MKR – finally, a public challenge

Hooray – some of the dregs are gone and tonight on My Kitchen Rules we get to see teams actually cooking in public. No more instant restaurants – for a while, at least. Thank god for that.
Tonight they get to cook for what looks like the Nippers of a surf lifesaving club. Cooking in a sandy environment with the sun beating down on them could make for frayed tempers.
The promo makes it seem that Amy and Uber Tyson come a cropper, so they are probably perfectly safe.



  1. So they’re at the seaside? Anyone else hoping that a piece of local fauna either stings, bites, attacks, or craps on Josh? I am. I totally am.

  2. I love Colin…aside from his accent…he said that Court and Duncans salmon was pretty good and they could probably teach the seafood king a thing or 2….lol

  3. “Never cooked on a barbecue before” Cringe. Poor little Bambi.

    Oh, I forgot, these are the “best home cooks in Australia”.

    It’s not the end of the world , Tyson. Harden up.

    • And the seafood king did sausage in a roll…which didn’t impress the judges.
      Amy and Tyson seem to be in real trouble..late with thier food and the meat was dry….shame as they could cook…but maybe they are not versatile..which you have to be if you want to win.

  4. I think Josh is living in fairy land…he says …a lot of teams did seafood, maybe we should have done seafood as we would have done it better!!!! So i have immediately said out loud WTF causing the cat to jump of my lap…lol.

  5. I love the baby Matt Preston who was critiquing the food like pro. Surely someone give him the line to say:

    “I love all the textures about it, and the prawn was really well cooked. I love that barbecue smoky taste”

    • He’s lined up to be a future judge on MKR.

      Actually I kept thinking what card was he reading off of/who was feeding him those lines?

  6. I’m gonna hate to lose Damo and Caz (who are a lovely, affectionate and pleasant couple of people who I’d love to hang out with in person) for the sake of keeping Duck Face and Sister Duck Face, but I feel like Amy and Tyson *are* the stronger competitors.

    Anyway, is it any surprise that I thought the highlight of the episode was the legion of incredibly-attractive life-savers in the background who turned up to try everybody’s food? Hot guys in speedos, I mean, that’s the highlight of my day.

    I’m also really happy that Tim and Kyle won the people’s choice award. Maybe it’s just hormones, but I’m really liking those two.

    Also, sucked in that Josh and Amy — once again — narrowly avoid sudden-death cook-off. Although it’s really starting to feel like they belong in sudden-death cook-off, but production keeps saving them for the sake of drama and ratings.

    • I’m with you Tim and Kyle seem pretty decent blokes.
      If you’re right and Ch7 is keeping Josh for the drama – I really wish they wouldn’t. He’s not entertaining, just revolting.

  7. I noticed two teams who totally disregarded the judges negative feedback. Josh and Amy clearly delusional and seemed to genuinely think they had a shot at people’s choice and Mell and Cyn who totally refused to accept that their pork was dry (“We liked it”). If you can’t accept criticism you can’t improve.
    At the other end of the spectrum were the Mum and daughter who were so humble in their acceptance of positive feedback.

  8. Josh, I can’t.Really. He triggers my morning sickness. -.- Badly!
    He is so bad, he does not even count as a villain. He is just a dick. Reminds me of a guy at work. And I cannot stand him (lucky me we had a team shuffle and I will have to sit next to him…).

    I kind of start to like Amy, but her brother not so much. She most likely does this thing to support him. I really hope they will win on Sunday.

    PS: Don’t Damo and Caz have kids? I just imagine the way they help their kids with their homework. “Daddy, how is tomato spelled?”- “T-O-M-A-T-O-E! Just like P-O-T-A-T-O-E.” – “Thanks daddy!”.

  9. Too many close ups of Josh and Amy. At least Damo and Caz tried to be creative. Josh and Amy with their dry “gourmet” (LOL) hot dogs should have gone to sudden death.

  10. Tyson is in such a jaw clenching world of pain in the promos for Sunday night, that it seems a formality that he’ll be safe.

    • I think they didnt do well in the sudden death cook off but the opposition must be worst.

      I want a group challenge with Angry Angry Man,Josh and Court in the same group. I want to see how they work together. Then all go into elimination cook off.

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