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Happy Easter, everyone. Hope you were able to spend time with your families (if you were so inclined) and didn’t have to work.
Mr Juz and I managed to catch the season premiere of Doctor Who and quite enjoyed it. And we give the new companion the thumbs up. I could do without Matt Lucas, though, so hopefully he shuffles off soon.

Not much time for TV watching this weekend, although I tuned into one of my faves, Tiny Houses, and enjoyed Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations visit to Turkey on SBS Food this morning. However, it just reminded me there are no decent Turkish restaurants in Adelaide and I miss good pide.
We were up at 6am to hunt for Easter eggs in the garden so hoping for an early night tonight!



  1. Good to see MasterChef fave Matt doing so well and opening a bricks and mortar place after running a food truck.

  2. Just wondering if anyone knows if decent radios in headsets are available. Thought Dave might know as he uses captions, as I do (when they are available) I lost some hearing after a brain bleed (just like Eric!) and I really miss walking around at home with the radio on in the background. Enjoy Easter Monday πŸ™‚

      • Thanks! I tried a pair of those but they didn’t work. I may have to make do with my little walkman and ear phones, which are uncomfortable with hearing aidsπŸ˜‚

        • I have a pair of Sennheisser cordless earphones and they are great. You have quite a large radius you can go and they are very comfortable over the ear. They are a bit more expensive but you get a what you pay for and I feel they are well worth the little bit extra.
          Have you found out about Bluetooth? Would that work for you? I don’t know much about it but it sounds like you are more in to the type of headphones you get is that right?
          I can connect mine to the TV, Foxtel or to my iPad and I suppose to a radio if it had a connection for the lead.
          I hope you find what you are looking for Sara.
          If all else fails, Dr. Google.

    • I bought my mum a radio (she’s deaf) from one of the big electronic stores. She uses it in bed but it’s a bit too cumbersome to carry around the house.
      Have you looked at those iPods or MP3 players?

      • Usually Sennheiser are pretty good. We use them at work too. German engineering.^^
        I personally hate headphones as I am quite short, that also comes with a smaller than average head. I always have to stick my hair under my headset at work so it doesn’t drop off my head during a phone call. (It happened twice so far, kind of embarrassing as the customer also hears the crash sound pretty well. Try to explain what happened a la: Sorry, my headset fell off, my head is too small). Lots of people at work are actually whining that the headsets are too small…

  3. I was sort of OK with Doctor Who but still not a fan of the Peter Capaldi version and not sure what I think about the new companion, Bill. The puddle thing was interesting at first and then just “yawn”.
    Rumor is that the Doctor will regenerate at the end of this season and Capaldi will be replaced by Kris Marshall. Have no idea who he is.

    • I kind of enjoyed it but I was distracted by the 6 year old who was terrified (but would not stop watching).
      I like PC because he is a nice change from the flip, young sarcastic things. After 3 of them in a row, I am a bit over it.
      Having said all that, I am looking forward to the regeneration to Whoevercomesnext. Love Dr Who, however they come.

    • We think Kris Marshall will be an okay doctor if he has a good script to work with. It will be a more comedic doctor. (Of late he has been in Death in Paradise but is probably best known as the idiotic elder son Nick in My Family & Colin in Love Actually).

      The great tragedy of Peter Capaldi’s doctor is he was never given the right script. Think there was the expectation that he would be a Classic Doctor with a touch of Malcolm Tucker. He should have been the Doctor for those who have watched all their lives.

      Mmm, we think this episode was very much trying to cast Bill as Rose 2.0. (School Reunion) after all she needs to carry the series until the new Doctor can be established.

      Whovians was not as bad as we thought it would be. Adam Richard was good. Tegan just talked so she could hog the camera and added nothing.

      Interesting theory about Susan, and we hope it is not true. Can’t Steven Moffat just leave Classic Doctor alone.

      • I like PC but agree – he’s suffered from from not good scripts. Kris is a good actor but I worry he’ll be another goofy doctor, in the mould of Matt Smith. I would like some more cultural diversity, too, if it’s a good actor. I did like Bill comparing the Tardis to a swish kitchen.

        • The Doctor should just be, not judged as something lesser because it doesn’t tick some identity box.

          We want better scripts that suit the current occupants of the TARDIS, less reliance on the Cybermen and Daleks to fill the gaps, and the classic canon left alone.

          But the real question is will the Americans accept Kris Marshall as he is not exactly classically handsome.

          • I guess Eccleston and Smith weren’t handsome in a traditional sense, but yes, in the US Kris would be typecast as a character actor, not a leading man purely because he looks like a normal bloke

  4. And while I am on a role, anyone been listening to Studio 10 this morning.
    Interesting take on the Survivor issue. Makes you think. I love being made to think. I don’t do it often enough.
    And Georgia talking about either Sam and Sophie the next Bachelorette. She has said that Sam has come out saying that she is mentally not up to it (apparently last year was a tough year for her). I missed that.
    And she is supportive of Sophie. I think Sophie would just like to get married and is running out of options. I would watch but I think it would be a train wreck.

    • If it is Sophie, they need to get some older bachelors. Sophie is 37 yrs old. Imagine dating some early 20s guys?

      They should get Casey Donovan as The Bachelorette! Will be interesting to see how all these ‘model’ type bachelors handle the situation

    • Not a fan of the Studio, Bobi. Happy to think but I think they just say whatever pops into their heads. No research. I could just as easily discuss Russian Chinese relations with my demented Aunty Beryl. There is no demented Aunty Beryl btw. She is fictitious, like the intelligence of have the studio panel.
      It’s fine to discuss but if they talk like know all, research the topic. In the past I have found them far too strongly opinionated without knowledge.

      • I like it because it is on in the background and you can listen …. or not. I do understand the irritation tho’.
        I Loath the other two options: Kochie with a dubious financial background giving financial advice, with the blond girl giggling at all his lame jokes, and Karl.
        I do roll in and out of the ABC.

  5. I’ve hardly watched any TV over the Easter long weekend. Guess I’m just on pins and needles waiting for Josh and Amy to cook tonight … I’ve also had a full 7 days off work, so that’s nice.

    There was a big Easter family get-together yesterday, and my cousins’ children thought my collection of Lego and Power Ranger toys were like an Aladdin’s treasure cave of awesome. But then I had to explain to my cousin’s eldest daughter who the Power Rangers are and what a Megazord does. That was fun.

    Saturday night was the birthday of a friend of mine, so a bunch of us went bowling. I haven’t bowled in years, but I did a lot better than I thought I would. And then I crawled home at 2:00 in the morning (someone else got an Uber for me) with bite marks and bruises (the fun kind) covering my neck, and smelling like somebody’s else aftershave. It was a good day :).

    • Bowling is fun but I never knew it was THAT much fun, Windsong. Sounds like you should play more often πŸ˜‰ Mr Juz made his mum go up in the roof to retrieve his old Voltron and He Man toys for Mr 5. But most are missing limbs so Mr 5 is not very interested.

      • Voltron tends to come and go, every few years, whenever a new series comes out. I never watched it, but I’d love to actually get a toy version with the five combining lions.

        I did pick up a Pop Vinyl Voltron figure, a little while ago. He’s pretty cool.

        • New ones are hundreds of dollars. There is a new series on Netflix now (with Murray from Conchords doing a voice in his native accent, which is kinda hilarious) so I was hoping they would manufacture new toys. Mr Juz’s one is missing a lion leg

  6. I just caught the end glimpse on abc of the adoooorable Prince Harry talking about, confessing to depression.
    OMG he is scrumptious.

    • Hi Jase, it is the new one where they are all strangers. Australia is about three episodes behind the US.

    • I think tonight CH7 is airing ep 1 and 2, so Australia should then only be 1 episode behind. It airs on Friday morning Australia time in the US.

    • I downloaded the first episode, a couple of weeks ago when it aired in the US, and I didn’t like it at all. I don’t like it when the Race gets too gimmicky. And this Race just looks like it’s gonna be couples shouting at each other from continent-to-continent. I was disappointed, but I made the decision, nope, I’m gonna sit this one out.

    • The hubby’s compliments were more offensive than his criticisms. I was on his side over the bathroom mould, but to say she’s great because she can pick up 2 sacks of potatoes……

    • I think the episode was a repeat, unless Dr Phil is just becoming repetitive.
      I found them both annoying. He was a jerk but why does she stay? ffs.
      I am assuming I lack empathy.

      • Naah. I think your empathy was on point, Bob. How was it, she surprised him at the birth of his first child. A brown baby. “Oh, I thought you were the father”

  7. I hope everyone had a great, happy, safe Easter! Sorry I’m a bit late with the wishes. I’ve had my family here and no time for myself. I’m absolutely worn out and now I’m relaxing and catching up on all my shows. It’s lovely.
    I have watched a new one on SBS, the full series of ‘Dicte’ about a reporter that likes to help the police. Not too bad, it’s especially good because the whole 10 episodes are there to be watched.
    Any recommendations welcome please.

  8. I cooked an Easter dinner on Monday and on Sunday we ordered in some Sushi for me getting older. Boyfriend allowed me to pick a movie for the night. Which in the end was a movie he picked because he was whining about all of my choices. -.-
    Funny times with the dinner though. NOTHING went wrong. I did a perfect panna cotta (don’t know what is sooo difficult about it anyway). Thought about getting out my silicon moulds, but they are not red. πŸ™ So I simply poured the liquid into glasses. Next I prepared goat’s cheese focaccia. That was served with some rocket salad.For mains I did rosemary and thyme chicken, a champignon sauce and a potato gratin. We were sooooooooo stuffed…

    • Funny.
      But I agree, every episode I have watched: 1. the couple have wildly opposing wishlist (it has to be staged), 2. they make really disparaging comments about the most ridiculous things, and 3. both their expectations are way beyond their stage of life.

        • And every couple wants, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, double vanities, a place to entertain, open concept and more bathrooms than there are bedrooms for under $200k.

      • I read somewhere that the couple have actually chosen the place they want beforehand, then the producers choose two other places so it looks like the potential owners are choosing between the three. Otherwise what would happen if they didn’t like any of the three?

        • I have read that too. That the couple has pretty much purchased the property (hence the property chosen is always seemingly empty). The other two properties are either houses of their friends (dead give away is all the clutter) or another listing of the agent.

      • We like this one (but probably not for the same reasons). It is comedic particularly when the(usual) American couple bitch and complain that the matchbox in the dead centre of a global city is horrendously expensive and smaller than at home (and quelle horror only has one bathroom!).

        I don’t get why Americans need so many bathrooms…

        • I like HHI and Tiny Houses. And I recently stumbled upon and island one, where people travel to places like Costa Rica and say things like “but it only has four islands and there’s no private lake”.

    • I wonder if child stars couldn’t be steered into investing their money and getting a good education. Richie managed the transition well. It would be tough going from superstardom to “myeh”. Good parents would be a must have.

      • Ritchie’s parents were in the business. I think it helps.
        There should be some sort of union or police force that hovers over the whole industry. Some of those parents are seriously scary.

      • I’ve just realised that she is Rita Glossner on The Middle. Great to see her playing a character part and nailing the comedy.

        • She starred in Suddenly Susan and has been fairly consistently working. I forgot about her being Rita Glossner probably because she is so far removed from who I think of when I think Brooke Shields.

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