Survivor Game Changers: Do they kill the goat?

After last week’s thrilling two-hour long premiere, tonight’s hour-long episode of Survivor will surely fly by.
There’s a tribe shakeup on tonight on episode three, and judging from this preview, JT catches a goat.
And it looks like Malcolm, Sandra and Varner are also on his team. If they do kill it, it will be interesting to see how much is actually shown on TV.



  1. Don’t read on until you have watched tonight’s episode!!
    I have seen both of JT’s previous season and I don’t remember his accent being so heavy. Is he hillbillying it up a bit for the camera?
    Of course they weren’t going to kill the goat when they had chickens around. It’s too early in the game. I appreciate Sandra’s pragmatic nature, though.
    Should the losing tribe have considered keeping both Caleb and Hali and getting rid of Tai? Tai has links to both Caleb and Aubry, is a bad liar and was flip floppy on his previous season.
    Culpepper saying he enjoyed antiquing was my fave part of the episode. I am not despising him this time round.
    I’m glad Troyzan did a Wentworth and snagged the idol. He’d been dealt a tough hand.

    • Yes, Juz. My thought exactly. I was so mad at Tai for saying, “Let’s keep Caleb because he’my fwend”. Gggrrr. He threw Caleb under the bus. But then I thought, “You stupid people. Why didn’t you get rid of Tai instead?” Break the tie AND keep the strong player. Maybe it’s because Tai is a ninkumpoop and easier to manipulate. See how easily that guy manipulated him on the beach when he didn’t want the vote for Caleb to sou d like his idea. Tai thanked him for his wisdom.

  2. JT definitely sounded different in Tocantins. It could be a different sound engineer or it could be deliberate.

  3. People we’ve barely seen this season: Aubry (go Aubry!) and Cop Sarah. And tonight, not even much Cirie or Ozzy.

  4. Some great characters in the Nuku tribe: JT, Sandra, Jeff Varner, Malcolm, Aubry and Michaela.
    Oh and also not much edit tonight for Zeke.

  5. So glad they didn’t kill the mummy & baby goat.
    They should kill some chickens while Tai’s not on their tribe.
    I guess that’s why no one’s found any idols at camp. They are hiding them at the challenges again. They did that a few seasons back. Be interesting to see if anyone else finds them.
    I was sorry to see Caleb go. I wanted him to last longer than last time. Was hoping Halli would go. It’s interesting seeing her play this time without her ‘mean girls’ alliance. She was pretty nasty last time.

  6. Sandra’s on my goat already! Last week I watched the first ep of a series for probs 10 years. I always find them boring. I hope we get to see more of camp life this series. It has gotten to the point where the challenges & tribal take up the whole ep.
    I’m on JT, Troyzan, Aubry and maybe Malcolm for now. I really liked Tai last time but I think he’s gonna get on my nerves.
    Enjoying it so far.

  7. I like the idols hidden at challenges thing. I wonder if the idol is only at the challenge if you have found the clue… like was there a idol for blue and red tribe (i can never get the hang of tribe names – they are always colours to me!) or are you only able to have a chance to grab it if you find the clue first?
    Glad they didn’t kill the goats – as they all said, they have chickens for a reason.
    Also can’t believe they all sat on the raft for what appeared to be a while whinging about JT looking for the idol… why not go back in after him?!
    Sad to see Caleb go and i think they would have been wise to keep the strength, i was half expecting to see Debbie go actually, they were wise to take out a Kah Rong 4 while they could.

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