Married at First Sight – final commitment ceremony

Looking for a man who will belittle you and then lie about it? Don’t miss your chance to apply for the next season of MAFS!

Tonight is the final commitment ceremony and tomorrow (Mon), the blurb says: The remaining couples go on their final dates before the vow renewal ceremonies when they will decide whether or not to leave the experiment together or go their separate ways.
But that’s not the end of it – the final dates spill over to Tuesday night.
And then on Sunday, March 19: The final dinner party. Each couple comes under scrutiny as they open up in front of the others on the state of their relationships as they head towards their vow renewal ceremony.

And now’s it’s over to Daisy for the story so far (thank you, WA correspondent):
Wow. This week the sparks flew. MAFS was chock full of drama, conflict and faux romance. Most of the focus was on floundering couples; Jesse and Sharon, and Andrew and Cheryl, but let’s look between the lines at some of the supporting cast first.
Simon and Alene are plodding along like a couple who have already celebrated their silver wedding anniversary. Alene is extremely bossy and wants to change a lot of what makes Simon, Simon. It remains to be seen if Simon will go for this. Simon was team Cheryl after the stag night and tells Alene so, but speaks up only quietly in support of her at the dinner party. Simon and Alene agree that Cheryl has had a raw deal from some of the cast, and hasn’t deserved the baggings.
Sean and Susan seem to have a genuine liking for each other. Susan swoons every time Sean says or does something gallant, kind or manly. Sean swoons everytime Susan swoons. These two seem a decent, mushy couple.
Vanessa and Andy have drifted into being extras with non speaking parts. The issue for them continues to centre around Andy finding his voice. It’s not surprising that he had little to say about The War of the Roses. If there is any romance there, it’s not even a slow burn but more like sous vide (I googled the slowest cooking method).
Nadia and Anthony have been colourful and central players. Anthony just might be for real, but I doubt it. Anthony and Nadia play cards at home, then in public turn up the heat. Anthony starts attempting to praise Nadia as best he can in his, “You’re not what I ordered” kind of way, while Nadia pretends to accept Anthony and dismiss all the red flags by saying, “That’s just Anthony”.
The doppleganger are a real treat. Sharon, or is it Michelle loves Nick, yeah right. He is such a dick. She will give him the flick as soon as she realizes that, or he will boot her out when he realizes she’s a bitch. From the beginning Sharon has squirmed everytime she looks at Jesse, but she continues to drag out her tv opportunity by pretending to be “so confused”. The twins’ form is often most evident at the dinner parties, where they turn on the “Jonesie, Jonesie, ha ha ha”, and “It was hilaaaaaarious”. They also start the hall pass fire by instigating the “tell us your top five hottest celebrities, Jonesie” game. Their conversations tend to be pretty exclusive of those outside of their inner circle, including Jesse. So Jesse gets pished and embarrasses himself with a macabre explanation of how to fake your own death, which in his case is totally unnecessary because he IS dying. Anyhow, Jesse loves crime shows and Sharon.
Trumping Jesse’s brain glitch, was Cheryl and Jonesie’s ugly war of words. Cheryl held her poise while Andrew became increasingly vindictive.

The twins aided and abetted Andrew in a manner that only glamorous, or glamboganous girls can, with charm and flair, although, to be fair, they did eventually gasp at his final swipe. Andrew stooped lower and lower into the gutter of trash talking mysogeny, while we saw the boys divide into dickhead lads who supported it, those who stepped up like Sir Galahad, and those who found a safe fence on which to watch the game. It seems Sean came out the winner, and for that he impressed Susan and Cheryl, who just wants to know who has got her back.
The dinner table war was big, and from comments all over social media, it has been Andrew who has had to leave his house disguised as Inspector Clousseau. He has copped a well-deserved sm backlash, but it’s all been great TV ratings for MAFS.



  1. Oh Daisy, there is a new trashy relationship show on par with Bold and the Beautiful-The Last Resort. Just saw the preview while they drag the whole Jesse and Michelle saga over yet another ad break.

    • OMG, Maz. I saw that. I looked at Woolif and said, “Where was this show when we needed couples councelling 30 years ago?” But seriously, it looks more humiliating than going on Dr Phil, so Last Resort would definitely be a last resort. It looks like it will be painful to watch, but I probably will.

    • Sorry I mixed their names up in my blaah blaah. What the heck is Michelle doing? She KNOWS she doesn’t like Jesse.

      I also wonder if seeds of doubt were sewn in Andrew’s mind way back when the twins and Anthony questioned and attacked Cheryl’s motives on the first night they arrived to dinner as a couple.

  2. At last Cheryl and Andrew both ask to LEAVE – about time to call that a day.
    John the so called expert is exhausting to listen to , I just feel like telling him to put a sock in it.

    • Reviewing last week’s show I noticed the 3 voyeur psychs watching Jonesie’s tantrum and nod and say knowingly, “Now he is being nasty”. That takes an expert?

  3. Why didn’t Sean and Simon both say something on the night of the “boys night” if they felt so strongly about it? If Sean had Cheryl’s “back” as they keep using this term (Ugg), then why not speak up when you actually see / hear it happening?
    Sean got his dutch courage at the dinner party when he had Susan by his side, so he could “fan his feathers” and impress her – it sure worked!

    • True, Why. Very true. Well from what we saw. Mind you if Sean had confronted Jonesie, Nick and Anthony (the main offenders) it would have sparked a reaction that I am sure would have gone to air. So it’s probably just as you say.

  4. Yet again, Cheryl feels picked on, gave it her all, why do they do this to me, I was there for the best intentions yarn.
    Never any flies on this one, always the victim, never to blame, throws it out there, then steps back and everyone goes into bat – do you know what I mean? (To quote Cheryl)

    I am certainly not saying Andrew is innocent, but something must have made him react to things the way he did, albeit in a nasty, immature way.

    • If you haven’t had a bath for a week, sit next to someone stinkier who hasn’t bathed for a month. πŸ˜‰ You might smell like a rose.

      • This is why the bride traditionally carries a bouquet because in the past it was necessary to disguise body odour as much as possible because people wouldn’t bathe frequently.

  5. If Jesse was ever to get married hopefully his parents’ will insist on a pre-nup agreement as he can’t fend for himself and is easy prey.

    • Hopefully his eagle-eyed, cut to the chase step dad will keep a close eye on him from now on.
      As for Cheryl’s McDad; he might be coming for Jonesie….

  6. The producers must have binge read a pile of Mills & Boons and decided rip ‘last date” from the pages.

    1. Sharon not to be outdone by Michelle turns the crocodile tears on replete with hand waving.
    2. Vanessa is a bitch
    3. Anthony makes a fatal mistake and buys a dress for Nadia from a chain store (Dude, the romance novel dictates it should be haute couture).
    4. Jesse, Jesse, Jesse. Go home to Adelaide. She is not into you.

    • Anthony putting on the appalling Pavarotti impersonator, the dress and the comment about Nadia’s breasts. A trifecta of fails there.

      • Aaaaah! Anthony is choosing Nadia’s clothes now. Less Pretty Woman (When Richard Gere chose that lovely brown silk polka dot dress) and more Sleeping With the Enemy. Luckily Nadia is really only adding to her media credentials.

    • Hey Maz, Daisy, I didn’t watch this show much (my housemate is the fan so would see some snippets) – Vanessa wasn’t shown much was she? What’s her story on the show and plus wasn’t she the one in the trailers that had her hysterically crying about whining about what was wrong with her that she wasnt married yet? Those types always annoy me.

      • No, Bolders, Vanessa and Mark fell off the radar a bit because all the action was happening between Cheryl, Jonesie, the mean Twins and Anthony and Nadia. Simon and Alene were cute and entertaining in a “Can you stop pinching me” sort of way. I can’t wait to see if they last. Simon will just have to be quietly stubborn because Alene thinks he is clay to be moulded.

        • Not sure Alene can tell shit from clay….

          Never been married ….must be something wrong with me, too.(sob)

        • So why is Vanessa tagged as a b!tch Daisy?

          Nothing wrong with your sense of humour Dave – nothing wrong with you.

          • Not sure Bolders. She doesn’t bother me, but some don’t like her. It’s probably a case of “I hate bananas, you love bananas”.
            I’ll take this opportunity to reiterate, I am happy for people to disagree. Maybe some knew a “Vanessa” and it triggers insight. I have seen a few Queen Bees who are only nice to the Jonesies, so I don’t like the twins.
            Arlene would dive me mad because I’m not a fan of the, “You should be doing such and such”. My family has a lot of them. It’s a left over trait from our Sr Lankan/Indian background where all family members are entitled to tell you what you should be doing, so maybe it’s a Lebanese thing too. I picture Simon ending up like Mrs Buckets hubby.

          • Guess we are alone with our assessment of Vanessa. She is exceptionally aggressive and condescending in the manner in which she talks to Andy.

            Unfortunately, the sexperts and Vanessa think that introversion (shyness) is something you just get over. That it is a DEFECT. Not that we think Andy is shy just introverted and quiet (and there is nothing wrong with that).

            At the communal meals she expects Andy to behave like a performing seal. She comes across as nagging and in a social situation you can imagine her being quite a passive aggressive bitch if Andy doesn’t play along.

            The incident in the park, where Andy got angry was her just goading him, “You got to talk to me about it.” You might talk to a five year old like that not a potential partner.

            Continue like this (and with absolutely no cognition that she needs to meet him halfway) and she will end up ALL ALONE.

            Vanessa is in full BITCH mode tonight.

  7. Just watching the start, and waddya know….. Sharon is now conveniently getting cold feet about Nick. You mean she doesn’t need to fake it any more? And these girls bitched at Cheryl. πŸ˜’

  8. Nadia has just decided she doesn’t want to be forced into it. The fakes are all getting the show is over perfectly timed cold feet.

  9. A convenient excuse for why she wants out once the cameras stop rolling? She is worse than her sister who at least couldn’t fake it past friendzone.

  10. Michelle should have left weeks ago. Jesse is obviously very inexperienced in relationships. He can’t pick up on any of the signs and words from Michelle that mean I am not interested. Michelle is not attracted to him, hasn’t got the guts to end it, so she strings Jesse along with false hope for yet another week.

    Did anyone notice that when she spat the dummy and stormed off from her apartment, there was a cushion left on the floor, to keep the door slightly ajar to make her exit more swift!! Less effective if you have to fumble and wait for the door to be unlocked etc. if you’re storming off!! πŸ™‚

    I always knew that there was nothing between Nick and Sharon. I have never been convinced. ‘Never seen them kiss even. Has anyone seen otherwise??

    • Well spotted on both counts, Why. I do not believe for one second those twins were tnere for any other reason than a chance to get famous on tv. There is the coincidence that neither of them could find a boyfriend without help from the show.

    • Yep. πŸ˜‚ I thought Anthony response was the best thing he said all season.

      Tonight’s ep was a lot of repetition.

  11. Why is Nadia there? Oh yes, to bump up her modelling career. She is not there to find love.
    At least Anthony was talking sense during the free dinner.
    The show is dragging out!

  12. Complete this sentence uttered by Anthony during his vows to Nadia in the original wedding ceremony (replayed last night):

    “Today you are my number one …..”

    (a) Chattel
    (b) Slave
    (c) Housekeeper
    (d) All of the above

    Michelle is getting so emotional, not because she’s deciding what her feelings for Jesse really are (obvious if you utter “My heart and my gut are telling me to leave”), but because she’s caught in that delicate balancing act about when to leave in order to best maximise her exposure on TV for her show reel, yet not come across as a total biatch who is leading Jesse on by the balls. (The answer: when her twin leaves).

    When that boys’ night ep exploded I felt the real enjoyment that only reality TV can bring: being able to get all judgey-judgey about how other people conduct their relationships.

  13. Well, well. Thank you for the article on Lachie, Maz.

    I commented earlier on in the piece, that Andrew “Jonesie” reminded me of Lachie.

  14. Such trash Daisy but I love it.
    Not hard to predict there would be cracks in the Lara Bingle/Sam Worthington marriage. She is an absolute self absorbed fruitcake. He could have done so much better than her. Buyers remorse!

    The Cheryl/Andrew saga keeps on rolling on.
    Trashy magazine fodder!

    • I was amazed at how few ads it had. Last time I read a fashion mag in a doc’s waiting room, there were way more ads than features.
      But the stories were….well I had forgotten what they were like but …rubbish.
      What is funny is that the characters who were the IT people have been replaced with new younger darlings whose names I have never heard before, but who are now the new prettiest and best. Give it a decade and they too will join Paris Hilton and Kate Fisher, now Tzipporah.
      The Carousel of Life. Jonie.
      Old Man Look Look at My Life. Neil Young.

      • It was worth the wait. Not sure if I’d call Jerry Hall’s work “art” however…’s better than the dude addicted to strip clubs. That could take a lifetime to cure.

        Looking forward to tomorrow night.

    • Aren’t we lucky we were teenagers before the internet and all of our photos were taken with a kodak instamatic. πŸ˜‡

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