Will it be an MKR first?

The promos for tonight’s instant restaurant imply that the team decides not to serve a dish. Whether or not this actually happens remains to be seen, but if it does it’s a first for My Kitchen Rules (it happens on MasterChef every now and then).
It’s the turn of SA cousins Lama and Sarah, who have Lebanese backgrounds. I really hope they can cook because Lebanese food is delicious.



      • I honestly can’t blame the old ducks for their complaints, tonight. 2 and a half hours for an awful dessert?

        Another team who can’t cook. Geez channel 7. Do better.

        • Will the old ducks quack under pressure? I suspect they can cook too and the bar’s been set very low after tonight.

          • Same- I reckon they can. But mega blowout if they get nerves.
            Although they will prob use jewel encrusted quails with lobster “we always use quality ingredients”.

          • The old ducks will have to be frogmarched into Coles because previously they wouldn’t want to be seen shopping there.

  1. What a disaster.. sadly i am not watching all episodes this season..tho i am watching the reviews and comments. It just feels like we have so many contestants who can’t cook. I know they are picking contestants for many other reasons…but surely there are heaps of people out there that can be bitchy funny photogenic and can cook!!!!

  2. The promo for tomorrow night’s episode is absurd. They’re taking the one comment that the husband (from the husband and wife team) made, jokingly enough, about aiming for a score of 96, and blowing it into, “HE’S THE MOST CONFIDENT CONTESTANT EVER!”

    It’s like, oh come on. Even the voice-over guy hasn’t been watching the show. Damn it channel 7. Just, damn it.

    • 95% of the trouble with this show is the wrong people making decisions. The chefs don’t get any input into casting or promotion so you end up with guest teams that can’t cook and this endless run of silly screaming headlines because the promo writers don’t know enough about food to say any thing useful or coherent. And then production start confecting personality conflicts…

  3. Y-A-W-N
    Pretty sad when the decor is better than the food.
    How the dessert should have looked. © brandskitchens.com

  4. I’m as bored as a conveyancer after a long day. At least Darren has had the guts to say that some can’t cook and are there for their 15 minutes of fame. Perhaps he meant infamy. Does anyone think that the conveyancer looks like a young Robyn Nevin?

  5. Even the designated villains for this round, the old ducks, are boring. Honestly, I’ve been sitting down to watch the first half hour, or so, and then I just start drifting off (and switching the computer on, or bouncing over to some movies on cable).

    This season has just been dull. I said this earlier, the show just feels tired and boring. Even Colin seems bored, and I feel bad for him stuck with dull contestants who, as Darren pointed out, are probably mostly just here to get their faces on TV.

  6. Colin and Darren were generous giving the girls a 2 for the dessert.
    Are they saving the ones who can actually cook for last?

    • Oh, that first photo of Tyson isn’t flattering. The second one not much better.

      Didn’t see the old ducks in there….just a lot of decoys.

      I’m trying to see as many encores as possible of MAFS and IAC because they seem more fun than watching MKR crash and burn while it insults it’s dwindling audience with beat ups over nothing, “fake news” and mediocre cooking.

  7. Lebanese food is awesome, not that you’d know it by Lama and Cousin (seriously, Lama? I’d change it to Lana, the animal reference is horribly distracting).

    This ep did however make me buy lamb mince so I can make kofta (kafta?) tonight. They didn’t put any cumin in theirs that I saw… that’s kind of essential I thought?

    Boo Colin for complaining about the currants in the stuffing- I hate them too but it’s bang-on authentic to mix meat/savoury food with dried fruit in that region. Shame they turned it into soggy meatloaf but that wasn’t the currants’ fault.

    Colin and Darren are not handsome men, they are dead average with dirty hair. So sick of this swooning ‘they are dazzling’ nonsense.

    This really has slipped hey… I don’t catch many eps due to my 8mo carrying on, and it no longer annoys me. I’m not missing much it would seem.

    • Colin’s jacket had creases as sharp as a knife in it. You can’t tell me that he’d wait two and a half hours for an ultimately “underwhelming” dessert without ducking out somewhere quiet for a quiet nip of whiskey or tree.

      The other one had two and a half hours to go have a proper shave and deal with the fuzz or wannabe hipster beard attempt..

      The judges look as rough as guts, yet the fanning and swooning is off the Richter.

    • I’m with you on the judges. I don’t get it at all. The only thing I can think of is that channel 7 keeps going out and finding people who like European accents.

      Of all four judges, Pete at least is moderately handsome … but he’s drooling into the carpet *insane*. Like you said, the other three are just average guys with bad hair.

      On the plus side, the IR rounds are almost over. We’ve got the married couple, the fun mother and daughter (I like them) and the old ducks. Fingers crossed, that’s all we have to sit through.

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