MKR Sun night

If Josh gets eliminated tonight (and surely that’s what will happen, right? The Gods would not be so cruel as to keep him and send the screechy sisters home?) I may well start watching the My Kitchen Rules again.



    • I think that Seafood Dickhead gets punted tonight because I’ve seen those screeching sisters on commercials for two different products on Ch 7 and figure they are around for a while.

      What could josh advertise? Juz is right…hes gawne.

      But Ch 7 , Josh is so unacceptable as viewing, I’ll watch MAFS instead. Tyson is an adorable little kitten compared to Josh.

  1. The girls are not doing well with the curry paste. Not enough paste. When I saw them using the mini chopper for the paste, I was surprise.

  2. The Sudden Death cookoff so far is more like you who can cook worse. So far the SD dishes are not appetising.

    • Yeah, I’m only 18 minutes into the episode, but I’m thinking that whatever movies happen to be on cable TV tonight, they’re probably more worth watching. I’ll check back in an hour for the scores.

  3. I can’t believe it as Josh and slave wife got through….again….it is like wtf. I may not watch again until he is gone.

    • I’m with you Jewels and now know not to bother with the rest of this episode.
      He was so cocky about his 29 in his first sudden death he’ll be even more unbearable winning a second.

  4. It’s bad enough that Josh is the focus of this episode but it’s outrageous that we have to listen to his critiques of the other team. He is so immature and lacking in social skills.

    • You know things are dire when even you are skipping episodes, Windsong!
      I am just hoping the beautiful MasterChef promos are right when they say the cooking this season is astounding, because I really want to see people who can cook on my TV. Or if they can’t cook something, to at least be honest about their skill level.

      • Yeah, it’s just not interesting me at all, right now. Most of the food is either oddly niche (like Tyson’s brains) or just … bad (and I can cook bad food perfectly well on my own). The contestants are bland or obnoxious. I just can’t really get into this season, there’s just nothing about this season that’s actually worth watching.

        • Totally agree. I think Tyson and Amy can def cook, but not things I’m remotely interested in cooking or eating.
          There’s a few slightly above ordinary cooks and a swag of fails.
          Not interesting or inspiring and the faux dramas are especially loathsome this year.

    • I flicked over during an ad to a charming scene where Josh’s wife told him to “shut his hole” while they were creating their main.

      Josh wins. Every dog has it’s day.

    • I shouldn’t have watched. Josh’s smirks make me nauseous. His comments are rude. I thought that the salmon looked greasy and messy. Even though he and Amy are still in the competition a 29 is nothing to brag about.
      Anyone notice the look on Colin’s face when they announced which team was #1 and which was #2. Didn’t seem very happy.

  5. With all the tortured analogies about water and sailing, the only thing I could think of was “jumped the shark”.
    Could not be bothered watching the whole episode. Tuned in at the end as someone in house was watching Sunday night ( husband remembering Melissa George from soap days!).
    Scores total crap – thought screechy but nice sisters could cook, so assume they had a brain snap somewhere if josh and mrs shrew could dispatch them. But could not be bothered rewinding to check. How sad is that?
    Golly i hope Masterchef promos deliver. I so wanted to vote ‘no’in the poll as the way that the middle option was written (Choc mound) made me literally laugh out loud. But I am a ‘maybe’ veering to hopeful!

      • Which would be the second time that Josh and Amy have won a sudden-death elimination cook-off by scoring worse than average.

        That really does sum up this whole entire season. Where are the people who can actually cook?

    • They both just got 4s and 5s and I think that the girls scored 26/60. The star dish was the girls’ churros with chocolate dipping sauce but that didn’t make up for their failed entree and main. Josh did well with tempura battered soft shell crab and then salmon for the main. The side dishes made by Amy were failures and the fry pies she made did not wow the judges because the dough was undercooked. I think it was Karen who said she had never had a fry pie. Guess she has never been to McDonalds and tried the apple pies there. That’s what Amy’s dessert reminded me of, but, sad to say, that McD’s pies looked better.

      • Sounds like the girls freaked out under pressure. Sometimes being in the bottom so much helps steady the nerves

  6. Josh and Amy only scored 28, 29 was from their first sudden death. I’m only mentioning it because despite Josh’s BS the advantage they had because it was there second time.
    If the rest of us are tuning out because of Josh is it any surprise?

    Della and Tully (aka bizarro Asher Keddie) won the last challenge, does this mean they don’t get a shot at having a sauce in Coles? But surely the Mum and daughter have to be favourites to win this one.

  7. Josh had revealed that judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel had pulled him aside behind the scenes.

    “There were a few blow ups in front of the camera on a few different occasions and looking back at it, it won’t look pretty on TV, “ he told New Idea.

    “Even Pete and Manu had a chat with me at one stage and said, ‘You have to realise the show is a small part of your life but you have a whole marriage together.”

    Great work, Josh! Please go home Josh.

    • The problem is, he sounds proud of the fact. Maybe they should have aired the fight in its entirety including all the horrible things he has said to his wife and eliminate him on the basis that such behaviour is unacceptable.

  8. I turned it off after the main – flipped back briefly to see the scores. Way too much smirking from Josh and no decent cooking from either team. I was mortified to see the tiny amount of curry paste split between the two saucepans. So many chillies in the prep. – where did they end up? Surely they’ve cooked for 12 people before? Ironically it was Amy who eff’d up on every course, this in turn fed her husbands over inflated ego! The “red eyes” hint was also present for everyone to see during the recaps. Kelsey hardly said a word!
    Can’t wait for the sauce challenge. MAFS has been winning ratings against MKR for a couple of weeks now.

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