MKR Wed – Tyson and Amy cook

Ok, gice, tonight’s the night a bloke calls someone a slut on national TV – even if it is bleeped. Josh’s defence seems to be that the editors shouldn’t have shown it. Yeah, and how about you show some manners and not say it in the first place, Seafood King.
Enough of that tool – I hear that, occasionally, people actually cook stuff on this show, so let’s hope we get some kitchen time.
Remember when Tyson was the bad guy of the show? Just like Zana last year. How times change …
As expected, their menu is fancy schmancy.
Entree includes duck liver with honey lavender butter. If they pull this dish off, they could be the first team in MKR history to use lavender successfully.
The main of lamb cutlets with cuali and rosemary mint gel sounds delish, as does the sesame-crusted tuna with dragonfruit and radish salad.
I like that this team pushes themselves with their menus, but they usually actually know what they are doing, rather than adding truffle to a dish just because they can.

Shopping done and restaurant set up, Tyson gets to work on a gin and tonic sorbet. I’m worried will say it’s more of a palate cleanser than a dessert.
Their other dessert is braised parsnip with curried lemon curd and basil ice cream. Hmm, I know basil ice cream is a thing, but curried lemon curd? Google does come up with a couple of hits for cupcakes using the same flavour combos, though.

The judges arrive to the tune of Ocean Drive, which features the lyrics “Don’t say a word while we dance with the devil”. Foreshadowing?

We get the first sign of trouble when Amy starts a sentence with “Normally I would …”. No, no, no – always do what you normally do. When you don’t, things go pear shaped.
The toast for the duck livers looks unevenly cooked and is a big slab. They worry that the slab of butter on the top is too cold, but do nothing about it. Why don’t they chuck it in the microwave?
Amy serves the dishes and this is when we get the slut comment. No-one seems to call him out on it at the time but there are a lot of talking heads and voiceovers about it.

Entree judging
Manu says the execution of the duck liver was not good and there was too much bread. Pete had scampi with passionfruit and coriander. The scampi was cooked perfectly and he initially liked it, but the fruit flavour was too intense after a few bites. He likes that they are pushing themselves. The guests aren’t fans either.

Back on the kitchen Amy and Tyson prepare to serve another seafood and tropical fruit dish. Can’t say I’ve ever had dragnofruit but I believe it’s not too sweet, so it may work better. Poor Tyson sets off the smoke alarm while rendering his lamb fat. I really want Manu to go in with a broom and poke the off button.
That sesame-crusted tuna looks beautiful but the slices are quite thin.

I’m surprised the mint gel isn’t green. I’d happily eat that plate of food, though.
Amy and Tyson are definitely suffering from pressure to live up the highs of their first instant restaurant.
They serve the meals and Hashtagger David looks at the aioli dots and says something bizarre in his voiceover: “I’ve got this fear of dots.
It just looked like a bunch of pus all over my plate.” Are we back to negative Hashtaggers?

Mains judging
Pete had the lamb and enjoyed it. “But was there enough of it?” he asks. There wasn’t enough soz, apparently, but there seems to be quite a lot of it left on his plate when they cut to the tasted dish.Pete goes all Dr Seuss: “Well, I tasted everything on the plate, and everything tasted great.”
Manu had the tuna with dragonfruit “sa-lard”. He loved it. The dragonfruit had the texture of a sweet cucumber.
To his credit, David changes his mind about fruit not belonging with protein and says he enjoyed the dish. And then he whips out his Psy impersonation – what a coinkydink, given he is wearing a sparkly jacket. It must have been a long night because several of the other contestants join in.

Tyson and Amy set to work on their curried lemon curd and parsnip dessert. It sounds super weird but I hope it works.
The G and T pear looks really interesting. Both desserts show a lot of technique. Good on them for not just dishing up cannoli or a cheesecake.

Dessert judging
Manu has never seen anything like the parsnip dessert. “As freaky as it is, I just ‘anchoyed’ it, but I don’t know why.”
Pete had the G and T pear. “I thought that was the most exciting dessert we’ve ever had in My Kitchen Rules … I loved it.” High praise.

A lot of the teams can’t stomach the pear, though – even Court, who is normally so enthusiastic. The midwives liked the parsnip but the mum and daughter weren’t so keen on the veg, although they loved the other elements.

The scores
The blokes: 6
Mum and daughter: 6
Midwives: 7
Hashtaggers: 6
Court and Dunc: 5
Josh and Other Amy: 4

Judges’ scores
Entree: Pete (scampi) 5, Manu (duck liver) 4
Main: Pete (lamb) 8 (note to all future MKR teams: ALWAYS serve a jug of soz on the side), Manu (tuna with dragonfruit) 9
Dessert: Manu (parsnip) “a crazy 8”, Pete (G & T pear) 10
Total: 83/130
They should be safe with that.

Next time
MKR returns Sunday at 7pm, with Della and Tully due to cook. I hope they can calm down in the kitchen this time. The promo shows more Josh drama … yadda yadda.



  1. Kyle and Tim got dudded about fast track to the finals.

    Now we learned there are still 8 teams left after SDP. That is not a final.

    After winning the last Eat street challenge, they were guaranteed to be Top 8.

  2. I dont know why, I just dont like David but I really like Duncan.

    Very ambitious and not heard of combinations. I hope they do well.

  3. David is talking rubbish about having fruits with entree and mains.

    Thai and Vietnamese food use mango all the time

      • Yeah, apparently they lock the contestants in a room and don’t let them out until they say what the producers want them to say!

        Maybe Josh got confused, though. Maybe the producers just wanted to lock him in a room, and not let him out?

      • That made me laugh LP.
        I find it strange that they ‘blackmailed’ Josh to behave badly and obviously blackmailed several of the other teams to behave like normal human beings.
        Slutgate hasn’t happened here yet but I can’t imagine a context where that would be appropriate. Josh is shocked that it aired because he apologised privately – words fail me!

    • I don’t get that hastag stuff….it doesn’t make any sense. It makes them look stupid , as if they say it because they can’t verbalise what they really want to say?????
      They all glossed over Josh’s slut remark tonight. And he thinks he is funny….god he is an idiot!!!

      • Yeah, it was a huge issue for like thirty seconds, and then they all moved on. I’m waiting for Manu to take them both outside and give them a stern talking to, but maybe that won’t be for another couple of episodes?

        • In defence of the other diners – I think I would have been momentarily stunned silent.
          And the justification used by 12 year olds “I was only joking” just doesn’t cut it with me.

      • Interesting that the in the preview for tonight’s IR, they showed Amy saying “did he just call me a slut” when they returned to the kitchen. Was it edited out? Perhaps I nodded off, briefly? Maybe my foxtel dropped out and didn’t show it. Anyone else viewing in Bris?

        • No. When Amy said ‘did he called me a slut ‘was not shown tonight. But was shown many times in the promos

  4. Well, I had to laugh at Crazy Pete’s dig at those bloody Queenslanders’ using fruit and seafood together. Mango might be used a lot in various asian dishes but QLD do it hardcore- like mango in your chicken caesar salad. Yes that happened to me and I’ve never forgiven the state.

    That said, I would’ve scoffed both the mains but hurled at that 2nd dessert. G and T sorbet is nothing new (sometimes I stick my drink in the freezer to chill and forget about it, and that sorta happens) and isn’t a dessert. The other one doesn’t bear thinking about.

    Pls tell me everyone threw it at the wall and told them they are lunatics of the first order? I missed the end.

  5. It’s yet to air here, but I will watch tonight, at least until I get tired of yelling “shut up, you idiot” at the tv every time the Wanker opens his ignorant mouth. The promos have made it look as though Wanker insulted Amy, Manu tells him off, Court storms out, and Mrs. Wanker storms out, all in the same episode. Wouldn’t be much time left for showing cooking, if so, not that there is much cooking shown lately.

    I thought for ages that Josh called Amy a shit because the write-ups kept inserting asterisks, blank spaces and periods of in place of “lu”. The word is slut. It’s not a nice thing to call anyone of course, but it’s just a word. Mind you, if Wanker called me that in my own home, he would have been given the bum’s rush out the door very quickly, competition or not.

  6. Perhaps Manu uttered the worst word tonight when he attempted to pronounce “account”..

    He did his best.

  7. Forget Josh being absurdly inappropriate. The episode’s best moment was Tyson trying to figure out what to do with his own sauce. Never have I seen a man so confused by garlic aioli before.

  8. Amy Murr told News Corp Australia that she was upset by the comment and confronted Meeuwissen about it the following day, telling him it was unacceptable.
    “Josh definitely crossed the line with that comment,” Murr said. “He didn’t use very good judgment.
    “We all know that Josh is a bit of a shit-stirrer and likes to get reactions out of people by saying things he probably shouldn’t.
    “But that comment was taking it too far. To have him say that was quite upsetting.”

    Murr said she gave Meeuwissen a serve about his behaviour the day after filming the ultimate instant restaurant episode.
    “At the time I was focusing on the rest of the cook,” Murr said. “I put it at the back of my mind and focused on what I had to do that night but I did speak to him the next day.
    “I didn’t feel that addressing the comment at the table in front of the other judges and contestants with 1.5 million people was the right thing to do.
    “I wanted to talk to him as an adult. Josh knows that when he said that he didn’t make me feel good.
    “He now understands very clearly that it is never appropriate or funny to say that to someone. He apologised. He was very sincere in his apology. I accepted that apology.”

    • I don’t think either Josh or Mrs Josh are very bright and it seems both are somewhat lacking in social skills.

      • Maybe she’s got, like, Stockholm Syndrome, or something?

        Somebody on FB remarked yesterday that it seemed like Josh has an actual behavioural disorder. I’m not trying to make excuses for him, but he just seems to have no idea how to act around people, and certainly no filter between mouth and brain. It wouldn’t surprise me.

      • Add to that the rather large wine glass Josh was drinking from……and you have The Seafood Lu$h.

  9. I just don’t like David. I think he’s only interested in exposure by reality telly. Oh, and he can’t cook. Betty is very annoying also – their hashtag shtick wore thin for me by day 2- but at least she seems to be a very good cook. David is annoying and hopeless in kitchen. He stuffs around talking while Betty is frantically working.

    • David can’t cook. No wonder took him 5 attempts to get on MKR. He is always very negative about the dishes.

      I like the easy going of the footy boys.

  10. If Josh was trying to be funny with his comment to Amy he certainly failed. I think that’s his BS excuse. There were other things he said that could have been humorous with out being rude/crude. His and Amy’s score of 4 was too low. Seeing him smirk after he revealed the score was nauseating.
    David and Betty….hashtag this, hashtag that, hashtag overkill. Tired of both of them especially after David’s pus comment and also his comment that he would walk out of a restaurant with a menu like Amy’s and Tyson’s. Too much whining about fruit with protein and dessert with veg.

    I don’t think that anyone should have been fast tracked to the finals. Tim & Kyle should be cooking even though this would add another episode to this long ultimate restaurant round. AND is it really a fast track with all those teams remaining after the elimination. I don’t understand that. Maybe it’s a fast track to the final week of competition.

  11. Yep, it MKR is all about the cooking:

    The deckhand also claimed he and his wife’s stint on the wildly popular reality television show was extended on purpose because his verbal tiffs with the other contestants made excellent ratings fodder.

    “When we cooked against Kelsey and Amanda, Amy and I were pretty much ready to go home,” he said. “I can guarantee you they swung it in a way so we stayed in the competition.”

  12. This may be a better cooking show to watch.

    The Chefs’ Line on SBS. Week nights at 6 pm

    It’s an escalating food fight

    Four home cooks compete with the Apprentice Chef at a popular restaurant. Dishes are blind tested and one person goes home.

    Three amateurs remain. They’ve won the chance to cook against a more experienced chef, often called the Line Chef.

    Narrowed down to two, the home cooks climb further. Now they share the kitchen with the Sous Chef or the 2IC.

    The remaining home cook takes on the Head Chef in a must-see battle of passion vs. profession. Can they beat The Chefs’ Line?

    Food fight complete.
    Now it’s over to Maeve O’Meara who uncovers the stories behind the restaurant’s cuisine.

  13. This is from Della:

    Della was also keen to clear the air on this week’s headline-grabbing incident when MKR ‘villain’ Josh Meeuwissen called Amy Murr a sl*t.
    “When he said ‘thanks sl*t’ none of us heard that… I hate that people think we let it go by,” she said.
    “If I had heard it clearly at the table then I would have pulled him up on it.
    “The most disappointing part of MKR this season is Channel 7 has chosen to give this d**khead so much airtime. Reality is he’s exactly like that. He chose to say those things and production loved him for it.
    “What’s unfair for the rest of us is they’ve put so much of him on the show. It’s a shame because there’s been so much good cooking that’s gone on and so much good banter and encouragement.”

    • Well, the only part I disagree with is the “so much good cooking that’s gone on”, because the food this season has been awful, and aside from maybe three teams, the scores have reflected that.

      But she’s on the ball with everything else. It makes you wonder how entertaining the season actually could’ve been without all this forced drama.

  14. You mean I might still be watching instead of flicking over when everything else is completely boring for me? actually think Della would have spoken up, and I can see there was probably some light hearted banter as well. When big beard said to non-Josh Amy “game on moll” you could see they had a joking relationship. Crap editing to make faux drama killed the season for me.

    I can still remember when MKR was my ‘must watch/go to/water cooler talk’ show. . . doesn’t even seem that long ago!

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