General chat – April 24

Who’s watching what?
I’m looking forward to this new show, The Aliens, which starts on ABC 2 on Wednesday.
The blurb says: Lewis Garvey is a border guard at the wall that separates humans from Morks. Most people, including Lewis, think Morks are scum. So when he finds out he’s half-alien his whole world is turned upside down. CAST: Michael Socha.
Socha used to play a werewolf in one of my fave shows, Being Human (the UK original, not the the US version) and he’s usually fun to watch.
It looks a bit Shaun of the Dead meets District 9.
You can watch the trailer here.
House Rules starts on Seven tomorrow, just before the MKR grand final, while MasterChef kicks off on Ten on Monday.
If you’re all cooking showed out, tuurn over to SBS at 7.35pm for House of Hypochondriacs. Its host is the doc with the long face from Embarrassing Bodies and his job is to convince hypochondriacs to stop worrying and start living.



  1. I made arancini this weekend, from “taste”. 1/2 I made were spinache, 1/2 had peas. I’m n ot a fancy cook, but they are deeeliscious. I made over 100 of them. I like to have left overs.

      • I am with you on the Taste website. If they say it’s good, it’s good.
        I made a date and walnut cake. It was so good we froze it and made another.

  2. I watched Doctor Who. Third episode was better than 1 & 2 but I’m looking forward to the Doctor regenerating.

  3. Woolif and I did marathons of Gotta get Saul and Braindead. Both are great.
    Braindead isn’t as bad as it sounds. We really enjoyed it. It’s kind of lighthearted.

    • Love Saul! It’s the only show where I’m
      Mesmerised by someone making a cup of tea in closeup for 2 mins- no music, no dialogue …

      • Pandy, we got them on STAN. When I say we, I mean Woolif. I only learn technology if I have to.

          • Stan is $10 per month and 1st month free. You get a lot of movies and series.

          • Thanks Daisy for the STAN prices. I buy a movie from Coles or Safeway when they are on special for $10. Have recently purchased The Van, Jason Bourne’s last movie and Far from the Madding Crowd. When I finish watching I take them up to my sisters farm for her family to watch. Will look into STAN because I love a good tv series to get involved in especially over the Winter months.

  4. Anyone who wanted to know what happened on the Biggest Loser finale should head to the BL post and read Calorie Loader’s recap in the comments.

      • Ahh, you’re too generous Daisy but thank you, very kind. You’ve written some excellent recaps yourself you know.

  5. I watched 13 Reasons Why on Netflix this week. My, that was heartbreaking. Seriously. It’s about a girl that takes her own life and she doesn’t leave a normal suicide note behind, and instead records everything on tapes. A friend of hers listens to them and tries to understand her and follows her trail of despair. The last episode made me actually cry and I realized that not much has changed since I was that age. The bullying in schools, when you appear to be different and not part of the popular cliques. The only difference now is, that the bullying not only takes place in the school and you can more or less try to leave it behind when you leave the building. Now it follows you on social media.

    • My adult daughter, and DIL watched it, and they believe it should be banned. DIL is a social worker and was appalled by the show. She wishes she had never watched it, and “feels dirtied” by it. My teens will definitely not be watching it.

      • I saw something in my FB newsfeed that made me wary of the show. Apparently the show’s creators went to an area in the US particularly renowned for youth suicide, and asked some medical professionals for some advice about what they should do, in terms of telling a story about such a sensitive topic. And allegedly, they did the exact opposite of what they were supposed to do.

        I don’t have Netflix but I researched this one on TV Tropes today, and honestly, even if I did have Netflix, the whole thing sounds ghastly.

        • Perhaps I was able to watch it from another perspective. I have to admit I went through a lot of the same stuff that girl went through and I was in a certainly extremely dark place when I was 17. And no, there was not one second during that show when I felt appalled or even disgusted. In my opinion it gives you a pretty straight forward picture of why teenagers commit suicide. I would not let kids watch it all or teenagers watching it alone by themselves. As a mum I would watch it with my teenager. That way one could talk about it. And this is how it should be treated. At my school back then, which was during the late 90s, early 2000s, we had 3 suicides in one year. And was there any talk about it? No. Nothing. No teacher addressed it. Only when the third kid killed himself, being just f*cking 12 years old after horrific bullying in his class, our school told everyone: We can provide a psychologist if needed.

          PS: I think this article is quite good:

  6. Have we all seen Casey Donovan in the new Coles ad? She’s copping flak online but I say good on her. Take the money, and hopefully she can use it to pay for her next musical project. And one of the guys from Status Quo died, so at least they’ve been replaced with an Aussie.

  7. I was sad to see Casey spruiking for Coles but understand that offers are limited and we all need money to live. Waiting for her next musical project- please do a great album Casey of beautiful ballads.

    • Yes. Very talented actress whose name I am blanking on – Zoe Bartlett from West Wing and Peggy from Mad Men

  8. Saw “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”. It was fun but I liked the first one better. My favorite character — Baby Groot.
    If you go to the movie be sure to sit through the credits because there are about 5 end credit scenes.

    • We wanted to see the movie on Monday, but given the elections tomorrow and how they will end, I suppose Paris won’t be the nicest place to go to. πŸ™
      Personally I am really worried the Le Pen will win and who wants a racist president? But a French team mate told me that if she should win, the French will possibly go onto the streets and he recommended to avoid Paris for the night of the elections and the day after.

      • Whatever the outcome, I hope people accept the outcome. Like they did in the Netherlands. Disregarding elections is like saying “only we are allowed to have say because we are right and everyone else is wrong”.
        Unless of course the electoral process has been corrupted.

        • I did not feel they were afraid. They were more afraid of the Nazi bitch winning. πŸ˜‰ One of my French team mates was helping with the elections etc and he was not afraid that there could be a terrorist attack.

          Daisy, in the Netherlands the vote was actually alright and the people didn’t vote for Wilders, who is the right winger. A democratic party won. There was only trouble in Turkey recently with Erdogan getting more power and there went a lot of shit down. I feel so sorry for the Turkish people because like Brexit, the majority was only by a 1 or 2% margin. πŸ™
          And I think it would be okay if the French would have fought this election result. Le Pen is/was extremely dangerous. Front National is overall a racist party. Her father actually said the holocaust did not happen and Marine Le Pen also does not admit that it was a mistake… Someone like that should not be allowed to rule a country. Her win would also have been most likely the death of the EU. Isolating France, bringing back the Franc, possibly extra taxes for companies that hire non French people… This would also be more or less the death of the company I work for. The vast majority is not French. The people I work with basically come from all over the world.

          • I know about the vote in Neth, zhee. And the vote was respected. All riots after an election I find offensive to voters. Wld they rather have an autocracy?

          • French like to protest anyway. πŸ˜› But it has been calm, I think that is because the “good guy” won. I personally believe it was a choice between plague and cholera and cholera won this time. But as some French co workers said, in case Le Pen would have won, there would have been riots in Paris. You cannot have a president that is isolating a country, she had desastrous plans for the French economy, she sees immigration as an awful thing. She wants that French companies hire French people only. Many companies though can only properly work with a multicultural team. I might be absolutely fluent in English, but for example: I would never be able to do a better job than a native-speaker. I would always make mistakes as my grammar is different and if I write quickly, I often fall into the pattern using German grammar. Or my pronounciation isn’t perfect because I do have an accent and the tune of my spoken English is also different.
            That beinf said, maybe it is only stalling Le Pen for another 5 years. πŸ™ So I just hope that Macron is doing well.

    • I watched it last week, and I’m with you. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. I enjoyed the first one a lot more. I felt this one was very heavily retreading the ideas and themes of the first one. And they laid the ‘family’ moral on just too thick. It was still enjoyable, though. But now the wait is on for “Wonder Woman” and “Spider-Man”.

    • Another old trouper leaves the stage; rest well, Val.

      I remember not long after Maurie died, there was a tribute or memorial tv show for him. Daryl Somers was the mc. At the end, when Val came out to speak, Daryl kept standing right next to her, trying very hard to upstage her. Val took his hand and pretty much strong-armed him out of the camera shot. It was beautiful.

  9. I watched a foreign film from Spain, “The Invisible Guest”. It’s a murder mystery involving a successful businessman . There were a few plot holes but overall excellent. Twists and turns that will keep you guessing although I did figure out one of the main surprises early on.

    • Thanks Juz, I’ve seen it and enjoyed. I think I have Cleaned SBS’s wardrobes out of that genre and as the new ones arrive I devour them. Then I’m disappointed that I watched them so fast and have nothing more to watch 😩

  10. Watched Animal Kingdom last night for the first time on SBS.
    Riveting and the acting, brilliant and understated.

  11. Damn it. Why did I click on Youtube anyway? :S Already cannot sleep anyway, now I am stuck listening to Insomnia (how fitting):

    Saw them live many, many years ago, when their best days were actually over. It was an Open Air festival. The evening before it was Moloko as headliner, and for the final night they had Faithless. There were roughly 30.000 people and the area had small grass hills and when they played Insomnia, the ground was shaking from the bass and the people dancing. It was seriously electrifying. Plus it was during a hot summer thunderstorm with rain…

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