MKR – yet another round but at least Colin is judging

Hooray – tonight on My Kitchen Rules we finally get Colin Fassnidge at the head of the table, along with new recruit Darren Robertson.
Just a pity we have to sit through yet another round of instant restaurants. I’m already as tired as Colin is in this Instagram post from today.



  1. On one hand, I’m still bummed about last night’s cook-off (we couldn’t have eliminated both teams?), but on the other hand? The thought of Tyson inviting Josh and his wife to one of his special dinner parties (where less people leave then arrive) keeps making me giggle uncontrollably. I really hope they wind up stuck on a team-challenge together.

  2. Okay drinking game time, we are doing it for the dead nonno to make him proud.

    Maybe John Edward should have been the new judge to help these contestants commune with the dead.

  3. Don’t think I can watch tonight as Mr 5 has decided to give up sleeping. I am guessing Darren will be fairly blunt with his judging – let me know how he goes.

    • Good luck with Mr 5. Why do they decide to do this all of a sudden, the little tinkers. Hope it doesn’t last too long, because they really do need their sleep, bless them.

  4. I’m guessing we’ve cracked channel 7’s code … put the nice, funny contestants first, and then save the bitchy, catty, self-obsessed jerks for last?

    • Sorry Wingsong. I got it wrong. Old Ducks cooking last. (Shouldnt be calling them old ducks, they could be my daughters!!!!😆😆😆)

  5. Not this round. I think the last to cook are the mum and daughter. From promo, they did well.

    Old ducks second last to cook???

  6. I’m scared for the Uni students, who are cooking in the next episode?

    Mostly because someone had to explain what a pipi was to them.


    Really, channel 7? This is the best you can do?

      • I don’t really know what MSG is either, but then I’m not on a national-televised cooking program.

        I laughed at one of the boys’ confession moments. “We’ve never cooked this way before, but we thought, we wanted a change!” And yes, what a great time to do that, when you’re competing against a dozen or so other teams with a quarter of a million dollars on the line.

  7. I flicked over just as they were having dramas with dessert moulds – felt like I was watching any episode of last year’s MasterChef!

    • I thought the same things when we saw the mounds of death. But fortunately it wasn’t half set ice cream!

  8. I am sorry I am very cranky tonight. The bimbos and old ducks are so annoying. We thought we can get some peaceful viewing in this round but these 2 teams are worse. I bet they cant cook.

    • No, the uni students look like the flirty girls 2.0. I’m expecting a culinary disaster, next episode, to be honest.

      And with the old ducks, who knows? They’re hyper-irritating, regardless. They don’t even look like they like each other, to be honest. I don’t see good team-work in their future, no.

      • No, they didn’t appear to be friends as the hard faced one repeatedly said to the camera she is the other one’s boss. (Diplomatically, she could have said that they work together).

        Successful? Mmm, more like insecure and heavily geared.

  9. Hmmm, so sour face’s dome didn’t crack. A would have thought a quick stare from her would have shattered it 😉

    • Obviously the kitchen staff swapped the chocolate sauce and gave her a cold one.

      Also cant stand one of them saying I can smell cooking chocolate. At least they gave a fair score

      • I know littlepetal – I thought the cooking chocolate remark was plain bitchy.
        Especially when you could clearly see Belgian callebaut callets were used by the boys – viewers already knew it wasn’t cooking chocolate! She just looked like a nasty cow.

    • Yeah, I had one of those chocolate domes once, and she was pouring the wrong way. You’ve got to pour slowly, and concentrate on one particular spot of chocolate. Splashing the sauce over the whole dome? It just doesn’t work. The cold chocolate cools the sauce too quickly.

    • Now I’m really looking forward to seeing Court turn into a badass. Oh I bet she takes Josh down a peg or three, at that.

      • The entire evidence for Court’s alleged savvy and alleged potential badassery is that she wants to kick Josh and Amy in the shins for strategic voting. Even then she only joined in once the Rouds, Della and Tully had been administering verbal kicks for days.

        Problem 1 is that Josh and Amy are voting relatively relatively fairly if a bit harshly. Problem 2 is that Court has no way of knowing if Josh and Amy or anyone else are voting strategically because contestants are not allowed to discuss their votes with other contestants for obvous reasons. That is not a totally overwhelming case for savvy.

        Trash talking, which Josh and Amy certainly are doing, is the least effective and most stupid MKR strategy. It is a great strategy for making the judges, other guests and audiences hate your guts, but otherwise it is completely ineffective.

        Most of the MKR strategies are actually ineffective with the exception of talking nicely at the table and then voting strategically in private.

        Now if Court had threatened to kick Albert and Dave in the shins for the public smile/private scowl strategy that would be impressive evidence of savvy. It could be slight evidence of meta savvy if Court had decided that threatening a good kicking against the least popular team around would play well out in TVland but I’m not sure the evidence of strategic analysis on her part we’ve seen so far justifies the hypothesis.

    • After doing MKR they might probably wind up on “The Block”. Hoping that doesn’t happen but producers seem to like putting controversial, villian-type contestants on reality shows. So wouldn’t be surprised to see them on a reno show.
      Why go on a program that you have never watched and why not watch some archived episodes before you actually go on the program?

  10. The blonde old duck looks a bit like she has the alcoholic tremors. The other one was pouring the sauce wrong on purpose, such a meanie. Not sure who I like yet.

  11. Old vs young. Why? Should be cook vs cook. Leave the ageism out of this. The giggly fashion, food and fun girls don’t come off well and the old snobby ducks come off even worse.
    I like the mother and daughter team at this point and the mother reminds me a little bit of Della.
    Good the boys started off well. They seem to be OK.
    MSG controversy, seems like more faux drama although I do not use MSG and when I order Chinese or Japanese food I always specify NO MSG. No need to use MSG in cooking.

  12. Wonder which team butt head wirh Colin.

    And in Thursday’s OK! magazine, Colin Fassnidge revealed tension with a My Kitchen Rules team led to him walking off set.
    ‘It got quite physical nearly,’ the 44-year-old judge confessed.

    ‘There were a few heated exchanges. Some of it was over the food, some of it was over me just being annoyed,’ he continued.

    If it is Round 3 teams, it got to be The old ducks

    • You would think it would have to be a team with a man in if it nearly got physical.
      Looking forward.
      Colin’s new judge is definitely easy on the eyes and seems to have a bit more personality than Rachel last year.

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