MasterChef special on Thurs

With MasterChef kicking off on May 1, the show is taking a look back at some of its success stories this Thursday with MasterChef Special Ordinary People. Extraordinary Food.
I’m hoping they check in with Billie McKay, the unassuming ponytailed winner in 2015 – one of the few winners who hasn’t been in the media much, apart from a column in delicious. (I know – they should just drop the full stop, right? mag.
The promo shows Poh and Andre (both serving up fabulous food here in Adelaide – Andre’s Cucina would be my No.1 pick from a special night out) and other faves such as Julie Goodwin, Justine and dessert king Reynold.

It’s on Ten from 7.30-8.30pm.



  1. I remember Puddle Pies, bawling and swearing at ovens. Food clogged with fat ,sugar and cream. Yeah. It gets better.


    “There’s nothing in my dreams but some ugly memories” ~ Iggy Pop.

  2. I wanted to make one of Reynold’s ferrero rocher desserts, but when I got the recipe it was full of ingredients that the average person can’t easily get.

    I wonder if any of these contestants would have come to a similar position without MC? Interesting to speculate.

  3. Yep. I may be a country hick, but I don’t have gold leaf, agar, truffle oil etc in my pantry. I love trying new things but usually when a chef makes something to be promoted by a company/product, they dumb it down a bit for people like me.

    • Stupid question as I am not Australian, but you guys do not get Agar Agar in a supermarket? In France and Germany you get that everywhere. It is far more difficult to find sheet gelatin here. 😀

      • Agar agar not very common in supermarket. But they are dirt cheap in all Asian supermarket. As I grew up in Malaysia and Singapore, I only make jelly with agar agar. Before I only use the agar agar that come in strands. Easier to use the powder now.

        Usually sheet gelatin are only availabe in specialty shops. But now some supermarkets do stock the sheet gelatin

  4. Just watching the show. Would love a cook off between Needi and Velerie. Wonder whose curry will win

  5. I never wanted to see any of these people again, Ch 10. Fail.

    Fodder for cheap afternoon cooking shows .

    Broncos v Panthers for me.

  6. Switched off halfway through the show.
    Too overblown for me . . with a big serving of grandstanding by Channel 10.
    It gets nauseating after a while. Danny, Brett and the girl with the big frames and Alice were a bit too much for me.
    Had a bit of a chuckle when they reviewed all the cut fingers etc. .

    • It was like a recruitment video so was not sure who it was aimed at exactly.
      Is it aimed at future contestants so they will sign the reality tv contract without reading the fine print as they are promised future riches?

  7. Ch 10 must be on their knees praying that Masterchef deliver for them.

    The whole company is in big financial trouble.
    They spend too much with production cost on shows and returns did not increase in the same proportion.

    • They must be praying to every spiritual deity on offer!!!

      They need to strike the balance of progressing the contestants while allowing the home cook at home to replicate a recipe at home without possessing an industry kitchen and access to the weird ingredients.

    • Yep, they lost a heap of money on Biggest Skinny Loser… Did I see that they are having the GF on Studio Ten? lol

      • Ch 10 seem to scrimp by using the same muzak on Ma$terchef as Biggest Loser.

        Never fear, because Gary hisses through gritted teeth how amazed he is by the amatas’ creativity so early in the series.

        Jowl$y emits an embarrassing orgasmic groan when a Golden Ball is broken.

        George busts his arse to say “better” as many times as possible.

        The three culinary stooges are more desperate than ever for us to watch and keep the gravy train rolling.

    • It doesn’t cost much to make these shows because of the product placement. Not much product placement on Biggest Loser. Never fear, Masterchef will roll on and on. And on.

      • But the payments to the 3 judges and celebrity chefs are $$$$$.
        Compared to other shows, MC is still a mini cash cow. They will never stop

  8. The contestants may be extraordinary at the auditions. They have time to perfect the audition dish. Also now is full of desserts, more like a baking challenge.

    We have to see how many are one trick pony. Looking at you, Elise and those Reynold copycats.

    Also agree with the absurd techniques and ingredients. I have not cook many of dishes on MC.

    Few series back, there were so many recipes to try

    • I remember wanting Poh to win at the time, but Julie seems to be a lovely lady. I’m guessing no red silicone moulds in her kitchen

      • I don’t mind Adam’s shows on SBS especially his show on Singapore, Norway and Japan.

        For some reason I am not interested in Poh’s show which is focused on her suburban home in Adelaide , her dust bowl of a backyard and her husband . I think it’s that eternal grinning of hers that puts me off or I just find her incredibly dull. I think she is better when she cooks with another good chef and tweaks the recipe. That was a better series, I think it was on ABC quite a few years back.

  9. I’m just keen for Masterchef to start because then I won’t have to see the commercials anymore. I’m already sick of the little golden ball girl front and centre of all of the commercials.

    • And again today. Ch 10, please be advised that there is a difference between scratching your arse and tearing it to pieces.

      If I had a golden ball , I’d throw it at the tv.

  10. Having no baking shows left and being sick at the moment, I am rewatching season 2. They were so good back then. And it wasn’t as pretentious as it is today… And I adored Adam back then and wanted to constantly pull that beanie over Aaron’s face in hopes it covers his mouth and he stops talking….

      • Yeps, I use the same site I also find MC Australia on. It has a huge collection of cooking and baking shows which you will not get in France anyway.

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