1. Ha ha ha. I just saw Betty using Squid Brand fish sauce for their dressing. At the instant restaurant, David was so cocky about knowing your fish sauce and complaining one team (cant remember which team) using the wrong fish sauce and he said they must be using the Squid brand.

    BTW, Coles only stock Squid brand

  2. Well well we are now at the dinner sudden death round and i think the 2 teams in it deserve to be….hashtags and the not so hipsters…i really hate her little girl voice as she is a passive aggressive bully 😑

  3. OMG are we still in the kitchen cooking – this has just dragged on and on tonight. I am off to bed and will find out the winners/losers tomorrow. Yawn

  4. I don’t really think I would’ve missed either of these two teams, to be honest. Yes, David and Betty have some talent in the kitchen, and yes, Court really should’ve kicked Josh in the shins (and by shins, I mean groin). I mean, no judge in Australia would’ve convicted. But the hashtag-thing is just past it’s expiry date, and I was never really able to look past Court’s behaviour after she’d scored badly for taking 4 months to serve a dessert.

    Still, it’s nice to finally start knocking out some of the teams, although it feels like there’s 20 to go.

  5. At this stage of the competition contestants should be capable of cooking all types of cuisine, seems Betty and David can only do Vietnamese.

  6. Hipster should have put the lamb in the top oven rack. Raw meat again.

    Would you have a comment in your spam folder, Juz? It’s about the large Manu mouthfuls tonight. Thanks, no big drama,

  7. Bit rude of Pete to call bubble n squeak a simple dish when Court and Dunc just served packet salmon with smashed avo

    • They were cooking like they wanted to go home. I was pleasantly surprised the mates did cauliflower and duck egg. At least it was a bit different.

  8. Although I am not a fan of the hashtaggers after Court’s spoiled brat/sore loser performance and both of her and Duncan’s attitudes following their failed ultimate instant restaurant I am very glad they are gone.
    The lamb was still baa-ing. They were very lazy with their breakfast and lunch. Not pushing themselves and didn’t seem as if they were really trying.
    Too bad they don’t eliminate the bottom two teams.

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