1. Not an angel.

    There is also rumours that the honeymoon period between Ritchi and Alex is over.

    Alex got what she wanted. She gets free goods to use/try/wear and be seen in events.

    • Being fair, though. Obviously, you’re not great at making good decisions when one of the big ones was, “I’ll apply to be on the Bachelor!”

      I hadn’t heard that about Richie and Alex. Wouldn’t surprise me, though. She seemed so clingy, like it wasn’t about Richie, and more just about winning. At least Georgia Love and whats-his-face are still going strong, right?

  2. Alex always looked like hardwork and a drama queen.
    Ritchie , well he is just plain dumb.

    Hope the next Bachelor will be better. Sam and Snez – the only successful pairing thus far. I predict Tim and Anna won’t make it down the aisle.

    • Because Matty J is so high profile now, Ch 10 or the franchise company is having a nightmare with filming. Paparazzi follow them all the time.

        • He has started smooching some of the Bachelorettes which is different to what he said before the show. Good luck to all involved but not sure they are there to find love or find $$$$

  3. I don’t like this shot, Petal. I hate that pubic peek-a-boo on males or females. And the muscle lines are grotesque. I prefer fit and toned to chizled and honed; a naturally fit body to a gym junky bod. But it was Matt’s light hearted personality I liked so I will wait for the series. I imagine this is a publicity shot where he has to pull the jeans right down but, “I don’t like it”.
    Damn sorry. I don’t know why my last two photos rotated. Sorry.

    • The body hair is a personal thing, and I guess I like the cleanness of it, but I agree it’s not a good photo. I gotta say, though, I like a guy’s body when he’s chiselled. I agree there are limits — this photo is about the line. Any more bulked up than that, and it would turn me off, yeah, but that’s what’s sexy about masculinity to me. That is a beautiful body, to me.

  4. OMG, OMG, OMG. Chuck Berry died.
    I know he was 90 but it’s like at this point if anyone dies, it’s a tragedy. I am still not over last year.

    • I just learned Berry was a criminal; charges included armed robbery and transporting a 14 year old girl across state line. πŸ˜‘

  5. Having my two nieces here at the moment plus my sister. 2 days only and they already gave me sore throat and a cough. Toddlers seem to be the most dangerous bioweapons mankind can imagine. Why bother building complicated weapons of mass destruction when can just send an army of sick toddlers to do that job?

    • Kids are just germ incubators, Zhee. I got more colds and upset stomachs in the first three years of my son’s life than in my entire four decades on this planet. Luckily no nits in the household so far (touch wood) but my friends have warned me it’s inevitable.

      • I never had nits as a kid. Then in my early 20s I worked in a kindergarten for a year. Got nits. And everything else you can get…

        • I taught in kindy pre-primary in the days when kids would bring a whole piece of fruit to share, and parent helper would cut. Wash well because it was not unusual to see their 4 year old fingers in their nostrils and over the apple or carrot before donating it to the class fruit basket.
          And when a kid puts his her her hands down their own pants at mat time, you don’t single them out with, “Leave your doodle alone”. You just say to the whole class, “Everyone, hands on knees”.

  6. That’s funny – my 15 year old said “isn’t it weird that nits aren’t around anymore” and I had to say “they are still around but you’re in high school and not draping over other kids anymore!” A joy awaits you Juz.
    Hats off on wording of Masterchef poll – I nearly spat out my tea I laughed so much!

  7. We managed to get Broadchurch season 1, so we will be having marathons of that now that we have finished Breaking Bad.

    • It’s the cooler weather, Daisy (although you wouldn’t know it here with humidity of 150%). Makes me want to pull out pretty fabric and dream of new projects. Maybe I should finish the other ones first, though – lol.

  8. Watched the finale of 800 Words. Loved the episode, but, really, too many cliffhangers. Especially the very last one, which showed absolutely nothing beyond what was given in the promo.

    Don’t think I can wait another year – I hope there is a season later this year.

  9. Funny thing about the new Ma$terchef promo~ the producers forgot to include that contestant whose journey after the show was to go on to become an Ecstasy dealer. Extraordinary.

      • The twice bankrupt contestant whose restaurant strangely went belly up. You wouldn’t read about it. Extraordinary.

        The runner up I see driving around in a dirty, shitty old car. Extraordinary.

    • I’m as addicted to those shows as badly as the killers are to killing. Women Who Kill I watched last night.

      • There are a few now so it’s great. The only problem is when they overlap with others shows. I love them.
        How was that one; Minutes to Murder, I think, where the evil brother bumped off his mum, dad, sister and little nephews. You could make a movie out of his story. Putting rats in neighbours car etc.

        • Think it was on Countdown To Murder and the White House Farm Murders. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_House_Farm_murders .
          Forensically, it was a mess.

          Think Women Who Kill with Piers Morgan is a repeat as I remember the 16yo who masterminded the slaughter of her family.

          Don’t get the reasoning of putting $1m Cold Case up against Murder Call Australia as it is the same target audience.

  10. Well that explains the girlie clubs, AliO. Now there is just the little matter of him getting drunk and throwing up on her. 🀐

  11. Hi everyone, I am hoping someone is able to help me. I have a new pair of progressive glasses. First time I have worn them and I am finding it really hard to read my iPad, which is no fun whatsoever. Have been trying for over. Week now and don’t know how long I should persevere for. The optometrist told me just to put on my readers!
    I can read but it’s not easy.
    I thought the hole idea of these glasses was that I didn’t have to change glasses.
    Don’t know what to do 😞
    Do any of you good people have good or bad experiences with progressives thanks?

    • Gabby go back to your optometrist, sounds like the lenses are not right. You should not have to change glasses, however it took me about a week to get used to my progressive lenses.

      • Thanks Littlepetal. I am trying to read right at th bottom of the lens and in near the middle. I wish they would make that area bigger.
        Lola I went back after a few days and told him and that’s when he said to wear my old readers. I have been persevering for last few days doing loads of reading on iPad hoping to get used to it.
        I spent all this money so I wouldn’t have to change glasses. I think I will take them back and maybe get retested or a refund. I have already had a problem with the distance that I had to take them back a couple of days after I first got them and then they sent them off for three weeks, I told them then the reading wasn’t right and they said wait until the distance is corrected and the reading will probably fix itself. When I told him it hadn’t, that’s when he told me to wear my readers.
        I’m so annoyed. Sorry for my rant.
        So Lola and Littlepetal you can read your iPad and phone etc. quite easily?

        • I normally wear contact lenses but I so wear progressive lenses at home. My power is pretty high (- 7.50 )and to be honest it is quite difficult to be able to have perfect vision for distance and reading. I can read my tablet or mobile but I prefer to read without the glasses!
          My friends who wear glasses all have the same problems. When the print is small, they have to take off their glasses to read.

        • Gabby, the original optometrist warned me that I might meed to change to readers and I did but that was at Just Spectacles. I changed opts because they only had daggy frames. The perk is, all my glasses since, have been fine for reading tabs or books. So they might have been also better at testing and making the lenses too.

    • I have three pairs. Two of them….forget it. I have to use reading glasses. But one pair are fine and I am using them as we speak. Twp pairs of my prescription sunnies are OK for reading as well but not all, so it can vary on how well they have been graduated I think.

  12. I can read my IPad and phone quite easily. I went to OPSM for my glasses and spent a bit more to get less distortion.
    Hope it all works out for you Gabby.

  13. Thank you Littlepetal, Daisy and Lola.
    I have two friends that read their tablets with no problems but have since read on the internet that quite a lot of people change glasses. But that is not what I thought I was paying all this money for.
    I also paid for the top lens but you could be right Daisy I may need to go to another superior optometrist, maybe OPSM like yourself Lola.
    Thank you all so much for your feedback.

    • Gabby, keep perservering, I have been wearing multi focals for years now, its too much mucking around changing glasses all the time and you shouldn’t have to anyway with multi focals. You just need to read through the bottom of the lenses. I just started off wearing single vision ones for short sightedness since the age of ten, but once I needed them to read as well they changed me to the multi focals. I always go to Specsavers and have no problem. Just tell them you are having problems and they will re test and give you new ones free. Once you get used to them you won’t look back, good luck!

  14. Hi girls, I just started a new chat thread for April but feel free to keep chatting about optometry here so it’s all together πŸ˜‰

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