1. All we can say is how much was Anthony and Nadia paid for that performance?

    More cynically one would suspect Nadia was hoping for the Sam Frost narrative arc complete with a Sydney Radio Gig. (Then watch how fast she would hop on a flight to Sydney).

  2. I didn’t expect that with Susan and Sean but it’s not surprising either. That farm was pretty messy, and although not isolated from some QLD towns, it’s still idolated from Susan’s family and friends.

    • They said in the previews that all is not as its seems , and Susan was so unemotional with a smile on her face as she walked away, so I think they were acting. Only the week before she said she wanted to give it a go. At least try it for a few months, I bet all her friends will move on with their lives and forget all about her, and maybe her mother can move there too eventually. She is also used to working away in mines, so travelling back to see her family should be no problem. Why hasn’t Shaun told her if its beaches she wants, they are only half an hour away, and Fraser Island on her doorstep. Plenty of trendy coffee shops , shopping etc. I’m sick of them saying for ratings how remote Maryborough is. Be brave Susan and give it a go, nothing to lose.

      • That dirty farm would have put me right off. The spiders, and rotting food on the ground would have just been samples.

      • Maryborough is one of our favourite places to stop over when we drive up the Qld coast. A great little town.

  3. Its like the show that never ends!!
    Some of Anthonys comments last night during their time apart, were almost like, “i hope i have brainwashed her enough to realise my continuing to control her life is the best thing for her…. ”
    Agree about Susan and Sean, kinda surprised but not really. Although i feel like they might be like one of the couple from last season, she was from sydney, and him from a farm in eastern victoria, the distance and difference in lifestyles made it really hard to work.
    I hope next season, they dont make all the couples long distance… at least give them a fighting chance.

  4. I am now convinced that Susan and Sean were not a legitimate couple. I believe they were thrown into the mix by Channel 9 to make it look seem that the show works.
    Nothing ever fazed her, even when prince charming arrived on a horse, in a crumpled, dirty hat for the wedding had me suspicious!

    Her inane smile drove me to distraction.

      • Sean is singing “Achy Breaky Heart”, now.
        Nadia is singing, “Somebody That I used to Know”.

        Anthony is singing, “Get out in that Kitchen and Rattle Those Pots and Pans”.
        Simon, “don’t Fence me In”.
        They twins, “I’m going to be a Star”.
        Andy, “Shud uppa ya face”.

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