1. These old ducks have talked a big game, they’re not that easy on the eye and I don’t believe that they are shacked up in that beige Pondero$a that supposedly “intimidates”.

  2. “There’s no saving duck that’s over-cooked.”

    And I feel like truer words were never spoken.

    • See, I would’ve thought Josh’s advice for a dinner party would be, “KEEP ME AWAY FROM THE KITCHEN! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY AND RIGHT IN THE WORLD, DON’T LET ME COOK!” or something to that affect.

  3. If you live in The Gong why would you buy your seafood at Coles? Also, can the MKR makeup team convince Mell to move away from orange blusher.

    • I note they slapped Coles fresh produce in the face by shopping at an actual greengrocer. Hilarious!
      Happy they cooked with crab – amazingly for sale at Coles right on cue- I can be smug that my prediction they’d use expensive ingredients fulfilled.
      I thought they were way less annoying and divisive than I thought they would be. They were possibly even bordering on supportive. They took criticism on the chin and didn’t whine.
      No way am I believing 40/42. Ten years must have been surgically removed as well as the rest.

  4. I really liked the concept and look of thier dessert…but then I love chocolate and if you put it with fruit is is healthy!!!!!

  5. I was surprised that they scored as high as they did. The dessert wasn’t what was promised at all and if I got that at a restaurant I would send it back. When she was rolling out the dough and putting it into the baking pan it looked dry and surprised that she didn’t realize that. The inside was not cooked and it just looked bad. Too much stuff with the crab and not enough sides with the duck.

  6. I counted at least three times Cyn told us they weren’t intimidated by the judges and lost count of the number of times they said about the other teams being intimidated by them and her house.
    Get over yourselves.
    I am another that thought they looked early 50’s.
    I thought they massacred the crab, the duck was borderline overlooked and the spuds were ridiculous. Enough has been said about desert.
    The Lebanese girls definitely over scored, which stuck out like the proverbial.
    You could tell who they wanted to go in to the cook off with, not that I think there was ever really any doubt that it would be the teenagers.
    I hope the teenagers wipe the floor with them.

  7. These burned out old ducks were just on The Morning Show , Mell was flicking her new hair around to distraction. Fancy being intimidated by these boring ,dated old ducks.

    I’ll check Coles later. Betcha there’s no blue swimmer crabs to be found.

  8. It’s no wonder they had to pick the crab to death to make sure there was no shell in it; you can extract crab meat without bashing the whole shell into smithereens. It’s finicky work, but I guess they didn’t want to break their nails.

    And you know Colin was going to say his duck skin was not crispy, even if it had been, because the old broads argued with him and threw him out of the kitchen. Let’s not pretend that the judges are totally impartial.

    Any time you have to spend ages patching pastry with broken-off pieces, your tart shell is not going to come out as one nice whole bit. Blonde woman didn’t seem to know that, even when the second batch was still dry and crumbly. Then she blamed the baking paper.

    The old ducks did pretty much get on with the job, surprisingly, but I don’t suppose they ordinarily act as nasty with each other as they did at the other IRs.

    The best scene for me last night – the look on blonde one’s face when dark-haired one told her to “work those lunch lady arms”.

    • Omg, have you seen the blond one’s nails? I instantly turned to my husband and said “You’d think somebody so vastly, vastly wealthy would get a freaking manicure before your big night”

  9. C’mon Bambi, you can do it!

    Wow!. Two judges who don’t look like homeless gice.

    ” Crusty bread ” Say it isn’t so.

  10. How many times are they going to show that girl dropping potatoes? And why are the spuds so tiny? Learning a new word from the other team “de-shell”. Umm, peeled?

  11. If Manu tells you to taste raw mixture, you taste raw mixture…. are they not even testing to see if the fritters are cooked inside?

  12. sooo the Bambi’s won. Have to say they are at least nice to each other not like the cousins….who just can’t work as a team. So there is another elimination tomorrow night, with the supposed seafood king. He really needs to go…full of himself and no skill at all….at anything!!!!!

  13. Why would you not serve sauce with a couscous salad? Couscous is soo dry – tasty, yes, but it needs moisture. Sarah forgot to add olive oil to the olive oil ice cream. They need to chuck it and find some whipped cream or yoghurt.

  14. The Lebanese girls are frying the nuts in a tonne of oil – why not dry fry? I am hoping it’s just the edit that makes it look like she took the lamb straight from the fridge to the chargrill.

  15. Honestly, both these teams are so bland and one-dimensional that I’m not really sure I care that much over which of them goes home.

    • I know. Eugh. What a horrible, awful little man.

      What’s the old TV saying? If there’s a team that you don’t want to win, then don’t cast them! And why is this great sodding wanker on national television?

    • Mell calling herself a bitch didn’t help their image a lot. The other one didn’t need a lot of help in looking horrible. I don’t get the “made” bit.

    • They didn’t seem like such awful sourpusses in this episode. They actually complimented some of the dishes and smiled and laughed. Probably because they were relieved that they were not in the sudden death cook off and they didn’t need to try their “intimidation” tactics out on anyone. 😉

      However they should understand that programs are edited and if they make statements about how they are better than others, that they are bitches, etc., that will be focused on. They should have just smiled and kept their mouths shut.

    • Thanks for your links but unfortunately they are saying I have reached a limit and now have to pay to read any of these links.
      What a bummer.
      Anyone else come across this before?

      • I got the same. Some garbage about it being a premium article. But all the major news sites are free.

        • An article can often be found elsewhere by typing in the name of the article, e.g. lama & sarah blame personal tragedy. The article will come up at other sites.

          • Yes Ann is right. Also, news.com.au usually has same stories for free if you just go to the “pink” entertainment section. So most TV stories you can’t read on the Tele, Herald Sun, Tiser etc sites you can find there

  16. Josh needs a kick in the butt. What an as###@@ he is . He cant be serious with that attitude. I hope Court bash him up

  17. I admit that it’s kind of cool seeing all the teams inter-acting (and I really hope that Tyson/Amy and Tim/Kyle reveal their insanely good scores to the other teams, just to blow their minds a little). Plus, we get to hang out with the cool and interesting teams again, like Court/Duncan or the Tim and the afore-mentioned Bearded Man Mountain.

    Unfortunately it also means we’re stuck in a room with Mr and Mrs Wanker and the old ducks again. I don’t know how people like Josh function. He’s just so self-obsessed, to the point of being slightly unhinged. When he said to the camera, “We want people to be worried about us!” I was like, yeah, we are, but not for the reason you think.

  18. Does anyone else kind of want to see Kyle just shrug his gigantic shoulders, murmur, “Enough of this bullshit” and then pick up Josh and break him over his knee like a twig?

    I’d watch the crap out of that.

    • I want to punch Josh in the face. Before the contestants never showed dislike for other teams in front of the judges. Now the producers will be rubbing their hands and figure how to get Court and Duncan face off with Josh and them kick them out of the comp. Grr…… I am angry

        • I wish there was some way to mask the TV so that whenever Josh is on his face gets blocked or blurred. I am so tired of seeing his smirking. I don’t even want to hear anything he has to say. He is a real a$$! That goes for Amy, too. She was smirking along with him right before the judges confirmed that Court’s and Duncan’s pudding was set correctly.
          Hope they are eliminated early on because the two of them make it very difficult to watch MKR.

    • Hello everyone its been a while! 🎈

      Oh no stay strong Juz! My Mr 5 is in kindy too and it really takes a while for them to settle to school routine. 💕

      Re: MKR, Josh is an ass! I wonder if he is just putting on an act or this is him IRL as I’ve never come across anyone so mean and arrogant! I’d be embarassed to be married to someone like that. 😬

  19. How can someone (Josh) with no apparent redeeming qualities be so arrogant? I did laugh when Josh “guaranteed” Della and Tully’s fish wouldn’t be cooked – I knew then it would be perfectly cooked.
    I’m not a fan of the horrid little wife either.

  20. Court explained why she is not taking the s##t from Josh.
    “We found the way that Josh treated his wife and the way he treated other contestants in general really confronting,” Court says. “He even told us that our hyphenated surname was offensive.

    “I have a social justice streak in me and while some people sat by, I couldn’t, and I called him out on his sh** quite a lot.


    • If he’s talking to his wife like he’s talking to the rest of the contestants, then I’d say there’s a lot that they’re not showing us. Because the edit that Amy is getting from channel 7 is a silent partner (who stands there silently while Josh does his thing), or just as silly as he is (I remember her saying to the camera during their instant restaurant, “We don’t order fish when we go to restaurants, because we can cook it better at home!” I mean, that even *sounded* like crap. It was nice that, an hour later, they proved it).

      But it wouldn’t surprise me if he treats her poorly as well. He seems to have a general contempt for everybody who isn’t himself. Interesting that he pissed off just about everybody last night, including people who barely knew him. I don’t see him as a great villain, he’s just a self-obsessed wanker, and when put in a crowd of people who aren’t gonna take his crap, he’s getting angry and defensive. His eventual elimination will be hilarious, but I wonder how badly channel 7 is going to milk this idiot for ratings.

      I found it interesting where the article said that he and his wife aren’t interested in doing an interview to clear the air. I’d suggest that his (enormous) ego just can’t deal with failing on national television, but hopefully he’s in for a fair bit more humiliation, the great sodding prat.

  21. Making fun of a hyphenated surname when your name is “Meeuwissen” .Am I missen something? You’re in a massive glasshouse there, Josh.

    No wonder he won’t show for interviews.

    Only 14 teams left. We’re here for a long time, not a good time.

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