1. Juz, you are one day ahead😂

    What fake drama with the Entrees. We are not dumb. We know the boys dish is better

  2. Just gonna say it.

    If I hear the phrase, “explosion of flavour!” one more time, there’ll be an actual explosion.

  3. Many of the dishes were not canapes. Canapes should be easy to eat. No dripping sauce or filling falling off.

    BDD – I am sure you can present a fantastic canapé. I can too. Just serve them Tim Tam 😂😂😋

    • Yes LP – I always thought canapes are supposed to be delicate finger food, Ihave seen anything looking too delicate so far. I suppose next week they’ll be making cupcakes and calling them petit fours.

  4. I’m not far in yet (I watch a delayed start so I can fas forward if it gets too much) but cannot believe Josh is still able to refer to himself as the “Seafood King” and he is not saying ironically. It defies logic!

  5. I think the Sunday Sudden Death is when Colin had a tension with a My Kitchen Rules team which led him walking off set.
    ‘It got quite physical nearly,’ the 44-year-old judge confessed.

  6. thank you judges…Josh and wife are in the elimination challenge on Sunday night…will they be eliminated???

  7. I have a question, is this blog from SA as I posted at 21:19 but my post is showing 20:48….sorry if I posted about the show if you guys haven’t seen the end yet 🙁

    • I’m already on Murder Calls in SA and check here to see what’s happening. I’m rapt that Seafood Pauper is in SD. So it’s a thanks from me.

      Couldn’t suffer til the end , Windsong. It was the wind.

    • I chose to check in before the end – if I was upset (and I’m not) I’d only have myself to blame.

    • Hi Jewels – yes I’m in SA. Don’t worry – if people don’t want to be spoiled they know to stay off the blog and Facebook etc

    • I just wish somebody would walk up to him, look him in the face and tell him, point blank, “Josh, you cannot cook”.

      But he’s such a self-obsessed wanker that I don’t think it’d make much of a difference, would it?

      • Yep can’t improve because it’s someone else’s fault. Did you notice it wasn’t that he had the grill too hot it was Amy’s marinade he blamed for the burning of the prawns.
        I don’t think any spouse deserves to be treated how he treats her but I’ve said before I think she is just as bad as he is – just not as vocal.

    • For sure. Why risk an outbreak of gastro on a ship by inviting unsanitary MKR hopefuls to practice on innocent passengers? I’d feel safer on the Titanic.

      • What surprised me was that Tim, at least, was wearing gloves as he cooked. I didn’t notice it on anyone else, but he definitely was, it surprised me.

      • There was a(nother) bad case of gastro on a Carnival Cruise ship in the last couple of months – it did cross my mind.

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