1. No problem here in Qld where I am Juz, we just got a lot of rain and wind. Northern NSW seemed to cop it bad, saw footage on the news of Lismore.

    • Are your supermarkets full stocked, Pandy? A friend in Brissy said it was hard to get fresh bread and fruit and veg. Glad you are out of the Debbie destruction zone.

      • We couldn’t buy fresh milk anywhere yesterday. I was really surprised. They hadn’t had any deliveries due to the storms.

  2. George Calombaris has been caught underpaying staff at his Hellenic hellhole to the tune of 2.6 million dollars. Boom boom , shake the room.


    Do they teach that at Chef School?

  3. Thanks for everyone who gave me advice on progressive glasses. I went back yesterday and they retested and measured my yeyes, I chose a different frame and now I will wait and see how I go with the new glasses.
    If I can’t read with them, it may turn out I am one of the very small percentage of people that progressives are no good for. That would be my luck.
    I will keep you posted. Thank you all for taking the time to give me your feedback.

    • yes that could be possible that the frame isn’t suitable for the progressives or multi focal. The frame has to be big enough to fit the different visions in and some small frames are not suitable. Good Luck with them.

    • You might still consider a different optometrist 4 next time. Not sure who I use but no longer Just Spectacles. Lure you in with the promise of the extra frames but I have greater satisfaction functionally and aesthetically with my newer opts. Ask around your friends in your area to get their feedback too.

    • Definitely if these don’t work I will be asking for money back and going somewhere else. It has been such a disappointing experience when I was quite looking forward to the whole idea, especially with the transition lenses as well.

  4. Steve Price was in The Project tonight saying I’m a Celeb had genuinely changed him and he was a more content and calmer person now. And his views were now more to the centre. Who’d have thunk it!

    • My guess is that his previous life was strikingly similar to living in a bubble.
      You’ve got to get out there and experience different things to broaden your mind.

  5. Just saw this on fb. I came home to find out Woolif had all but chopped down a perfectly good loquat tree so he owes me……
    I guess I will have to make the stand. πŸ€”

    • Tim Dormer and Ben on BB. Well good mates. Tully and What’s his face.
      Matt and Jess. They didn’t last though.

  6. Ugh, it is sooo hot here. :S (And yeah, you can have a laugh at me for complaining about 25Β°C). It was spring weather the last two weeks. Sunny, but cool still. And today it is super hot. I have a feeling we will have a shitty summer with lots of sun and high temperatures. I will be a lobster all summer long. *sniff* I have that awful European skin of a redhead (unlike my parents and my sister who all tan incredibly fast. But apparently someone had the inherit my great grandmother’s redhead genes), that is kind of pale and only burns and after this is healed, is pale again.

    • Pale is beautiful Zhee! I’m a redhead too and i just try and keep out of the sun, certainly never go to the beach. Look around you and see how many women dye their hair red – they are enviousπŸ˜€

      • I wish it was proper red like the one of my great grandmother. She had a nice rich copper tone. But she was married to a raven haired man, so that was unfortunately the killer for any properly red hair. I have more of a brownish, dark auburn which lightens in the summer time so it appears more reddish then. It’s the nicest thing ever when sunlight hits the hair and suddenly it doesn’t look chocolate brown any longer but red.^^ Usually people do not look at me twice, but the shiny hair seems to be an eye catcher. πŸ˜‰
        I am still thinking about getting a proper red dye, but I actually love my hair color. Plus I do not want to color unless the white hair is getting worse. πŸ˜€

        I remember when I lived in Ireland, went to get a hair cut and the hair dresser was in complete awe regarding my hair. She asked me about ten times, which shade and brand I use to color. I told her it is natural. And she was totally shocked by that and told me that Irish women apparently either bleach to go blonde or color the hair black or very dark brown in order to get rid of the red hair. πŸ™ She then was like: I think I am going for a brown-red the next time!

    • This is The Daily Mail. I don’t believe it. It’s a bit like The New Idea – more fantasy than fact.
      By-the-by, that photo of her with Garvey = super awks.

      • Also speculation that Kiera wants to be The Bachelorette.

        Ch 10 is so desperate and think people were watching I Am ACelebrity becos of Keira. Please……..

        • There’s an article where Kiera is having a go at those that apply for multiple rtv shows. Q_Q
          Pot … Kettle

          • YES! I read that. Isn’t she a reality addict?? All she wants qas the profile and then complain about those that apply

        • Now Sophie Monk want to be The Bachelorette. If Ch 10 wants a big name than Monk will be biggervthan Sam Frost or Keira.

          • In Strine, Juz. She’s a fun gal, but a bit of a Strine ladette and too old to be Bachette. I think they will want someone younger who can at least fake a bit of lady like demure behaviour.

    • I seem to be the only person in the world that is wary of euthanasia.
      All the discussion on-line assumes that you are an idiot if you are not ‘for’ so I am not joining in there but I have always felt that this website is a safe place for all sorts of views.
      As someone rightly pointed out, our views are shaped by our personal experiences and I had an uncle who was subjected to carer abuse. There is no question in my mind that he would have been moved on for financial gain given the opportunity.
      I know that there are laws that were supposed to protect him. They are useless. God help you if you dare say anything bad about a ‘sainted’ carer. So how is the govt going to protect people when the victim is actually dead?
      I get the other side of the argument. I have had very close relatives die from cancer under my roof. The palliative care doctors say the answer is more doctors and nurses specialising in palliative care. Why can’t we listen to the experts first and try that, rather than legislate by popular vote.
      The whole subject is just sad and depressing. I’m going to eat cake now. And chocolate. Chocolate always helps. Especially when it’s with ice-cream. On top of cake.

  7. People without mental capacity to express their wishes should definitely not be included. But I believe some other countries have strict requirements regarding who is eligible and there are many hoops to be jumped through. We definitely need more resources for palliative care also. I like that it is an issue more and more people are thinking about.
    Now, on to a super trivial topic, anyone who watched Big Brother may be interested in this article on the romance that was Clawson (and check out Lawson’s hair now. http://www.mamamia.com.au/big-brother-cat-lawson-together/?utm_campaign=Mamamia&utm_source=SocialFlow&utm_medium=Facebook

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