My Kitchen Rules Sunday chat.
Just a few points as I’m typing on my phone …
It’s a Master your Disaster challenge. They have to revamp their dishes that sucked. So, so many options for many of the teams! I wish they’d done a lottery for them to recreate each other’s bad dishes.
Amy and Tyson get an extra 10 mins because they have the advantage from the previous episode.
Manu tells them to put their “eh-prawns” on.
A&T are redoing their Mexican beef.
Mum and daughter recreate their carrot halva dessert from their IR, which only served to remind me it’s been soooo long since we saw Colin or New judge Darren.
Hashtaggers are trying to fix their IR matcha dessert doughnut, for which Pete gave them a 1. They are creating a matcha Japanese garden with churros instead. Sounds very MasterCheffy.
Della and Tully are trying to redeem themselves from their IR raw quail disaster.
The Beardies, who have only just returned to the comp and immediately tasted failure, are fixing their ham croquettes from the cruise ship challenge.
The mates are fixing their fish parcels, which they served raw – and not on purpose – in the street challenge. Suddenly they are departing from their usual Italian fare and turning Japanese.
On the sidelines, Pete and Manu are reminiscing about how dreadful the Hashtaggers’ dessert was.
Daughter (I can’t call her Courtney or you’ll be thinking other Court is back) is worried about her tart pastry and she lines the tins with zero overhang, which is just asking for shrinkage.
Hashtagger David starts singing Matcha
Man to the tune of Macho Man. Tyson starts humming along but then catches himself with “F— David’s song”. I love him so much!
Yep, Daughter’s pastry is stuffed.
Mates are faffing around cutting the paper for their parcels. Just cook, boys! It’s not Mister Maker.
Oops – Della has cremated the quail.
Tim is wearing gloves to crumb his croquettes. (I know this will make some of you very happy!)
Tully is worried their couscous salad is gluggy from the dressing. Della is not. So we know it’s a problem.

Time to taste … the boys’fish looks cooked. Beardies’ croquettes look yum. Della’s quail looks cooked. Hashtaggers’ dessert would look so much prettier on a dark grey plate.

The critiques … most tasted great. The couscous was soggy … the matcha was “narse” but they needed to simplify, the halva praline wasn’t great but the rest of the dish was ok.
In sudden death are Della and Tully and Mum and Daughter. They have 90 minutes to create a grand final worthy dish. Poor Della is crying. Oh no – she’s letting the pressure get to her again!

D&T are doing miso wagyu with bone marrow – chefs love bone marrow so if they keep cool heads they should do well.
M&D are making masala beef shin with lentils. Yum.

Della goes nuts with the wasabi for the aioli and even Brown Beard is wincing at the prospect.
Then she crumbs the bone marrow. That could be a mistake.
Then she sploshes fish soz into her marinade and complains it’s too salty. The nerves are winning.
Daughter is making a pomegranate yoghurt to go with the curry. I’m so going to do that this week as I just went to town bashing a pomegranate this arvo and have heaps of jewels.

The judges taste … Manu tries the wasabi mayo and looks to be different Ng a silent “whoa”.
Manu says both dishes were delicious Sh.
Pete says D&T’s dish was the best thing they’ve ever served.
Manu says the curry was “next level”.
I thought D&T would win for having more cheffy elements but they are going home,
I’m going to have to check out the recipe for that curry.
I hope Tully got to go home and put her feet up for a bit. Being around cooking smells made me crook when I was pregnant so I hope she didn’t have to suffer through that.



  1. I’m still cheering for Tim and the Bearded Man Mountain.

    I like the idea of this, “master your disaster” challenge, but all it’s really reminding me is how bad the quality has been, this year, in terms of the food.

  2. They’ve shown a lot of Valerie/Courtney tonight I hope they’re not in SD. The weakest teams left are the footy players and the hashtaggers. The hashtaggers may have overexposed themselves – I think they saw this as a springboard to fame but the more I see of them the less I like them.

    • Valerie and Courtney are in SD. I think the stress is getting too much for them along with Della and Tully.

      • I think you’re right.
        It’s a shame when two likable teams are in SD when there are unlikable teams who are inferior cooks still in the comp.

  3. What do you expect when Miss Hashtagger is a Social Media Influencer!

    She is always updating her instagram with all the revealing poses.

  4. Della and Tully pushing the boundaries but Valerie and Courtney cooking from the book, she said she has cooked this many many times

  5. So into the finals we have a couple who can only cook Indian and another couple who only do Asian. Sorry, Courtney and Val should have gone.

    • I dont mind they cook Indian or Asian but there are other dishes in Indian cuisine or orher dishes in Viet/Thai dishes than those with dipping sauces.

      • I don’t mind V and C cooking curries (though some variety would be good) because at least they cook them consistently well. The hashtaggers have been very hit and miss (more misses I think) with their Asian.
        Tim and Kyle and Tyson and Amy have definitely shown the widest range of skills.

    • Both teams cooked excellent dishes but one team was more original and yet they were eliminated. I think that Della & Tully should have stayed. Even though the curry that Valerie and Courtney made might have been delicious it was yet another curry. 🙁

  6. From the, “Who will be eliminated tonight?” promo, I figured how the ending would go.

    Tomorrow night seems interesting. My prediction is that the Footy Boys will be the next to go, because I just don’t think they’re at the same level as everybody else. I’m still leaning towards a finale with Amy/Tyson and the beards.

    • The footy boys are still there long past their use by date. They seem nice enough but not cooking at the same level as the others, including Della and Tully.

  7. I found it hard to believe that the hashtaggers Matcha Mess (aka as garden) was yummy. I really wish that they would have guest judges who know nothing about the contestants for these finals and that there would be blind tastings.
    Will miss Della & Tully. I thought that they should have stayed based on the dish they made compared to another (yawn) curry.

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