1. Court and Duncan are working calmly in the kitchen. Hope they get through and beat Josh and Amy later

  2. Decided to watch tonight as I thought it would be Josh-free. It wasn’t. So I did tune out -but was I imagining it or did I hear a midwife say he was an arse??
    Did anyone hear it??

    • No teams like Josh and Amy. Those idiots editors for MKR must be just out of school kids. They must think that if viewers and SM are talking about Josh, it is a good thing. They actually killed the show.

      • Indeed. I was a rusted on MKR viewer until the last few years, but the insistence on fake drama and villains has done me in.

    • They did the same thing last year with Lauren and Carmine. They kept those two idiots (neither of whom could cook worth a damn) far longer than they should’ve, simply because they were abrasive and obnoxious and caused drama. It was bloody irritating then, and it’s bloody irritating now.

  3. For those paying close attention right at the end of the episode, the show played a Pink song (as the Old Ducks said their tearful goodbyes to the rest of the contestants), and right as the song reached the line, “And you’re a tool”, the show cut to Josh. I almost didn’t believe it. Even channel 7 hates this lunatic. So why is he still here?

    Meanwhile, farewell to the old ducks. The poor dears, having to return to their multi-million dollar mansion in the countryside. It’s a hard life, but someone has to do it, I suppose.

    • Yup, mystery to me why they went on there in the first place. Wrong demographic to boost their legal firm, and clearly don’t need the money.

      Their food was mediocre, at best. Where was the haute cuisine they promised at beginning of season?

  4. I think the various stories about the feud Josh has with the judges and some of the contestants are true.

    • I’d say Josh’s feud is with the entire human race. I’m still waiting for the day that Kyle just says, “enough” and breaks Josh over his knee like a twig. That’d be awesome.

      • Agree – Kyle gives out the strong, man-of-few-words-but-all-of-them-pleasant and good natured vibe – but these incredibly patient and kind people CAN snap, and it’s really scary when they do.

    • Do you think Josh and Amy are being paid to extra to be the assholes of this season…as you would need compensation as he will be remembered as a Douche for a long time to come!

  5. I think it’s hilarious that Court/Duncan scored 50 in one sudden death and Josh/Amy scored 28 + 29 a total of 57 for two.
    He says things that are totally inappropriate (and downright rude) and when called on it laughs like a socially inept adolescent further demonstrating his immaturity.
    I caught up here (and with Juz’s link) rather than watch.

  6. Karen calls Josh an a$$hole and Della calls him a douche and tells him to basically chill out. I don’t think there is one judge or one contestant who likes him. His elimination is way overdue. He brings nothing positive to MKR and just makes it difficult to watch. It must be difficult and stressful for the contestants to have him around.
    Glad that the sourpusses are gone although would have preferred to see Josh wind up in sudden death and then be eliminated. How long did Amy go out with him before they got married? Either he was on his best behavior (LOL) or his words and actions didn’t bother her at first.

    Good for Court & Duncan with their score of 50. Maybe Josh will shut up now but I doubt it.

    • I’m curious as well, surely she’s seen this side of him prior to getting married? Maybe she’s tolerated all these years but seeing it displayed on national television and looking at how the other contestants reacted to the mean things he said pushed her over the line and made her rethink about the man she married. Its sad when a marriage crumbles but to see it deteriorating on TV must be a nightmare.

  7. I just watched this ep. Dunc and Court’s first two courses were soooo much more complex than the women’s. They could make it to the finals

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