MAFS: The story so far

If you’ve missed Married at First Sight, read Daisy’s catchup, below, and her predictions for what lies ahead (thank you, Daisy!).

So MAFS viewers, it’s probably not long now to the end, when it will be revealed who makes that final stay/go choice. Then I will jump on google to see who lasted beyond that.
I doubt Alene will let Simon go without ten sessions at Relationships Australia. No wonder she got Simon to cut his hair. Her hen-pecking couldn’t get through the curls. Last week Simon had to jump through more hoops, such as shopping at Ikea, constructing a dining set, getting grilled by Alene’s girlfriends, cooking with his in-laws then getting poked and prodded awake.
Vanessa and Andy are a bit boring. There are no sparks there, individually or as a couple. They haven’t been a slow burn as the sexperts say, and barely even a dinner warmer. They might last after the show but we aren’t seeing signs of it.
Susan and Sean have been madly, deeply in love since first clapping eyes on each other, but it’s unlikely they will overcome the differences in location and life-style. Susan loves the beach, cafés, friends and family but Sean needs to work the farm right across the opposite side of the country. In spite of it being a doomed relationship, Susan and Sean have been making the most of this time to gaze into each others’ eyes, and bill and coo sweet words.


twins - Copy
Susan wasn’t fairing so well in the girl group though and made the mistake of stepping up to apologise to the queen bee twins. Two queen bees are scarier than one. Anyhow, her backhanded apology earned her a dressing down and a back-handed apology acceptance. It’s OK though because Sharon said she is only aggressive because she “feels so much”. That’s her excuse and we might all use it now. Anyway Susan won’t be invited to their baby showers.
I am waiting for stuck up Sharon to notice Nick actually is a bogan. Even when she saw him wearing her hair extension mullet, she didn’t see it.
I started with a friendly attitude toward the girls from Manji, but they seem like mean girls, even without the whips. The twins both have condescending attitudes and behaviour towards Nick and Jessie.
Jonesy outed Cheryl with his “Gotcha” when she couldn’t bring herself to kiss him. But it didn’t stop him from putting himself through the nightmare visit with Cheryl’s bastard dad.
I am sure Cheryl’s dad was bunging on, but I bet he didn’t have to dig deep for the role. McBastard Dad lambasted Jonesy for his casual attire, in spite of Cheryl wearing shorts and thongs herself.
BTW I was team Cheryl when Jonesy rocked up 9 minutes late and THEN wanted to shower and change. The popular “Hey Jonesy’s here” Jonesy leaves Cheryl but still goes to the dinner, where he secretly hands Sharon and Nick the news that Cheryl was a bitch and he has been sick over it. This gives Sharon a good sense of righteous indignation and ammunition against Cheryl, which she wasn’t allowed to use because Jonesy swore them to secrecy. The sexperts were team Chezza there.
Anthony and Nadia are a fascinating pair. Nadia recognises Ant is an arrogant know-all but says “it’s a decision to make it work”. Betcha anything this is a career decision. Anthony gets a glimpse of how Nadia “rolls” when she lays on the beach sunbaking when they have guests coming for dinner.
(Team Ant on that one. I cooked all week last week for an arvo tea party on Sunday). Ant sees Nadia’s flaky side but thinks he can fix it. Like a good controlling, narcissist he will manage his arm candy wife. Nadia clearly doesn’t like Ant and there is a “no you don’t buster” beneath her charmingly sweet amusement. At dinner Anthony brags about his uncanny sense of direction and throws in his little belittling remark at Nadia. It will be one of many if she stays with him. Which she won’t.
Well that was just my little recap summary. I will leave you with the trivia fact that MAFS has been rating really well so we can expect it to be made again next year. That means they will soon be calling for cast, so if any of you singles out there want a hubby, wife or just a chance to get on telly and would like to be matched with someone completely unsuitable, get your applications ready. 😉



  1. Maybe next season, they should just stage the show on a cruise with the sexperts acting the parts of Doc, Gopher and Julie.

  2. Geez, what is with the plunging neckline.

    Jesse…she is not into you. She describe you as her shadow (Vashta Nerada). The sexperts have told you, you have been friend-zoned.

  3. FFS. Anthony is still going on about the fridge.
    Nadia: Its like getting blood out of stone.
    Anthony: ..You have been frigid.

    You are doing your media profile no favours.

  4. How are these sexperts professionally accredited? The basic message the experts are given in the stay/leave combo is stay in an abusive relationship.

    What is the government message on domestic violence, again?

  5. Susan is really starting to grate me. With all the reasons why they can’t be together, yet they chose to “stay”. I suppose why not when you’re not paying for any of it.
    She and Sean obviously have feelings for each other. He can’t move, she can (with Mother in tow). Which would she prefer – Happy hour at her local pub with her friends, or being with someone she feels she has connected with, and who could give her a future with happiness?

    • That’s why it should be a cruise. Have the “holiday romance” and end it when the ship docks instead of the hours of prevaricating waiting for the cameras to stop rolling before being brutally honest with each other.

  6. Two couples should have gone tonight:

    Jesse and Michelle. When the words came out of her mouth, “You’re going to make someone very happy one day. You’re incredible.” The experts should have called her out on it and terminate their time in the experiment. Not, yeah, its completely okay to humiliate your partner for your enjoyment under the guise of friendship.

    Cheryl and Andrew. Cheryl is so desperate for an agent and media career she is willing to humiliate herself. 1) If she an ounce of self-respect she would have cleaned up her social media and ask her friends to do likewise before applying for the show. 2)She is no Kim Kardashian (stop it with the fillers and botox) and so her photographic past is not the start of a reality TV career but a license to denigrate. 3) She is too young to be on MAFS. 4) The experts should be ashamed that they have placed her in this position (probably because of point 1).

    Andrew. 1) Should have applied for Australian Idol *like* 10 years ago so he could have been told by the judges, nah,don’t give up your day job. 2) Terminally immature. FFS, you’re 38 compared to her 25. You need to be the adult, dress properly and be respectful even if you don’t like her 3) Cut the alcohol consumption.

  7. Given that it seems like Michelle and Nadia are both gritting their teeth and getting on with it, the Cheryl bashing by the other candidates seems unfair. Sharon especially needs to get off her high horse given that, clearly, Michelle is only enduring Jesse until the season is over.
    It would be nice if the producers (because I am not going to pretend it’s the sexperts) matched couples who actually were suited, especially geographically. That way we wouldn’t have a bunch of people riding it out and having to fake it.
    I don’t think Cheryl likes Andrew, but I also don’t believe Nadia likes Anthony and Sharon thinks Jesse is a virus, so I am going easy on Cheryl.
    Anyhow, it looks like some of the lads will show what bastards they are tomorrow night, when the rams will be separated from the goats (wa*kers). Sharon and Nick may indeed be well suited…but that’s not a compliment to either of them.

    On another subject, did we miss something? I thought Anthony had tried to kiss Nadia after the wedding, then under the waterfall and she ducked both times. So why was she accusing him of lacking affection. I thought she was the ice maiden (showing she’s just not into him). I would bet money on Nadia trying to boost her “career in media”.

    • We guess “frigid” is not something Nadia does not want to be remembered on national TV (when she wants a bikini contract) for so she deflects it back on to him.

      Michelle is there for Sharon. She is way too co-dependent. They would have been better off being matched with identical male twins who still dress the same also or just with Jonesy who they could share Big Love style.

      We think first season, they did try harder to match the contestants geographically, as they all seem to continue going to work but the producers thought (nah this wasn’t rating well in the other states particularly WA, no one is really on this show looking for love but boosting their brand) so hey let’s add as many obstacles as possible. So in the end none of these relationships are going to work when most of these contestants as in their 30s and settled somewhat.

  8. After watching the first two couples being grilled on the couch by the so called sexperts and then agreeing to STAY when they each can’t stand each other, I lost interest in the remainder of the show.
    So it was very satisfying to clean the kitchen after a tasty dinner.
    All those commitment ceremonies are starting to get on the nose. Me thinks they are dragging this so called experiment out. Though like a car crash, one can’t help but tune in.
    Cheryl, Nadia and the twins are all on for a reality career and self promotion. So obvious.

  9. Totally agree with you Lola, its obvious most couples are staying for no good reason apart from finding fame and fortune.
    Nadia must be desperate to stay with arrogant Anthony after the way he speaks about her. Maybe she is “frigid” because she’s just not into you Anthony!
    Andrew was terrible too bagging Cheryl to all the guys, it was good to see at least two of the guys saying it wasn’t right, although they could have stood up to him a bit more instead of saying how they felt later to the cameras.
    Next time, the show should show more “average” looking people such as Sean and Susan, but make sure they only live around the corner from each other as its clear no one wants to move away for love no matter what.

  10. The race caller and the fireman are bottom feeders. Just appalling. It’s a problem when the fireman doesn’t know when his arse is on fire. Pretty clear he has only one love….alcohol.

      • The mickey mouse sexperts might as well have hooked MacBa$tard and Juicing Jonesy as a couple for their ill- conceived “experiment”

  11. Gee, Sean has already bought Susan an eternity ring.
    6 weeks on this show must feel like an eternity. Don’t call me shallow but if Sean had an amazing expensive property in Queensland, Susan and her mother would be there in a flash. No air conditioner, food dumped outside, spiders in the Kitchen and a basic rental is not going to seal the deal for poor Sean. He seems a decent bloke and was the only one appalled by Jonesy apart from Simon at the KFC boys fest last night.

    Is it just me or is the “expert” who sits in the middle of the couch just a bit too preoccupied with the couples intimate lives!

  12. I thought the bux night is tonight, which means there should be more to see. Yes, Simon and Sean made the sign of the cross but I want to see what Jesse said. He seems like he needs to grow some lebanese meat balls like Simon has.

  13. I think Michelle owns his meatballs on a platter. Is he thick or what? Michelle has zero chemistry with newly tanned Jesse.

    • When your gf sees you in a gstring and falls over wetting herself laughing, you can bet she isn’t hot for you. Is Jesse dense? He seemed surprised when Michelle said he would make a good boyfriend for someone else.

      I love the stay/stay requirement. Jonesie was ready to scowl off into the sunset but was forced to bitch his way through another week. Michelle, Sharon and Jonesie will be able to go out together after the show.

  14. Oh dear, Anthony believes in primogeniture. Can’t see Anthony embracing #DadsWhoPlayBarbie

    He then puts his foot in it further, “Getting matched with Nadia is like asking Santa Claus for a bike and getting a skateboard”.

    Just keep digging Anthony.

  15. Nadia must be a masochist to stay with Anthony or her reality TV career and future modelling contracts trumps all the insults Anthony hurls her way.

    Oh Cheryl and Jonesy – just break up would you! If one partner wants to leave its cruel to make the couple continue. Those Channel 9 producers are sadistic pigs. All for drama and ratings. Andrew is a total bore and so immature. He is an idiot, no wonder the first bride did a runner.

  16. Andrew telling John that last night is hazy and can’t quite remember. Dude, you have a drinking problem and need to contact AA.

    He just said Cheryl has no right to be upset as she doesn’t know *exactly* what he said.

    • For someone who can’t remember what he said the previous night, he wasn’t in too much of hurry to clarify exactly what he said and did was he?!!

      Never any flies on Jonesy are there?!!

  17. Vanessa is such a PAIN .
    Andy could do so much better. Run man.
    Vanessa is 31 and still a student and doesn’t like to cook. Grow up – it’s like she is still a girl-adult.

  18. Jesse’s stepdad and parents should replace the experts. They have called Michelle out on wasting Jesse’s time.

  19. Andrew: “It obviously wasn’t a big deal. So just trust me. ”

    Cheryl that magazine spread is so not worth this. He does not respect you. He is a liar. Just run!

    • Jonesie is a “Liar, liar, pants on fire” . Lucky he’s a fireman.

      Waiting for him to rip into Sean for telling now.

  20. Jonesie really is on the nose. Lauren must have seen it. Has he forgotten that the cameras were rolling?
    The twins have tickets on themselves. And that Sharon knows how to give a damn good berating. My favourite part of the night was Jesse’s stepdad telling Michelle, “Tick, tick, tick” those eggs aren’t going to wait forever. Still, it was probably a set up because her Dad didn’t stick up for her.
    Cheryl and Jonesie went from horse riding to flogging a dead horse. I guess McOldBastard dad was right about Jonesie, and no amount of dressing for the occasion can help.
    Oh, and I did gasp out loud when Sharon gave herself credit for polishing a poop. I just don’t get how girls think it’s OK to talk like that, and still think they look good to the in laws. (I’m old). If Sharon was REALLY listening, she would have heard what Nick’s mate was actually, unintentionally saying; That Nick really is a jerk. Because guess what, if he was a jerk 5 weeks ago……
    The ones I like the most are Simon and Alene, even though Alene does like to hound Simon until he does what she wants. He seems kind of comfortable with that dynamic.

  21. I see no romance between Nick and Sharon. Maybe it’s the editing, but I don’t see the longing looks, embraces, kissing – anything!
    I totally agree with you Daisy, Nick’s friend was so surprised at the Nick he saw before him – there’s only so long one can keep up a facade.

  22. Nick is a bogan, but then the twins are no rocket scientists either.

    Alene likes to henpeck Simon that’s for sure. I don’t see many longing looks from Simon for Alene, although I think Alene would be keen as mustard.
    No sparks either for Andy and Vanessa.
    The only affectionate couple are Sean and Susan. Susan is no oil painting, maybe she should rethink Maryborough and just give the place a good clean and makeover. Hey that could be an hours show, the farm before and after, get “The Block” to give it a redo. Now that’s at least 4 entertaining episodes.

  23. The twins are bogans; glamogans. One of them was wearing her light blue glamogan trakkie daks last night.

    • Michelle makes out as if deciding if you like someone is like working out a really difficult algerbraic equation. She has known since the wedding she has no feelings toward Jesse, yet she has carried on as if it is something to work out. As Sophia Loren sang to Peter Sellers; the heart goes boom-b-de-boom. No way should those girls have been laying in to Cheryl for faking it.

    • So it was concluded with “let’s sweep this all under the rug.”

      It was disgusting. No-one took any responsibility.

  24. Jonesie says Cheryl is rude, but then asks if he gets more than one go to the question, “What don’t you like about Cheryl?”
    Also bagging out your date in a belittling, insulting way isn’t rude???

  25. If those twins had any spark of decency or were at all nice girls, they would have not have encouraged and joined Jonesie when he was insulting Cheryl. They really are mean girls. And you wouldn’t think a guy could be worse than Anthony, but Jones is a pig.

  26. FB is going off at what wa**ers most of the guys have been, especially Jonesie. There will be no worming out when they see watch the episodes.

  27. Last night was perturbing on a number of levels:
    1. What a number of participants in the experiment failed to realised that the gendered night of entertainment was designed to show fidelity to your partner. What happened at the Boys’ night was the objectification of Cheryl and it would appear of Lauren also judging by the fleeting references to threesomes.

    In a show like this, the audience will accept that you may not be suited to the person you are matched with but that is not a license to denigrate rather you should be future-proofing future relationships. Past behaviour predicts future outcomes.

    Andrew’s problem seems to be threefold 1) He is an aggressive drunk 2) He rages with hostility when a woman does not “put out for him” 3) He has zero self awareness that with a 25 year old he is the adult in the relationship. Put it this way, no one looks kindly if a Year 12 student beats up on a Kindergartener (which is the age difference between the pair).

    2. The “gaslighting” of Cheryl. The participants seem to have forgotten that they are filmed but they all sat around the table denying what happen. Scratch the surface and the rape culture is alive and well in Australia.

    3. No-one is going to say Cheryl is innocent but what she does/or did do in the past does not give a free pass to the others to deny her identity and personhood. Jesse is an absolute idiot (who can’t read social situations at all) but he did stumble upon why Cheryl was fair game. They think she is a slut.

    4. The group dynamic is poisonous and seems to focus around the triumvirate of the twins and Andrew (fatal mistake of casting people who know each like that). They control the group of who is in and out. The other participants seem to anxious to stay in their good graces. On social media Sean and Simon have been labelled “dogs” for breaking the bro-code.

    5. The experts. If this was an “experiment” where is the ethics committee on this one? We have some sort of Government initiative to domestic violence but we have a FTA programme in prime time implicitly saying that domestic violence is AOK. 1) If one person of the couple wants to leave then let them leave. You want to message to the community that it is okay to leave a situation that you are not comfortable with. But no, the experts/producers see ratings gold as resentment builds. 2) Sitting by and watching Andrew abuse Cheryl. Emotional abuse. You won’t call him out on it so as far as the profession(psychological) is concerned that is fine.

  28. Cheryl did well to keep cool at the table while Jonesie derided and dissed her and his fans supported him. I wonder if there is any point at which, the evil twins, Nick and Anthony would step up and say, “That’s not on Jones”.
    SM is going off on Andrew the bastard after last night but I have seen less on the rwins, who I think are real mean girls. Even though I doubt Nadia’s motives for being there, she at least gravitates to Cheryl and not the two headed monster.
    TV gold last night, but Cheryl’s McDad will be looking for Jones today to make haggis of his sporan.

    • Of course not, the issue is they don’t think they did anything wrong or Andrew did anything wrong.

      When people like Susan apologise to the twins, it just reassures them that “they are not the bullies” and have good “morals”.

      • The only person to have un-repentantly called one of the twins out is Jesse’s stepfather. Not the experts, not the other participants only his step-father.

  29. Andrew won’t be able to show his face on the street today. Now there’s a fire he can’t put out.
    Disgusting that Anthony and Nick backed him and that the twins encouraged him by engaging in exclusive conversation.

    • There are places that Andrew can show his face (maybe not at the “Anchorage” on the Gold Coast).

      There are a lot of people out there who think Cheryl deserved it because she can be rude/topless Insta photos and her father is crass.

      • If you ignore the fake boobs, and whatever pics are out there, Cheryl has behaved quite well, especially under fire. She is very strong and polite.
        BTW, I read that Andrew said, the “I don’t want to kiss you” was a joke set up by producers, and that they had been kissing.

        • So is he blaming the editing now?

          The immediate problem lies in what happened on Boys’ night and the aftermath. Denial.

  30. Well said Daisy and Maz.
    That they all sat around the table and not owning up to what happened speaks volumes.
    Sean, Simon, Susan and Nadia at least have a conscious and a moral compass. Cheryl was the bigger person last night and Andrew owes her a huge apology, but because he thinks it’s ok to verbally abuse someone and he has no awareness ,
    it won’t be forthcoming.
    Jesse has the emotional maturity of a 10 year old boy.

    • Anthony, Nick and the two headed monster back a loser last night. Anthony has already shown that he has no idea when his words are offensive, so perhaps he really believes Andrew’s talk was fine.
      I was prepared to loke those Manji twins but all I see in them now is those girls at school who you thought were in or popular but it was only because they exuded power and other girls were scared of them.
      I wish Alene would stop trying to mould Simon into her ideal husband. If she stops grooming him for a life together, I might like them. I feel like slapping her and saying, “Alene”, go to the country and stop micro managing Simon”.

  31. Has anyone been to MAFS fb? Andrew is clearly today’s villain, but there were at least 5 villains there last night. I didn’t hear Andy or Jesse man up. Mind you, poor Jesse is struggling to boy up. He has had his manhood in a vice since the wedding. Michelle took Daddy’s whip home with her. She doesn’t use it. Just keeps it as a warning.

    • Jesse was trying so hard to get off the kids’ table and onto the adults’ table it was embarrassing.

      Not that he would have countered Jonsey as that would have upset Michelle.

  32. Andy piped up with, “We are a family- I don’t like confrontation or arguments”
    Not good enough Andy, not good enough.

    • Been watching the odd encore in the afternoons and again on weekends along with IAC reruns next day. Plus the commentaries here. It’s hard to watch them all and still have the will to live.

      I’m a bit mesmerized by the two Jerry Halls.

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