyone think they are paranoid when they complain.

    • I’m still saying paid actor or production plant. He and his sister obviously haven’t watched the show before, and yet again, we have another absurdly over-confident team that they’re setting up for a fall. That’s the one question I always want to ask the absurdly over-confident team. “Have you ever actually watched the the show before?”

  4. Midwives’ scores (they are now on top of the leaderboard, but not by much)
    Teams: 31/50
    Pete: Entee 8/10; Main 2/10; Dessert 7/10
    Manu: Entree 8/10; Main 2/10; Dessert 7/10
    Overall Score: 65/110

  5. I had to turn the sound off for a while last night. If I’d heard gnocchi pronounced as “nockie” one more time, I’d have thrown something at the tv.

    Seems as though every year we have a couple of mums or a couple of dads who inevitably roast a big lump of meat as the main course. And every year they fuss to each other that the roast mustn’t be overdone…then overcook it anyway. Come on, people, this is not your family’s Sunday dinner, it’s a competition. To please Manu and Pete, meat must be pink at least but preferably with blood on the plate.

    Though, with Procreation, I’m grateful they didn’t throw someones placenta into the roasting pan.

    • Yes, I just over cooked a steak. I don’t care, neither did the dog. # whocares MKR I never said I was Australia’s best om kook…..

      Lucky I checked the eggs. Free of them were off two weeks before use by date.

  6. I’m glad you someone mentioned the “nockie”. I was suprised Tyson didn’t mention it. It did look yummy though! They seem nice though and Ros?, has a very kind face, I’m sure she has cooked that lamb perfectly a million times before

  7. Funny thing is, there’s a comment today on MKR’s Facebook page, from somebody who says that he’ll stop watching when Tyson and Amy get eliminated, because they’re the two people who he relates to the most (while saying that he sometimes doesn’t like talking to people at dinner parties either).

    I don’t know who that says worse things about (channel 7 for casting these clowns, the clowns themselves, or the person in the audience who thinks they’re relatable), but I just thought … wow, dude, you must be such a pleasant person to be around.

    • Well I am a horrible person then as Tyson and Amy were the most relatable in tonight’s episode.

      Saw BHG, got the impression that the Tasmanian couple applied for HR (went on and on about their reno) and got offered MKR instead.

      • Really? That intrigues me, because they just seem so anti-social. Tyson seems to be holding back a barely-contained contempt for everything around him.

        • The Tasweigans are Damo and Caz, who cooked first. I can totally believed that – they don’t seem like super foodies.

    • Amy seems to be thinking “what the hell he Tyson dragged me into?”. A dinner party that looks like a baby shower IS weird. I finally watched the episode, fast forwarding a lot, and my fave part of the whole show was the stove the women used – total kitchen envy!

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