The Bold and the Beautiful Feb recap

You Bold and Beautiful fans love a good ole natter about the show (with a few forays into Dr Phil territory), so it’s time for a new thread. What should I call you? Boldies? Beauties? Or just mad as cut snakes …
Luckily we have B&B correspondent Daisy to keep us in the loop of what’s happening in Forrester land. Thank you, Daisy. Over to you:

Thanks to Daisy for attaching this pic to an email I opened on the bus this morning. I'm sure the person next to me thought I was looking at something R-rated! -Juz

Thanks to Daisy for attaching this pic to an email I opened on the bus this morning. I’m sure the person next to me thought I was looking at something R-rated! -Juz

We start off with a cliffhanger this month. Isn’t it poignant to have Brooke on a ridge with Ridge. Too bad Bill wasn’t using his tracking device. He would have pushed Ridge off that cliffhanger.
Brooke is as mature as the most popular girl at school; the nasty one who got her boobs first.
As it’s also the start of the new year, it’s great that Katy has a new house. I wonder what her housewarming gifts will be. From Eric, a pair of diamond earrings. From Quinn, a poisoned apple. At least Quinn won’t have to travel far to put a nasty thing in her mailbox. I look forward to seeing Eric collecting the paper from the front lawn and apologising to Katy when his brunch coat slips open. Does anyone expect Quinn’s portrait to remain in pride of place for the whole year?
To Rick and Maya; how much more will these two be able to congratulate each other on their own choices and righteous behaviour. “How dare Zende run to Sasha?” Well, let’s see…anyone recall Rick running off to late night bubble baths because he found out Ridge kissed Caroline? I would rate kissing another man a 7 no no, and getting into the stirrups at the gynecologist’s room to have more of Ricky’s sperm injected into you…oh…at least a 10. I have my fingers crossed for Sasha and Zende. As for Nicole, they could get her dummy for Madam Trussaud’s wax museum to play her. What happened to the little spitfire that used to “love to party” by daggy dancing over a martini with Wipes? Nicole won’t be satisfied until Zende removes his nuggets and has them gold plated and gift wrapped.
And all the current spare cast will probably come into play again soon: Thomas and Caroline, Stephie and Liam, Ivy and Wipes. Look forward to it all.
Oh…and B&B cast and crew…welcome to our beautiful country. We hope you love it and Bill whisks Brooke away to one of our major tourist attractions. Onyer cobber!



  1. Eric , Brooke and Bill are coming to Australia but not sure if Ridge is. Hopefully, RJ will come too and be taken by a shark. The shark would soon spit the little brat out…..over two episodes.

    Quinn’s angling to hook Wyatt and Steffi up again. Lucky B&B people don’t have pets because Quinn would bait Katie’s dog.

    • Im true Aussie form looks like that love heart was created with a 4 x 4

      If it is Bondi, lifesavers will have their hands full with people being moved into the sea to create this monstrosity, Yank producers: ‘ everyone furthur, back, back…thaat’s it! Now we have ow-ur shaht. Thanks Ohs-traaay-lee-ah’.

  2. Brooke sacrifices love for family and little Arjay has his family back together. I might be a teeny bit annoyed if I was Katy or Bill. And I might need a scotch. 🍸

  3. Wait until Katie finds out that Ridge, not Bill, is Brooke’s destiny and that their “I still love yous” that brought down her marriage and sanity, was just another ego satisfying fling.
    Sorry. Take a breath daisy, it’s not real.

    I will have to remind myself, if I see the real Brooke in town, not to give her good telling off.

  4. Oh my Gawd….STEPHIE!!!!!!! 😣

    Wyatt pretends to not like his mother’s manipulations…..until it suits him. Then he goes all “sigh. Alright”.
    Stephie shouldn’t get too excited about being CEO. Eric’s appointments usually end in disappointments.
    I predict Quinn will try and kill or kidnap someone soon, probably Katy or Stephie. πŸ™ƒ

  5. I think Quinn has just killed Katie after she saw her kissing Eric. Maybe Katie will survive but she got clocked a few times with a candle holder when Quinn lost her marbles. No way to treat your new neighbour.

    • Katie mustn’t die because she’s currently here in Australia. They’ll be filming the show near Sydney Harbour Bridge on Monday.

      • Yeah, that’s what I was thinking as I just saw Ridge, Brooke, Eric, Katie and Quinn on the news walking near the Opera House, and boy I bet they love the heat wave conditions, they looked so hot!

        • Bill and Liam are here, too.. Katie was in a Brooke kaftan but her make up was melting in the heat like something from Mme Tussaud’s gone wrong. Brooke to a lesser extent..

    • Great! Eric won’t be happy. The lot of them are pissing me off, what an old woman is Liam. According to papers they have arrived in Sydney, Ridge looking cleaner than ever, even with a haircut. Steffi looks rough.

  6. Gee, I didn’t think Quinn was going to attempt to murder Katie so soon. She hasn’t even had time to have her mail redirected.
    I wonder if Quinn will say, “Katy fell and hit her head 3 times on a candlestick.

    The police still haven’t found the tyre lever that Stephie used to kill Alleee and tossed 2 metres away, so Quinn just may go free. πŸ€”

  7. And Matt Preston and Amanda Keller to get cameo roles on episodes being shot here. God knows what the yanks will make of Matt

    • Well Matt will share lemon bar recipes with Pam and hopefully teach her how to make lamingtons or a pav. Or, Jowlsy can play a detective trying to solve the attack on Katy but eating doughnuts instead.
      And given how easy it is to become a top model for the Forresters, maybe Amanda can do some catwalk. Or she can remove Nicole’s batteries because I think Nicole is a Hubot.
      But what I would really like is for a couple of bedroom scenes. Maybe Matt with Brooke. He could break up Brooke and Ridge, and Amanda with Eric. Or Amanda could push Quinn of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

      • Jowl$y could be a supermodel for a new range of Forrester cravats.

        There’s more obese people in the US than here. They might really embrace him.

        • πŸ˜„ Or he could play Eric’s Aussie cousin. Like the annoying brother.
          What about a culinary love interest for Pam. That would make Cherrrrleee jelly.

  8. Oooh, they tricked us. Those cunning writers. But even so, let that be a warning to Katy. Tick, tick, tick. It’s only a matter of time before Quinn snaps like the elastic on Brooke’s G string.

  9. Jowlsy is to play the part of a wedding planner! Flamboyant (that doesn’t look right) I bet! Picture today of Steffi about to be wed at the Opera House, wearing a lace onesie. Outfits on her guests are questionable. As with all Spencer and/or Forrester weddings there is bound to be a hitch!!

  10. OK, Eric has now taken on Quinnerisms and has got stuck into the manipulating. I can see Mommy’s boy, who believes in his Mommy’s innocence when it suits him, is playing innocent himself. The manipulation of Stephie is working in his favour, while Liam has to dig deep and play deeply outraged with good reason and gravely misunderstood. And with Quinn as president my head hurts.

  11. The only consolation is that now Eric and Katy will be home alone and might have to play gin rummy together to pass the time…or at least fb friend each other. 😚😚😚😚😚

  12. Aaaah. Eric is such a hypocrite. He plays musical chairs with wives and company positions then moralizes to everyone else.
    Slaps own face for getting worked up. And Katy has already moved on.

    • Moreover, Eric is too tight to install an outdoor shower, so Quinn gets him one for Xmas.

      Guess who the Peeping Tom is who sees her road testing the shower?

      “Towels are over rated”

      Quinn gets Eric into the sack again.

  13. An outdoor shower for Eric? Why didn’t he already have one? Even we have one but no one gets Woolif in the sac.

    I know Katy was loving the view from her window but maybe not the full moon.

  14. Ridge had better watch out. I would have a 24/7 body guard if I was him because Quinn might be trying to lure him in so that she can cry rape.

  15. Oh oh . Looks like Xmas at Eric’s is going to be boycotted. A dull affair.

    RJ is happy. That’s all that matters.

    • Who doesn’t decide until Christmas eve what they are doing the next day – what about foodπŸ˜‚,just being practical, losing my patience with this show!

      • Me too Sara. No sooner do people get together than they split up. It’s very frustrating atm. I guess it will just be Eric, Quinn and the new son for Christmas lunch.

  16. When is Stephie going to ring up to find out why the tattoo removalist didn’t show up? Wipes doth not protest enough at his mother’s and new foster dad’s manipulating of Stephie. He should have told Stephie what they had done if he was sincere about not wanting them to meddle.
    That outdoor shower is going to provide hours of Forrester fun. I wonder why Eric had “always wanted one” but never found room in the budget.
    We wear bathers in our outdoor shower, but that would be too boring for Quinn.

    • Bill’s already putting pressure on Brooke.

      No one’s turning up for Xmas at Eric’s…but he loves the new shower.

  17. Bill’s Tucker Trial: swallowing his pride. Brooke is pretending to Bill she is choosing Ridge for Arjay’s sake, Katy’s sake and family. C’mon Bill, she WANTS Ridge. But it’s good that she didn’t let Bill know she prefers Ridge because that way Bill can be on the backburner. He is going to hang onto that engagement ring for later.

  18. Eric doesn’t let his family dictate who he can marry but wants to control who Stephie marries. πŸ˜’ Stephie shoild have said they couldn’t come over because Liam felt unwelcome. You could hardly blame him. Quinn and Erics seating arrangement would have been Eric, Quinn, Wyatt, Stephie, Cherrrleee, Liam, Pam.

    • He’s got even more to whine about now. What an arsehole Eric is.

      Whatever Ridge is doing , I don’t think will succeed. He’s a pervert.

  19. Ridge is so consumed with stalking Quinn, he hasn’t noticed Dollar Bill is stalking Brooke.

    Ivy won’t be able to keep her trap shut.

  20. Bloody Eric and his “do as I say not as I do”. And stupid Stephie; “Grandad, Quinn will manipulate you”. No Stephie, she is manipulating YOU.
    Quinn will keep tripping over just to be nursed back to health by Dr Ridge; the disoderly orderly. I wonder if Ridge will cut his hair and whiten his teeth to win her over.
    Doesn’t Bill know that if Brooke lets him in her house and listens to his sale’s pitch with those glinting eyes of hers, that she does the same with Ridge when she is running hot for Bill.
    They are all doing my head in atm. And Pam is like Alene (MAFS) because she makes Charlie pull his own…….ear.

    • I wouldn’t be paying Steffy a million dollars a year with some of the choices she’s making. How long before Eric finds his wife in the sauna with Ridge and he’ll have more than an aneurism.

  21. Aaah. The once edgy and rebellious Stephie has now become a mouse like the meek, obedient Deborah Kerr in Connecting Tables.

    • You got the money shot. Ridge is in just as deep me thinks.

      Eric is going to find the dirty text messages Ridge is sending to Quinn.

    • Stephie gets the pick of LA but the best she can do is pressurizing, manipulating puppy eyes, pweeeeze, pweeeze pick me, a chip of the old manipulator mummy’s boy Wipes, who lets Mummy and now Foster Daddy Warbucks do his dirty work and he can pretend to object OR,
      whiney, can’t make his mind up, highly incensed, Daddy has him on a short leash Liam. She should join LA Tinder.
      Katy should start sitting for her portrait. She might need it soon.

    • Liam’s whining again today. Wyatt would have Steffy doing online porn if it brought “followers”.

  22. If Wyatt wants Stephie back he should get his mum to murder someone who owns a giant diamond and steal it so he can offer it to Stephie then pressure her no end into a hasty wedding.
    It doesn’t matter who ends up with who because relationships only last a few weeks. What happened to Ivy’s blackmailing skills?

    • We’re left hanging with the brainwashing session and kitsch portrait unveiling at Eric’s. Boy, does that get strange. I think Steffy’s gonna fall for it.

  23. Aaaaah, run Stephie. It’s like Clockwork Orange. Marry Momma’s boy and you can have all this……
    Kim Kardashian wants her poster back.

  24. I thought Lliam worked at Spencer, how come he’s always at Forrester. I don’t know if I can be bothered watching much more.

    • How come NONE of them do any work, Sara? Sometimes Ridge or Thomas has pinned a dress on a model and I have seen Oliver and Zende take some photos of girls who have zero modelling training or experience. Funny how you can be a top model with no training.

        • They will probably discover Arjay jas inherited a natural ability for dress design and chasing skirt. Like Stephie can step into the Ceo stilettos.

  25. I read that a few of them will be on The Living Room on Friday, and here’s me thinking that programme was almost live

    • I saw Eric , Dollar Bill and Brooke featured in a promo for The Living Room, Keep Eric away fro the portrait and decor choices.

  26. They didn’t bribe Thomas with the CEO job because there was no one they wanted him to marry.
    Why didn’t Eric & Quinn send Mommy’s boy and Stephie to the interview. Golden opportunity to force the marriage. And when is Stephie ever going to contact her tattooo removalist to find out why he didn’t show up?
    I hope Quinn packed her leather and whips for San Fransico.

    • Ridge is taking too long with this ” whatever it takes ” promise. Just get Quinn loaded on tequila and then send some embarrassing photos and texts to Eric.

      • Ridge might invite the paparazzi to the complimentary breakfast. Wyatt would be pleased because he likes to promote Forrester at any cost.

      • I can’t believe it!! Ridge is actually loading her up with tequila. I swear I didn’t know.

  27. Firstly, sipping tequilla????
    Secondly. After 3 tequilla’s, anyone who doesn’t drink would have already fallen under the table not be deftly applying lotion.
    Thirdly….Thomas, put it away. Stephie is your sister. Yew.
    Finally…something is sooo wrong about this photo.

    • That looks like Justin Beiber. It;s wrong, alright.

      That was creepy with Thomas and his abs. Quinn is way too smart for Ridge.

  28. Firstly, sipping tequilla????
    Secondly. After 3 tequilla’s, anyone who doesn’t drink would have already fallen under the table not be deftly applying lotion.
    Thirdly….Thomas, put it away. Stephie is your sister. Yew.

  29. Eeew, I was thinking the same thing as Stephie and Thomas were chatting on the couch. Zip up that hoodie thanks.

    Ridge outfoxed by the bellboy at the door in the nick of time. Surely Quinn is onto Ridges dastardly plan.
    P.S – Ridge will always be Ron Moss to me. The dirty Ridge replacement always comes across as the imposter.

    • When you can almost see the curlies above the jeans line, it’s definitely time to zip up, Lola.
      Yep, Ridge. You can’t outfox a fox, hustle a hustler or grift a grifter….or can you? Quinn sure wants to hang on to Daddy Warbucks.
      Expect some whining from Liam and some crowing from Wipes ( with his pointy lips).
      I dreamed of Quinn and Ridge last night and they actually did it. It wasn’t pretty. Where did my head get those images?

  30. Some B&B Stars on Family Feud next week.

    Also Eric, Brooke and Bill on The Living Room tonight.

  31. Good episode today.
    Am warming up to Quinn. She’s got Ridges number.
    You are right Daisy, you can’t con a con woman.

    • Quinn gave a great speech. Ridge = stunned mullet. Liam’s waiting for the call that will never come. Both losers.

  32. I was a stunned mullet watching tonight’s episode. It was weird. The long chat about Stephanie’s taste in Jewellery, Ridge’s monologue about his birth and black holes, Quinn’s monologue (when IS that tequilla going to kick in? For a novice drinker, she is surprisingly immune), Stephie and Liam rehashing nonsense, Stephie’s obvious wig, Katie standing in the lounge doing a Dr Phil and conducting an intervention for Wipes and Eric, but then after all that, not one piece moved on the board, not one move.
    My prediction, maybe Katie should start thinking about getting her portrait ready.

  33. Ridge and Quinn kiss!
    Wonder how this will play out. Ridge will get cold feet and not set a wedding date with his serial bride, Brooke.
    This Ridge Mark 2 has more chemistry with Quinn than Brooke. Brooke will go back to Dollar Bill.

    PS – I sercretly write for B & B

    • Funny how just before the kiss, Quinn proclaims Eric “the greatest man on the face of the Earth”. Just like Dr. Phil, Ridge handed Quinn a tissue at a critical moment.

      Eric will be stuck with Katie. Old goat thinks Ridge and Quinn’s business trip will be good for them.

    • Now was it a kiss like Nadia kissing Anthony and folding her arms so he couldn’t achieve body contact? Or was it like Sharon kisses Jesse, on the forehead, then wipes the germs off? Or like Nadia kisses Simon, then pinches his cheek, ruffles his curls and spanks his bottom? Or was it like two 14 year olds behind the bus shelter?

  34. Daily Tel states that Ridge and Brooke have a big surprise for us during programme shot in Sydney. Liam and Steffy get married in Sydney. Family Feud special on Thursday, must be Spencers v Forresters😁

  35. Well I’ve had enough of this programme, I switched off after 5 minutes. It’s just rubbish upon rubbish.

  36. What? Did they all go to Sunday School. Wyatt is going to stop manipulating and pressuring, Quinn is going to stop manipulating and has really changed, Ridge is going to stop plotting to take Quinn down, Liam has grown a set and said “enough of this BS” and Katy wants to respect Quinn’s boundaries and stop meeting Eric alone….unless there is misdirected mail.

  37. It seems like there has been a recent switch in writers. Suddenly everyone is acting weird. Well, weird in the sense that they are trying to do ‘the right thing’. As far as Forresters/Spencers/ Fullers can. And now, as I watch, it seems that Wipes is going to stop emulating his Mom pestering, pressuring, pushing, plotting and manipulating until he gets what he wants.

  38. Liam’s losing the plot today. He’s becoming unhinged. I almost feel sorry for Bill having to listen to him.

    Finally, the tattoo removalist shows.

  39. I have to get a photo of Liam running through the car park. It was so funny. But grandkids are here and we are busy doing this.
    No suggestive comments please. 😢

  40. Did anyone see Family Feud? I watched a bit of it, but they were all a bit hyper, especially Liam. He is rather slight in stature compared to all the others, I was surprised and he behaved like a dork. Ridge was clean with a nice hair cut. And Eric was rather full of his own importance.

    • Yes, I saw it, Sara. Not surprised Liam was a dork. The one who shocked me was Stephie. She looked like she couldn’t move her face. Why do YOUNG women these days have botox? It’s ridiculous.

  41. Loving Quidge. πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™ It’s a good combo because Eric has been an old fluff (ie fart but quieter) and Brooke is a pain. Sorry Ajay…. meet your new step mommy. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
    Just about to watch now. Quidge are just enjoying an innocent martini. Eric should ask Ridge to move back in. 😚😚😚😚
    Liam and Wipes are sharing a brotherly beer and some temporary bridge building.
    I will get a new precap up asap. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
    Ooops . Katy is sniffing around for clues again. I still haven’t forgotten how she busted babygate wide open.

  42. How come Stephie gets another engagement ring. She still has the ruby Liam gave her on the engagement before last.
    And how come her scar doesn’t hurt?

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