1. Telling Mark and Chris to their faces that they suck, yeah. Josh continues to be the fountain of positive energy and good vibes that we’ve all come to know and love, doesn’t he?

  2. Eating Bambi.

    Oh, deer.

    Welcome to Ga$trobarf. The wife could be more sour than the dessert.

  3. Did you guys see one of the tweets as the episode was airing?

    “Waiting three hours for main? Just eat Josh. Simple!”

    I lolled.

  4. Wow. More than 3 hrs between Entree and Mains and another 3 hrs between Mains and Dessert. That is really bad

    • Hope they haven’t got a “dream” of opening a fast food truck somewhere. Fail.

      Or a pub. Three hours to bring a whiskey sour.

      • They will, but you have to order your food 2 days in advance. It’s how hipsters do it these days.

        • Should be time limits and for each 30 mins or hour they go over points are automatically deducted. The “8” was very generous. If I waited that long at any restaurant I would have walked out.
          Was surprised they waited until dessert time to make the pastry. Maybe it would have helped if they put more than 3 profiteroles on the plate. Looked like they had enough to do that. At least the dessert would have looked better.

          Didn’t seem fair that they were so far away from the markets. That took up some of their cooking time but even with the delay in starting to cook, 3 hours between entree and main and then another 3 hours between main and dessert was crazy.

          I don’t think they will walk out of the show but perhaps they will but then the edits and previews over dramatize things. Court is very sensitive, though, so maybe they will depart.

  5. Is Court sick? She sounds extra sniffly. Couldn’t production hire them a bigger house near their own home – or did they really want them to go to a more rural location.

  6. I felt bad for everybody involved tonight. I felt sorry for Court and Duncan, and I felt bad for the rest of the teams.

    It was three hours between entree and main, and when main was served, Josh said that it was close to midnight. Another three and a half hours until dessert showed up? They wouldn’t have gotten out of there until four o’clock in the morning, if not even later (or, earlier, if you think about it).

    And Court and Duncan are one of the more likeable teams, but honestly, Making your guests sit there for 8 hours? Not cool, guys. Seriously not cool. And I liked how even Manu asked them what the hell they’d done with their prep time. The teams all looked exhausted towards the end, and I don’t blame them. If I went to a restaurant and they said that dessert was 8 hours away? I’d respond, “Good bye”.

    The scores were interesting. Josh and Amy still gave them an 8? If I’d been there, I doubt I would’ve been that generous. There’s definitely some odd scoring going on, this round.

  7. I think they should have been scored down for taking so long. And Ch 7 telling us of walkouts etc – can’t help themselves, probably won’t happen until Thursday😈

    • Yeah. I hate to say it (damn you, channel 7 marketing department!), but I am really curious about tomorrow’s episode. It really is Court and Duncan who need the talking-to from Manu. There must be some back-story here, because that just seems so weird.

  8. Why didn’t put the chooks in the oven earlier? They didn’t put them in until after serving entree. They both seem to be on slow mo. I wonder if they had already tried to leave the comp but were contractually obliged to stay

    • Also how many times to make the profiteroles. They need to be baked and cool down slowly. The timing is really way out

    • Chicken cooked on the crown takes around 40 minutes…. 6 x chicken on the crown at the right temp, really shouldn’t have taken more than an hour. I have no idea how they spent close to 10 hours on prep. 3+3.5+3? Not sure how long the dessert took but it was over the 3 mark. wowee Even cooking the kangaroo fillet didn’t seem to take long, cauliflower rice didn’t seem to take long. Perhaps they nipped out the back for a super long quickie?

      • “Perhaps they nipped out the back for a super long quickie?”

        And then they stopped halfway through to serve the main course, and then went back and continued for a couple of hours before getting started on dessert?

        I give them points for stamina, if nothing else.

  9. A bit of editing going on. When Manu said he wanted to speak to Court and Duncan, he was not wearing a jacket. Duncan also without jacket.

    But the scene of them talking behind the curtains have Manu and Duncan in a jacket.

    I really dont care anymore. All I want is that person gone.

    Scoring is really all over the shop. I noticed Valerie dont give high scores. Ros and Karen did have the excellent entrees and mains and still gave a 5.

    The combined judges scores were higher than those for The boys.

    • When they cut to insert of Karen and Ros, Ros mentioned that she had no idea how long between entree and main. She was wearing a watch…. A quick glimpse at the little and big hand would have told her EXACTLY how long 😉

      • I imagine that being trapped around a dining table for 8 hours with people like Josh, Mrs Josh and Pete Evans would see a lot of people slightly lose touch with reality, as well … 😉

  10. In earlier series some teams have mentioned that the dinner went on forever. Sometimes the producers would emphasized on that, sometimes they dont.

  11. Scores: Amy and Josh 8 (it’s Amy’s turn to score); boys 6 (knocked a point off for lateness); Amy and Tyson 6; Hashtaggers, Della and Tully, Mum and other Court all 5. All generous scores

  12. Entree Manu (snapper) 8; Pete (venison) 10 (ridiculous score given the time).
    Main Manu (dry chook) 5; Pete (roo) 9
    Dessert Manu (profiteroles) 1; Pete (whiskey sour) 4.
    Total 77.
    They are at the bottom now.

  13. Next to cook are the midwives. Let’s hope it’s not the very next day.
    And this is the episode where they tease Dunc and Court walking out and the talking to from Manu

    • On a hunch, I’m just going to assume that anything that happens tomorrow night is Josh’s fault in some capacity. Just on a hunch.

  14. I thought the scores would have been lower due to the length of time it took them to bring out the courses. The length of time for this dinner would be acceptable if this was a 10 course degustation meal.

    Wonder if Josh makes rude comments about Court’s and Duncan’s instant restaurant round and if other contestants also say something which upsets Court. Wouldn’t be surprised if he initiates something.

  15. They never mark down for slow service during instant restaurant rounds. Maybe they were not allowed to do it.

    • I watched the MKR UK version and on that one they stated that they would mark down if it took too long for the food to come out of the kitchen. Don’t see why the AU judges can’t do that. The contestants shouldn’t have to spend all those hours waiting for their food, except for Josh 😉
      Maybe Pete did take a point off for the main because I don’t remember him saying anything negative about it and maybe if it was served in a timely manner he would have given it a 10. Still after three hours of waiting was that even deserving of a 9.

  16. Trust Josh to score an 8! I think the other scores of 4 and 5 were very reasonable given that the food wasn’t crash hot on all courses and especially the shocking lateness. If I was scoring I would definitely let it be known I was taking points off for time between courses.
    Tonight I think Josh may stir the pot because that’s what he does, smarmy faced individual but I also think that the midwives could be doing an excellent job and Courtney knows she will be remaining on the bottom of the leader board and wants a way out.
    I hope it all happens tonight and not right at the end and we have to wait for another night before the advertised highlight.

  17. To say D and C dishes wers not great is not true. The 2 entrees and 1 mains were really good. Their desserts were shocking. The judges scores were higher than the boys. Those who happened to have the venison and the roo should have scored higher, at least a 6.

    Those who have the

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