House Rules starts Sun

House Rules returns to Seven this Sunday at 7pm, taking over the MKR timeslot.
MasterChef starts on Ten the following day, so as usual I will probably only tune in to the HR premiere and the reveals.
You can read about the teams here.
(Actually, my TV guide says it starts at 6.45pm, with the MKR final starting at 7.45pm, so check your local guide on the day.)

IF anyone is watching the premiere tonight feel free to post a little recap, as I won’t get to it until tomorrow – there’s too much happening!



  1. Oh and Seven is debuting a new show tomorrow (Wed) at 9pm called Aussie Property Flippers that could be worth a look. Seems to follow several flippers, rather than the US versions which generally focus on one couple with their own show.

    • Not two minutes in there are tears.

      Fame and money. Go for it, contestants. Airheads and Meatheads.

  2. So only $200k up for grabs this year, the size of some peoples mortgages obviously had them rethinking the prize, much fairer though, I always found it strange that those that hocked themselves to the eyeballs the most could win the biggest prize.

    Don’t like the sound of the new pompous judge, can’t see how he will have any idea about what everyday Aussies like. The 3 judges looked a little like a block copycat the way they introduced them.

    2 of the guys are annoying already, Mr Brisvegas looks like he needs to get over himself and other idiot who want to stick a toilet in the middle of the ensuite needs to get a clue

  3. No mortgage pay off this time.
    So the lady bought the shack and the land and they live their on the weekends, but she rents elsewhere?? Did she buy the place hoping she would be on HR and she would get a free reno? She probably could have used the money she is paying towards rent to get a better place.

  4. Completely forgot this was starting, due to watching the A-League semi. Does anyone know of an encore screening?

    • I don’t think it’s worth seeking out encore. You know how channel 7 will recap constantly – you’ll be all caught up by the first ad break!

  5. Don’t like it so far. A holiday shack should not be included. The whole idea of the show seems to have gone by the wayside.
    They should have stuck to the winning formula of the first series and not try to be too clever about it.
    Seeing previews today, it looks like the two women are not happy with their new home as they said it looks like a junk shop. As opposed to a junk yard I suppose? How ungrateful.
    Laurence is not too bad, I used to watch him years ago on Changing Rooms. He’s very flamboyant, but he’s there to add a bit of fun I suppose. They didn’t need the new blonde judge.
    I will give this a bit of time but will be watching Masterchef tonight.

    • From the previews, it seems that we are being set up for an all-girl villain team. It should make it interesting if they get the other teams offside right at the start.
      If that is what happens, it will be a welcome change from the usual villain – an overbearing alpha male.

      It seems that the “battler” team (why is everyone from western Sydney labelled a battler? There are plenty of other stereotypes to choose from) must have put the dangly ladder in the hall, and are going to be slammed for it.

  6. Wrecking Ball ~ Golden Ball, what does it matter? Jowl$y or Johanna? Yeah.

    One doesn’t need a Crystal Ball to see both shows failing to thrill.

    For the moment I’ll watch $hithouse Rules because the time commitment is less than Ma$terchef. I’ll see how the encores of Ma$terchef in the arvo go.

  7. I saw five minutes of it, in which a muscly dude chucked a tanty because a professional gave him advice on toilet placement. And then his poor girlfriend had to be the grownup and do all the grownup stuff, like talking to the camera and fulfilling their contractual obligations – and pretending her BF wasn’t a dick.

    • I thought Kate was quite classy and mature in coping with Harry, but he’s going to have big problems if he can’t learn to handle the stress.

      Not sure if it is this couple who have the vanity problem, but it seems obvious to me to just reinstall the cut-off piece either higher or lower, to create a feature two-level vanity bench. Hope he doesn’t try to join them back together at the same level with a big seam down the middle.

  8. Interesting observation from people on House Rules facebook page last night about Jo.
    Towards the end when Jo is standing outside talking to the contestants, the blue shirt she is wearing with a pocket on one side mysteriously seems to change sides in different shots. In fact the trees behind her , and her watch and parting of her hair keep changing too. Its a mirror image, and if you watch carefully it appears she is not really even there, or speaking directly to the contestants?
    In the shot at the end, Jo ‘s face is not seen as a tree is obstructing her face. Does she have a stand in and was she really there? Very weird.

  9. The new judge Laurence picked his nose just before the second ad break.(going out the door) Could have been edited out.

    Apart from that, he’s hilarious.

  10. I tuned in tonight while I was having dinner. I like the British judge who offers scathing and witty criticism of *everything*.

    The nerdy twins are kind of cute, too.

  11. Okay, seriously, the two female home-owners just seem … awful. But I’m not sure how much I blame them. This is why I don’t like this show. You’re trusting your *house*, which is one of the most permanent things you’re ever going to have in your life, to a bunch of strangers who know nothing about home design, furniture or architecture. If you’re silly enough to do that, then really, you get what you deserve.

    Although I’ll point out that the eleven-year-old son handled the thing with far more maturity and respect than either of the adults.

    Notice how often they walked into a space and began by saying, “Oh I like that”, but within about thirty seconds, the narrative changed to, “Oh that doesn’t work, I don’t like that at all”?

    And if I hear the phrase, “contemporary country” ever again for the rest of my life, it’ll be too soon. Did they even know what that phrase even means?

    • I thought the comment from the blonde Adonis from the Gold Coast summed up their attitude perfectly – “I think they’ve forgotten they lived in a shack.”

      • Even the fourteen-year-old son was happier and more respectful for the work that had gone into the place, than the two adults. Yikes.

        And then we heard the typical, “We’re not here to make friends!” speech from the two women. Have they actually watched the show before? Them doing well relies on the other teams scoring *well*. Piss the other teams off, and what do they think is going to happen? Morons.

        • I think they are scoring strategically. Note that the team who scored highest from the judges were scored lowest by the bitches. Karma will bite them on the ass.

          • I don’t think they even know what contemporary country is. The red-head says that the tree in the eldest boy’s room has dirt on it. Well she was living in a filthy shack.
            Her sons were much more respectful than their mother. In fact I think the 14 year old felt hurt after his mom and her friend started making negative comments.
            All teams have a lot of growing to do and these women should be grateful that they now have a home. Karma is a b*tch and so are these two.

      • And that just makes me annoyed at (a) channel 7, for pulling this crap on us with two reality TV shows in a row, (b) the team themselves (seriously ladies. When your two teenage children are more grateful and mature than you? You got problems), and (c) me, for getting sucked in to this. I wanna see the other teams tell them off.

  12. I admit, I may have a slight crush on the blonde Adonis. Seriously, they won’t need any cutting implements for the rest of the competition, because they have his jawline. Damn. It’s like the man was chiselled out of marble.

      • Never!

        But eye-candy never hurts. You know what it’s like. Sometimes you’re in the mood for some home-made egg rolls. Other times? You just want some beefcake :).

  13. Two very rude ungrateful women with two nice grateful children. Anything is better than a shed, and small things like moving mirrors, moving the bike from the roof and taking away the bath tub of beer if they didn’t like it is no big deal. They can easily change these things, and taking 5 points off the boys was just plain mean. Looks like they won’t get any better either.

    • No. “Oh the desk is too close to the wardrobe.” WELL THEN MOVE THE ****ING THING, YOU PAIR OF IDIOTS.


    • That outdoor area was really nice and the boys didn’t deserve a fail. What a pair of jerks!! I hope the teams give them low scores for their renos.

      They need to take their country rules and stick them. They think that they can do the show alone…LOL.

  14. So, a ten-point difference to the twins’ score on the basis that some metal chairs needed to go from ‘industrial’ to ‘contemporary country’ by adding some cushions. The twins (and the others) had every right to be gobsmacked by the idiocy.

    Yes, there were flaws in all the

    • I think this decision should have been questioned by all the teams, the judges should have over ruled it. Just too vindictive.

  15. …zones, but these women had no idea what they were talking about. Slamming the manufactured timber cabinets in the kitchen, but praising the even more manufactured monstrosity in the laundry. I hated the way that she overrode the boy’s opinion about the bed, and badgered him until he mumbled an agreement. It feels like that is a normal occurrence.

    I don’t think the bonus room thing is going to work. After this week, it will be the poison challice that everyone rejects.

    Last night’s ep was way too long, despite being very entertaining. I have to eat my words about Laurence – he doesn’t sound too pommy, and his lack of cliches is very, very refreshing. I can see him becoming a bit of a cult figure very soon.

    • I remember watching him on a reality show with his wife. Renovating a castle they were living in or something. After he did original UK version of Changing Rooms. I don’t mind him but doubt I’ll tune in to the program, not a fan!

    • He already is a cult figure from his work on the English Changing Rooms from years ago. As he has said, Changing Rooms was the start of all these reality make over shows. He’s always been flamboyant, but that’s just him.

    • How about when they loved the blue in the bedroom but hated the similar color of blue in the hallway.
      I was shocked that they liked the cabinets in the laundry room. Those were some of the ugliest cabinets I have ever seen. The laundry room made no sense.

    • Ch 7 are champion ar$ehole magnets.

      They are two contrary, contemporary country c…s.

  16. She was just being so petty about the fact that they had to 100% meet all the house rules. I’m so curious to see how Fiona and Nicole go renovating the other teams houses… if the ads are anything to go by, not removing a wall after being asked for open plan, won’t go down well.
    Perhaps she should have left a few scrapbooks with ‘contemporary country’ idea lying around!

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