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Oops – my recording device thought there was no MKR tonight for some reason, so I’ve missed the first half hour.
It looks like everyone is preparing a three-course meal for Pete and Manu. Still no sign of the other judges.
I think I’ll just rely on all your comments to catch me up.
The worst two teams, who are in sudden death, are Beardies and Mates. They have to cook their “best dish”, with the losers eliminated.
Both teams are making meat dishes that would traditionally be slow cooked. The Mates are doing chilli beef rib served on a puddle of polenta, guac and charred corn. The polenta looks way too runny to serve on a wooden board.
I’m not sure what Beardies are cooking because all we are hearing about is how Brown Beard Kyle’s soz is going to be the best thing since sliced truffle.
The judges liked the mates’ dish but the textures were all soft.
Beardies win – no surprise. They are through to the semi finals. Pete says their dish was “yum”.
Rumour is the Hashtaggers will go next, as the teams who made the cover of the MKR cookbook are Amy and Tyson, Beardies and Mum and Daughter.
Amy and Tyson have the advantage and get to choose who they cook against tomorrow night. They pick Hashtaggers. Wise choice. #goAmyandTyson



  1. Okay, so here’s a thought. The finale is on Wednesday, right?

    That means that if the Footy Boys go home tonight, and team Friend Zone gets eliminated tomorrow night, that leaves 3 teams for the season finale.

  2. Tim and Kyle have to do SD with the Footy guys…they didn’t get into the semi’s…yet. But the hashtaggers did??

    • This is the season where the culinary cesspit that was Josh and Amy made it to the end of the Ultimate Instant Restaurant Round. I’ve given up trying to make sense of this.

  3. Growl! I’m so ready for the hashtaggers to leave.
    I call for Banning of use of the terms Hashtag or Bro.
    And anything that sounds too childish to come out of a grown woman’s mouth.

  4. The footy boys looks like….i have to say it…..throw up on a plate. It looks awful…hope it tastes better🙄

  5. Amy: We’d like to cook against David and Betty.
    Betty: I take that as a huge compliment.

    Really? ‘Cause, I probably wouldn’t, actually.

  6. You can only cook Indian curries in so many ways. I am sick of curries as a mains and served with rice.

  7. They have been setting up the Beardies for the win for a while now, but I’m going for Amy and Tyson. They are by far the best cooks and have the diplomacy and sass that still makes them fun to watch. I can’t stand sweaty Kyle.

  8. Beardies – yuk. From being an angry young man Tyson has changed to a nice young man. I hope he and Amy win. The other teams struggle – especially mum and daughter, and please, no more curries!

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