1. Just in case anyone hadn’t picked up on this fact – there is a team who are midwives in the Competition. Plus, they care about women and cancer, because, well they spend their lives squinting up women’s hoohahs. Just so you know. They may have mentioned it before but an inattentive viewer could easily have missed this tidbit.
    Soon I will bring you an update on the young couple who are – you won’t have twigged to this – into social media.

  2. I want to watch, tonight, but I have so much to do, and if I have to sit through 90 minutes of the seafood wanker king, like, I can’t even.

  3. The bikers are parking in the disabled parking spots. I hate that. They don’t deserve the muffins.

    • Yay for you BDD! As a legitimate user of the disabled parks it annoys me soooo much when able bodied people park in them. I always say I’m happy to give them my permit if they’ll give me their mobility -strangely I’ve never been taken up on that offer.

      • I don’t know how able-bodied people could even for a second think it was ok to park there. I have never for a second considered doing so.

        • Some people are oblivious to how hard it makes it for others but having said that there are always lovely strangers who offer to help load my groceries etc so I imagine you’d fall into that category Juz.

          • It is worse in France. Not only are people always parking on the two disabled lots infront of our apartment showing no badge, but people even do that in our office.
            But the rudeness starts in smaller places like trains and busses. Very old lady with walking cane enters, some of the people with a seat look up from their mobile phones, ignore the old lady and continue staring at their stupid phones. Old lady gets basically thrown from one side of the bus to the other. One time a guy who was standing actually spoke up and demanded the young seated person gives up their seat for a frail old man. Young person said, if he wants the seat, he can simply ask. Standing guy then said, you looked into this gentleman’s face and saw he needs a seat. And you did not move. After that they started shouting at each other… French love to do that.

            I don’t know, I always try to help when I see it. I just imagine it being my granny and I would want to have people help her if she needs it. It does not kill me helping someone.

            But here close to Paris, people cannot be bothered. I do not know if no one taught them manners or if they simply do not care. If you help, the people are so uttetly surprised and grateful. Then you realize no one usually bothers to help them.

            PS, Juz, do you plan to open a new general chat thread maybe?

    • I think the event was held in the carpark and the carpark was closed to the public. There were other stalls on that day. Thus the riders can park were they like

  4. Best cornbread Pete’s ever eaten. One of the best pavlovas he’s ever had.

    Think he has a severe case of the munchies.

  5. Mel and Cyn, how many times did they have to tell us they don’t associate with or know any bikies? Well neither do I, so what? No big deal! It’s as if it makes them a better class of human being. Just when you think you may get a tiny bit of normality from them, off they go again.
    Josh, why wasn’t he doing anything other than complaining? What a turd, the sooner they are gone the better.
    Somehow I think the girls will be going home tonight. But who knows, the guys may fail due to stress.

    • They don’t know bikers. They don’t think bikers will know what an empanada is. So assumptive and thinking they are above others. Bikers come from all walks of life. There were probably many bikers who know more about gourmet food/fine dining than the sourpusses.
      Josh is skilled in smirking and complaining. He doesn’t do much of anything else.

      • Some bikers are great cooks. Just because their signature dish is methamphetamine shouldn’t bar them from these shows.

        I do recall a biker who routinely ate raw meat way before it was fashionable.

    • I laughed at one point, when one of the Old Ducks looks at the camera and exclaims, “One thousand bikers!”

      I half expected her next sentence to be, “I had a dream about that, once…” and look wistfully at the camera. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

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