I’m a Celeb penultimate episode

Tonight four become three in the penultimate episode of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here (Australia).
Who do we have left? Nat Bass, Nazeem, Casey and, ummm, oh yeah – Dane. Gosh, he’s been so entertaining – just laugh a minute. He is very good at swallowing things, I’ll give him that.
The show runs for 100 mins tonight, from 7pm, so that will be a good 80 mins of JMo and Dr Chris doing their schtick.

Tomorrow (Monday) the finale starts at 7.30pm and allegedly finishes at 9pm.
And it looks like poor Tegan is having trouble adjusting to the non-beans and rice with the odd goat testicle diet. She’s posted this (and later clarified it was an “upset stomach”).

AND, be sure to vote in the new poll with your winner pick.

Here’s a new promo for tonight – bound to be many tears and screams.



  1. I tuned in half an hour in and it’s been all flashbacks (lots of Casey singing, so that’s a plus). The final four do seem to genuinely like each other.
    ####Spoiler alert for tonight’s evictee ####

    It’s Naz

  2. i love the family visit, especially seeing how excited Nat’s kids were. Great to see them take part in the trial too!
    Not surprised on the evictee. Hoping Casey brings it home the jungle crown tomorrow.

  3. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, not Naz. Why the fuck is Dane still there? He better not win.
    It was nice re-living some of the funnier things from early on. The Chinese whispers & the passing of the food with their mouths.
    And the family visit always makes me teary.
    Saw the first promo for MasterChef. It will be after Biggest Loser.

  4. So boring last night except for the “loved ones” coming into the camp. I don’t really like any of the ones left all that much, and I must be the only one who doesn’t like Casey singing all the time, its as if she is trying to promote herself as much as possible .It just seems all too forced and scripted this year. The first season was the best when no one knew what to expect. Dane will probably win because of the football fanatics who think a sportsman should win every time. Its been disappointing this year.

  5. I don’t love the smoochy, cuddly family vists; on this or Survivor, so I watched MAFS first last night and only skim watched IAC.
    I did notice one thing that I hate; screaming women, and it wasn’t only Nat. Why do women squeal and scream when they run into friends?
    I sound like Pricey, don’t I.

    • I think they overdo the loved ones visits as I’ve said before, same with Survivor.
      The young children missing their parents is understandable, but with adults, lets face it , there are thousands of families who don’t all live in the same town seeing each other every day. Many people working away in the services or the mines .I only see my daughter a few times a year, and I’m not alone in that. people just learn to live with it and deal with it. The celebs all chose to go freely into the jungle for the MONEY, and to promote their careers etc. Yes its nice they have a charity but none of them would have done it for free.
      I’m sounding cranky today, must be this heat that goes on and on!

  6. Highlight of the night was the children solemnly watching the tucker trial while the adults tried hard to laugh and scream in an overproduced segment.

    I always thought only children would like those gross food trials – but I was wrong. They have better taste than that, then they get into television and lose all sense of authenticity and humanity.

    • I was watching Nat’s daughter, Bolders. She looked very serious. I was concerned that when it was Nat’s turn to be dumped on that the kids might be too young and find it upsetting. But then I zoned out on my knitting and forgot to watch when it was Nat’s turn.

      • Yes Daisy, I zoned out too – her son had his hands over his ears too. That shows you how loud and unnecessary the screeching was.

        Dane must have been happy to see that his girlfriend decided not to wear any pants when she surprised him. Must admit though, I could have done without seeing her hoohah as she straddled him.
        This might be the jungle but come on.

  7. I’m another one who found last night totally boring and taped it and then whizzed through most of it.
    Soooooooo disappointed my man Naz has gone. I think he is terrific and a great spokesperson for the young people of today.
    Big hoohaa about the families, you would think they haven’t seen them for months Or more. I agree with you Pandy, plenty of families including my own wait great lengths of time in between seeing loved ones, not to mention the poor families where the dads have to work away on a regular basis.
    You would think Nat’s wee lad would be used to her loud voice and screaming. Maybe he has his own set of headphones at home.
    It never crossed my mind that Casey could be singing to promote herself but who knows, stranger things have happened.
    I think that they have all been much more aware this series compared to other series and the conversations have been much more guarded or else channel 10 are deliberately keeping it suitable for it’s early time slot. Whatever, I found it mostly a bit boring this year. Some of the people have been very nice and I have liked them but most have not made for great viewing.

    I suppose you all knew this but I only found out last night that Lisa’s boyfriend is an Elvis impersonator and quite a bit of a player. I must have fast forwarded through those parts.

    • Yes, they have done stories in New Idea etc about his job as an Elvis impersonator. Apparently all the family love him and they all get on so well together.

    • I didn’t get the impression that Casey was there to promote her singing career, otherwise she would have been singing proper songs, or singing along with Jay on that really irritating ukulele, or with Nat who only sang the ocassional chorus.
      I do think she went in to lose weight. I think that was a biggie (no pun intended) for a number of them. I would be happy to be paid to go to the jungle to lose weight.

      • Oh no Bobi, I would love and need to lose weight but I can think of many other ways than eating the horrendous, obnoxious foods they were subjected too. The rice and beans yes but as for the extras, no thank you.
        As for Casey, I don’t know. I do know she has one beautiful unplugged voice and I do hope she does well when she leaves. I also hope
        I hope Lisa will be happy with her man when she leaves, we all deserve that. It’s good her kids get along with him, that is very important.
        I wonder if he pretends to be Elvis or pulls any Elvis moves when they are alone, that would be a bit creepy wouldn’t it?

      • I read that they were not allowed to sing proper songs so that’s why they were always made up, such as “What’s in the Bag”. Something to do with copyrights I suppose.
        I would love to lose some weight too, but too chicken to do the challenges.

        • Oh yes, I remember them saying something similar on Big Brother about not being allowed to sing proper songs.

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