The Biggest Loser: Transformed

Lovely 61-year-old Jenny has already been booted (despite being the best at standing wall squats) but tonight is the first weigh in of the new-look TBL.

And they are shaking up the elimination process – hooray.

I like this concept, because in the past some of the contestants would slack off for a week, secure in their alliance, but this time it comes down purely to weight. I hope the challenges have been worked out to be fair to both men and women, though.



  1. I turn on the tv just in time to hear about Jake’s f***ing ‘journey’.
    Have these people not been listening to viewer feedback? ‘Journey’ is such a turn-off, and I did.

  2. Whats the point of Shannon getting the 2 boys to hold on to the barbells in last chance training. They are not going to burn calories

    • I thought the same, LP! And I thought it was unfair the girls had to go up against a guy for the bottom three cycling challenge. I commented as much on Twitter and trainer Libby responded that girls often kill it on the bike, which is true (and the girls put in a huge effort tonight), but it is still not a level playing field. It was pretty obvious who was going to be in the bottom three from the sudden airtime they got.

  3. I would also like to know if the “week” was a real week or a TV week, as on past seasons. Some terrific results. I know beardy Simmo dropped the most weight but little Sophia (the lady with the long curly black hair) killed it. She looks to have the perfect frame for weightlifting. I think she’ll do well.

    • The producers still not getting it. They still lie. That weight loss is not from 7 days. No wonder diehard viewers are dropping off.

    • I guess the producers “transformed ” about three weeks down to one week for the weigh in. Lashings of ageism and sexism into the unholy bargain.

  4. I’m ho hum about the blue team since they booted Jenny off. Looks like the orange team are pretty strong after winning the weigh in.
    Matt’s a whinger.

    Too much focus on Nicole (bikini girl). Just sayin.

    • Is she the crying girl? My guess is that she is not long for this show, given the amount of air time she is getting. That’s the way it works, isn’t it?

  5. Elimination challenge should have the 3 contestants starting at the same time. Not fair to Sarah to be the first one and not knowing what the benchmark is.

  6. Ch 10 has now cancel Sun airing of TBL because of low rating. Tonight rating coyld be low to. Are they going to cancel that as well?

    • I thought she said “shed in the forest”. Conjures up images of a crazed Doomsday prepper but I saw a thing online that it was at Byron Bay.
      How drawn out was the wagon wheel slice cook off. I know they are ordinary folk but on MasterChef they cook far more complex stuff without a recipe and with only a 10-second handover. Should I be so surprised so many of them were ignorant that muesli bars and fruit juice contained more sugar than they thought?

  7. Instead of faux wagon wheels with malt syrup in them !!! and a stupid cook off between the teams, how about some menu plans and examples of healthy meals.
    Or maybe a qualified dietician on the show might give the show more credibility . I’m sorry I would be very loathe to take advice from a journalist/tv presenter/public figure on dietary matters. Do a degree in dietetics and human physiology/science and then I may think what you are saying is credible. There is sugar in most foods, cut out processed food and you will cut out a lot of your sugar in your diet.

    • Remember when they had that terrible Jenelle woman who was also on Good Chef Bad Chef? She was horrific.

      • I love Jenelle! I miss Jenelle!
        And I haven’t watched Good Chef Bad Chef since she was replaced with irritating, annoying Zoe.
        Each to his/her own.

  8. Tonight that nice apprentice butcher/foster mum lady was voted off. They need to shake up the teams or blue will be a boys club

    • I am a little bit over a guy saying, “I love this person but I feel that they have the strength of character to succeed at home”. What a load of crap and they should be called on it.

  9. Now boys and girls. Please sit down, close your eyes and think about the delicious mud cake in front of you. Think about the smell of chocolate and the delicious tasty cake in your mouth. Hmm…. very delicious and you can have another slice and keep visualising eating the delicious chocolate cake.

    Wakey wakey now I am going to get myself a lovely mud cake and eat it.

  10. I usually love this show but there is something seriously wrong with this series. And my boredom threshold is so low that I can’t be stuffed watching anymore to figure out why.
    Michelle and Whatshisname were right to jump ship.

    • they seem to be stretching out the challenges and expert sessions. i didn’t need to watch them eat a pretend pizza for 5 mins

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