1. Maybe Ch 7 got the message. No Josh in the intro.

    First half hour we got to see all the other teams and less of Josh.

  2. Nice episode when we can see all the other teams cook. Cliff hanger as usual where the judges not revealing the critiques for Josh and Amy seafood laksa.

    I wouldnt want to eat his laksa where he is using his barehand poking and pulling the fish in the laksa

    • The laksa looked pretty good so kudos to Amy but I thought it was a little mean of her to say no and something else when the boys asked for an extra pan. The boys calling them out on it and then saying loudly ‘I like you both’ to the two other lovely guys were terrific! (Hate that I know the ‘villains’ names and not the good guys). I hope the advantage the boys won would be used against Amy and Josh.

      Yes I couldn’t believed my eyes when Josh put his hand in the tray and started touching the prawns, ugh! I’d feel so sick watching this if I was one of the people who ate at his table.

  3. JUst started watching because at least it’s a challenge where they feed the public from their shipping container restaurants.
    I like that Josh and Amy didn’t have to share a car; producers new there’d be a mutiny otherwise.
    Kyle, looking at the price of lamb back strap in Coles: “Forty-fff gee whiz, that’s …. cheap …” Always smart not to mention the sponsor is expensive.

  4. Can we just call the show My Hatchback Rules? Amy and Tyson should not be cooking liver. I would totally eat it but many would not. They could choose a secondary cut that isn’t offal.

  5. Douche Of The Day~ Josh.

    Ch 7 spoiled the suspense again with a promo featuring Josh in the Stupor Parties round.

  6. I always get so disheartened when Josh and Amy score well.

    In sudden-death on Sunday night … are two teams I don’t even remember being here. Let’s just flip a coin.

    And next week we have the super dinner parties to look forward to … which is basically just another round of Instant Restaurants, just with *everybody* involved, which mean more obnoxious conversations about the dinner table, a fair bit of strategic scoring, and lots of talk about other teams scoring strategically.

    And spoiler alert! Most of the promo was about Josh being an arsehole. Amy (of Tyson and Amy) made a crack about him being the “seafood king”, and he responded with something that got beeped out. I can imagine what he said. I can’t imagine how people like him (that are so lacking in any kind of self-awareness) function. And the rest of them are just too damn polite to say anything. I would’ve knocked the bastard’s teeth out, by now, and I would’ve enjoyed it, too.

  7. And the winners of the advantage (to be revealed another day) are the Beardies. They know how to please the crowds. Sudden death will be the other team with two blokes, and the team with husband and wife. (Sorry – didn’t watch much of round 3 so don’t know names.) The promo is mostly about what a tool Josh is. He says something rude to Amy (that’s Tyson’s sis – we just take it for granted now he’ll be awful to his own Amy. And it look like she leaves the kitchen during their restaurant.) So more Josh drama and less cooking

    • Have to admit that I really like the tall beardie…I find him very appealing ๐Ÿ™‚ and he has manners and he can cook…..I think I am in TV love……….

  8. This is the only episode with less Josh. Unfortunately he is taking all the screen time in the super dinner parties.

    They should air all the argy bargy he had with the judges. He is the biggest jerk in MKR history. The rest were mild.

  9. I just realised there will be 9 episodes for the super dinner parties which means more than 2 weeks of Josh! Boo…..

    • Gagging!!!! ๐Ÿ™

      Pete saying that the Laksa was dish of the day certainly won’t help smirky jerk’s attitude although it was Amy who did the cooking. Gross watching him touching the seafood.

      Seafood King….LOL. I think the other contestants titles for Josh are more accurate: Douche, jerk, a$$hole, dick, etc. VERY rude of Amy not to help Kyle and Tim out. The other contestants all seem willing to support and help one another. Disappointed that J&A will be featured during the next few episodes and keep hoping they will be eliminated.

    • I heard Broome has run out of eggs because everyone has chucked ’em at Josh and Amy’s soon to be for sale house.

    • IMO – it sounded like “thanks LOTS” perhaps intentionally said quickly so it could be taken either way.
      If he did say that, he should have been disqualified!

      • Possibly as Josh cant speak very well. Didnt he said something about it would be great to get into Sudden Death verse Court and Duncan.

      • Agree w/ Liberty, I think he said “Thanks lots” or “Thanks a lot”. If he did say the other thing then he should have been immediately kicked off of the show.
        They should have a stipulation that if both members or one member of a team are/is abusive, physically or verbally, that team is removed from the show.

      • The clip’s popped up on Facebook, and I’m sorry to say, it didn’t sound like “lots” to my ears. There was no, “s” sound right at the end. And the other teams wouldn’t have reacted with aghast horror if that’s all he was saying.

        It sounded to me like he was using the slur. And it’s like, oh my gosh. I had to pause the footage, I couldn’t watch the rest of it. Good work channel 7, giving this asshole a national audience.

        Apparently he and Amy are avoiding all media interviews. I’ll bet they are.

      • Having watched a load of AFL and horse racing this weekend , I’ve seen the promo for this MKR incident a million times. There’s a few variations and pixelations. but make no mistake about Ch 7 turning itself into the whore of Babylon to promote it. There are tears from Court and both Amys.

        The boofhead from Broome definitely said something unfit for MKR’s timeslut. It was a failed retort to being gently mocked as the Seafood King by Amy.

        Josh was unbearable two weeks ago at least and pity it’s been left to Manu to play Dr.Phil and dish out a bollocking way after the horse has bolted..

        • Also it is poor form of Ch 7 to keep using that reply from Josh in the ads. Even if he didnt use that word, that ad implied that he did and totally unacceptable to be misleading. Serve them right losing the rating wars.

    • I saw Beauty & the Beast. Overall it was better than some of the critics’ reviews that I read but Emma Watson was miscast as Belle, IMHO. She seemed to just sleepwalk through most of the movie and lacked the joy and exuberance that I would expect from the character. Some of the CGI was poor and so things just looked “off” and fake (especially some of the scenery).
      I like the “Beauty and the Beast” story and very much enjoyed the animated version and the musical theatre version . Although this version was not as good it was still fun.

      • I meant to post this on general chat. Don’t know why I posted it here. Must be too much MKR affecting my mind.

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