The blurb for tonight’s My Kitchen Rules says:
The remaining teams are delivered good news – firstly, no one will be eliminated. Plus, the winner of tonight’s challenge will be fast tracked to the finals after a three part skills test.
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  1. The Best 2 teams are noe in the Challenge for a ticket to the finals….hard to pick who i want to get it as i like both teams…So go both teams!!! Tim and Kyle AND Amy and Tyson.

    • All the earlier promos with Josh have spoil this challenge. If you have watch the promo, you know who won

      • Yeah, you’re right. Tim/Kyle versus Tyson/Amy for who gets to skip the next round of challenges, yet we know that Tyson/Amy are in the next round of challenges thanks to the promos about Josh being an arsehole.

        Who the hell is running the show in channel 7, now? I mean, my gosh.

  2. No haven’t seen the promos as i watch foxtel and neflix..ony switch to tv for MKR when it is time for it to start.

  3. I only just started watching. The round with the salmon is on and although he’s not cooking I’m already sick of Josh. Why does CH7 insist on featuring him? His two cents might carry some weight if he had demonstrated some ability to cook.

    • I’m wondering this too. They constantly keep cutting back to him for editorial comment, and all it’s doing is reminding me how much I can’t stand him.

      Meanwhile, thanks to the promos, the ending of this episode is a foregone conclusion. Why are we watching this?

      • Josh just accused Tim and Kyle of arrogance – unbelievable! He obviously has no capacity for self reflection.

        • Yeah, I heard that and almost fell off my couch. This guy is deranged. Like, he’s just operating on a different plane of consciousness than the rest of us.

        • Tim & Kyle….arrogant. LOL I was so surprised when Josh said that but then why would anyone be surprised at what he says. He is delusional.

  4. Let there be no mistake~ with my captions on the promo,Josh says “Thanks , slut”. I don’t know how to take a screen grab. Unbelievable.

    • I heard an “unbeeped” promo that aired later in the day, and I honestly thought it sounded like he said “thanks a lot” But yes, according to news stories it was “slut”.

      • This is how the captions interpreted it. Mind you , last night, I saw “sauce” reported as “source”.

        MKR ‘s captions are cheap and nasty. It’s not live

      • It sounded like thanks lots…and we know from other headlines that channel 7 sensationalizes stuff …we watch the show and .nothing happens.

      • In the final ad last night it was pretty clear that it was “Thanks slut”. I think we’ve all tended to question what we heard because it’s not only insulting but is actually just a really strange thing to say.

  5. Now we have to endure another 8 episodes of Josh.

    We have Valerie and Courtney cooking tomorrow but we still seeing promo of Amy serving food to Josh. Grr……….

  6. Yay I’m up to date!!
    How funny/bad were some of the 3 minute plating efforts! Pressure definitely got to most of them!

  7. Didn’t Manu say that Tim and Kyle had overcooked the salmon and that they need to learn how to confit? Thought that Court and Duncan might go into the 3rd round until he created the egg nest burrito.
    The promos ruined any surprise when it came to the outcome of round 3.
    Once again, too much of Josh/King Jerk. Has he become the official commentator for MKR? 😉

    • I do wonder why they’ve focussed on his commentary particularly as there are other teams that both know more about food and are wittier.
      Josh said that he wanted Kyle and Tim to be in the next restaurant rounds because he wanted to “get under their skin”. What an idiot! Kyle seems very gentle but he is one big unit and only a moron would test his limits.

  8. I flicked over last night as Amy and Tyson were tasting their finished dish before serving. Surely this is unheard of in MKR history – teams actually checking flavours work and adjusting seasoning. Felt sorry for Amy copping what appeared to be some dud sea urchins.

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