I’m a Celeb – Wed and Thurs eliminations

We’re almost at the final, with two more celebs to go this week on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.
Last night Ash came a cropper. I’m thinking Lisa may be next to go. Bloody Collingwood fans (it’s not Magpie-ist for me to say it because I am one) are voting for Dane.



  1. Yes, Naz, Casey or Nat for the win. Definitely not Steve Price! I’m surprised Dane is still there and I don’t really want him to win either.
    I was going to say he has been flying under the radar but could we say that about most of them? I don’t think Dane is actually, I think what we see with Dane is Dane.
    We used that term heaps last year.

  2. Just registering on this page.
    Not overly excited by tonight’s episode. I think I am tired.
    Although it is nice to see Pricey in a good mood.

  3. And I just laughed out loud. That woke me up.
    Naz trying to high five Steve, and then Steve trying to avoid the followup hug.
    Now I’ll go back to sleep.

    • Pricey flat out lied about being on the show all those times on The Project. He ought to burn in hell for that.

      • Because of confidentiality and Channel 10 want the revealed of celebrities to be a surprise means he just has to keep denying it. He did the same on his radio show.

    • I was referring to the repeated denials by Pricey that he was going to Sth Africa when asked on The Project.before IAC started. It was the subject of some speculation.

    • Spoiler Alert: rant to follow. I’ve got no time for journalist. They spend four years learning how to ‘spin’ and then they complain when other people do the same to them. Seriously, what’s with sticking a microphone in someone’s face, asking an outrageously absurd question, knowing that they won’t get an answer. That’s for entertainment, not news. And don’t get me started on a ‘piece to camera’ in front of a vacant building, talking about an event as if they had actually been present and knew what was going on *huge eye roll, falls on floor*. And journalists wonder why they are lower than used car salesmen in the Trust Register.
      Why is this journalist complaining about the fact that he can’t spoil another journalist story. Fftt. Because he is not good enough to find a real story. Loathsome toad.

      • My next door neighbour is will stoop lower than a journalist to get a story. Peeking over the fence and spreading gossip quicker than a bushfire.

        • You must be too interesting then Dave. You have to live like Brian Dennehy, not a Kardashian. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

          Just pullin’ yer leg.

  4. The majority of journalists sell their souls for 30 pieces of silver.
    No wonder the general public don’t trust them. Here’s a heads up, how about reporting the truth without the bullshit. Fake news and personal political opinions is alive and well . Sick of it.

    What a Mrs Jessop you have as a neighbour, Dave!

    • Yes. Mrs Jessop, Dorrie Evans and Ena Sharples rolled into one aggressive package. It’s even a bit Mother & Son as there is a Bad Boy Bubby type son still living at home…..but hey, he’s only 60. Not time to spread his wings yet.

    • Footage of her standing at my front gate menacingly waving a bread knife would probably suit Countdown To Murder.

      Neigh~bours should be there for one another…

  5. Oh my God that challenge was hilarious with Steve & Naz sharing undies & putting all those stuffed toys in them.
    Steve laughing & smiling doing water aerobics. I think that’s the most he’s smiled the whole time he was there.
    Dane having to stuff up the dinner was hilarious. That’s the 2nd time they got a pie.
    Cheeky Lisa sneaking that vegemite in her wool. I would have picked something more exciting than vegemite to sneak in. So in future seasons they’ll be checking people’s wool & other belongings more thoroughly.

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