1. I’m gutted. What an enormous loss. Pass the Tim Tams. What a huge twist.

    Commando and Michelle’s sordid affair didn’t help.

    The Jofres sucked all the fun out of the show.

    The show collapsed under an avalanche of cliches. It’s fallen under the Yellow line. It’s massive journey is almost over.

    Haven’t seen a Temptation yet. How awesome were they?

  2. I caught some of the latest episode today. The only girl left on the Blues is an absolute machine. She beat the strongest guy on the Orange team in a head-to-head challenge. And now I know why Hayden Quinn was on the other day; he was promoting his new gym.

  3. The lost Baldwin brother went home today. He was too upset to farewell the remaining losers. Hooray for the producers finding a challenge that would send a bloke home.

    • Oh no – who will do all the huffing and puffing and groaning now? There was a pic of eliminated Sophia in the paper today. She wouldn’t say exactly how much weights he’d lost but she looked good. She has given up eating pasta – and she works for a pasta company!

  4. The Blue Fat Boys Club have just voted another female off the show. Amy had no chance.

    These gice are so fake it makes me sick. Particularly Brett and Simmo.. Their hugs and words aren’t worth a pie.

    • Awww – I really like Amy. She’s tough – I loved watching her psych out Simon in the arena a while back. I tuned in to a few catch-up episodes at the weekend but they drag everything out so much. Really I just want to see the odd challenge and the weigh in.

      • Oh good I’m glad I’m not the only one still watching. Have to say it has been nice having a break from Michelle this season (come on PUSH PUSH….use your legs)…so running on your hands is out of the question then. Good to know. But Libby’s constant niceness can be wearing (that’s ok, we get knocked down, we get back up! Everything’s a learning opportinuty)- no sometimes things are just shit and its better to be honest about it. I guess that’s tv as opposed to reality. You have to have a few blow ups and angry snippy moments or its too much same same.

        Gutted Amy is gone. I’m with you there Dave, it was gross watching Simmo declare his love for Brett in the last challenge, ‘gaarn jump. The big dogs in the house….woof’ and throw him immunity. Brett’s definitely captaining this sinking ship. Shannon never disappoints with his, ‘caarn Bretty, that’s the way bra. Go Lynton go! Good boyyyy-look at youse now working as a team!!! At the start blues were dropping so fast I thought we’d have another season where Shannon was sent packing half way. But then they got their shit together, and I was glad as the power had gone to the orange team’s head. Then, just as blue worked hard to pull ahead to a good lead the eliminated contestants seemed to be reintroduced earlier than normal to even out the spindly orange team (I did enjoy Jake’s exit tanty). I was really hoping Anna would get back in and thought she had a brilliant strategy watching Josh and co burn each other out on the balance beam while standing still. But somehow while miles ahead Josh still managed to win so kudos to him.

        Not loving the mind health sessions or the usual, ‘im doin this for my daawta’…another way of saying ‘its for my dead nonna’ on MC or MKR. But the mud challenge was fun. They looked a bit oopma loompa-ish by the end. That mud will keep on giving for days I reckon. Ay bro.

        Sadly Michelle and Commando will attribute this season’s poor ratings to their absence.

        I do miss temptation. And Hayley.

        What do youse gice think of the number of very light contestants this year such as Nikki, Simon and Jake and their whinging at not losing enough when they’re now slimmer than the average person?

        • I did like Shannon’s use of banging the blue’s heads together when they weren’t meshing and making them mesh by carrying vast amounts of flesh up and down a wharf (arms deep up each other’s crack before he showed them how it’s done) and not throwing each other in the sea. Made the mud challenge a walk in the park.

        • I was applauding Anna’s strategy in that contest also, but then when it came down to the end she didn’t know how to attack. Total brain fade. A shame because, mentally, she seemed to “need” to be in the house. I don’t mind having the lighter contestants. I wish they’d combine the weigh in with a cm count, eg Nikki has lost 10cm off her hips. That would make it more interesting. Her crying at the start was annoying but she actually seems bright and supportive of the other contestants. I’m thinking final three will be all orange, perhaps with Brett sneaking in if it’s a strength type challenge decider

          • The winner is based on total percentage weight loss. Josh is around 16% and Simmo around 18%. Nikki around 12%. The rest around 14%.
            They are stilling going ahead with the viewers choice. Could be Sophia for the win.

          • That’s not a bad idea Juz-measuring in cm’s. I guess it’s a time thing. And this year’s production seem to have less and less of it. Speaking of, it seems like this year’s BL will run for only 6 weeks as opposed to their initial promise of 8, and in past seasons it seemed to be more like 3 months. Shannon must be devo as it was ‘ the show he always wanted to make.’ I applaud them for trying something different as opposed to the usual bark/ Seargent spit fest, pity it hasn’t resonated with viewers. I too don’t mind the lighter/more average sized contestants in a way as it gives more options for challenges, etc and addresses issues other than lard. But hearing whinging when they then become lighter than the average, and ‘need to pull a good number’ and ‘reaaaaally still need to be here’ is wearing.

            I’m not sure about viewer voting. What do youse gice think? I did like the original simple no favourites approach of whoever has the biggest percentage loss wins. Sure. let’s bring in more subjectivity. It’s not like we don’t have enough of it as is on reality tv.

        • I dunno what to fink about the viewer voting Calorie Loader, I’m shtruggeling wif the idea. Youse wrote some funny stuff, glad you’re still watching.

          • Oh fanks Dave. Same to you bra. I swore I wouldn’t watch anova season after the Jofre’s (best part of that season was taking the piss-plus the Auvales made it interesting) but guess I’m bluuuuuuuee for life ay. They can now chant ‘braaaaaaaaa’s for life’.

  5. Thanks for the funny reviews BDD and calorie loader. Must be missing it on daytime TV as the autumn weather in Victoria has been awesome and yes I will use that word to describe how nice it’s been.

    • Cheers Lola, always a pleasure when I can be arsed (lard-arsed). Thanks BDD too for taking one for the team while some of us shtruggled to watch at times.

  6. I tuned in to see another female evicted from the house. Why is no-one calling them on this? Mysoginist frat boys.
    Is it not obvious that there is a disconnect between putting these type of men on TV and the mainly female, target audience. I think most of us have moved on from thinking these attitudes are acceptable. Producers take note.

  7. Today the boy’s club denied that there is a boys club, but stiff shit, they’ll be competing as individuals from now on. Brett and $immo must be shitting concrete now. Brett blames his kids for bring fat…he needs a good punch in the head.

    Makeovers. Time to remind the contestants how long since they’ve been on a date or that their wedding’s been postponed on account of their size. Behold the miracles that these unknown stylists have created from these very ordinary, cliche spitting conveyances.

    • I need a tiny recap. I only caught a couple of the makeovers (thought they were less than impressive).
      Were they taken to task on the boys club? Or guilt just made them speak up? Generally, if I am brought to task on something, I give it a moment of thought before moving to self justification. I need details before I forgive.

      • Shannan pointedly asked about Amy’s elimination and if there was a boy’s club operating. Brett lied and denied it. It was established that Brett and Simmo made a pact not to vote each other out a while back, so Linton would be dead meat now. But the teams are dissolving, anyway.

        The makeovers usually wear off after a couple of days.

        • Thanks.
          Pacts I understand. But if they are discovered it will put a target on their backs. Couldn’t happen to two nicer fellows. 😀

    • Even though I was half expecting it, I was still a bit surprised they got rid of Amy as she has been the glue and motivation of the blue team. If it wasn’t for her in cooking challenges they all would have been gonski straight after Anna left. They must have known singles week was approaching (usually they are further along before this happens but in a condensed format I guess it is time).

      Brett on rubbing spices into some lamb, “loike seriously, I have no idea, do I just get a bowl..” Inward eye roll.
      Simmo won’t be picked as a drug dog anytime soon,
      Simmo- “Is this coriander?”
      Amy “nope, that’s parsley”
      Simmo “smells like parsley”
      Amy “nope smells like coriander”.
      A week later Simmo uses coriander instead of parsley in the kale salad and has to start again after Amy’s massive lead. Shame she missed out on makeover week but like Dave says, she can take comfort in the makeovers having a maximum two day life span. I’ll check it out tonight
      (I can ffwd where necessary).

  8. I guess the viewer vote was a bid to make money. But can’t see them rolling in the cash this season. The orange team has it over the blue team when it comes to food knowledge and understanding of psychological factors. Matt was the smartest one on blue

  9. Just watched a bit of the makeovers. Bet the producers were spewing they didn’t have many girls left to spruce up.

    • I’m way behind and just watched the makeovers myself Juz. Unless they have a second, second chance training and pawn shuffle, they’re stuck with boys. Haven’t seen Nikki’s yet but I thought Simon looked the best. Liked Lisa-Faye’s makeover and Sophia looked nice with her hair straightened.

      Just ’cause Brett boxes doesnt mean they need cut his hair into a white looking Muhammad Ali. I don’t think that’s what he meant when he said he wanted to see an athlete. Whatever look they were going for he came across as a bigger boofhead (maybe he didn’t need much assistance here). Think they could’ve done better with Simmo’s hair ( maybe clipped a bit too much off one side and had to keep doing the whole evening out dance) and Lynton’s shirt( Shannon was banging on about how he now looks like a 27yo should and I’m thinking how’s that? By wearing a highly flammable shirt that came straight from Beauty and the Geek’s wardrobe set).

      My favourite part was the first segment where they tried on their old clothes. The blue boys club all had a fabulous time shoving as much of their arm and shoulder down their pants as possible (not really the ttimeslot for this is it? Ah hell, it’s gone to daytime, there’s only a few viewers left, they can do what they want). I’m suprised they didn’t try to shove their arms down each others pants too, ‘come on we can fit one more bra. Show us the what you’re made of!’ Shannon yells from the sidelines.

      At least we didn’t have to drag it out with a parade and the trainers pitiful intros and attempted psychobabble. Michelle’s, ‘how do you fee-yul?/ what does life look like for the new you?’. Commando looked like he was always squirming when made to talk emotions.

      • They’ve finally managed to eliminate a bloke(Josh) with a rope skipping competition.

        Ch 10 must be praying that Ma$terchef can fix this ratings flop.

      • The big boxing boofhead won the $ 50, 000 weigh in today.

        Simmo sent packing. 45 yo Lisa flogged them all on the challenge.

        Now the “public vote” to see who gets the chocolates. Not hard to smell a rat in there somewhere.

        Keep pushing and dig deep, Ch 10.

        • Thanks for the update Dave. The suspense was killing me. 😐 Not. Thank you though, now I know what I’m getting myself into.

          That’d be right re the boofhead. Typical sailing along on the team’s (i.e. Amy’s) coattails at group weigh ins, dragging them below the fat line, eliminating any threats and then swooping in to take the big bucks. Onya bra.

          So only two blues left. Not a good look for Shannon…suprised he wasn’t sent packing.

          Good on Lisa! She really has been digging deep.

          Yes ‘public vote’ indeed. Network vote more like. Didn’t like the scales being in control as opposed to them.

          Keep push’n bra. We’re nearly there Dave.

  10. Well I’ve done it. I’ve pushed through, I’ve dug deep all the way through to the home visits.
    The final weigh in seemed a bit anticlimactic compared to previous seasons. Held at TBL house on not even the penultimate episode with no studio audience, and only 6 contestants weighing in (who we all saw weigh in the day before with similar numbers), it was a bit of a let down. Finally, when boof was announced the winner the best they could do was throw up a small handful of confetti that didn’t even cover the whole group, and looked like recycled office paper (reading TBL scrapped from primetime). But hey, it is TBL transformed so something had to give, like the budget.

    Did anyone else notice the unfortunate positioning the mike stand in front on Sophia’s groin on the scales…I digress. Fondly referred to as ‘Brettle’, the ‘big dog’, in the lead up to the announcement had an intensely blank look on his face trying to work out what a weight percentage was. While Lynton was getting close to calculating them, his dreams were blown to smithereens as Brett took the 50k (or did he? We know how bad ratings have been and no cheque was presented. Maybe they tossed him a $50 note on the way out). Brettle tells us how hard it was taking that crown from Lynton, his closest mate in the house. Hang on, rewind. I seem to recall a few episodes back Simmo and Brett confessing their undying love for each other, bein’ bra’s n all. Ah well, outta sight, outta mind I guess (I was surprised Simmo didn’t make it to final 6 (so was Nikki, ‘You’re catching up heaps quick”), he almost seemed to throw that last challenge…wonder if there was unseen pressure to do so…’love you too. Now jump, you’re gonna win anyway’.

    I hope we get to see some more of the ex-contestants at finale, like Anna who wasn’t on the show for long but has done an incredible job on her own. I think her transformation was one of the most dramatic! Amy has done well too. Only one we didn’t see again (unless I missed it) was Luke (apart from in a photo with Amy), which was strange.

    I like Simon but I was surprised he went off and did Kokoda immediately after spending 2 months or more away from his young family just to leave again. It looked brutal.

    Who will win the $100K? Will it be Lindt balls (unfortunately not the pleasant image I get when people refer to him as this). I think Lynton might have actually transformed the most but who knows who is voting. What are other people’s thoughts on this?

    Will Shannon need to start flogging snake oil again to earn a crust after this? Will Commando and Michelle be toasting to this season’s failed ratings?

    See ya’s on the other side.

      They’re just about to announce the winna. I can barely control meself.

      All that’s left of Lisa Faye is a pair of lips.

      It’s Linton. Bugger me dead if a young guy could win it. Boys club win.

      Fanks, CL. I only caught the arse end of the finale.

      Fail. Dr.Phil will be half hour late for those in WA.

      • I swore I would wait as it hasn’t even started here yet but I couldn’t help meself eiva. Lol on Lisa Faye. Well blow me down if it isn’t the blue boys. Bluuuuuuuuue for life! Or at least until the cameras stop rolling ay.

        • You fell for the “Temptation”. (They used to be fun but the show trashed them)
          I know the result is an enormous, massive , huge shock.

          • Too true Dave. And yes temptation was the best. Watching them huff 3000cals in a matter of minutes and then get caned in the gym. I know it’s not the healthiest thing but it was definitely entertaining and realistic of the binges that would occur away from screens (where they’re not living in a controlled bubble). At least it taught them how much exercise it took to burn it all off.

      • We didn’t get Dr Phil at all thanks to BL!
        How awful for them to not have a proper finale and having to have the winner announced on a different show like Studio 10.
        I guess 10 wanted to kill two birds with one stone and not waste any money on a night time grand final.

  11. Thanks Juz. I could do but I wouldn’t be able to get to it til late tonight which might be too late. Also I’ll be even further behind youse all as I’m on WA time. Happy to though. I’ll definitely post my thoughts when it’s all kaput anyway.

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