Married at First Sight Aftermath recap

Thanks to Daisy for recapping last night’s MAFS. The finale is tonight (yes, the show is REALLY ending).

Ha ha ha. What a horrible dinner party.
Just about everyone there hated at least one other person and almost everyone had an axe to grind. There were more elephants in the room than a gathering of big top circus and one of them was Nick’s pink elephant.
There was a fair bit of hypocrisy and finger pointing as injured parties accused exes of having not been genuine, and the claws came out as producers suggested Cheryl take Scarlett aside for a dressing down.
And on dressing down, there were plenty of plunging necklines, high splits and bum hugging pencil skirts from the girls and the usual blokey gear on the boys, except for Anthony who likes to go a bit Sydney city boy millennial (thanks Maz for spotting him not wearing socks).
Poor Scarlett looked like a wilting Babs Streisand all night. She tried her temptress best to lure Andrew Jones but that didn’t get off the ground so she spent most of the night looking lost and well out of her depth. Jonesy and Johnathan drew some support from each other hoping their mutual contempt for Cheryl would help them through the party. Then Lauren arrived and immediately palled up with Cheryl, evening out the power.
Michelle, who strung Jesse along for a couple of months, consoled Nadia for getting strung along by Anthony. Jesse was like a child left too long at day care, you know, the last one to be collected because his mum forgot what he looked like, so decided to wait until all the other kids had been collected and then take the one still left. If Jesse had a tail tonight, it would have been wagging when Michelle arrived.
Anthony was in a different kind of dog house. He was in strife for dropping Nadia before she had a chance to drop him. How very dare he. The experts noted Nadia’s pained expression; (it was exactly the same face she had on when Anthony declared his recommitment vows).
Anyhow, given how much Nadia hummed and haaawed over her feelings for Anthony, and that she only seemed suddenly keen to land on his doorstep after she needed a new place to live, I’m not surprised Anthony cold cold feet. Or was it the lack of socks, Maz.
I got the impression that Anthony felt her latching on, which will send a guy running faster than Jesse running when the dinner bell goes.
We didn’t see much of the doppleganger twins tonight. Nick and Sharon, Susan and Sean, Simon and Alene and even Vanessa and Chewbakka were all getting on just fine, so nothing for the producers there. Lauren had her camera time taking a few stabs at Jonesy. Actually the producers were spoilt for choice as there was plenty of friction and awkwardness for the experts to ponder and make inane comments on.
I have saved Deb and John for last. They left very early on because John was a white smoker who couldn’t make a good lotus position or get into the karma sutra.
I think Debra has forgotten that they divorced two months ago because she was still nagging and bitching at John for not paying enough attention to her needs. I think Deb should be given her own yoga hour on one of those channels we never watch. Or a spot on that star sign, fortune telling channel. Or maybe Deb and John could do a repeat performance on that up-coming couples retreat reality show. I think there is more fun to be had from Deb and John.
So after the united expertise of three relationship psychologists, and their considerable poking, prodding, spying, support and advice, we ended with two lasting. (๐Ÿ˜‚) marriages; cute but slightly dysfunctional Alene and Simon, and Sharon and Nick. We also have three “good friends forever” couples; Vanessa and Andy, Michelle and Jesse, and Susan and Sean.
Tomorrow night is the episode we have been hanging out to see; who really lasts after the “experiment”. And best of all; Andrew and the boys gets to watch their men behaving badly video. I hopes Jonesy brings his fire hose. He might need it. ๐Ÿš’



  1. Anthony would have lost his socks on a “sure thing” at the track.

    Thanks ,daisy. If only the contestants’ commitments were as rock solid as yours.

    There is a Deb lookalike on Psychic TV, btw.

    Too many people for dinner parties, both here and MKR. Eight is supposed to be an optimal number. Folks like Chewbacca get drowned in the dynamics. No keg to stand around , etc. This is lost on the sexperts , I suppose. They couldn’t organise a …nevermind.

  2. Great recap Daisy with some pertinent observations. Missed it last night so this arvo, I made a special effort to watch last nights dinner party. I shouldn’t have bothered.

  3. Great recap.

    Deb has just admitted that she is broad minded. She also would have accepted an Italian, Texan or Canadian.

  4. Simon’s use of “missus” was captioned as “misses”

    Anthony looks really sheepish tonight. No booze laid on , either.

  5. Last night a twin said, ” How rude” that Cheryl didn’t say “hi” to Jonathan. The twins need to be aware that when you are at a dining table and you speak loudly, having a conversation that only includes a couple of people and excludes others because they weren’t there, that is also really rude. I am referring to the “Remember when we were at the camp Jonesie and you came in in your boxers? That was hilaaaaaarious”. The twins have been the amoral morality police.

  6. I don’t get Nadia’s tears as she was quite cold toward Anthony all the way theough, saying “I’m not going to just up and move”. Anthony was the one showing all the interest but getting Ice Maiden in return. I wonder if she was embarrassed to be dropped.

    • Hmmmm. $200 per day. It’s 1/2 most wages. But they go for the celebrity I think.
      Maybe Sean was thinking he could buy a lot of oats for that.

    • This reads more like what I saw in this show.
      I think the other couples were so surprisingly antagonistic (or poorly matched) that people resorted to seeing things that just weren’t there.
      And in the issue of no time – I went out with a farmer for a while and I think the lifestyle makes them totally inflexible. Sean is behaving exactly like every other farmer I ever met.

      • Totally accurate Bobi.
        I dated a farmer for 3 months and it was all about his schedule. Selfish and inflexible he was.

  7. I thought Hot Seat was on at 5.00. Anthony sure was in it tonightl He did deserve to get burned for saying the “brotherhood” were innocent of degrading conversation about Cheryl.
    Nick seemed to be trembling that the spotlight might suddenly turn on him because he provoked Jonesie’s derogatory comments by asking him where he looked when speaking to Cheryl. I was raised on Benny Hill so it’s not shocking to me, but since the culprits only had contempt for Cheryl, it was just vindictive talk.

  8. I like how they completely ignored a couple of them, we never got to see what happened with them all.

    • They probably cut Vanessa and Chewbakka because they have already flogged that dead horse way too long. And there was no more story to squeeze out of Michelle and Jesse. After all Michell can only stay “confused” about her feelings for so long before she finally screams, “Jesse, don’t you get it?”.
      Who if any will we see again do you think? Can any of them use the 15 seconds to become a Sam Frost? Or Frizey?

    • from the article:
      Whitlock’s study found psychologists “consider reality television to be a manipulatively constructed, ethically bereft and
      morally bankrupt commercially driven entertainment delivery system โ€ฆ at the participant’s expense.”

      coludn’t have phrased it better myself…

  9. Take desperate hopefuls from all over Australia, raise the odds by making a larger pool of them to match, and the sexperts still only got 1 out of about 10. 10 and a bit if you count Cheryl and Jonesie.
    We can lose the sexpert crap now I think. I think you could get a better match rate throwing your carkeys in a bowl to swap wives.

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