Biggest Loser chat

Is anyone still watching TBL?
I’m fast forwarding through some episodes.
Last night Steph (wedding dress girl) went home after yet another challenge that favoured a bloke with longer legs.
Tonight’s cooking challenge serves only to reinforce that hardly any of these contestants know how to cook the most basic foods. What were their parents thinking?
I do quite like the new trainer at least.
If anyone wants to do a recap (Dave??) go for it! Although it’s plummeting in the ratings so may soon be shunted to a late night slot.



  1. I’m watching a few encores of this in the afternoon, Juz. Sometimes I fall asleep.Hayden Quinn will do that, too.

    Someone from Orange threatened to walk out. $hannan tried to be Commando and be tough. The female contestants are being picked off one at a time.

    • I would like to see a more endurance style challenge that a woman could perhaps win against a bloke, like holding a squat for a certain time.

      • Yes, In fact a squat challenge was tried and two blokes fought it out. Brett the boxer won it. Guess the producers tried…..

    • Excellent recap, BDD. Pithy and to the point.
      Perhaps if the editors got stuck into the show and reduced it to half an hour, the audience may come back?

  2. Lost interest when Jenny the paramedic was first voted out and don’t get me started on the
    Sarah “no sugar” episode.

    I really don’t care about the other contestants. And Dave is right, the female contestants are being picked off, one by one.

  3. I keep wanting to come back to it, but somehow when choosing something at 7.30 it doesn’t appeal. Socceroos were calling last night.

    • Yes, the soccer was on our TV last night and I had a good laugh with the fran family on Travel Guides reviewing Surfers paradise and the Versache hotel.

  4. A given of being in the Blue Boys Club is to sleep in while their female member works out. Shannan blows off a bit of steam about it not being funny. The contestants all really need to be here. Yeah.

    The pilot boy cops some punishment on the track and goes arse up to avenge $hannan. He gets no mercy.

    Hayden Quinn shows up with a cooking special and different coloured hair. Don’t use couscous he says. We’ve seen it long celebrated on Ma$terchef and MKR but it’s “too processed”.Use brown rice instead. In one ear and out the other stuff to these folks. Just pile it up and let me at it. Just eat it.

    Hayden hassles boxer Brett about wasting chicken and pulls a load of good chicken out of the bin. Brett’s not too fussed about still using it …he’s not too fussy about recycling either.

    We had a near Last Tango In Paris moment when $hannan asks Alec Baldwin whether he’s ever “done it without butter before?”. There was a case of paprika drowned corn drama that came to not much….all complete with music from the Ma$terchef muzak library.

    So, the Blue Team win again and go to the obstacle challenge with a huge, massive , enormous advantage.

  5. Thanks, BDD. I did like Brett suggesting they could use the chicken offcuts because the bin was clean. Perhaps “freegan” will be a diet option in TBL house next week – those who dumpster dive for all their food.

    • Yeah, Brett couldn’t see any germs in the bin, so everything’s sweet. Cold comfort to know that he “looks after the roasts” etc at home.

  6. Here’s todays recap.

    Groundhog Day. Another woman was sent home. Bye Sophia.

    You don’t need to be a fuckin’ brain surgeon to know that women might not excel at sawing logs.

  7. I turned on my recording of last night TBL and they were just starting a challenge. Pottered round the house a bit, looked back at the TV and, 30 mins in, I swear the challenge was still going! Nikki actually spoke very well at the vote out. Sophia was one of the fittest girls so there was definitely a personality issue there.

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