1. Nazeem did a spoiler in the interview – he said he was disappointed X came third , way before Before they read the name!!!!!!!

    • I thought i misheard Naz, mention Nat was third and then i was on FB and everyone was talking about it, so i realised it wasn’t just me. I wonder if some parts of the show were prerecorded? They seemed to be having a bit of trouble in the control room and Julia was having real trouble talking – perhaps too many people shouting in her ear!

  2. Had visitors tonight so am late to the party. Love how drinking horrible instant coffee is meant to be a great reward for them.

  3. I don’t mind it being obvious. I just wish they would get on with it.
    This episode would have been better for being cut by an hour. At least.

  4. Why are they now showing stuff that we’ve been watching over the past six weeks? Or is this episode for people who haven’t been watching?

  5. I am assuming that this whole fiasco was based around advertiser dollars because it certainly wasn’t based on entertainment.
    I enjoyed this series up until early last week.
    Then tedium set in.

    • Same Bobi. I think I lost interest when Grumpy Cat went. We just ended up with 4 nice people and two that I ffd (Julia & Chris). Even my favourite, Casey, lost me when she refused to try the Gross Train. Again, I am watching MAFS tonight.
      I won’t bother watching IAC, but will read the winner here.

    • Whereas MAFS has been great this year. Best year yet I think. Although the sexperts have about as much credibility as Andrew O’Keefe pretending to be shy.

  6. Ah, I was so pissed off when Nat went first but am so glad Dane didn’t win. Glad to finally have a girl win & a non sports person.
    That final challenge was hilarious where they all got stuck & had to be rescued.
    That was nice giving them a proper bed & a nice dinner for their last night.

  7. Glad to see Casey win, not just because it was great to see a woman win for a change, but because of who was left in the last week, i think she deserved it the most.
    The final challenge was hilarious, especially how they had to come in and rescue them!
    The nice beds, dinner and spa were a nice touch on the final night.
    But otherwise a kinda boring episode, just recapping the entire series (and some things show 2 or 3 times) would have much preferred to see clips not already aired on TV. They really could have just added an extra half hour to Sunday nights show and wrapped it all up then.

  8. Another boring episode, so disappointing.
    Happy Casey wins. Let’s hope this really gets her life pointing in the right direction.

    All the best Casey!

  9. The person who I most changed my view of during the series, right from the start really, was Nat. Aside from the annoying screaming, she was lovely and down to earth. At no stage in the series did I care who the winner would be. Just not Keira.

    • I agree she is nice, but the screaming was really too much.
      Screamers and screechers hog the reaction of the group. I hate it.

      Just calm down and let someone else react or have a chance to react.

      • I wish she would hear herself and just stop screaming. Imagine if she was in the same room as you. Or sitting beside you on a bus.

  10. I’m with Bolders, if Nat was on and I had to hear her screaming and squealing I immediately changed the channel.
    Pleased Casey won over Dane . Hope this will be a springboard to her rejuvenated recording career. I ‘m sure winning will give her a lot of self confidence and increased self belief.

  11. I quite enjoyed last night, mainly because I have missed nearly all the series due to family issues. So a lot of the recaps were new to me.
    I loved the final challenge, especially Chris and Julia ruining their fancy outfits. Hilarious aside by Chris when he was pulling Casey, something like “it’s crowning”, making it sound like he was at a birth. Certainly, Nat sounded like she was in labour!
    Dane’s clip showed that he did say some funny things, just not frequently enough. Yet, when they got him on the couch, they couldn’t shut him up. And he confirmed what I suspected, that he was deliberately trying to wind people up. Very effective when he wrote the comment on the complaint sheets that was immediately attributed to Keira.
    Well, I have learnt that I don’t have to watch every minute to enjoy the series. Quite a sense of freedom in that.
    Thanks to everyone for your comments that helped keep me up-to-date.

    • I’ve read elsewhere suggestions that much of what came out of Dane’s mouth would have been no good for the timeslot and “family viewing”. Having said that, most of the celebs have talked about how quiet he is, even Taylor (his girlfriend) mentioned how introverted he is. With all the extroverts in the first few weeks he probably couldn’t get a word in.

    • I give up after some consideration. I’ll say no one ,unless it’s a quiz show or something similar.

      This encore is pretty good so far, 25 minutes in.

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